They Never Knew

Chapter 47

When It All Comes Undone

Authors note: (gasp!) Another chapter? Wow Kaitlyn thank you so much! Haha I'm just joshing with you. I swear this chapter is longer. BYEEE!

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Warning: There is a suicide attempt, mentions of death, and self-harm with self-loathing.

Here we go….

Amy ran as fast as she could to the hospital doors as she slammed the door to the taxi. She made it to the front desk hurriedly explaining the situation. "I'm here for Emma! Emma Swan." She tapped her hand on the desk wanting to punch the secretary who kept questioning her. "Let her through." Both the secretary and Amy looked up as the women came up. Amy smiled gratefully following her as they made their way to Emma's room.

"Thank you Ms. Dun." She nodded sadly as she showed the girl where her sister was.

"Listen Amy. There are some things you should know. Apparently Emma's been self-harming for a month or so now. She slit her wrists pretty deep and she wasn't found until thirty minutes after. If Shawn hadn't found her she would already be gone…the point is. There's no guarantee she will make it through this. I am so so sorry Amy." Amy nodded trying her hardest not to cry. She looked to where her sister was lying in a bed pale as a ghost, her wrists bandaged and restrained.

"Amy?" She quickly looked over alarmed. Calming down when she saw it was Shawn.

"Hey Shawn." He came towards her and she pulled him into a hug. He was shocked to say the least. He hadn't been planning to see her but when he did he had planned to apologize for not finding Emma sooner, now he was being…hugged? He hugged her back embracing someone who had begun to feel like a friend. He really needed a friend right now.

He finally pulled away from her, quickly missing the warmth. Before he could say anything Amy spoke. "Thank you." He stared at her no understanding.

"What do you mean? If I had found her earlier she would be ok! A-and now…" He broke down cursing himself for crying in front of his best friend's sister, who had a lot more going on than him. He was only confused further when he felt arms envelop him and someone hug him rocking him gently as he had done for Emma only hours before.

"Shhhh. Shawn…you saved her. You saved Emma and I am so grateful for that. So don't you dare blame yourself, not for one second. You are my hero right now. Don't forget it." They stayed like this until a doctor came up attempting to not give them stares that were too odd. They quickly got up fearing the worst. "What is it? Has she gotten worse?"

The doctor stared at her skeptically. "Are you Amy Swan?" She nodded annoyed that he wouldn't answer her questions. "Emma hasn't gotten worse but she hasn't gotten better either. She is on a breathing machine and is having blood transfused currently. She is on the brink though so there is no guarantee if she will even make it through the night. We will have her on constant watch. I actually came out here to ask if you would be willing to donate blood, we are running quite low and Emma lost a lot." Amy nodded numbly Shawn following. They would do whatever it took to save Emma.

Shawn held Amy's hand neither saying a word as both had a pint drawn. They were in their own worlds of worry. Every once in a while exchanging a glance to make sure the other was still there. They were all they had at the moment. A very odd feeling for people who had been strangers not too long ago.

Both sat by Emma's bed watching as the tubes carried liquids that would save her life. Finding hope in the sound of Emma's heartbeat. Emma's breathing sounded struggled, but oddly she looked at peace. This was the one thing that gave Amy comfort if anything went wrong. As least her sister wouldn't suffer. This was the kind of time where she wished she had parents, the ones who would stay by her side through it all and tell her it would all be okay and they were a family so it would all work out. Of course that wasn't going to happen, because they didn't have parents. The longer amount of time that passed where there were no signs of their parents the more she didn't give a crap if they ever found them. She was always considered the more hopeful one of her and Emma but Emma was the one who never gave up hope on finding them, and as long as Emma wanted to keep looking Amy would stick by her through it all.

Amy popped up from her sleeping position laying her head and arms on Emma's bed. She frowned hearing that same beeping again. She looked up seeing Emma's monitors spiking. "I need a doctor in here now!" She ran out of the room grabbing the first 'official' person she could find. She watched from the corner with Shawn as they shocked Emma. There was a sigh of relief from everyone in the room as her heart entered a normal rate again. "Oh thank God!" She clung to Shawn as though he were a lifeline before running to Emma hugging her as tightly as she dared. Emma would be okay. She had to be.