What is up guys! As some of you might remember, my 1st crossover was a huge failure. But that won't stop me from trying again. So, a SNK x DxD crossover. Hopefully this will turn out well.



[Titan sounds]

Chapter 1: I'll kill them, I'll kill them all!

[Ring! Ring!]

Eren: "Aw….."

Mikasa: "Eren….Eren…."

On a typical morning in Kuoh town, a young black haired girl was having trouble getting her lazy brother out of bed.

Eren: "Groan…..Mikasa….give me a few more minutes….."

Mikasa: (deadpan) "We're going to be late. So get up."

This time, Eren rise up from his blanket and got changed.

Eren: "Damn it! I can't be late on the 1st day!"

Both siblings ran out of their house after saying their goodbyes to their parents and rushed towards their school at blinding speed.

Eren: "Mikasa, whatever you do, don't mention that I've overslept."

Mikasa: "I won't tell anyone….."

Eren: "Thank you."

Mikasa: "…That you didn't zip your pants."

Eren: "Wha- Ouch!"

That's when Eren crashed into a teenage boy with grey hair.

Boy: "Hey! Watch where you're going!"

Eren: "Sorry! Gotta go!"

As the duo finally arrived at the school gates, both of them were shocked by the number of female students in their school.

Eren: "Right! Let's go!"

Mikasa: "Wait Eren. We need to get our timetable 1st."

At the student council office, the siblings are greeted by a young girl with specs and black, bob-cut hair.

Sona: "Ah! You must be the new students from Trost. I'm Sona Sitri, 3rd year and the student council president."

Eren: "Nice to meet you Sitri-senpai. I'm Eren Yeagar."

Mikasa: "Mikasa Ackerman. Pleasure to meet you."

Sona: "Ok, so this is your timetable. And your class is in 2B. Have a nice day."

The siblings bit Sona farewell and head for their 1st lesson.

Sona: 'Both seem to have potential. I'll inform Rias about this.'

At class 2B, both siblings were introduced to the rest of the students before their lesson began.

Sensei: "Please settle down everyone. We have 2 new students who will be joining us today, so if you may?"

Eren: "Eren Yeagar. Hope we get along."

Mikasa: "Mikasa Ackerman, from Trost district."

Sensei: "Right. Now how about you two sit next to Argento-san over there."

As both siblings take their seats, the rest of the students started whispering among them.

Matsuda: "Hey, that new girl looks kinda cute. What do you say Motohama?"

Motohama: "Her bust may be smaller than most, but man she looks hot."

Murayama: "He looks handsome. I hope they're both siblings."

Katase: "I don't know. His sister seems to be rather protective of him."

Sensei: "Alright, that's enough. Pay attention."

Break time! Right before they left for recess, the siblings were approached by the blonde girl sitting next to them.

Asia: "Hi Eren-san, Mikasa-san. I'm Asia Argento. Welcome to Kuoh Academy."

Eren & Mikasa: "Hi."

Asia: "So, do you want to join me for lunch?"

Eren: "Yeah sure."

In the canteen….

Asia: "Wow! So you're from Trost?"

Eren: "Yes, but we moved to japan because my dad is working on some sort of medicine."

Asia: "I see. I'm from Italy, but I love to travel and that's how I've ended up in Japan."

Mikasa: "Interesting."

Asia: "Have you two decided on which club to join?"

Eren: "Nope, any recommendations?"

Asia: "Well, I'm from the occult research club and we're currently short on members. It'll be great if you join us."

Eren: "I'm not sure yet, what do you think Mikasa?"

Mikasa: "I'll go where you go."

Asia: "It's ok. Take your time. Just let me know if you're interested."

Eren: "Ok. Thanks Asia."

Asia bowed to them and took her leave.

Eren: "She seems nice. Ow! Ow! ow! Stop it Mikasa!"

Mikasa: (Pinching Eren's cheek) "Having a relationship is not good."

In the old school building…..

Rias: "So about this new student and his sister….. You sense something about them?"

Sona: "Well, not really anything special. It's just that I think, they make a good addition to your peerage."

Akeno: "Ara ara, we could use more members you know buchou."

Rias: "Hmm…Koneko, could you do me a favor?"

Koneko: "What is it buchou?"

Rias: "I want you to keep an eye on the siblings for a while, and report to me if they're been attacked."

Koneko: "Leave it to me."

Evening, at the school gates.

Eren: "Huff puff…..sorry to make you wait Mikasa."

Mikasa: "Eren, a lady gave me this card."

Eren: "Hmm? What is this symbol? 'Grant a wish, and I'll be there for you.' Heh. Must be a Christian thing."

Mikasa: "Anyway, let's go. Mom and dad will be worried."

As the siblings arrived at a park along the way, they came across a little girl crying on the floor.

Eren: "Hey little girl, what happen?"

Little girl: "I'm lonely. I have no friends…."

Eren: "What should we do Mikasa?"

Mikasa: "She's probably lost. Let's take her to the police."

Little girl: "Noooo! The police are scary!"

Eren: "Alright calm down… Now, can you tell us where your parents are? We can take you home."

Little girl: "Yes, that'll be fine. But can I ask you a question?"

Eren: "Ok, what is it?"

Little girl: "Will you die for me?"

Both Mikasa and Eren stared blankly at the little girl. Seconds later, the little girl grew older and had black feathered wings. Even her outfit changed.

Eren: "Wha..what the heel's going on?!"

Mikasa: "Eren!"

Mikasa managed to push her brother away from incoming light spears thrown by the winged lady.

Winged lady: "I had orders from my superior that you possess a hidden power inside you boy. And it's a threat to our kind. So here's what I want you to do, die!"

Mikasa: "I won't let you!"

Mikasa leapt forward and kicked the winged lady in the gut. She then slammed her to the ground.

Winged lady: "You're strong, unlike that boy there."

As Mikasa turned to her brother, there knelt Eren with a light spear pierced through his chest.

Mikasa: "Eren!"

Winged lady: "My job is done. Farewell! Little girl."

Mikasa ran to Eren and held his hand tightly, not wanting him to go.

Eren: "Cough! Mi..kasa….I … I need to…Cough!...Change…"

Mikasa: "No! Everyone will see you."

Then suddenly, the card glowed red and a magic circle form right beside them. There, a teenage girl with crimson hair appeared from the magic circle.

Mikasa: "Who are you!?"

Rias: "Calm down… I'm not going to hurt you…My name is Rias Gremory."

Mikasa: "Please save my brother…"

Rias: "That is why I'm here."

Rias took out 8 pawn pieces and made them float on Eren's lifeless body.

Rias: "In the name of Maou-Lucifer, I make you as my servant."

Mikasa: "No wait!"

4 pawn pieces enter Eren's body, while the other 4 were kept by the red head.

Rias: "He's alive. He just needs some rest. Take me to your place, I'll heal him."

The next day, Eren slightly opened his eyes and found himself in his room. However, he felt a soft sensation on his right shoulder.

Eren: "Nggnngh…. What a dream… hmm?"

As Eren uncover his blanket, there he saw the exposed body of a certain crimson haired girl.

Eren: "BWUAH!" 'What the hell is a woman doing in my bed?! And why is she naked? Wait, why am I naked!?'

Rias: "Oh good, you're awake."

Eren: "Wha…who are you!? And why am I naked!?"

Rias: "Ara? Is that how you talk to your senpai? My name is Rias Gremory, a 3rd year student and a devil. Nice to meet you Eren Yeagar."

Eren: "Senpai? Devil?!"

Rias: "How are your injuries?"

Eren: "Well, I.. wait. How did you know?"

Rias: "I was the one who healed you. And revived you."

Eren: "So I was really dead? Gasp! Mikasa! Where is she, is she alright?"

Rias: "Your sister is fine, she's downstairs preparing breakfast."

Eren: "Oh thank god. Ouch! My head."

Rias: "Oh and by the way, you're also a devil now."

Eren: "Oh hell no!"

Rias: "But no worries. That mean you get to spend time with me now. Ne?"

Rias crawled on all fours and was cornering Eren on his bed.

Eren: "I-I don't think it's a good idea.."

Rias: "No need to be shy…."


Before Rias could further infuriate Eren, she was smacked on the head by a jealous Mikasa holding a shinai.

Rias: "Ow! What was that for?"

Mikasa: "Eren is mine and mine alone."

Rias: "Hey! I was the one who saved him you know."

Eren: "Calm down ladies…let's go down stairs and have our breakfast. And senpai, you should put on some clothes 1st."

At the school gate…..

Rias: "I'll explain everything to you two when after class. Asia will bring you to the clubroom."

Eren: "Ok, see you later Rias-senpai."

After their lessons, both Eren and Mikasa went to Asia and asked her about ORC.

Asia: "That's great! I'll take you there."

At the old school building….

Eren: "Wow! Who could've thought that a school will have a building like this here."


Asia: "It's us!"

As Asia opened the door, Eren and Mikasa were amazed by the Victorian style atmosphere in the club room. Inside was a white haired 1st year girl eating snacks and a handsome, blonde-haired 2nd year boy reading a book.

Akeno: "Welcome to the occult research club."

Asia: "This is Akeno Himejima-san, 3rd year and vice-president of our club."

Eren and Mikasa bowed to their senpai.

Eren: "Please take care of us senpai."

Akeno: "Ara ara, such polite juniors."

Asia: "Buchou-san, we've arrived!"

Rias: "Right! Now that everyone's here, I'd like you to meet our new members. Please introduce yourselves."

Kiba: "Yuuto Kiba, 2nd year. Nice to meet you."

Koneko: "Toujou Koneko, 1st year."

Eren: 'Hmm, another Mikasa.'

Akeno: "And you already know me, ufufu."

Eren: "Eren Yeagar. 2nd year student."

Mikasa: "Mikasa Ackerman, 2nd year."

Rias: "So Eren, I assume you have some questions regarding last night's incident?"

Eren: "Yes. 1st of all, what do you mean by you are a devil? And secondly, what was that thing who attacked us?"

Rias: "Firstly, yes. I am a high class devil. In fact, everyone in this room is a devil. The ORC is just a façade to my peerage."

Mikasa: "Peerage?"

Akeno: "You see. As a high class devil, buchou is able to recruit servants to her group by placing an evil piece into one's body."

Kiba: "But don't worry. The Gremories and known for their affection to their servants. We treat each other as a family."

Rias: "As for your 2nd question. That creature who attacked you was a fallen angel. Apparently they found interest in you and think of it as a threat."

Eren gave the devils a deadly gaze.

Eren: "And what about to you devils? Do I pose a threat to you?"

Rias: "Quite the opposite actually. We see you as a worthy ally."

Eren: "Fallen angels…."

Mikasa: "Eren…"

Eren: "Mikasa, I'll kill them….I'll kill any fallen angel that comes in my way….."

At the corner, Akeno had a worried expression.

Rias: "But enough about us, tell us about yourself."

Eren: "Well, Mikasa and I came from Trost. And we had gone through hardships just to stay alive."

Kiba: "Trost? The land of the titans?"

Mikasa: "Yes. Our father is a chemist who is seeking a solution to rid the city of titans."

Eren: "However, dad's efforts proved fruitless and so he decided to travel here in search for answers."

Rias: "My goodness! I've heard tales about these titans. How did you survive?"

Eren: "We signed up for the trainee corps to hone the skills to defeat the titans."

Mikasa: "Eren used to have a deep hatred for titans. But it seems that he's found a new enemy."

Akeno: "So are you two related?"

Eren: "Mikasa is my adopted sister. After her parents were murdered, I rescued her from those bastards and my family took her in."

Mikasa: "Ever since then, I owe my life to Eren."

Rias: "You know Mikasa, I could use another servant. Would you be interested to join my peerage?"

Mikasa: "Anything that will keep me close to Eren."

Rias then took out her remaining pawn pieces and inserted them into Mikasa.

Rias: "As president of the Occult research club, I welcome you to our family."


One by one, all the club members extended their devil wings, followed by the two siblings.

Eren: "This is amazing! Look Mikasa, we're devils now!"

Mikasa: "Erm, senpai…. What are our duties as your humble servants?"

Rias: "Oh for now, your job is to hand leaflets to people so that we can form contracts with them."

Eren: "Contracts?"

Akeno: "Yes. We devils grant wishes to humans around this town and receive payment in return."

Mikasa: "In souls?"

Kiba: "We used to do that. But now, we accept cash, credit or anything of equal value to the client's request."

Eren: "So that's how senpai is summoned."

Rias: "Yes. And from now onwards, I'll be addressed as buchou. Since that's what everyone here calls me."

Eren & Mikasa: "Hai buchou!"

Akeno: "Buchou, we have a request from the arch-duke of the Beelzebub clan."

Rias: "Right. Eren, Mikasa. It's time we show you how we battle."

Eren: "Ok."

At an abandoned warehouse, the ORC gathered outside and prepared to enter.

Rias: "1st of all, are you two familiar with the game of chess?"

Eren: "Yes, survey ops champion 3 years running."

Rias: "Each of my servants are revived by a certain chess piece following their strengths."

Koneko: "She's here. I can sense her."

Behind a wall, out jumps a huge centaur-like monster.

Rias: "Stray devil Visor, you have killed your master and broken the devil's law. And thus, we the Gremory peerage with destroy you."

Visor: "Try to kill me, if you can."

Rias: "Yuuto!"

Kiba: "Hai buchou!"

Kiba dashed towards Visor at blinding speed, forming after images around the warehouse.

Eren: "Man he's fast!"

Rias: "Yuuto is my knight. He's the fastest member in my group and a master swordsman."

Kiba endlessly slashed Visor along the torso and limbs.

Rias: "Next is Koneko, my rook."

Eren: "Hmm… rook….."

Visor grabbed Koneko in her monstrous arms and squeezed the life out of her.

Eren: "Koneko-chan!"

Rias: "Not to worry. Her ability is…."

Mikasa: "…..Massive strength and defense."

Rias: "Hey! I was about to say that!"

Koneko effortlessly freed herself from Visor's grasp and tossed her across the area.

Rias: "Finally is my queen. Akeno!"

Akeno: "My pleasure. Ara ara, what should I do with you?"

Mikasa: (Sweat drop) "She's taking this lightly."

Rias: "Akeno is the master of spells and magic. She's has the traits of all pieces and…"

Akeno unleashed a barrage of lightning at Visor.

Visor: "Arrgghhh! It burnnnnnnssss!"

Rias: "…she's the ultimate sadist."

Akeno: "I still hear a heartbeat. You could use some more. Ufufu!"

The lightning resumed.

Eren: "Remind me not to get on her bad side."

Rias: "Akeno, that's enough."

Akeno: "Aww…but I was just enjoying myself."

Rias: "Right. Now that's settled, let's return home."

Unfortunately, after taking a few steps, a massive hand grabs Rias and is not willing to let go.

Rias: "KYAAA!"

Eren: "What the?!"

Kiba: "Impossible! Nothing can survive Akeno-san's thunder."

Visor: "How dare you torture me like that! You'll, with your blood!"

Visor tightens her grip and began to squeeze the life out of the crimson-haired devil.

Rias: 'AAaaaaahhhh!"

Kiba, Akeno, Koneko & Asia: "Buchou!"

Eren: "Mikasa! Let's go!"

Mikasa: "Hai!"

Mikasa dashed towards Visor and leapt on her hand, trying to free her master from the stray devil's grasp. Meanwhile, Eren bites his thumb at full force and large amount of heat was unleashed. As the smoke cleared, what stood before the ORC was a 15m humanoid giant.

Kiba: "Gasp! A titan!"

Asia: "Is that Eren-san?"

Koneko: "He's huge!"

Akeno: "He looks hot!"

Mikasa: "Eren! Now!"


The titan-sized Eren ran towards Visor and punch her in the face. He then proceed to rip off the hand holding Rias while Mikasa carried her master to safety.

Visor: "You monster! What are you!?"

Eren landed several blows at Visors body and even tore off all of her legs, arms and head. Finally finishing her off by stomping on her nape.

As Eren completed his role, his titan body fell to the floor and out pops the human sized boy from the nape area.

Rias: "T-thanks… So you're a titan as well Eren?"

Eren: "Gah! No. I'm still human, with titan shifting powers."

Kiba: "But how did that stray devil come back to life?"

Mikasa: "Titan powers."

ORC members: "WHAT?!"

Mikasa: "My guess is that stray somehow managed to gain some titan powers and thus, is able to regenerate. Since it finally died after its nape is damaged, I think that someone must have included titan DNA to that devil."

Eren: "And since the only way to kill a titan is by destroying the nape, that makes them even deadlier."

Akeno: "Buchou, we better warn Sirzechs-sama about this new threat."

Rias: "Yes, I will."

Eren: "Oh ya buchou, before I forget, what piece am I?"

Mikasa: "We both are Pawns."

Rias: "She's right you know."

Eren: "WHAAATTT!? The weakest piece?!"

Rias: "But you're rather strong for a pawn, so is your sister. No wonder I need 4 pawns to revive each of you."

Eren: "Well, if you put it that way. Oh right. What is your piece Asia?"

Asia: "I'm a bishop. I'm the healer of the group."

Eren: "Right."

Rias: "Ok then, great job everyone and we'll meet again the next day. You may return home now."

Everyone: "Hai buchou!"

Ta daaa! A brand new fanfic. I doubt this idea is original, and I'm sorry for that. But I can't seem to find an existing story like this so I decided to make one. Just a few notes, Eren will not possess a sacred gear. And his parents are still alive. Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed this and I'll see you next time. GAN PAI!