"So for that one hope you're going to bring despair to the past?!" Natsu roared. He was sliding off the scales of Motherglare, but he managed to regain his footing and continue with his attack.

"It's impossible to make everyone happy!" Future Rogue decried, charging his stolen light magic as well as his shadow magic in between the palms of his hands. "When are you going to grow up, Natsu Dragneel?!"

Natsu sprinted up Motherglare's arm. "Even if that's impossible, everyone still has the right to choose their own destiny!" Future Rogue's bolts of light and darkness cut into him but he powered through the pain. "We get to choose our own future! And we sure as hell aren't going to follow the path you set for us!"

Atlas Flame drew back his arm. "Natsu!" he called.

The dragon slayer jumped from Motherglare, his feet landing on Atlas' hand. The flame dragon thrust his arm, propelling Natsu to Future Rogue at a frightening speed.

The future wizard's eyes widened. "What's this?!"

"I don't need to know the future!" Natsu's body ignited in flames as his head collided with his enemy's abdomen. "I'll just give today all I got!"

The impact hurled Natsu, Future Rogue, and Motherglare towards the Eclipse Gate in a glorious ball of fire.

"Everybody get out of the way!" Natsu yelled.

Lucy, Taurus, Yukino, and Happy all dove out of the way as Motherglare's body crashed through the gate, breaking it apart. When the dust settled Natsu stood over the defeated Future Rogue triumphant. The long battle was finally over.

"Natsu!" Lucy happily exclaimed.

"He did it! He destroyed the door!" Happy cheered.

Everyone cheered, watching as the menacing dragons returned to their own time. Princess Hisui and Arcadios looked to the exhausted Natsu from the rubble of one of the capital's inns as he celebrated with Happy and Lucy.

"He really did it." Hisui gasped, holding back her tears of joy. "He saved the entire kingdom."

"That he did." Arcadios nodded.

"Not only that, he may have saved the entire world with his actions here today." A third voice said.

Hisui and Arcadios recognized the voice and turned to face it.


"My king."

King Fiore stood next to the two, looking out to the same sight they were. "Natsu Dragneel. He is a very strong wizard. I never expected to find someone with his strength in this day and age. He is exactly the one I have been looking for."

Aracdios' eyes narrowed while Hisui's widened.

"Father, you can't mean-"

The King nodded assuredly. "I do." He looked to Arcadios. "Do you have any objections?"

"No, my king." He answered.

"What about you, Hisui?"

The princess looked back to Natsu, who was now celebrating his victory with the rest of his guild. Biting her lip in slight distress, she finally gave her answer. "No, Father. I have no objections."

"Good. We will begin the preparations immediately."


Hisui quickly walked through the banquet hall, politely greeting all of the party attendants that had stopped her as fast as she could. She enjoyed the company of all the people – their happiness was a welcome reprieve from all of the mayhem and destruction the Eclipse Gate incident caused – but Hisui was in a rush. She was on the hunt for someone. Specifically a young man with spiky-pink hair. Where is he? Cutting her eyes left and right across the ball room she saw no sign of her target. I have to find him before-

"Princess Hisui!" a voice called.

The princess turned her head and saw Lucy approaching her with a smile and wave. She thought about simply pretending she didn't hear the blonde – it wouldn't have been hard what with the sound of the other people talking along with the band playing - but that was unbecoming of a princess. Hisui also deduced that Lucy would be a better person than any to ask about Natsu'a whereabouts.

"Hello, Lucy." Hisui smiled. "Please there is no need to be formal. You may call me Hisui if you wish."

"Oh, ok." Lucy nodded. "You looked to be in a hurry. Is something the matter?"

"Actually I was searching for your pink-haired friend…Natsu was it?" She looked side to side. Again no sign of the dragon slayer. "There is something I wish to discuss with him. Have you seen him around anywhere?"

"No, I haven't." Lucy answered. "Come to think of it I haven't seen him since I arrived at the party."

"Would you please help me locate him? It's is very important that he and I speak."

Lucy rolled her eyes. "What did he do this time?"

"Oh no, it's nothing bad." The princess reassured, though her inner thoughts were anything but calm. "I just need to find him before-"

The loud tapping of a sword's scabbard from the balcony managed to echo throughout the loud ball room, garnering the attention of all of the party-goers. Everyone went silent and looked to the balcony, seeing Arcadios dressed in a jacket and cape fitted for those in the royal guard. Once he saw that all eyes were focused on him he cleared his throat and spoke.

"To all you wizards that valiantly fought through the Grand Magic Games, as well as demonstrated the true depths of your bravery and valor when a crisis threatened to tear our country asunder…our Majesty, King Fiore, gives his salutations! Now listen, and listen well!"

The curtains of the balcony opened and figure walked through them. When they entered the light everyone was shocked to see that it was Natsu, wearing the King's crown and cape with a cocky grin on his lips.

"Be at ease, my subjects!" he laughed. He then threw his hands up in victory. "I'm the king now! All hail King Natsu!"

"How did he get up there?! He's going to get us banned from the capital!" Lucy shrieked. She looked to Hisui, who looked even more distressed than before. "Don't worry, Hisui." She nervously reassured. "We'll get Natsu down and-"

"No." the princess ominously spoke. "It's already too late."

"What do you mean?"

"Give me that, you oaf." Arcadios snatched the robe and crown from Natsu.

"Hey! Is that anyway to treat your king?!"

"Here you are, my liege." Arcadios handed the real King back his royal garb as he approached the balcony.

"Thank you, Arcadios." He put them on and walked towards the balcony before looking to Natsu. "I'm actually glad you're here, Natsu."

"You are?" the dragon slayer questioned.

King Fiore nodded. "I am. I have another announcement to make that may interest you."

"Um, ok. I guess I'll stick around then."

"Thank you." The King turned to those gathered below him in the ball room. "As Arcadios said before, this banquet is to celebrate all that you brave wizards have done for not only the kingdom, but for the entire world. Your unflinching courage and valor in the face of overwhelming odds is an inspiration not only to this nation, but to me as well. It brought a tear to my eye to see all of you banding together to stop a disaster that no doubt threatened to take away everything we hold dear to us. I am truly and forever in your debt."

Everyone clapped after the King finished his speech, smiles on their face as his words entered their hearts and minds. The King looked over the crowd and spotted his daughter. He flashed her a warm smile, which she returned – albeit hesitantly.

When the clapping died down the King spoke again. "I have one more announcement to make. Natsu Dragneel, would you please step forward?"

Natsu did as he was told and stepped towards the balcony. He had no idea what the King's announcement was going to be, and neither did anyone else. No one save Hisui. Thought the others did speculate as to what would be said.

"Why does he need Natsu?" Juvia questioned.

"He's probably getting banned from the kingdom for that stunt he just pulled." Gajeel snickered.

"I knew one day he'd go too far." Gray sighed. "The idiot can't help himself."

"Whatever his punishment, he will just have to accept it." Erza said.

"Yeah, like a real man." Elfman added.

As everyone thought of their own ideas of just what was in store for the dragon slayer, Hisui anxiously clutched her hands together. Her father then spoke.

"I would like to introduce to you all the hero of our kingdom…as well as the man that will join my daughter, Princess Hisui E. Fiore, in marriage: Natsu Dragneel!"

Everyone's jaws dropped the floor, including Natsu's.

"The wedding will be held here in the palace in one week's time. I hope all of you will be able to attend. Please, enjoy the rest of the banquet to your heart's content." With that, the King walked back through the curtain with Arcadios and Darton following behind him.

After a few more seconds, all of those shocked silent shouted at once. "Wha~t?!"

"Natsu's marrying the princess?!" Happy exclaimed in disbelief.

"What the hell is going on here?!" Gray shouted.

"Does that mean Fairy Tail will get to live in the palace?" Sting asked. "Lucky."

"I don't think there is enough booze in the world to make that sound right." Cana commented.

"Natsu looks as shocked as we are." Erza pointed out. Natsu's face was completely white with shock. He was also slumped over the balcony.

"This can only end in disaster." Carla sighed.

"Natsu is really getting married?" Wendy questioned.

"That's so romantic." Mirajane swooned, her matchmaking habit overpowered her shock.

Master Makarov fainted.

"The master's down!" Max yelled.

"Someone get a doctor!" Warren called out.

"Natsu and the princess…married?!" Lucy gasped. She - along with everyone else - looked to Princess Hisui, who forced a smile on her lips.

"That seems to be the case." she nervously laughed.

Just another random story I thought of while at work. I noticed a a few Hisui/Natsu fics on the site so I decided to throw an idea in there as well. I don't think this one has been done yet, but it might have. Anyway I have no diea when/if I will contnue this one. I was just throwing something at the wall of my mind to see if it would stick. Maybe I'll get a blast of inspiration and work on this. Who knows.

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