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The Return of Birk Balthazar

Chapter 1: Miranda's Nightmare

Years ago, a ship was sailing from Friezenburg to Enchancia. Practically all passengers were commoners moving to Enchancia in hopes of living a better life. Two of those hopefuls were Birk Balthazar and his wife Miranda. They hoped it'd be a calm trip but a sudden storm crushed their hopes. The storm was so powerful everyone had to abandon the ship. "Women and children first!" The captain shouted. Miranda and several other people got in life boats. Birk wasn't so lucky. The last his wife saw of him was when he and others sunk with the ship. People didn't even know where to start looking for corpses.

At present time, Queen Miranda of Enchancia suddenly woke up, startling her husband. "Miranda, what's wrong?" King Roland the Second of Enchancia asked.

"Nothing, Rollie." The Queen hesitated. "I just…"

"You had nightmare again." The King guessed with an understanding tone. "Am I correct, Miranda?"

"Yes, Rollie." The Queen sadly answered. She felt sad for having dreams about her former husband even after having a new one. "I don't even understand! For a while, the nightmares had stopped but they've been coming back ever since, er…"

"You married me?" The King suggested.

The Queen lowered her head in shame. "Yes, Rollie."

"Maybe it's your subconscious telling you you're not as sure of Birk Balthazar's death as you think you are." The King suggested.

"Your guess is as good as mine, Rollie." The Queen sadly replied. She didn't know why she would still have doubts. After all those years, she was sure people would know if Birk survived.

The next morning, a merchant ship had to make an unexpected stop at an uncharted island that was inhabited by people that seemed to be stranded there for years.

End prologue.