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The next day, a ringtone awoke a still red-eyed Kenny. He jarred awake, feeling better after a solid sad session, and a good sleep.

He looked at the phone, and it said "Private number." feeling excited that it could be his friend, he picked the phone up and got a different voice.

"Kenny, this is Trevor Linden, team president of the Vancouver Canucks..I have a proposition for you."

Directed by

Phil from Produce

A TV showed a hockey game on Sportsnet Pacific, of the Vancouver Canucks against the Florida Panthers in Florida sometime in January 2021.

"Here comes Alex Burrows, coming up the far side. the Canucks have 1:15 left on the powerplay on that interference call. Burrows passes it to Olifchefski, Olly passes it to Eric Roberts, Roberts to Triton, Triton shoots! Scores!"

The bars in Vancouver went nuts as Kenny Triton raised his arms in victory at scoring a goal against the long-time Florida panthers Goalie, Roberto Luongo.

"Boy, that man has to be feeling on top of the world now, he scores a beauty on the powerplay, his first NHL goal of his life...and that look on his face says it all."

Kenny had a ear to ear grin, skating along his team, slapping gloves...

Edited by

Phil from Produce

A dark room housed the premier Rusev Ovechkin, eating prison rations. Outside of his cell, a dark figure stared in at him.

"You are never going to leave this place, Ovechkin. And if you try to'll have to dig through 20 feet of solid concrete...and when you do...i'll be there...and..." The dark figure stared with cold, piercing eyes at the premier...

"I'm Batman!"

Written by

Phil from Produce

The auditorium at the Gotham city university cheered as their Valedictorian, Dick Grayson, stood up to deliver the speech.

"As we step from this university, we will change the world around us. We are going to improve the world with what we've learned, and continue to improve it with what we've yet to learn..."

Wonder Woman created by

William Moulton Marston

Herb Dean asked the UFC women's champion, Alexis Ramsey, if she was ready. and she signaled that she was. Then he turned to the underdog challenger, 22 year old Cassandra Sandsmark, and asked her if she was. And she signaled that she was.

"Ok, then lets go!" Herb signaled for the MMA fighters to begin.

The fighters came out of their corners, touched gloves, and began their fight.

"Here we go!" yelled out Mike Goldberg as the announcer.

"What a fight, this one's been talked about, Cassandra Sandsmark, an underdog fighter, went 6-0 for the last 8 months in the minors, and now she's fighting at UFC 225."

In the Octagon, Cassandra waited for the right moment. Alexis threw a shot and Cassandra blocked it. then she threw a left. But then came that window of opportunity when she was off balance, and Cassandra took it and threw a haymaker that ultimately destroyed alexis's concentration and ability to stand.

"OOOH!" Joe Rogan watched the blonde-haired Cassandra knock down the champion, to which Herb Dean jumped in between the ladies and stopped the fight.

"It is all over! It is all over! Wow!" Mike Goldberg said his usual catchphrase "We've got a new, UFC women's champion, and her name is Cassandra Sandsmark!"

Cassandra jumped on the octagon cage and sat on it, flexed her abs, and arms and cheered.

Superman created by

Joe Shuster

On a beautiful beach somewhere in the world, Steve Trevor walked down a grassy plain with Diana in a beautiful, much more glamourous wedding dress than on her previous mission before. Standing at the altar, was Clark Kent, and he didn't look nervous or scared or ready to faint...he was happy.

After going through the vows and everything, Both Clark and Diana had their first kiss as a married couple in front of a beautiful sunset in the distance.

Batman and Robin created by

Bob Kane

Wonder Girl created by

John Byrne

Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Robin, and Wonder Girl are all properties of DC comics, and the writer does not take financial credit for use of their characters in his fanfiction.


Envisioned Soundtrack


"Let's get Lost"

Performed by Chet Baker

Moment of Play: the song that plays on the radio just before the teenage suicide attempt.


"Don't wanna fall in love"

Performed by Jane Child

Moment of play: Kenny sings the song on his way to the Vancouver Airport.


"Oh Canada (english version)"

Lyrics by Robert Stanley Weir

Moment of Play: When "Oh Canada" is sung at the Hockey game.


"Star Spangled Banner"

created by Francis Scott Key

Moment of Play: When the U.S. national anthem is sung at the hockey game


"Come & Get your love"

Performed by Redbone

Moment of play: When kenny enters the blood donor clinic


"First World Problems"

Performed by Chilled Clarity

Moment of Play: Robin rolls up to Cassandra's apartment in his firebird.


"Inside my Love"

Performed by Minnie Riperton

Moment of play: Diana and clark making out on the couch during the date.


"One summer's day"

Created by Joe Hisashi

Moment of play: Diana weeping when she discovers the internet's opinion of her.


"Corneria theme (SNES version)

Created by Hajime Hirasawa

Moment of play: The Dogfight between drones and heroes.


"Playin' with the boys"

Performed by Kenny Loggins

Moment of play: Wonder Woman whistles the song after saving kenny from a drone.


"War Ensemble"

Performed by Slayer

Moment of play: The battle against the war dragon.


"Goodbye may seem forever (Sad theme from the Fox and the hound)"

created by Buddy Baker

Moment of Play: Diana and clark seperate from Kenny.


"Secret of the forest (With rain)"

Original Composition by Yasunori Mitsuda

Moment of Play: Kenny's mourning after Diana leaves him.


"Wouldn't it be nice?"

Performed by The Beach Boys

Moment of play: Credit sequence.


Written 2015, by Phil from Produce.