Chapter 1 - Premonition FM


In Canada, an alarm rang out to signal Kenny Triton to wake up. He crawled out of his bed, while his girlfriend laid in the bed beside him.

"Good morning, sugar." Josie smiled at Kenny.

"Morning, babe." Kenny smiled back.

Kenny walked out of the bedroom with his shirt off much to the delight of his girlfriend. In the past 7 months, they had grown close, and had moved in with each other. They had to get over some hurdles, like how Kenny could be a messy guy and how he would leave things lying around. Of course, he accepted his girlfriend's efforts to make him into a better man and a better boyfriend.

Of course, Josie also wanted to be a better girlfriend, and even if Kenny said she didn't have to do too much to be that. The 2 had their mutual agreements, they were going to wait til marriage before they got even closer. For now, they were allowed to kiss, share a bed, and cuddle.

"I gotta get to the airport." Kenny told his girlfriend.

"I know, i'm excited for you!" she said "It's not everyday a girl can say her boyfriend plays professional ice hockey."

"It's just one game, we're playing the Capitals tonight. I'm excited about it." Kenny put on his old "NHL 2000" Era Canucks jersey he had bought years before.

"Have a good day baby, I love you!" Kenny blew a kiss to his girlfriend on his way out of the door.

"I love you too! Don't get hurt!" Josie watched her boyfriend walk out the door, and rolled back over to go back to sleep.


"I slept in...ah shoot." Clark Kent pulled the covers off of the bed he shared with Diana in Washington, DC.

"It's OK, it's only 10 AM. We don't have to be at the white house until 1'oclock." Diana talked to her boyfriend.

"Nah, I gotta get the taps fixed, the lawn mowed..."

"Babe, it's Thursday. It's not Saturday." replied Diana. "Although I do like it that you want to fix things for me, and being my Superman."

Clark walked into the kitchen and poured himself a glass of water to wake himself up in his small, 2 bedroom house he rented with Diana.

Eventually, Diana caught up to Clark and gave him a hug from behind and kissed his neck lovingly. She was madly in love with the man and over the course of 7 months, they had an almost flawless relationship.

"I love you, Clark." Diana whispered in her boyfriend's ear.

"I love you too." and Clark leaned back over and kissed Diana.


Kenny went outside and threw his gear in the back of his truck, and walked over to the driver's side door.

"Whew...OK, Kenny, let's play some hockey." Kenny got into his 2001 Chevrolet silverado truck, which had seen it's fair share of beatings over the 3 years Kenny had owned it. He turned the ignition over, and drove out of his upscale apartment's parking garage, and got out onto the street to get to the airport.

His music began playing on the CD deck, and listened to Jane Child's "Don't Wanna fall in love." from GTA V, one of his favorite video games. He drove his way through the Vancouver morning commute at 7am.


Back in Washington, both Diana and Clark had gotten themselves ready and were headed out to Diana's light blue 1973 Mercedes 450sl, which she had kept in pristine condition in the last 45 years. Diana was a connisseur of automobiles, along with Steve Trevor, who for the last year, had only begun to feel his old, old age catching up on him at 100, but at the same time, Diana was 100 as well but she hadn't even begun to age yet.

"I'll unlock it." Diana pulled her keys and unlocked the passenger side door for Clark.

"Thank you, Diana." Clark crouched down and got into the car and gently shut the door. Diana walked around to the other side, and got into the driver's side and turned the car over.

"So, do I look good?" asked Diana

"You look great." Clark smiled at his girl.

"Nothing in the teeth? Hair smells nice? No smudges on the make-up?" Diana moved her face around so Clark could be the judge of it. He gave her the thumbs up.

Diana replied with a smile and she began to drive the car out of the driveway and onto the street to go to the white house.

Along the way, the radio played some good old fashioned jazz, in particular "Let's get lost" by Chet Baker.

"I sure hope this is just a bunch of talk and not a bunch of action." Diana started up a conversation.

"Yeah, I mean, the world hates the states but really, sometimes I wish we could just let each other be and get along like so." Clark replied.

"It's wishful thinking." Diana stopped the car at a red light, and looked around to make sure everything would be safe for her to continue when the light turned green. but while sitting there, a police car came barrelling through the intersection with the lights blaring.

"Police...I wonder what that's about?" Asked Clark

"Wanna find out? Be heroes?" Asked Diana, with an ambitious smile.

"I couldn't stop you from doing that, could I?" Clark joked

"Maybe. But let's not right now." Diana watched the light turn green, and she continued through the intersection and kept driving.

About 5 minutes down the road, the lovers saw what the cop was rushing to. A crowd had gathered at the foot of a skyscraper, and standing on the 20th floor of the skyscraper, looked like a distraught young woman standing on the ledge.

"Oh no." Diana looked up at the person on the ledge.

"It's a jumper." Clark added.

Up 20 stories, the girl looked down at the crowd gathered below while a police negotiator in the window beside, tried to talk to her. But the jumper wouldn't listen to her, and certainly was scared about being 20 stories up.

"Please Sylvia, please come over!" The negotiator pleaded.

"Get away! Get away or i'll jump, I swear to god!"

"Listen, whatever problems you have, we can work them out!"


"I don't want to fall in love, no, no, love cuts just like a knife...woo-woo, you make the knife feel yah, i'll fight ya to the end..." Kenny sang along to the song, even if the singer in the song was a girl.

As he drove his truck through the streets of Vancouver, he came upon a crowd. They were at the base of a building, and they were looking up at a distraught young man, who was 20 stories up.

"Oh, great!" Kenny pulled the truck over and worked his way over, going with the traffic.

Up 20 stories, a police negotiator was talking with the young man, and was trying to talk him out of jumping.

"Come on, you need to come over, we need to talk this over!" the negotiator tried to talk the young man out of his suicide solution.

"I'm through talking! Don't come near me or i'll go, I swear it!" The boy yelled back.

By the time Kenny got there, he saw the situation for what it was, and sneaked around to the back of the apartment building, found a nice secluded spot, and raised his arms.

"God of heaven, hear my cries for help..." And The Coat descended from the sky. Kenny grabbed it, and put it on, and then placed the hood over his head.

"Thank to go save someone's life."

The Coat ran at the apartment wall and parkoured his way up to a low-hanging balcony and climbed onto it. He knocked on the window of the apartment, and a sweet old lady opened the door.

"Excuse me ma'am, but there's a young man up on the top floor, I have to get to him!" The Coat begged of the old lady.

"Who are you? Police?" she asked.

"No, i'm The Coat, can you let me through?" The Coat tried to be as polite as possible.

"You're not the police?" the old lady was wasting time.

"Oh, for the love of.." The Coat put his finger up to his bulletwound, and used his mind control powers to allow the old lady to let him through. He didn't like manipulating someone like an old lady, but if it was to save someone else's life, it would be worth the trouble.


Back in Washington, Both Diana and Clark looked up at the jumper, who was acting unpredictable. Luckily, the police had set up an airbag in case she fell so they could catch her, but if she worked her way over to the other side of the building, they were up the creek without paddles.

"How do we handle this?" asked Clark.

Diana knew she could talk the girl out of her suicide, if she could get up there. Maybe Diana couldn't make it...but Wonder Woman could.

"Behind the building...allow me." Diana walked to the other side of the skyscraper, and found a nice secluded spot...then, she spun around and a blinding flash of light changed her into Wonder Woman.

"Ok, here goes." Wonder Woman looked at Clark.

Clark blew her a kiss as she prepared to jump.

"For luck." Clark caused his girlfriend to smile.

Up 20 stories, the girl was crying her eyes out and looking down at the high speed dirt that she would've collided with if it wern't for that airbag.

"I'm not coming, you'll just take me to jail!" The girl cried

"Now, you haven't done anything at all! I just want to talk. We'll talk this out, we'll get everyone together and we'll fix this!" The negotiator begged.

With a great leap, Diana jumped up about 10 stories, and then, she began her climb. With every leap, Clark watched her, ready to catch her if she fell. Of course, Wonder Woman could've just landed on her feet, and went back up, but Clark cared about her and would've supported her in any situation she was in. Actually, Wonder Woman could've just flown...but she would've intentionally fallen for Clark to catch her anyways.

Wonder Woman kept on climbing. She made the 11th storey. Then the 12th. Then the 14th in a big, confident leap. Then, another storey. Then, the 18th. She finally got up to the 20th. Not wanting to fall, she kept herself prone against the wall and worked her way over to the front of the building. Clark was at the bottom of the building, keeping an eye on his girlfriend.

She peered around the corner, and there was the girl, crying.

"Ok...Here it goes!" Wonder Woman worked her way over to talk to the girl. "Hey..." Wonder woman got the girl's attention, and the girl turned to see her.

"'re Wonder Woman!" The girl replied.

"What's this about?" Wonder Woman asked.


Meanwhile, back in Canada, The Coat arrived at the 20th floor of the apartment building, and found the room where the suicide jumper was. There was a cop guarding the door.

"Excuse me sir, you'll have to go back." The RCMP officer ordered.

The Coat put his finger up to his head, and used mind control to allow the cop to let him pass. He walked right into the room, and looked at the balcony where the police negotiator was talking with the young man. There was a window on the side. He could've sneaked out that window, and worked his way over.

"Come on, man! Let's talk this over!" The negotiator continued pleading with the young man.

"I'm not going to!" The young man said

"Maybe you should." The Coat entered the conversation from behind.

The man turned around to see The Coat approaching him from behind.

"Get away man, i'm gonna jump!" The jumper threatened.

"Don't...listen, I just wanna talk to you...just wanna talk...and i'm not a cop." The Coat tried to reason with the guy.

"You're a cop! Liar!"

"Hey, C'mon man, Since when do cops wear trenchcoats with hoods?" Asked The Coat.

The jumper calmed a bit. You couldn't argue with that logic.


Back in Washington, Wonder Woman was closer to getting the girl to stop her attempt at killing herself.

"What are you doing this for?" Asked Wonder Woman.

"It's my boyfriend...he's gay...he lied to me." the girl was hysterical.

"He was cheating on you with another man?" Asked Wonder Woman

"Yes!" The girl cried hysterically.

This was a situation that meant motherly love was needed. The girl had let it out, and now it was time to build her back up. Wonder Woman shinnied her way over on the ledge, and hugged the girl.

"I'm scared up here..." The girl whimpered.

"It's OK." Wonder Woman held the girl close to her.

With all the bravery in the world, Wonder Woman held onto the girl, and worked her way over to the balcony to hand the girl over to the police negotiator. The negotiator was able to grab the girl from the balcony and get her off.

"Thank you, Wonder Woman." the negotiator thanked the heroine. "You just saved us a few hours of negotiation."

"Take care of her." Wonder Woman hopped over the railing on the balcony, and left the scene as quickly as she entered it.

"Hey! Wait a minute!" The Negotiator wanted to ask Wonder Woman some questions for a report, but, a Heroine's life is busy.


Back in Canada, The Coat was approaching this suicide attempt with a little bit more tough love than his friend in washington.

"Hey, you smoke?" asked The Coat.

"No." the young man replied.

"'s a bad habit. Don't start." The Coat pulled a prime-time cigar from his pocket, and put it in his mouth.

"So...what's this about, man? Why do you want to do this?" The Coat delayed fishing a lighter from his pocket.

"I...I hurt my girlfriend really, really bad...and now I feel like shit." The young man replied.

"The best way to solve that is to apologize." The Coat gave his advice.

"I can't...we've broken up." The young man looked tired, and bound to fall at any time.

"Oh, that sucks man, i'm sorry. How did you hurt her...if you don't mind me asking?" The Coat didn't want to touch off a bad situation.

"It's because...i'm gay, man...and i've been seeing this other guy...some guy named David from the south, man. Online dating."

"Ok, go on." The Coat took his left hand and placed it in his inner pocket.

"And my dad finds out and he gets all pissed off and goes on and on about how being gay is wrong and shit..."

"...That stupid old Leviticus verse causing kids to kill themselves. Great. We put more stock in a piece of paper than we do in a loving God." The Coat agreed, before fishing his lighter out with his right hand and pretending to accidentally drop it in front of the jumper.

"Oh shit...hey, can you grab that for me?" asked The Coat

The jumper was shaky but he had calmed at least by talking with The Coat.

"Hey, you'd be my angel if you did." The Coat coaxed the jumper.

The jumper crouched to grab the lighter, and as he handed it back to The Coat, The Coat took a pair of handcuffs quickly with his left hand, and slapped one cuff on the jumper's wrist, and then slapped the other end to his right wrist.

"What the?!" the Jumper yelled out.

"Dirty smoke...always hated it." The Coat spat the cigar out and watched it fall 20 stories to the ground.

"You bastard!" the young man yelled.

"Now you can jump if you want, but you'd be takin' me with you, and that makes you a murderer!" The coat tried to guilt trip the man.

"You got that from Lethal Weapon!" The young man got mad.

"So what if I got it from Lethal Weapon, you coming?" asked The Coat

"No, I'm not coming, i'm jumping, and don't you do that..."

Too late, the Coat was in full jump-off-the-building mode.

"Do you really want to jump! Do ya?" The Coat got a crazy look in his eyes and got up close with the jumper "Do you really want to die? You're an idiot! You want to know what falling feels like? Fine! i'll show you what dying is!" And with that, the Coat jumped from the building and took the young man with him.

"NO!" the young man fell off the balcony with The Coat, and they began to freefall towards the air bag that had been set up below them. During the fall, The Coat fished the handcuff key from his pocket, and unlocked it halfway down. Then, he waited for the soft impact of the airbag. When he landed, he quickly did his best to roll off the airbag while the Vancouver PD came in to arrest the young man.

"No! Get him! He's crazy!" The young man was put in cuffs and taken away.

By that time, Kenny was off running. The cops thought about chasing him, but they were too busy keeping the crowd of people back who were watching the event unfold.