Miroku, Private Eye

~A film noir-esque au taking place in an alternate 1930's setting~

The door to the shabby third floor office opened with a creak, the hinges protesting the entrance of a dark-haired woman into the room. The lights were off, the glow from the city street outside seeping through the drawn blinds to cast lines over the sleeping form of a man, his legs propped up on a well-organized desk, his chin resting against his chest.

The woman rolled her eyes, not at all surprised to find the Private Investigator snoozing, despite the relatively early hour. In the field of detective work, no one could compare with his quick reasoning and flawless deductions, and none could compete with his laziness either. Experience had made Sango an expert at moving with stealth, and her heeled boots made no noise against the old wood floor as she made her way to her sleeping partner.

Switching on the small desk lamp, the space before her flooded with yellow light, but the sleeping man didn't stir. She could hear his steady breaths and see his peaceful features in the lamp's glow, and her previous look of annoyance suddenly became a devious smile. Silently she untucked a thick stack of papers and folders from her bag, lifted them high over the surface of the desk, and with a smirk slammed them onto the hardwood surface.

Miroku yelped, his feet dropping to the floor and shoulders jumping as he scrambled to right himself in his small office chair. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Miroku looked up at his partner with a sheepish expression, ignoring her arched eyebrow and disapproving frown as he said cheerfully "Morning Beautiful!"

"It's 7 at night, as if you didn't already know. Come on, you've got work to do." She pushed the stack of papers across the desk toward him, and Miroku sighed morosely. "Sango, dearest, didn't you tell our clients that I would be unreachable for the next week? What's Havana going to do without me?"

"I'm sure they could all use a break from you Miroku." Sango chided, not in the least bit apologetic about ruining his frankly extravagant and expensive trip. "Besides, it's not just our regular clients this time – it's Kagome."

Miroku slumped back in his chair, exhaling a heavy breath as he watched his vacation figuratively fly out the window. 'So much for Cuba'.

"And what hopeless case has she taken on this time? Any chance of her winning?"

Sango smiled, all too familiar with their friend's habit of taking on impossible cases, and said sincerely "Only if you can work your magic."

Plucking the top sheet of paper from the pile, Miroku looked over the rundown of the court case in question, scratching his chin in thought as he absorbed the information. "The name is Jinenji… suspected of multiple homicides… quite a few complaints against this fellow… and no shortage of evidence."

"Take a closer look though" Sango said brusquely, grabbing for some sheets further down in the pile, "It's all circumstantial, and the witnesses are highly suspect. They don't have a very strong case against him, but the problem is that there's absolutely nothing evidence-wise in his favor. Kagome's pretty determined to win this one though."

Miroku scratched his head, already feeling the headache this case was bound to bring on. "What's her incentive with this one? Another battle against the honorable and ever-prejudiced Judge Ungai?"

"Not exactly – take another look at that bio."

Scanning the splotchy typing on the paper, a smile quirked Miroku's lip as he said in amusement "Oh I see! So he's a half-demon!"

Sango smiled and said fondly "As if she could ignore a half-demon in a bind."

"Well it worked out so well the first time!"

"You leave those two alone, Miroku" Sango said sharply, her hand resting on her hip, "He's had a hard life and she's put herself under a lot of heat to help him out. Besides, if he hears you teasing them again he might start to make good on his threats."

"I've survived so far, I'll take my chances. Which reminds me, have you already contacted our dear bloodhound?"

Both Miroku and Sango jumped as a clear voice rang out from the doorway "His name is Inuyasha, and if you call him that again, I'll snitch on you personally."

Miroku's smile widened even further as Kagome hurried into the room; he could never be sure if the bounce in her step was from her bubbly personality or nerves over the danger she always seemed to be in. "Why Kagome, so nice of you to join us!"

With a grunt the young defense attorney hoisted the enormous briefcase she had been carrying onto the desk, the resounding thud making everyone flinch. Slumping over slightly to catch her breath, Kagome brushed her dark bangs from her eyes before straightening up to face her friends. She sent a happy smile to Sango and a serious look to Miroku as she said in a rush "I just wanted to make sure you looked over the case and got all the details. It's really urgent that we get this cleared up as soon as possible! The court isn't going to wait forever, and I'm worried about what the neighborhood will do to Jinenji if we don't figure this out fast."

"Of course, of course" Miroku said with his usual calm, and Kagome couldn't help but relax at the easy confidence in his tone "We'll get on this right away. I'll read through these tonight and start looking into things in the morning. You just make sure to tell me when my deadline is."

Kagome smiled at that, saying with a bit of relief "So you can swoop in and save the day at the last minute, am I right?" He sent her a dazzling wink, and she rolled her eyes in response.

"Sango, you'll make sure he goes through all of this, won't you?"

At the young girl's imploring gaze, Sango nodded and said "Don't worry Kagome, we'll take care of it. Miroku even willingly gave up a week-long vacation in Havana to take on your case!"

Miroku ignored the incredulous look from the attorney, his expression wronged as he said "You say that as if I'd think to do otherwise!"

"We know you'd never let us down Miroku, but… we also know you're pretty good at finding loopholes." Kagome laughed, "Don't go trying to interview suspects in Cuba now. Sango will tell me if you're getting distracted, and I'll be sure to pass it on to Inuyasha."

"Speaking of Inuyasha" Miroku said suddenly, eager to change the subject and get the two demanding broads off his back "Have you already given him the low-down? I'm sure he'd be eager to help."

Kagome actually blushed, her eyes dropping nervously as she said in a squeaky voice "Ah, yes actually! I uh… just saw him. You see… we met for dinner. To talk about Jinenji of course. He's going to search for the real killer while we're looking for evidence."

Sango hid her smirk behind her hand, and Miroku actually managed to keep a straight face as he said "Excellent! He'll probably crack this faster than any of us. Do you think the demons are involved in this?"

Kagome tapped at her chin in thought, saying "I'm not sure… it seems like the only parties involved are humans, but the culprit is most likely a demon… I haven't seen any evidence of mob ties yet, thank goodness."

"Yeah, that's the last thing we need" Sango sighed, pulling a chair across the desk from Miroku and settling in with huff. The demon population was under strict regulations to stay uninvolved with humans. Even with their powers being policed and contained with ofudas, the ones who wanted to start trouble always found a way to do so; and that always spelled more work for them.

"I'll leave you to it then. But call my office first thing tomorrow and let me know what you've found! The next court date is set for two weeks from today, so the sooner we turn something up, the better."

With a wave Kagome left, her heavy briefcase swinging and kitten-heels clicking as she walked away. Sango noticed the dazed look on her partner as he watched the girl's swaying pencil-skirt-clad hips disappear round the corner, and promptly smacked him with a stack of the papers he was supposed to be reading. His innocent smile was met with a shake of the head from the woman across from him, and the two fell into silence as they scoured the case files for the half-demon murder suspect.

*Author's Note:

Not much to say about this other than I had a ton of fun writing this and hope you had fun reading it. :3

Also, InuKag are more or less and official item in this - MirSan are gonna take a little longer to get together, since they're the focus (it's different from what I usually do, but I wanted to give writing MirSan a try!)

Also, the next chapter will have a lot more 1930's slang in it, and I'll try to include a glossary of sorts at the end in case you're unfamiliar with the terms or words or whatever, and I'm sorry if there's any slang in this first part that I missed.