Thomas and friends - ghost stories: the titfield thunderbolt

The town of great waterton has a branchline known as the titfield which runs from great waterton terminating at the small town of titfield , at great waterton three coaches sat on a siding a express coach similar to gordon's a small coach like anne and a branchline coach the first two coaches were painted chocolate and cream and the branchline coach was painted golden the fat controller had just had them restored to working condition , edward and stanley were in the great waterton yard when the fat controller came to see stanley .

" stanley you are to pull those coaches over there from brendam docks to titfiled " he said

" yes sir " stanley said , edward looked over at the coaches " sir arent those coaches t"

" i know edward that is all " the fat controller boomed cutting edward off and leaving , stanley looked at edward " whos coaches were these ?" He asked " timothy's" edward replied " timothy?" Stanley said ,edward began to tell stanley about timothy .

" long ago when the north west railway was still smaller companies the rails used to stop at maron as the viaduct hadnt been built yet there was a small tank engine similar to thomas he was silver and had the number zero painted on his side tanks his name was timothy , timothy was a hard worker but was quick to anger , everyday timothy would pull a morning train from titfield to brendam and a last train to titfield from brendam to titfiled deviating at maron , however soon the engines began to notice less and less work to be done .

The manager came to see timothy in the sheds " timothy im sorry to say but your branchline is closed due to less and less people coming to the island " he said sadly " so will i be placed in the sheds till theres work?" Timothy asked " no timothy you wont be your to be sold for scrap " the manager said gravely , timothy gasped " but sir there must be another way " he pleaded " i wish there was unfortunately there is no work on any other railway and scrapping you will save money" the manager said and he walked away , timothy was sad .

Two weeks later it was timothy's last day he said his goodbyes to the other engines and went to pull his last train the brendam to titfiled , the night sky was clear there was a mist , timothy simmered nicely soon the guard blew his whistle and timothy set off " ok old boy our last run lets make it rememberable " his driver said " sure thing " timothy called back smirking slighly , the night run went normal timothy made good time ,however when he reached maron his driver or fireman could not shut off steam and apply brakes , timothy went faster and faster thundering past maron and into the night .

" timothy stop you'll kill us all " his driver called out and with a evil laugh timothy sped off the uncompleted viaduct and plunged into the ravine below killing everyone onboard every night of his crash they say he appears as a warning to other engines" . " wow" stanley said in awe " yes i was told by the other engines when i first arrived here " edward said , stanley could only agree .

, later that night stanley was at brendam docks with the three coaches , passengers has boarded the first two coaches however the fat controller and lady hatt were the only two in the last coach , the guard blew his whistle before boarding and stanley puffed away , the night sky was clear but a thick fog had rolled in , stanely made good time , stanely puffed through maron shortly after puffing could be heard it wasnt coming from stanley " i dont understand stanley is the only train on this line " his driver said , as on cue a ghost figure of an engine pulling the same coaches shot past stanley scaring the fat controller , the engine puffed to the edge of the viaduct before blowing a loud shrill whistle and disappearing , stanley shocked by this sped across the viaduct and all the way to welsworth station .

Edward was waiting at his station when stanley puffed in " you saw him didnt you " Edward said " yes " stanley replied , edward puffed away , stanley soon puffed out of edwards station and up gordons hill towards great waterton , stanley made good time soon reaching titfiled , the next day the fat controller placed a memorial for the people who died that night at the viaduct , then the fat controller came to see edward and stanley at great waterton sheds " as of now your run is renamed the titfiled thunderbolt and as for the ghost of timothy i hope he moves on because of what he did he is NOT welcome on my railway " the fat controller boomed , since the renaming and the memorial there has been no sighting of timothy some say that is because he is no longer needed or welcome on the railway.