i'm back! (kinda...) anyway, this is a story i made for English class! We had to write a bedtime story and i based mine on the game Undertale! Which i'm currently in love with~

so enjoy!

The light hurts my eyes as I tried to open them. I got up and when I looked around I noticed I landed on a flowerbed filled with beautiful flowers. I looked up and saw the sun shinning through the hole in the mountain I fell through.

"how did I survive such a long fall?" I wondered "and more importantly, where am I?"

"you're in the underworld" a voice said. When I turned around all I saw was a small rabbit that was looking at me with big eyes. I looked around the room again but saw no one else. "did you just ta-"

"of course I did you moron!" the rabbit interrupted me. I was shocked by the way the rabbit acted. "this is the monster world so I'm not just a normal rabbit" the rabbit started to grin and his eyes glowed bright red.

"LEAVE THE HUMAN ALONE!" a voice suddenly rumbled through the room. A boy not much older then me was standing the doorway. But he wasn't normal, he had the legs, ears and antlers of a fawn! The boy had short blond hair, green eyes and was wearing a red scarf. The fawnboy walked up to the rabbit. "if you don't leave the humans alone I will tell Toriel!" he said and the rabbit looked scared before walking away.

The fawnboy turned to me with a bright smile. "are you alright?" I nodded. His smile became even bigger. "great! I'm sorry about him." He held out his hand. "I'm Derial! What's your name?" I shook his hand and told him my name. "that's such a nice name!" Derial then took my hand and pulled me to the door. "you're the first human in a long time that came down here!" Derial started to ramble but I wasn't paying attention at all. I was so amazed by everything I saw. Monsters looking at us and all kind of amazing buildings.

"so what do you say?" Derial then asked. I looked at him confused. I haven't heard a word he said. "I'm sorry what…?" Derial stopped walking and turned to me. "you got distracted didn't you?" I looked down at my feet. When I looked back up he had once again that big, gentle smile on his face. "it's okay, it's amazing here so I can't blame you!" he started laughing and I soon joined him.

"I was asking you if you like to sleep at my place?" Derial asked after we were done laughing. My smile immediately disappeared. "sleep…? Why would I sleep here…?" I asked and now Derials smile disappeared as well. "well it's not that easy to get out of here." He said seriously. I slightly started to panic. "what?! But how am I supposed to get home then?! I should be home before nightfall! And…" I could feel the tears sting behind my eyes. Derial grabbed both my shoulder so I looked him in the eyes. "hey hey, I didn't say it was impossible! It's just… not that easy" I chocked back my tears. "what do I need to do to get back then…?" Derial looked down for a moment. "you… well…" he looked me in the eyes again. "you need a human soul to cross the barrier between our worlds" I looked confused. "that's it?" he nodded. "do you know where it is?" I asked him and he nodded again. I grabbed both his hands. "Derial, can you show me the way…?" Derial broke eye contact and softly mumbled 'okay'. I smiled and gave him a hug which he returned.

We walked for a while before Derial turned right into a forest. It was dark and scary so I grabbed his hand. We reached a big portal with light coming from it. "is this it?" I turned to Derial who didn't say anything. "Deria-" he randomly pulled me in for a tight hug. "please don't go!" i could feel his body shaking, he was crying. I returned the hug. "why don't you come with me?" He looked at me. "what…?" I smiled gently at him and took his hand. "come home with me." "b-but… I'm a monster." "I don't care, I like you and I want to be with you" I started pulling him towards the portal, he just let it happen. There was a bright light when we passed through and we landed at the foot of the mountain. I turned around to Derial and gasped. "you're human!" I said as I looked him over. His legs were normal and his ears and antlers were gone. He looked down at his own feet with big eyes. "i… I am human" he smiled and i grabbed his hand, pulling him along again. "come on! I'll introduce you to my mom!"

That was it! it's short because the limit was 800 words... anyway hope you enjoyed it!

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