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From Mate part 1:

Calmly, I go upstairs and turn on my laptop. Alice's name pops up with a message:

You're making the right choice. I've seen it. You'll be happier than you ever imagined.

Underneath is a phone number. I find my phone and dial it. It only rings once before it's answered.


For the first time in weeks, I smile.

"It's Bella."

The responding growl sends a thrill through me.


"Yes," I whisper. "Come and get me."

The only answer I get is the sound of a dull thump, indicating that Edward probably dropped his phone.

He's coming. For me.

How long will it take him to get here from Alaska? I have no idea, but I want to be ready when he arrives.

I eat my dinner in silence. It's pretty bland, not unlike everything else in my life, and definitely a sorry excuse for a last meal, but I don't mind. I doubt I'll miss food that much. After cleaning up and taking a quick shower where I exfoliate and shave carefully, I go into my room and turn the heat up before lighting some candles and putting on some music. I feel slightly ridiculous, trying to create a romantic setting, knowing what's about to happen, but it seems right somehow. I unlatch the window and open it a few inches before I drop my towel and lie down on the bed. Doing my best to breathe slowly, I listen to the wind and the rain, enjoying the warmth of the room on my skin. It feels sensual lying here completely naked, and I can't help but close my eyes as I run my hands down my body, caressing myself. After a little while, I start to feel the lack of sleep I've suffered. I start to lose focus of the music playing, and eventually my mind and body shut down and I drift off.

I jerk awake, feeling a cold gust of wind blow through my room. Opening my eyes, my heart begins to hammer away at the now familiar sight before me: Edward is standing at the end of my bed in dripping wet clothes. Wordlessly, he watches me as our eyes connect, and the reality of the situation finally sinks in.

He's here to end my life. And I invited him.

Everything about him is beautiful to look at but at the same time screams predator – from his black eyes to his slight crouch as though he's ready to pounce at a moment's notice. I had meant to be seductive, to wantonly spread my legs in invitation, but I suddenly feel very young and scared at the reality of having him here, my body trembling from fear, not desire. He's so different from the Edward in the videos. Is he in there right now, watching me cower before his darker half?

"Edward?" I whisper, sitting up slowly.

My hand searches blindly for the edge of my duvet and I manage to cover my torso. His eyes flash and his mouth twists into a sneer. He doesn't like what I just did.


Whatever I was about to say dies on my tongue as he grabs the hem of his shirt and pulls it over his head, revealing his naked torso to me. God, he is almost too perfect, and it only highlights the otherness of him. How could I ever have thought him to be a human boy?

In the blink of an eye, he's next to me on the bed, and my body jerks as his cool skin makes contact with mine where he presses against my side, his face buried in the crook of my neck.

"Warm," he moans, greedily inhaling against my skin.

His right hand slips underneath the duvet while his left arm encircles me, and I feel myself gently pushed onto my back until he's hovering above me. His lips ghost across my neck and my jaw, making me shiver, as his hand caresses my thighs and belly.

"Mate," he whispers, nipping at the shell of my ear.

I feel my body reacting to him, warmth already spreading underneath my skin. I want him. But I also know that once we start this, there will be no turning back. Last time, I was so under his spell that he could drink from me, unnoticed. He could've killed me then, and I doubt I would have been able to stop him, too caught up in his seduction.

"Edward, please," I manage, just as his mouth covers mine.

There's no hesitation; he kisses me with a certainty and skill that belies his lack of experience with the opposite sex, groaning as I part my lips and his tongue brushes against mine. My thoughts start to feel jumbled and disjointed as his hands stroke my body and our lips and tongues explore each other's taste.

There was something . . . Oh, that feels . . . yes, again.


My eyes snap open. My hands are clutching his shoulders, my right leg draped over his hip while I press myself against him, my hips still undulating in a completely wanton way. His hands are all over me, and for a brief second, I almost go back under, my body craving satisfaction.

"Wait," I whisper.

His mouth remains on my neck, drawing blood to the surface of my skin as he marks me. His hand slips between my thighs, making me gasp as he parts me, feeling my wetness. He lets out the same low purring noise as he gently strokes me, licking from my neck to my ear, where he sucks on the lobe.

"Oh, God," I moan, clinging to him. "Please, stop."

A moment later, he's on his hands and knees above me, his arms caging me in. Startled, I look down between us to find him as naked as I am, both of us heaving for breath. Nervously, I dare to look at his face. His eyes are black as night. Holding my gaze, he lifts his right hand and runs it down the length of my body, over my breasts and further down. I barely stifle a moan as he bumps against my clitoris before dipping two long cool fingers inside me, slowly pumping them in and out. Even in the dim light, I can see how they glisten as he brings them up between us, and blood rushes to my cheeks.

"Nnnngh." His moan is loud and one of pure satisfaction as he sucks his fingers into his mouth, tasting me, his eyes fluttering closed.

I look down his body again, conscious of the fact that he has lowered himself, his cock nestled against my inner thigh, mere inches from my entrance. Then, his wet fingers are on my chin, holding my face firmly as I'm forced to look up into his eyes again.


Just like last time, it's not a question. He knows I want him. He just demonstrated that.

"I . . . I know," I whisper. "Only . . . "

His mouth is on mine in an instant, taking my breath away while his fingers still hold my face. Then, he sucks on my lower lip as he releases my chin and his hand tangles in my hair, pulling my head slightly backward before hovering right above me, his angelic face a startling contrast to his display of dominance as he holds me captive.

"Mate!" he growls, tightening his hand ever so slightly in my hair until I feel the tiniest amount of pain in my scalp.

"Mine," he adds, baring his teeth at me as he enunciates the word slowly.

I don't know what's happening to me, but I don't react as I had thought I would, with very rational fear. Instead, I feel my nipples harden and at the same time an insistent throbbing starts between my legs. I know the moment he notices my reaction, his tense shoulders relaxing slightly.

"I'm – I'm yours," I stutter. "And . . . you can have me."

It's the complete truth. But I need one thing before I can surrender myself completely to this beautiful predator and let him do what he wants with me.

"Please, can I . . . I want to talk . . . t-to Edward with the golden eyes."

I need to know that he's real. However much I feel attracted to the creature above me, I don't want him if I can't have the other one too: the soft-spoken one with the shy smile who shared so much of himself with me through the videos. I want both of them.

"Please," I cajole, slowly lifting my hands to run my fingers through his wind-blown hair.

He purrs, his eyes fluttering closed as he leans into my touch, and I can't help but grin when I scratch his scalp, and his purring gets louder still. He moves like a jungle cat, and apparently his feline qualities don't end there.

A shiver runs through his body, and his eyes snap open. Now they're deep, rich amber.

"Edward," I whisper.

"You . . . called me."

He sounds incredulous.


His eyes move across my face and then lower.

"Oh, God," he murmurs, reaching for my crumpled duvet.

"It's okay. It's . . . kind of too late for that."

He gives me that sheepish smile of his, the one that I love already.


"What was that?" he asks, placing his palm on my chest.

"You – you can hear my heartbeat?"

"Of course."

"It, uh . . . I think it skipped a beat," I admit, "when you smiled at me."

"Really?" he whispers. "Bella, may I . . . kiss you?"

Considering the fact that we're both naked and pressed together, it seems a bit of a superfluous question, but I love that he asked just the same.

"Yes, please," I answer.

His hand moves up to rest against the side of my face, his thumb stroking the apple of my cheek.

"You're so beautiful."

Gently, he presses his lips against mine. As he pulls back, he frowns, grunting softly as though in pain.

"What is it?" I ask.

"He's impatient," he explains, exhaling slowly. "It's . . . very difficult . . . to stay in control."

"I'm sorry."

"No." He shakes his head minutely. "I understand. This must be so strange to you. We don't even know each other. I didn't dare hope you'd ever contact me."

He groans again, gasping softly.

"Is he hurting you?" I ask, feeling alarmed.

"No, not exactly."

He holds my face between his hands, his eyes pleading.

"Don't be afraid. Nothing will happen that you don't want. I swear."

"How do you know?" I whisper. "He's so . . ."

"He's me. And I'm him."

"I don't understand how that works."

"He's part of me. When I hunt, he takes over. That's when the urges are all about instincts, when the animal in me comes out. And now with you, it's even stronger, the urge to mate."

"What about after tonight?"

"I'm not sure," he admits. "But I think I'll be . . . like this most of the time. Except when we hunt. And probably also sometimes when we . . ."

Edward gives me a shy look.

"Oh. What about me? I mean, will I have black eyes too sometimes?"

"Oh, God." He moans softly before his mouth is on mine.

I respond to the kiss, letting him deepen it.

"Yes," he whispers against my lips. "I can't wait to see that side of you, my love. You'll be strong and fierce, wild and beautiful. My mate."


We kiss again.

"Please, I can't hold on much longer."

I draw a deep breath.

"Will it hurt?"

His expression softens.

"No. You'll fall asleep, and when you wake up, you'll be like me."

"You'll stay with me the whole time?"
"I'll never leave your side again," he vows. "I've waited for you for so long, Bella. My eyes may be black sometimes, but it's always me. The monster and the man. I'm both. And . . . I meant what I said in the video. We . . . love you, Bella. You're everything."

He kisses me softly.

"Will you be mine? My mate, my lover, my best friend?"

I nod my head, blinking back the tears in my eyes. This is absolutely crazy, but it's the easiest decision I've ever made in my young life.


His smile is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Suddenly, he's launched backward, landing gracefully in a crouch at the foot of my bed, his body trembling violently.


He lifts his head, his jet black eyes glinting in the darkened room as he observes me. It's hard to believe this is the same boy who just spoke sweet words to me and kissed me with such tenderness. I watch as he rolls his broad shoulders, moving his head from side to side as though he has just been released from restraints. His gaze travels down my body, stopping at the apex of my thighs. His nostrils flare. The sight of his tongue swiping across his lower lip makes me want to squirm.

Oh, God. He can smell how much I want him.

Taking a deep breath, I lift my arms above my head in surrender before spreading my legs. A soft growl escapes his throat, as he takes in the sight of his prey giving herself so willingly, so wantonly, to the predator in her bedroom. But I'm not afraid anymore. Because I know he loves me.

My heart hammers away as he crawls up my body, dragging his face across my skin, breathing me in until we're face to face.

"Mate," I whisper.

He purrs in response, rubbing his cheek against the side of my face before his mouth is on mine, demanding and greedy, compared to the way I was kissed just a minute earlier.

The monster and the man. I get to have both of them.

Moaning, I respond, tangling my fingers in his hair as he kisses my neck. I feel his cool tongue on the tips of my breasts, teasing them into hard peaks as his hands massage them, then a brief sting of pain as he sucks a nipple into his mouth.

He bit me.

"Edward," I whisper, cradling his jaw.

He releases my breast but otherwise doesn't move. His breathing is ragged. Finally, he lifts his head, his black eyes meeting mine. Cautiously, I use my thumb to pull back his upper lip.

This is unbelievable.

He holds perfectly still, letting me see just how different he is, all the while watching me intently. My curiosity gets the better of me and I run the tip of my index finger down the length of his pointed canine.


Instinctively, I put my finger into my mouth, tasting the sharp metallic flavor of my blood. Edward watches me with rapt attention, and the moment I remove my finger he kisses me, groaning loudly. I feel him twitching against my inner thigh as he sucks on my tongue.

The taste of my blood. It turns him on.

When he pulls back, I place my injured finger against his soft lips and barely hold back a moan as he sucks it into his mouth. His tongue laves it, making it tingle, and I stare, amazed, as it's completely healed afterward, leaving behind only a tiny line on my skin.

"That's incredible," I murmur to myself.

Edward's watching me, seemingly mesmerized.

"What is it?" I whisper.

He brings his index finger to my mouth, tracing its outline. Exhaling, I part my lips and once again feel him twitch as he pushes past them and then slowly retracts his finger, only to repeat the movement.

Oh, God. I think he wants . . .

I was a virgin before him, completely inexperienced, but that doesn't make me clueless. I have the internet, after all. Moments later, I feel his hands on my shoulders and my stomach flip-flopping as we move much faster than my eyes can register. I blink, now finding myself kneeling between Edward's parted legs, and he's the one reclined on the bed, leaning on his left forearm, his right hand tangled in my hair. I may be on top now, but it's obvious he's still the one in control.

"No!" He gasps suddenly, his eyes lightening for a moment before he lets out a snarl, and they turn black again.

"It's . . . it's okay," I stutter, cautiously placing one hand next to his torso to support my weight.

I cup his cheek with the other, gazing at him.

"I want to. I want everything with you."

He cocks his head to the side, purring as I lean in to kiss him. I take my time exploring his upper body with my hands and mouth, admiring his perfect physique. He groans as I lick his nipples, and I hope it feels as good to him as it does to me. Kissing my way down his stomach, I trace the planes of his abs with my tongue until I feel him against the side of my face. Trying to calm my nerves, I lift myself up and wrap my fingers around him. He's bigger than I remember, thick and long, and I marvel at the fact that he was able to make my first time almost painless.

Glancing up at him, I find him watching me, his chest rising and falling at a rapid pace. He's excited. I move my hand up and down the length of him until a single pearlescent drop escapes the tip.

"T-taste," he pleads, pushing his hips up and pulling gently on my hair.

Pushing down my nerves, I lower myself and wrap my lips around the tip of him, swiping my tongue across. He cries out just as the taste of him registers with me, and I feel myself moaning around him, sucking him deeper into my mouth. He's delicious: sweet and salty at the same time, and I want more. His head has fallen back and his lips are parted, his abs contracting as his hips move rhythmically, pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. At the sight of him, I begin to throb, feeling a deep ache within as I become wet.

He lets out a roar, and the world shifts again as he positions me so that I'm facing away from him, and his hands grab my hips to pull me backward until his mouth is on me.

"Oh!" I gasp.

He groans and growls against me, his tongue tasting every inch of me while his hands stroke my breasts, thighs and ass. Moaning, I fall forward, taking him back into my mouth, desperate for more of his taste. Nothing else matters in this moment. I realize that I should feel shy and timid, being in such an intimate position, but I don't. I revel in it, rutting against his face like an animal in heat, coming against his tongue and greedily swallowing as he climaxes with a deafening roar.

Afterward, he cradles me in his arms, letting me rest for a few minutes before he starts kissing me again. This time, I'm aware of his teeth scraping against me, puncturing my skin, and I do nothing to stop him. He's between my legs, teasing my clitoris with his tongue, two fingers sliding in and out of me with ease. Then, I feel a third finger a little lower, brushing against me before he stops touching me all together.

Please, keep going!

I manage to lift my head and look at him. He cocks his head to the side and holds my gaze, giving me a featherlight touch.

"Yes," I whisper, "everything with you."

Using the moisture my body is making, he penetrates me there at the same time as his other two fingers massage me inside, making me moan loudly. It all feels so good. His tongue swirls around my clitoris, stimulating me, bringing me closer and closer to another orgasm.

"Please, please, yes," I hear myself chanting as I fist the sheets and hold on for dear life.

When I come, I scream out in ecstasy, writhing against him. I feel his mouth on my inner thigh as he bites down, drinking deeply from me, all the while his fingers never stop pumping in and out of me. Afterward, he crawls up my body, licking the sweat between my breasts before claiming my mouth in a sensual kiss.

"That was . . . amazing," I murmur, feeling lightheaded. "You're so good at that."

The corners of his mouth lift up, adding a mischievous grin to his lovely features.

"Mate," he tells me.


"Love . . . mate," he says slowly, leaning in to rub his face against mine.

They both love me. How did I get this lucky?

I turn my head and kiss him, stroking his tongue with mine as he groans softly. He pulls back, his black eyes alight with need as he gazes down upon me, his hands skimming across my hips before he turns me over, lifting my lower half. I close my eyes, moaning as he positions himself at my entrance. I'm so wet, he slides right in, filling me perfectly. He roars, taking me with hard, fast thrusts, his own need too great to go slow, but I don't mind at all. After he comes, he guides me to lie down on my front, staying inside me, somehow still hard. Then he takes me slowly, moaning against my skin while he drinks from my neck, holding me in place by my hair.

Hours pass, or so it seems. I've had so many orgasms I've lost count. I'm on top of Edward, having him move me along his shaft, my wrist to his mouth. He drinks, swelling and pulsing inside me before he closes my wound, catching me before I fall headfirst into him.

"I-I can't anymore," I whisper. "I'm t-too cold. Tired."

He sits up against the headboard of my bed, wrapping me up in my duvet before cradling me in his arms, holding me like one would a small child. I look up into his face, feeling a tear escape the corner of my eye. I know what comes next.

"I'm scared." My voice is hoarse and weak.

He whimpers, leaning down to rub his nose against mine, holding me tighter.

"Mine," he whispers, touching my forehead with his. "Forever."

"Forever," I echo, doing my best to keep my teeth from chattering.

He pulls back, parting red lips. His teeth catch what little light there is in here, making them glint. Holding his gaze, I tilt my head to the side, offering him myself.

"Mate," he says with reverence in his voice, lowering his face to my neck.

I close my eyes, feeling tears sting behind my lids as he kisses my pulse point and then sinks his teeth into my artery. Cocooned in his embrace, all that exists is the sound of him swallowing, each pull of his mouth making my heart stutter frantically before it starts to slow. My thoughts become incoherent, and I drift away, floating into a pleasant and welcome darkness.


What? No . . .

"Mate! Bella!"


Summoning every ounce of strength, I manage to crack my eyes open, seeing Edward's frantic, panicked expression, his eyes wide with fear.

"Drink!" he begs.

Drawing a fingernail across his chest, he breaks the skin right above his heart, lifting my face to the wound just as my eyes flutter closed again.

"No, no, no! Bella! BELLA!"

Something wet presses against my lips, then swipes across my tongue.


There's a desperate-sounding roar in the distance, so familiar, but I can't place it.

"Carlisle! Help me! She's fading. I'm losing her! Please, please. Bella, don't leave me, love. I can't, I can't . . . "

Something drips into my mouth, coating my tongue.

Mmm . . .

"That's it. Drink, Bella!"

I swallow the liquid, feeling its warmth spreading through my limbs.

"M-more," I grunt, licking my dry lips.

Cool skin against my face, arms around my body, the source of that heavenly taste.

I drink.

"That's enough, son. Let me heal you. She's going to be okay. Edward, you have to stop. Edward."

"E-Edward?" My voice is raspy and I pull my mouth away, no longer thirsty.

"See? She's here . . . There you go. Good as new."

I try to move, but I'm held so tightly, tucked underneath Edward's chin as he rocks me back and forth, his whole body trembling.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," he sobs. "Oh, God. I almost lost you. I almost lost you!"

"I'm . . . okay," I manage, fighting against the urge to sleep.

He shifts me in his arms and I look up at him, his pale, beautiful face painted with streaks of crimson tears. I try to lift my hand up to comfort him, but it's so very heavy. Before it can fall, he catches it and holds it up to his face, kissing my palm. Then he looks at me.

"Your eyes," I whisper.

"Edward, I'm sorry, but we have to leave now, let me . . . "

I search for the man's name in my mind, but everything is a blur. Edward growls, low in his throat, crushing me against his chest.

"It's okay, I won't touch her," the voice says. "Esme?"

There are hands on me, pulling me from Edward.

"What's . . . what's happening?" I slur, trying to focus.

"We're just going to dress you, sweetheart. It's cold outside."

There are three of them, the most beautiful women I've ever seen. They put layers on top of layers on me. I can hardly move my arms and legs, feeling as weak as a newborn kitten, but they don't seem to mind, fussing over me the whole time. Then I'm back in Edward's arms.

"Go with Esme and the girls," the man says. "We'll take care of everything."

He hesitates, touching Edward's shoulder.

"Accident or suicide?"

"Accident," Edward whispers. "I don't want her father to think . . . Oh, God . . . her family."

"It'll be okay. Alice has seen everything. They'll get through this, I promise. Run."

I try to make sense of the exchange, but I can't. Suddenly, we're outside, the cold night air hitting my face, trees all around us. The surroundings become blurry, and I close my eyes, listening to the sound of Edward drawing air into his lungs and exhaling as he runs. A couple of times I sense one of the others close by, talking to Edward, but he responds by growling and holding me tighter still. I drift between sleep and wakefulness, safely kept in his embrace.

"Home," he whispers to me, coming to a sudden stop.

Then we're inside, going up stairs.

"We'll be downstairs if you need us. Sleep now."

The door closes and we're alone. I look around, recognizing the surroundings from somewhere.

"This is my – our – room," Edward murmurs. "Ours."

Placing me on the bed, he undresses me slowly, peeling layer after layer off me until I'm naked. In the blink of an eye, he's naked as well. I watch as he draws the blinds, shielding the sunrise, turning the room into a pitch-black haven for the two of us.

He pulls the covers up around us and I melt into his embrace, resting my head on his chest.

"I've waited for you for so long, imagined this so many times, what it would be like to be with my mate," he confesses, holding me tighter.

"I've been so lonely." His voice cracks. "Even when I was with my family, I'd always go to bed alone. But now . . . you're here. You're really here."

"I'm here," I manage to say, fighting to keep my eyes open.

"Sleep, my love," he whispers, stroking my hair. "This is how our life together starts."

He sighs happily, pressing a kiss to my forehead, the soft purring in his chest lulling me into unconsciousness.

I wake up slowly, hearing the sounds of deep and regular breathing that don't belong to me. I'm still in his arms. I remember everything.

He took my blood and gave me his. Am I like him now?

I wiggle my toes; I scrunch up my nose; I run my tongue across my teeth. Everything feels the same. Only . . . he doesn't. He feels warm to me now. I open my eyes, startled at how clear everything is. The blinds are drawn, but I can see perfectly in the darkness. My mate is asleep, his tousled hair, sculpted features and parted lips a perfect picture of masculine beauty. I stare at him for a long time before I notice my hair draped around my shoulders and his chest. It's thicker now, looking perfectly styled with soft waves and curls. Unable to curb my curiosity, I shift a little, running my hand down my body. My skin is silky smooth and soft, my breasts a little fuller, my hips more rounded. Lifting my top leg slightly, I caress between my thighs, a little startled at the jolt of pleasure I feel from such a light touch.

"Good morning, love."

My eyes snap up to his and everything around us fades away. I stare at him. He stares at me.

"My God," he whispers. "You're . . . there are no words . . ."

A strange guttural noise escapes my throat as I feel my body pulling itself up on my hands and knees, all of my muscles tense.

Edward's eyes darken and he sneers at me, showing me his teeth. One thought enters my mind before I pounce:


Much later, his eyes have turned crimson again, and he tells me mine have too. He's on his side, resting his head in his hand while the other one is busy caressing my naked skin. I can't stop staring at him. He's my everything, my mate, my reason for existing. I know that with perfect certainty. But that's just about all I know.

"What's wrong?" he asks, running his fingers through my hair.

"I love you," I whisper.

Saying it out loud feels almost redundant somehow. We both know.

"But we've barely talked. I know you're my mate, but who are you?"

He smiles, leaning in to kiss me.

"Hello," he says softly, "I didn't get a chance to introduce myself. I'm Edward Cullen. You're Bella?"

I smile back, eager to start this next part of our mating even though I know we have forever. Together.

The End.

And they lived happily ever after.

I've already started working on the next chapter of Crossing the Lines so that shouldn't be too far away. Once that story is done, I will most likely re-upload My Viking on here (edited for content so it doesn't get taken down again) and start working on that one, as well as The Blizzard.

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