Chapter 18: Just before the 2nd semester.

Eren POV

It was during breakfast when buchou gave us that sudden announcement.

Rias: "May I have your attention please? 1st of all I'd like to thank all of you for accompanying me to the Underworld and for training so hard for the upcoming battles in the near future."

"And we gladly accept your gratitude."

Rias: "Secondly, I'd like to congratulate Akeno and Koneko for overcoming their hurdles that have been haunting them for so long."

Akeno: "Aww….if it wasn't for Eren-kun and the others, who knows when we'd ever accept them?"

Koneko: "Again, thank you so much senpai."

Rias: "Lastly, since the new semester won't begin in a week's time, how about we take a few days off."

"As in no contracts?"

Rias: "More like, a vacation to anywhere you desire."

So 2 weeks in the underworld and all that hellish training (Pun not intended) has finally paid off! Yahoo!

"So like anywhere?!"

Rias: "Of course Eren. After all, I made a promise with you. And you don't mind if we accompany you right?"

"N-no of course not. Feel free to tag along."

Akeno: "Ufufu! So do you have somewhere in mind? Perhaps, a romantic evening in Rome? Or relaxing by the beach in Hawaii? I'll let you apply sunscreen on my back."

Enter my annoying sister.

Mikasa: "Akeno-san, you can do that yourself."

Armin: "Ooo oohh! I've always wanted to visit Akihabara. What do you think Eren?"

Eren: "I was thinking about the exact same thing! Buchou, we choose Akihabara, Tokyo!"

Just imagine, otaku paradise! All the merchandise, gachapon, and mangas! Eh? I guess buchou and the rest of the girls seem to be troubled. But who am I to blame them.

Xenovia: "Out of all the places I wouldn't have thought that Eren will pick the capital. Are you that into Japanese politics?"

Asia: "Ano…I'm sure there'd be plenty of stuff to do in this Akihabara. Maybe a local shrine or something."

Kiba: "I don't really think that there'll be any shrines in Tokyo. After all, usually only otakus would go there."

Eren: "Come on Kiba! I'm sure as a guy you'll understand why we'd dream of heading there. Gundams? Maids? The electronics!?"

Armin: "That's right! It's only natural for us foreigners to visit this place call Akihabara!"

Koneko: "Ermm…senpai….I like Gundam….and manga too…"

Koneko-chan…..You understand how we feel right? In the end, buchou could only sigh and gave us her approval.

Rias: "Sigh…To be honest, I was expecting a day at the seaside as well. But a promise is a promise. We'll leave at 12pm sharp, so be sure to be here by then."

Everyone: "Hai buchou!"

Kiba: "I'll stay here. Sorry but Otaku land is not my cup of tea."

Rias: "That's ok Yuuto. Just please let Okaa-san and Otou-san we're away ok?"

Kiba: "As you command."

Akeno: "Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. At least I get to spend time with Eren-kun."

Rias: "I'd like to see you try."

Akeno: "Why wouldn't I? I always loved a challenge."

Rias: "Not from me…." (Points at Mikasa)

Mikasa: "Find your own guy Akeno-san. Eren is unavailable."

Akeno: "I refuse."

Oh boy. I guess there won't be any peace in the Gremory peerage.


Via teleportation circle, we appeared at an alley of Tokyo to avoid being seen by mere mortals. Due to being a leisure trip, every one of us is casually dressed. As we took a few paces into the daylight, we the ORC minus Kiba were welcomed by the endless number of billboards and the occasional maids by the streets.

"Here we are, Otaku land Akihabara!"

Armin: "Let's go Eren! The gundam figure is that way!"

Rias: "Now hold on for a sec! Remember to stay out of trouble and answer your communication circles whenever we call you. Also, have fun!"

Xenovia: "We'll be heading this way. I see some warriors coming out of that structure. Come Asia."

Asia: "I'll be in you care Xenovia-san."

Rias: "Koneko, why don't you follow them. They could use a tour guide."

Koneko: "Leave it to me buchou."

Akeno: "Ara? I think they've left already."

With that, the nekomata chased after the church duo leaving the 5 of us at the city center.

"So where will you be buchou? Armin and Mikasa will most probably be with me."

Rias: "Well….if it's not too much to ask. Can Akeno and I tag along? We're afraid we might loose our way you see."

Armin: "I don't see why not. We could stop by some cosplay stores; maybe you might find something there?"

Akeno: "Who knows? Perhaps there'll be some outfit that is to Eren-kun's liking. Ufufu."

Eren: "Well what are we waiting for? Let's go!"

(10 minutes later…..)

(Rias POV)

I've never thought I'd say this, but Akihabara isn't so bad after all. In fact, I think I might add this place to my 'Places that I want to visit again a thousand times before I die' list. Despite having the afternoon sun blazing on our faces, the streets are still lit with endless rows of neon signs, not to mention the vast amounts of billboards promoting upcoming Anime and electronic stuff.

Akeno: "Rias, over here!"

"Huh? What is it Akeno?"

Akeno: "Look at all these dresses! Which fits me better? This one or the black one?"

Eren: "Both look great on you Akeno-san."

Akeno couldn't help but squeal in delight at Eren's comment. I do admit however, that the dresses here are just gorgeous."

Shop keeper: "Welcome Onee-san. Are you interested in that dress? It seems to suit you perfectly."

"Apparently yes. But this seems a bit pricey…."

Shop keeper: "Ohh not to worry. I could give a special offer just for you lovely ladies. Say…..1200 yen?"

Akeno: "Ara.. That's very generous of you sir. What do you think Rias?"

"How can I say no to that? It's a deal."

Eren: "Heh! Good looks seem to prevail again."

Armin: "Hey Eren! Check this out!"

The 5 of us then hurried to Armin's location after we paid, which happens to be some sort of anime merchandise store. So far there's hardly anything special about it until the blonde asked us to come for a closer look.

Eren: "Armin…. Is that?"

Mikasa: "No… It can't be…."

Rias: "What's wrong Eren? You found something?"

Eren: "Bu-buchou…..Who does this look like to you?"

I took a glance at the toy figure Eren gave me and from what I can make out, it's just and ordinary male figure in brown uniform with 3DMG on his waist… Wait, 3DMG?!

What's more, a closer inspection on its face shows a somewhat familiar look.

Armin: "Eren, this is us! We're figurines!"


Mikasa: "To think that we're in an anime series…They got my proportions wrong."

Eren: "Am I really that ugly?"

Armin: "How is my body THAT feminine?!"

Oh my poor servants… just the sight of them weeping over they're unexpected fate. I could only bring my two pawns to my embrace for comfort.

"I wonder what it'll be like if our life is and anime?"

Akeno: "Ufufu! I guess we'll belong to the harem genre then."

"I guess so."

Eren: "Guys, let's get out of here before I pass out from embarrassment."

(1 hour later….)

To say that Akihabara is like a city that never sleeps, is an understatement. If it weren't for our communication circles, we might end up in a maze full of geeky otakus and cosplayers.

(Stomach growl)

Akeno: "Ara ara, is somebody craving for lunch now?"

Eren: "Eheh, sorry. But I'm just so famished…"

"That's alright Eren, we can have late lunch now if you want. Hmm…this looks interesting."

Eren: "Huh? What's on your mind buchoooouuuuuu!..."

Mikasa: "Eren!" (Chases after Eren)

I couldn't help but drag my pawn towards this odd shop lot at the corner. At the front entrance stood a young lady in a black dress with an apron.

Maid: "Welcome to Shingeki maid café. Please make yourselves at home."

Eren: "Eh? A maid café?"

Akeno: "Ara ara. What's wrong Eren-kun? Is the maid too much for you to handle?"

Rias: "Let's just go in."

As we entered the café, the 5 of us were again greeted by another pair of maids. One who's a brunette tied in a pony tail, while the other is a blonde girl with a sweet and gentle smile on her face.

Brunette maid: "Welcome Goshujin-sama!"

Blonde: "Allow us to take you to your seats."

All is fun and well until our 3 juniors have dumbfounded expressions.

Eren: "Sasha and…."

Armin: "Christa!?"

Blonde maid: "Yes. Welcome to the Shingeki maid café. Where we keep customers in and the titans out. (Wink)"

Oh my. It's just like in the anime store again.

Mikasa: "Shingeki?"

Eren: "Titans?"

Brunette maid: "Don't you know? This is a maid café with a Shingeki no kyojin theme. And we are Sasha Braus and Christa Lenz of the 104th maid squad. (wink)"

"Erm…Eren, do you know these two girls?"

Eren: "No. But they're acting like them…. And it's the 104th TRAINEE SQUAD! Not Maid squad!"

Armin: "Calm down Eren. I'll talk to them."

Armin then stood forward and starts off casual.

Armin: "So 'Sasha'. May I know what is this 'Shingeki no kyojin'?"

From what I can tell, it seems that this Sasha maid is trying her hardest to suppress her bewilderment and laughter. It's as if we're the only ones not familiar with this "Shingeki no kyojin".

Sasha maid: "I'm truly sorry. 'Shingeki no kyojin' is a well known manga series which has been adapted into and anime."

Christa maid: "It's about humanity being on the brink of extinction and the only thing protecting them from the titans are 3 humongous walls. However, one day the walls were breached by a 50 meter high Colossal Titan, which allowed the other titans to invade the city…."

Walls? Colossal titan? This plot sounds oddly familiar.

Mikasa: "So who are the main characters of this anime?"

Sasha maid: "Well, there's the titan boy named Eren Yeagar, his stoic adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman and the soft spoken but wise Armin Arlet."

As she said that, my 3 kouhais looked at each other with dull faces and stared back at the maids.

Armin: "By any chance….."

Mikasa: "Do we….."

Eren: "Look familiar to you…..?"

Oh ho…. They're in for it now.

Sasha & Christa Maid: "Huh? Hmm?...Eeeeeeeeehhhhhh!"