(6 years ago when Promise is born her parents try to leave her at the hospital, but a nurse runs out and hands the baby to the parents. The nurse who birthed Promise was the one who named her and she wanted to keep Promise as her daughter but knew that would be kidnapping.)

Jade: (giving birth) Ahh! Damn this stupid baby!

Nurse: Would you like to hold your daughter?

Jade: (yells) Are you insane, lady? Of course not. Why would I want to hold that damn stupid baby that put me in so much pain?

Nurse: (scared for herself and the little baby who has to grow up with those people) Okay

Eric: Come on babe. Let's go

(After Eric and Jade leave the nurse standing there holding their newborn daughter the nurse runs outside with the newly named Promise Rylie McLaughlin)

Nurse: (yells) Wait! You forgot your baby.

Jade: We forgot her on purpose. You butthead.

Nurse: Hospital rules state you have to take her

Eric: (takes his daughter angrily) Fine, we'll take her!

Nurse: Thank you. I named her for you. Her name is Promise Rylie

Jade: (scoffed) What a stupid name for a baby.

(Jade and Eric angrily get into their car with their new daughter who they never even wanted. From the day Promise was born she was abused. Her parents hardly fed her as a baby and almost never changed her diaper. They didn't even buy her a crib, she slept on the carpet floor with no blanket. Promise only had two outfits, when one was dirty she wore the other one. Promise didn't have any toys either and she would always cry until one time when she was a year old her daddy slapped and punched her for crying after that she never let people hear her when she cried.)

(Promise, is a blonde little girl, with ringlets and crystal blue eyes sitting in her room desperately trying to read because her friends at school told her that their mommy and daddy read to them all the time and it is like going on an adventure. But when she hears the front door slam, she jumps realizing her parents are home and goes to hide in the closet.)

Eric: (yelling) Promise! Where are you?

Promise is hiding in her closet, shaking violently and is too scared to talk.


Promise walks out of her room quietly but still shaking, because of the fear she has of her dad. Eric sees Promise and pulls her towards him.

Eric: (yelling) When I call you I expect you to answer! (slaps her in the face multiply times and punches her in the belly) Do I make myself clear?

Promise: (timidly and shaking) Yyyesss dddaddddyyyy

Eric: Good, now go to your room and your not getting any dinner tonight

Promise runs into her room crying and crawls into her bed to clutch onto her favorite teddy bear, Hope that her best friend, Marcy Kendrick gave to her.

Promise:(crying and sad) Hope, I wish my mommy and daddy loved me.

(The next day at school, the teacher, Miss Baylie notices hand shaped bruises on Promise's arms)

Miss Baylie: Promise, can I ask you what happened to your arms?

Promise: I can't tell you, he'll do it again if I tell

Miss Baylie: If you tell me who ever hurt you won't be able to lay a finger on you again. I promise

Promise: I'm sorry, I can't tell you (runs off to play with Marcy)

Marcy: Hey Izzy, what's wrong with your arms?

Promise: I can't tell anyone, he'll do it again if I tell

Marcy: Okay. Do you like the teddy bear I gave you?

Promise: Yes, I named her Hope.

Marcy: Why?

Promise: Because I hope that one day my mommy and daddy will love me

Marcy: Don't they love you?

Promise: (shakes her head and looks down sadly) No

(Later that night when Jade comes home and Eric is drunk passed out on the couch)

Jade: (yelling) Promise! Where are you?1

At the sound of Jade's bitter voice, Promise begins to shake.


Promise slowly walks out of her room and Jade grabs her roughly and drags Promise into the master bedroom.

Jade: (sternly) Strip your clothes and lay on the bed

Jade picks up one of her husband's belts as she watches Promise to as she is told.

Jade: (bitterly) Are you ready?

Promise stays completely still and silent meaning she is ready if she moves her talks in will make her beating much worse. This is something she learned at a young age. Jade hit her young daughter with the leather belt over and over again for 3 minutes, paying special attention to Promise's butt. Once Jade let Promise up she punched Promise in the stomach five times causing Promise to double over and fall to the ground.

Jade: (yelling) Get up you good for nothing, Brat. (little Promise struggles to stand up but manages) Good girl, now go to your room and you aren't getting any dinner either.

Promise runs to her room and cries, then she crawls on her bed and clutches, Hope.

Promise: (sad and crying) Oh Hope, why don't my mommy and daddy love me?

Late that night, Promise runs away to Marcy's house with nothing but her teddy bear Hope. She is half-starved and so hungry that she would eat anything. She would even eat from the trash if she had to. Promise knocks on Marcy's front door and Mrs. Kendrick answered.

Mrs. Kendrick: (surprised) Promise! What are you doing here?

Promise: I had to leave, but I didn't know where to go. Is Marcy awake?

Mrs. Kendrick: Yes, come in

As Promise is walking in the door her stomach growls really loudly

Mrs. Kendrick: Good gracious child, did you eat dinner?

Promise: No, my mommy said I was bad so I didn't get dinner. And last night my daddy said I was bad so I didn't get dinner.

Mrs. Kendrick: Ok I'll make you dinner

Promise: Thank you, ma'am

(Marcy walks in to the living room to see her mommy and she notices Promise.)

Marcy: Mommy? (looks at Promise) Promise? What are you doing here?

Promise: I ran away from my mommy and daddy. They don't love me.

(Marcy runs toward Promise and gives her a hug. )

Promise: Can we go somewhere to talk? I have to tell you something but I don't want anyone else to know

Marcy: Ok. (looks at her mommy) Mommy, I'm going to take Promise to my room.

Mrs. Kendrick: Ok baby

(Once Marcy and Promise are alone in Marcy's room)

Marcy: What did you want to tell me, Izzy?

Promise: At school today when you asked me what was wrong with my arms, well my daddy did that to me yesterday and today my mommy beat me, that why I came here. I didn't get dinner from my mommy and daddy last night or tonight.

Marcy: Oh Izzy, I'm sorry. (encloses her friend in a hug)

The next day, Marcy's mom calls social services because the fact that Promise's parents didn't feed her dinner last night made her suspect that the small child is being abused. Marcy's mom loves Promise like she loves Marcy and would hate to take Promise back to her parents and have something bad happen to her. She would rather call social services over suspected abuse and have it either be something or nothing, but she can't sit back and do nothing. Inspector Darryl Morris is sent to check up on Promise at Marcy's house, since he has two boys and is great with kids.

(When Inspector Morris arrives at the Kendrick house)

Morris: Hi Promise (Darryl notices that Promise is shaking and slowly walking backwards so he has to assure her that he wants to help her not hurt her) Don't worry, Promise. I won't hurt you I promise I just want to ask you some questions.

Promise: (timidly) I want Marcy to sit next to me

Marcy: (looks at her mom) Mommy, can I help my friend?

Mrs. Kendrick: Sure

(While Morris is asking Promise questions and Marcy and Promise are holding hands)

Morris: So Promise, did your parents ever do more than just not feed you dinner?

Promise: Um...Yes

Morris: What did they do?

Promise: I can't say they'll hurt me again. I've already said too much

Morris: If you tell me I will make sure that they go to jail for a very long time and that they won't be able to lay a finger on you ever again

Promise: They would beat me, hit me and punch me. One time my daddy locked me in the closet.

Morris: Thanks Promise and thank you too, Marcy for being there with your friend

Promise/Marcy: You're welcome

Later that day, Social Services comes and takes Promise to an orphanage where she will hopefully be adopted by a nice, loving family.

Poor Promise ;-(
Can you guess which one of the Halliwell sisters adopts Promise Rylie? Find out in the next chapter. Also I would really appreciate your comments so I know whether or not I should continue with this story. Right now I'm not sure.