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The Heart of a Ice Prince

Prologue – How to Fly Without Wings

Ianto Jones loved the ice. Had since he was a little boy. It was the pretty much only thing that had never been taken away from him. When he put on his skates and let go all the sorrows and worries of the world faded away. All that existed were him and the ice.

Spinning around and around and around Ianto couldn't imagine anything that would've come closer to really, truly flying.

Ianto was so focused on what he was doing that it took a while before he felt someone watching him. He was used to audience, of course. But never during these impromptu sessions that were as much about extra practise and blowing off some steam.

With a great deal of grace Ianto kicked himself to a stop, making white flakes fly in a miniature snowstorm. Almost as quickly his gaze scanned through the mostly empty audience. In a few seconds he noticed a man sitting in the shadows. He frowned and squinted, trying to see better. Then groaned. "You've gotta be kidding me…", he muttered under his breath.

This wasn't an encounter Ianto would've exactly looked forward to. But he'd never been a coward and wasn't about to start now. The faster he got this over with the better. "What are you doing here?" Ianto demanded sharply as soon as he was close enough to be heard. He stopped right there, hoping that the physical distance was a clear enough message.

The other man shrugged. Even had the nerve to flash a truly charming smile at him. "Only my job, darling."

Apparently the message wasn't received, then. Ianto's left eyebrow twitched. "That's what I'm trying to do, too", he pointed out, attempting to sound as calm and professional as possible. "And you're distracting me."

The older man's eyebrow bounced up. "Oh? Like I was distracting you the other night in my bedroom?"

Ianto gritted his teeth. Little as he liked to admit it the memories of that night surfaced quickly in all their glory. Fortunately he was a stellar actor. He hid the emotions those hazy flashes sparked to life easily. He folded his arms. "What do you want?"

"An exclusive interview", the other announced immediately and leaned forward. Like a vulture that'd caught a promising scent. "Little birds are singing that you're planning on returning to professional arenas. And that, Mr. Jones… makes you Britain's most fascinating piece of sports news this year."

Ianto tensed up. His chest tightened painfully. All of a sudden it wasn't quite so easy to hide the emotional turmoil. Yes, he was returning after two years' absence. And it was one of the hardest things he'd ever done. Such a thing that he definitely wasn't interested in talking about with a sleazy reporter he made the mistake of sleeping with once. "What if I refuse?"

Clearly his companion had been prepared for that response. The man's eyes flashed dangerously. "Then, Ianto… The whole world will know how Lisa Hallett really died."

Ianto felt like someone had shot him. He actually shuddered, his lips parting ever so slightly for a cry of agony that never came while the tsunami of memories washed through him. As it was he could barely breathe.

"Who the fuck are you and why are you harassing Ianto?" a familiar voice barked out, mercifully cutting the steel hard silence that'd lingered.

Ianto's companion was quick to create a yet another deceitfully charming smile. Even if it didn't have the desired effect. "John Hart, Daily Mail. And you are…?"

The newest arrival's eyes promised murder. "Owen Harper, a pain in the ass." The man showed the item he'd been carrying. It was a spare skate. "And if you don't scram right now I'll use this as a throwing weapon. Mate."

John lifted both hands. "Alright, alright. There's no need to get violent." The man's eyes found Ianto's once more. "Think about my suggestion, why don't you? I'm sure that eventually you'll see what's good for you." The reporter took off with long, elegant steps.

Owen's glare followed the intruder until the man's back, covered by a red coat, disappeared. The coach, slash occasional doctor, then scoffed. "Arrogant bastard…" Owen then looked at him with a frown. "You alright?"

Ianto nodded. Still a little dazed, his heart pounding and aching. "Yeah."

Owen didn't seem impressed. "Obviously not, then. But are you alright enough to work on your Lutz? Because you've let those get unbelievably rusty."

Jack Harkness had had numerous jobs over the course of his life. None of them was such he would've felt very passionate about. Or felt very proud of.

Life hadn't dealt him with the best of cards. He'd done whatever he had to in order to survive. Not that it would've been an excuse.

But he had to admit that there were moments in his life with a million names that weren't exactly unpleasant.

Jack's lips seemed to be on fire and several parts of his body pulsated pleasantly while he trailed down kisses to the extremely well formed body of a gorgeous blonde. She shivered and moaned, arching her back so that her hips bucked closer to his. "Oh, Captain…!"

Jack chuckled. His right hand knew exactly what to do to make her gasp with sheer pleasure. "See, Mrs. Allistair? I can make you fly all the way to heaven."

The private jet landed exactly twenty-eight minutes later. Jack watched with no hard feelings or broken heart how Mrs. Allistair fixed her hair before emerging, casting a backwards glance towards him every now and then. One of her hands was already sending a text message to her husband.

Once she was safely out of sight Jack searched his pocket and found a magnificent necklace. The light made the emeralds and diamonds on it shine like nothing he'd ever seen before. He wondered how long it'd take before Mrs. Allistair would notice that it was missing.

Jack was just leaving the small airport when a voice called out. "Captain Harkness. Or which one of your aliases should I call you by?"

Turning around Jack discovered a young, undeniably good looking man with shortcut black hair and piercing dark eyes. CIA? FBI? A private?

Jack felt a thud inside. It wasn't like this was his first close call, but… He perfected his megawatt smile. "How may I help you?"

His unwanted companion began to approach. "You… have something in your possession that isn't yours." There was no mistaking the threat buried in the stranger's tone. "My employer would very much like to have it back."

Private sector, then. Those were usually the easiest to persuade, one way or the other. Jack's smile changed to something far more seductive. "Is there anything I can do to make you change your mind?" he purred.

Much later that evening fate showed, yet again, how mysterious its ways can be sometimes. While Jack finished a yet another horribly long day Ianto was just starting his. Jack left a huge, expensive apartment with his trademark coat billowing mightily, flashing several suggestive smirks at the people he encountered. Ianto got dressed for work, then perfected the Mona Lisa smile his clients seemed to like and prepared to face a yet another perfectly ordinary night of work.

Less than two hours later a café's door opened, sealing their fates.

Ianto was quick to notice the man sitting at one of his tables. Especially since this one was a stranger. He approached instantly and told himself that the only reason to his quick steps was the desire to make a regular out of their new client. "Evening", he greeted, some sixth sense telling him to allow his Welsh accent to flow freely. "What can I get you?"

A pair of blue eyes found him and, not exactly subtly, checked him out from head to toe. There was no mistaking the seductive grin that rose to the dark haired stranger's face. "The biggest mug of black coffee you have…" Those eyes finally locked on his name tag. "… Ianto."

It wasn't the first time Ianto faced flirt at work. But he had to admit that it was the first time he faced such from a man. Well, two could play this little game. His smile changed to a different kind, slowly and so carefully that it could've easily been missed. "Certainly, Sir." He felt the stranger's eyes on his rear as he went. He was worried by the fact that it didn't bother him even nearly as much as it should've.

Behind the counter his employer and friend Toshiko Sato rolled her eyes and hid a smile.

Ianto tried to look innocent. And ignore the fact that his hands shook a bit while he poured coffee. "What?"

Tosh shrugged. "Oh, nothing. Absolutely nothing." She slipped a couple of pieces of fine chocolate towards him. She smirked at his questioning look. "Trust me."

Ianto felt tempted to scold her for making him give the poor guy the wrong idea. But for some ridiculous reason he couldn't bring himself to do that. Instead he scoffed lightly and returned to the tall, dark and handsome. Wondering how in the world the last word slipped into his mind. Well, it was stating a fact, really. At least he hadn't said it out loud.

His client saw the sweets immediately. Blue eyes were immediately on him once more. "Well thank you. To what do I owe this pleasure?"

Ianto smiled. Keeping it flirtatious while not going overboard enough to give false ideas was becoming a challenge. What was it with this man…? "Boss' orders, Sir", he explained. "And to be honest… You looked like you could use a little pampering." Despite the basically non-stop flirting he hadn't failed to see the dark shadows in the stranger's eyes.

The other man appeared embarrassed for some reason. "Just… A tough day at work." The stranger tried to coffee. A wide eyed gaze and slightly dilated pupils answered far faster than a tongue ever could've. "But it looks like the day's improving towards the end. This coffee is divine."

Ianto chuckled. "Hardly. But thank you." Oddly enough, it felt like his day was improving, too.

They were lost into some sort of a world of their own for a while. Eventually the chatter of five university students entering startled them back to the present. Ianto cleared his throat. "I'm… sorry, but I have to…"

The other blinked once. Twice. "Of course. Pity. Five more minutes and I would've had your phone number."

Ianto laughed. It was tighter than it should've been. Almost… scared. "I don't even know your first name", he managed. What a pathetic excuse.

Ianto was alredy walking away, imagining that he was safe. That was, of course, when the dark haired stranger spoke. "The name's Jack Harkness." The man's baby blues were looking at him with a non-veiled challenge. "Can I at least get your surname?"

Ianto grinned. He couldn't quite understand why his heart jumped the way it did. "Maybe next time, Jack Harkness." With that he headed towards the other clients, furiously ignoring the infuriating flutter in his stomach.

That ship became a wreck once and he wasn't interested in sailing it again.

Jack had been attracted to far more people than he could count. But it was a very, very long time from when he'd last felt a pull this strong. Let alone at a first meeting.


He gulped down the last of Ianto's coffee, savouring the taste. He let it linger for about a minute until he slipped one piece of the chocolate into his mouth and took his leave. It was a mighty struggle to not look over his shoulder towards the barista.

Something told him that this wouldn't be his last visit to café Torchwood.


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