Pairings: HikaxAkixWaya

Warnings: Shounen-ai and yaoi situations.

Disclaimers: Characters are copyright of Shueisha & Studio Pierrot. I make no money off this.

Author's Notes: This is my first attempt at a Hikaru no Go fic and I will try my utmost best to keep to the facts of the Go world. This story follows no real timeline and the boys are about seventeen years of age. I have watched some episodes of the show and stopped around Chapter 143 of the manga, so if any thing is out of order…it is purely done for the story.

New Notes: It's 2008, almost three or four? Years since I finished this story and I've gone back to make some edits and to polish this baby up. By now, the rules above no longer really apply since all episodes and the manga have been watched and read already. All the same, it's a nostalgic look back at one of the most fun anime shows ever created. Enjoy!

Winning Hearts

Everyone in the game room held their breath in anticipation as they watched the three men walk to the front of it. Shinoda sensei, owner of the Go Institute beamed proudly and coughed in preparation for his speech.

"Good evening to all of you. I am sure that you are all as excited as I am to hear the chosen members that will represent Japan in this year's Pro Go International Championships in New York City. You have all worked hard these past few weeks and as you know, only the top four passers will get to attend and represent our country."

He stopped to smile at the two men that flanked his sides and turning to face the eager faces before him, he continued.

"We do believe that we have a really strong contingent this year and we have really high hopes for the four of you. And now…in no particular order, the four chosen representatives are…Touya Akira…please step to the front of the class if you are called."

All eyes turned to face the stoic boy who rose elegantly to his feet. If he was excited at the news, he was doing a very good at hiding it from the others for his features gave nothing away. He bowed slightly in front of Shinoda and accepted the handshakes from the other men, before turning to face the class with his hands clasped behind him.

"Next up…Ochi Kousuke."

The small bespectacled boy rose to his feet and walked just as calmly to the front of the class. There was, also, no real expression of joy on his face and like Akira before him, he bowed and accepted the handshakes dutifully.

"Third member…Waya Yoshitaka."

"Alright!" The spiky redhead jumped to his feet, stopping to give a high-five to the boy that had been sitting next to him. With a grin as wide as ever, he ran to the front of the class and bowed before the officials before standing next to Akira.

"And last but not least…Hikaru Shindo!"

"YEAH! I made it!" The vivacious teen jumped to his feet and ran to the front of the class, narrowly avoiding falling over the other Pros sitting on the floor. He resisted the urge to hug Shinoda sensei or the other men, but that didn't stop him from slapping Waya's back in exuberance. "We did it, Waya!" he whispered in excitement as the teacher continued to talk in the background.

Waya winked and gave him a victory sign. "We sure did, Shindo. New York City, here we come!"

Hikaru grinned and glanced at Ochi who looked like he was suffering from a bad stomachache to Touya…whose expression remained as blank as ever.

Well, at least Waya seems normal, Hikaru thought to himself. This is going to be great!

Shinoda gazed at the young men with pride. He had a gut feeling that for the first time in so many years, their country had a good shot at claiming the long elusive title.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you…Team Japan!"

This announcement sent the four boys bowing at the round of applause that quickly followed. And although each tried, in their various ways to contain their anticipation and excitement, there was no doubt in their minds that they had a very long road ahead of them.

The road to discovery was just beginning…