Finally after what three and a half months? HERE'S AN UPDATE!

But I thought I might try and surprise you guys with...TONY'S PERSPECTIVE!

Last time

Once the others all turned away either lost in thought or talking to one another about what they just learned, or in Coulson's case reporting it back to Fury, Thor smiled a small smile that said so much and turned to look at the corner camera in the jet he whispered,

"Did you hear all of that well, man of Iron?"

Somewhere else in a conference room with one earbud in Tony Stark was smiling down at the tablet in his lap in both confusion and awe as he whispered, "Yeah...I did Goldie-locks."

Personal Space

Having been so far engrossed in taking apart pieces of the Mark VII armor, Tony winced as his music suddenly cut off leaving his workspace in eerie silence, turning around he glared at Clint who didn't seem bothered by it whatsoever and just continued grinning at him with one arm behind his back.

"What do you want bird-brain?" Clint instead of answering however had the audacity to push all of what Tony was currently working on off to he side of the table into one big messy pile before plopping something down onto the table.

"Yeah yeah Steve's up there mother-henning his ass off, he says you gotta eat and I was just so kind enough to bring you some food!"

Tony picked up the platter of turkey sandwiches and brought it even closer but just as he was about to eat one he tensed the moment he saw Clint out of the corner of his eye reach out towards his back. To be honest it annoyed the hell out of him, ever since that Avengers meeting just over a week ago after Goldie-Locks explained all that crap about wings with there colors and sizes the other Avengers, hell even Phil, had all tried at least once to touch his back! Thankfully Rogers and Bruce stopped after their first try...although Tony had to admit it was probably because they were the first ones to even try touching his back and he had flinched violently the moment they got too close to actually touching it.

Tony knows that the others knew how he reacted with Rogers and Bruce trying to touch him because just three days ago when he ran out of coffee on his floor he had snuck down into the Avengers common kitchen to take some of theirs when he overheard them telling everyone about his reaction. Since then the others tried to be subtly about it. Key word tried. They all were good at first with keeping their distance but eventually they gave up in the whole 'personal space' thingy all together in favor of finding some way to accidentally touch his back. Tony couldn't, for the life of him, figure out what was so damn interesting about his back that the others all felt the need to touch it.

Almost immediately Clint jerked his hand back but not before Tony spun around and grabbed his wrist.

Tony's eyes narrowed, "Okay Katniss, explain to me why the fuck all of you seem so damn keen on trying to touch my back!"

"W-What? Dude, no we're not."

"Yes you are! You guys aren't exactly being discreet!" Tony sighed loudly when he realized that Clint wasn't even looking him in the eye, instead he seemed to be staring at some point above his shoulders, "You guys wouldn't like it if I went around touching your guys backs! So STOP TRYING TO TOUCH MINE."

"Tin-head relax," Clint jerked his hand free and held them palms out towards Tony, "Sorry, I can't really explain it okay? I'll talk to the others and get them to stop."

"Good." Tony watched as Clint made a hasty retreat and stayed still for a few minutes afterwards before addressing Jarvis, "Jay turn my music back up, would ya?"

Tony relaxed all previous signs of being tense disappearing as AC/DC 'Back In Black' blared over the lab's speakers. Tony still couldn't help but wonder why the others kept trying so harm to touch his back, he knew he shouldn't be surprised considering they weren't like him but that didn't stop him from wishing they'd stop getting so damn close to his wings.

I know, it was short! I am so so sorry!


Phil Coulson: light brown with white and grey lines, roughly 8.5 ft.

Nick Fury: light grey with two white lines through it, they were 9ft.

Bruce Banner: dark brown fading into green tips, a average 8ft.

Steve Roger: white with red and blue strips and very light grey dusting the tips, and 11ft.

Clint Barton: dirty blonde like his hair, there was purple lines through his, and 8ft.

Natasha Romanoff: dark brown wings with the blood red tips, and 7ft.

Thor: a bright yellow with a soft brown tips, and 13ft.

Tony Stark: black with red/gold at the end and a few random sliver streaks AND ARE 18FT.