Chapter 65:

The wedding was under a week later and Hermione was flat out with preparations. Together with Septima and Ginny she over saw the construction of the tent and the assembly of all the tables and chairs in the courtyard. Dozens and dozens of girls from the school had volunteered to help out and Hermione commanded them all with decisive instructions. Lily wanted to help too but she didn't have the air of authority required to organize a wedding and the more forthright girls like Hermione would simply shoo her out of the way, although gently of course, as if she were a pest but a cute one.

Finally the day of the wedding arrived and Lily had to get dressed in one of the tents. The wedding outfits—since it wasn't really a dress—had been designed in the Home Ec classes, mostly by Veronica and Luna, and Lily loved it.

There was a full length mirror framed in gold and she stood there looking at herself in her wedding gear which consisted of little more than patent white pumps and white stockings and white lace gloves that came past her elbows. Nothing else aside from makeup and jewellery and a veil of lace on her head. Most of her body was revealed, all her breasts and torso, and that's now she liked it. She wanted nothing at all between her and Hermione. Not even clothes.

Ginny was in the tent too and she was adjusting the veil and grinning at Lily's sexy body, eyes roaming over her buttocks and back. She herself was wearing nothing but red lace panties, red high heels, and a corsage of red roses around her wrist.

"You look amazing, Lily," she said.

Lily smiled at her in the mirror. "Thanks, Ginny. And thanks so much for helping to organize everything. Everything is so beautiful and perfect. I can't thank you enough."

"Hey, that's my job. I just can't believe you turned out to be the groom. I always thought it was Hermione who wore the pants."

Lily giggled. "Today, neither of us is wearing pants."

Ginny giggled too. "No panties, either."

Then they giggled together and came together in a hug. Chest to chest, breasts pressed together. Ginny held her, smiling, and then let her go.

"Come on, let's get you hitched," she said.

Lily grinned and nodded and took a deep breath.

Outside the guests were already assembled. Sitting in rows on white chairs, facing the altar. Every girl from school and all of the faculty, all gathered here to witness Lily and Hermione's wedding. Veronica and Luna were in the front row, holding hands, naked, flowers in their hair. Carmilla was also in the front row beside Laura, Laura grinning excitedly and Carmilla with her legs crossed and smiling just a tad wearily in the sunlight. Daphne was there as well, fingers laced with muscular Quidditch captain Billy, and next to them was Draco and Millicent. Millicent was naked aside from a bowtie around her neck and Draco was smiling.

Lily stood at the altar while the organ played. Smiling at all the guests and making eye contact with them one by one to thank them for being here. Her eyes eventually came to Rosalie and Rosalie smiled a little wistfully. Sitting there in the sunlight, blonde and naked, a large rose bloom tucked behind one ear. Lily smiled as well and then she noticed Pansy, also blonde and naked, sitting quite a distance away. Lily's smile faded a little and she hoped maybe the two of them might see each other at the reception. So much damage had been done to their relationship by Rosalie's jealousy but Lily knew that Rosalie had changed lately.

The altar was a slab of ornate marble, the exact same one they used in Lesbomancy, and it was the Lesbomancy instructor herself who stood before it. Fleur. Tall and blonde, resplendent in the sun. Clad only in pink high heels and wisps of a thin transparent pink shawl that wrapped loosely around her naked shoulders.

Ginny was standing beside Lily and she kept looking at Fleur there at the altar, perhaps wondering when their own time for marriage would come. Fleur noticed her glances and smiled and wondered the same thing. She loved that tiny redhead so much and she was so beautiful in her red lace panties.

Finally the organ music changed into the bridal march. Long deep notes that announced the coming of the bride. All the guests rose in a shuffle of high heels and then turned to the entrance of the tent and—

Lily gasped softly as Hermione emerged. Smiling. Beautiful. Her outfit was the same as Lily's. Patent white pumps and white stockings that came to midthigh. White gloves of delicate lace that came past her elbows. In her hands she carried a bouquet of white lilies and in her styled brown hair were more lilies. Her face was partly hidden behind a transparent veil but the radiance of her smile was visible to all. The guests smiled as well, many of them with glistening eyes, and Hermione walked forward slowly, down the aisle toward Lily.

Lily was astounded. Her eyes roamed over Hermione's breasts, her legs, her naked torso. Inside her chest she could feel her heart pounding. She couldn't believe this perfect amazing wonderful girl wanted to marry her.

Just behind Hermione was Septima, wearing only a pair of burgundy heels and burgundy panties. She followed Hermione to the altar and then Hermione paused to face her. Septima lifted the veil and smiled at her and then placed a kiss on her cheek. Hermione smiled at her as well and they shared an moment of eye contact to assure each other that they would always be part of each other's lives.

Then, finally, Hermione turned to Lily. Up close like this Hermione took away even more of Lily's breath and she stared at her in mesmerisation until Hermione giggled and looked away and looked back again blushing. The organ was finishing up and now it was time for the ceremony.

The guests sat. A riffle of comments concerning how beautiful the two brides were went through them and Fleur smiled and waited a moment before speaking.

"Today," she began. "Today, we have gathered here to witness ze joining of Hermione Granger and Lily Potter. Or rather simply to witness ze ceremony, since obviously zese two girls have already been joined—quite thoroughly—for a long time."

A laugh from the guests. Lily and Hermione giggled, bright eyed, trying not to cry from happiness.

Fleur chuckled as well and went on. "Nevertheless, today zey make zeir vows for formal commitment. A commitment to love and cherish each other for ze rest of zeir lives. Ginny, ze ring?"

Ginny smiled and handed Lily the ring. Lily took it and turned back to Hermione. She took a deep breath to settle the swirl of emotions inside her and she spoke clearly and precisely while gazing at Hermione.

"Hermione Granger," she said. "I love you with all my heart. My life isn't complete without you and with this ring I ask you to let me be yours for all eternity."

Hermione sniffled. Her bottom lip trembled. She was offering her finger and the finger trembled as well. Lily threaded the ring onto it and a sigh went up from the crowd, although they held back the applause for the other ring to be exchanged.

Septima was handing the other ring to Hermione and Hermione sniffled again as she took it. She wiped her eyes with her glove, causing a chuckle to go through the crowd, and then she turned to Lily, her fiancé, her adorable little girlfriend, and threaded the ring onto her finger.

"Lily Potter," she said. "I… I…"

But she couldn't. She couldn't say it in words and instead she threw her arms around her and mashed a kiss onto her mouth.

More laughter from the guests. Some applause. Ginny giggled and rolled her eyes and Septima shook her head with a smile and Fleur just beamed at them proudly.

"Well, I was about to say you could kiss the bride, but it seems the bride has anticipated me," she said. "Instead allow me to pronounce you life partners and wish you nothing but happiness forever and ever."

A cheer went up from the guests but Lily and Hermione hardly heard it. Their eyes were closed and their lips were locked and they were climbing onto the altar.

There, in front of all their friends and the people they cared about, they consummated their love once and for all. Mounting onto the sparkling marble altar all dressed in white. White stockings, white pumps. White gloves. Hermione lay flat on her back and Lily mounted over her face and bent across her body toward her open thighs and now they were kissing each other's netherlips. Kissing and moaning and pushing their tongues inside while the crowd watched with smiles and rapt expressions.

The two girls on the altar were bathed in sunlight and their hands gripped into each other's thighs and buttocks and the sunlight sparkled on the rings they wore. Rings shaped in circles that symbolized eternity, infinite. A symbol which was again mirrored in how they licked at each other in a continual circle of love and lust, Lily licking it into Hermione and Hermione in turn licking it into Lily. A love that would never be broken, never fade. A love that was perpetual and forever.

Light was beginning to glow between their legs and the guests watching were moaning and squirming in their chairs. The power of Lily and Hermione's love continued to grow until finally it was released in a brilliant flash of light that caused everyone touched by it to cry out in orgasm as their love was finally and truly consummated.

The reception was immediately after the ceremony and there were drinks and refreshments and lots of dancing. Hermione had been abducted by a group of friends and they were making her open the gifts so they could watch and comment and squeal at the scanty pieces of lace that were revealed in boxes of tissue paper.

Lily was doing her duty by accepting dances from various guests who wanted to congratulate her more personally. First was Ginny and then Fleur and then Septima and after that was Dominique and Regina. All of them were so proud of her and so happy for her. A few other friends wanted dances as well and then somehow Lily found herself dancing with Rosalie.

The two still hadn't spoken much since the battle or even before that. All the way back to the engagement party. Now they had their hands at each other's hips and waists and they were moving slowly to the music. Smiling. Lily short and blackhaired, Rosalie tall and blonde.

"So," she said. "Finally married, huh?"

Lily nodded, smiling. "That's how it turned out, yeah."

Rosalie nodded too. She looked over at where Hermione was opening gifts in a mounting pile of lingerie and then turned back to Lily. The expression on her face was sheepish and a little regretful.

"We never got a chance to talk," she said. "Since…"

Lily nodded to save her some awkwardness. "I thought you've been avoiding me."

"I was, but not because I was angry. Just ashamed. I was so petty back when you first announced the engagement. So juvenile. I'm sorry, Lily, I just…"

Rosalie trailed off, shaking her head. Lily smiled.

"It's okay, Rosalie," she said. "You don't have to apologize."

But Rosalie looked into Lily's eyes and nodded. "I do have to apologize," she said. "And I have to thank you as well. For everything you did for my mothers. You're a great woman, Lily. Maybe that's why I was secretly in love with you. Even if I never could admit it."

Lily laughed at that. Rosalie chuckled once too and glanced at Hermione.

"But Hermione is a great woman too," she said. "And I'm not going to cause any difficulty between you anymore. I just want you to be happy. Both of you."

Lily smiled. "Thank you, Rosalie. But I'm not sure if you really were in love with me. Maybe just a little bit attracted. I think there was someone else you loved. But admitting it was even harder."

Lily then nodded at someone across the dancefloor . Rosalie followed her gaze and saw Pansy. Naked but for a pair of skyblue heels. Her hair was as bleached as ever but she never looked more beautiful with it styled so gorgeously and woven up with flowers.

Lily released Rosalie.

"Go dance with her," she said. "You two were made for each other."

Rosalie smiled, even now not admitting it, and then she gave Lily a kiss before moving over to Pansy. Pansy greeted her coldly but it was only moments later when she warmed up and took Rosalie's hand.

Lily had been watching them but then someone came and put their hands at her waist.


Love and relief flooded through Lily and she moved into the dance happily. Swaying to the soft violin and piano. Hermione smiled at her, silently for a moment, and then looked around at all the guests.

"Looks like the reception is winding down," she said. "I think it's time for the surprise."

Lily grinned. "What surprise?"

"An old Lesbomancy tradition that I've been researching to surprise you with," Hermione said, and then added with playful chidingness: "Actually, I'm surprised you know nothing about it yourself, considering you're the one who wants to be a Lesbomancy instructor."

Lily just grinned and giggled. "What is it? What's the surprise?"

"It's a tradition at weddings where the two brides relax in a tent while all the guests take turns to congratulate them—intimately. Very intimately."

"Sounds like fun."

"Yes, I thought you'd like it," Hermione said with a chuckle, and took her hand. "Come on."

Lily giggled and followed her.

The tent was smaller than the others and inside was filled with pillows and a low haze of incense. Candles burned in stands and outside the sun was going down. The thin white walls of the tent were glowing orange. Hermione and Lily settled down on the pillows, just the two of them, and came together in a kiss. The pillows were satin, soft and smooth, but not as soft and smooth as their bodies.

Eventually they were joined by Fleur, who came into the tent smiling and pressed kisses on both their lips, congratulating them over and over. The brides then laid her down and suckled at her breasts and licked between her legs until she came, letting her know how much they appreciated her Lesbomancy teachings over this last year.

Next was Ginny, redhaired and redpantied, giggling as she licked Lily out and then licked out Hermione, her friends from Hogwarts, practically sisters. She kissed them and wished them all the happiness in the world and then she made room for Septima. Septima kissed Hermione first while Lily pulled away the woman's panties and then together the two brides laid her down and opened her legs and licked at the insides of her pretty thighs and at the silky wet netherlips between them until the Arithmancy instructor arched up and orgasmed.

One by one, all the guests wanted to pay respects, or sometimes it was two by two. Veronica and Luna came into the tent together and grinned and licked out the brides while the brides reclined there with open legs. After that were a couple other girls from some of their classes and some of the instructors as well. Tonks came in, pretty and pink, and she giggled and morphed into Lily and then into Hermione to try and confuse them but those two brides always knew exactly where their true love lied.

Daphne came in by herself and lavished congratulations onto both of them and then Billy came in afterward. After that was Carmilla and Laura, together, Carmilla calmly wishing them all the best while Laura grinned and echoed her mistress's sentiments. Millicent came in with Draco and after that the butch girls filed in one at a time and gave each of the brides pussy lickings before laughing and ducking out the tent again. The Patil twins also came into the tent together and knelt down between Lily and Hermione's legs and licked them out before switching and licking them out again. Lily and Hermione couldn't even tell which Padma and which was Parvati.

This continued until the sun set and it was darkness outside the tent. Inside the tent glowed with candlelight and two of the last were Dominque and Regina. The two women would always have a special connection to Lily and Hermione and they could all feel it in their licks and kisses.

And last but not least was Sappho. Sappho had been at the wedding but she had kept much to herself these couple months. With Dominque's soul restored and Bellatrix vanquished, her work was done, and she only seemed to be waiting for her time to leave again. Waiting at least until after the wedding. She came into the tent, naked and darkhaired, and she knelt down on a pillow and smiled at the brides.

"Well," she said. "I hope you don't mind if I go last?"

Lily and Hermione smiled, flushed and sweaty, hair all tangled. For hours they'd been orgasming repeatedly and they were exhausted and filled with more happiness than they had ever known.

"Not at all," Hermione said.

"We'd be honored," Lily added.

Sappho smiled at them for a moment longer, admiring the very obvious love between them. "Before we begin, you must allow me to express my most heartfelt congratulations to you both. Over the centuries I've seen many different Lesbomancers in many different relationships, but I don't think I've ever witnessed anyone with more raw love for each other than the two of you. It reminds me of what I loved about this world to begin with, and yet, upon witnessing its consummation I feel there is nothing left for me to do but move on again."

The two brides were saddened to hear that but Sappho smiled and cupped their faces and drew them forward.

Lily kissed the woman deeply and then allowed Hermione to kiss her deeply as well. The woman moaned and accepted all the tongue they had to offer and then the two girls laid her down and stroked the large mounds of her breasts and suckled at her nipples. Sappho smiled in the candlelight and her skin began to shimmer. Faintly, like diamonds. Lily and Hermione proceeded lower between her legs and started licking at her netherlips and at the hard nub of her clitoris.

Sappho moaned and petted their heads, her spine beginning to arch. "You girls make sure to cherish each other with all your powers of Lesbomancy," she said. "Never forget, there is nothing more precious than what you have together."

The two brides moaned and licked harder and Sappho moaned as well, louder and louder, her skin shimmering and sparkling until she arched up and cried out in orgasm. A burst of white and dazzling sparks occurred between her legs and her body shimmered and paled and slowly faded until she disappeared altogether and transcended once more into whatever realm of beauty and perfection women like her belonged.

Lily and Hermione sat up, mouths glossy, smiling but sad too.

"I wish she could've stayed a while longer," Lily said.

"Me too," Hermione agreed.

A sigh came out of them and they turned to face each other. Hermione cupped Lily's face and smiled.

"I guess it's just me and you now, hm?"

"Which is all we'll ever need."

Hermione smiled at that and leaned and pressed her mouth onto Lily's. Lily moaned, her heart throbbing with love, and then she laid her bride and soulmate onto the pillows.


17 years later.

It was the first day of a new year at Salem and the courtyard was buzzing with girls like a hive of bees, girls flying in on their brooms, girls squealing and running into each other's arms for hugs. The flowers were in full bloom and everywhere butterflies fluttered through the warm morning sunshine.

Most girls arrived by broom but Lily and Hermione bought their daughter by Apparation, appearing in the middle of the courtyard in a sharp crack of energy that caused all the girls nearby to look over and hiss in breaths as they laid eyes on the two most popular and sexy instructors in school.

Both women were naked and just a little more womanly than they used to be, a little more curvy. Lily had grown out her hair until it was longer than Hermione's and with her pale skin and voluptuously enhanced breasts she was almost the spitting image of Sappho.

And their daughter was a spitting image of Lily, pale and blackhaired, beautiful beyond description. Her name was Sapphy, named after Sappho herself. She had been magically conceived by both mothers but her physical traits were mostly inherited by Lily while from Hermione all she seemed to inherit was her intelligence and wit. All three of them were naked, exactly like every other girl in the courtyard, and lots and lots of stares and smirks were directed their way, not only at those gorgeous instructors but at their pretty daughter as well.

Both mothers were holding one hand of their daughter each, even though their daughter was a full sixteen years old, and their daughter wasted no time in yanking her hands away embarrassedly.

"Jeez, you can let go of my hand now," she said. "Or are you gonna walk me all the way to my first class?"

Hermione smiled at her. "Give your mummies a break, sweetie. We're just excited to finally have you here."

Lily giggled and wrapped her daughter in a hug. "Oh, Sapphy," she said, and then let go and looked at her. "You look so beautiful. When we came here we actually had to wear uniforms. You're so lucky you can wear anything you want."

"Or nothing at all," Hermione remarked dryly, not quite approving of the dress code anymore now that it applied to her own daughter.

Sapphy frowned, wearing nothing but high heels and lavish makeup on her beautiful face "You said all the girls dress like this."

"Yes, but not all the girls are my own daughter."

Lily laughed at that and waved it away. "Don't listen to mummy, baby. Back when we went here it was mummy herself who organized the fashion parade that actually changed the uniforms."

Hermione frowned at having her authority countermanded. "That was a long time ago, Lily."

Lily giggled again and focused on her daughter, adjusting her hair, making her look even prettier. "Oh, Sapphy. You look so fantastic. All the girls are going to be falling at your feet. Look, look at them all staring at you."

Sapphy looked around and there actually were a lot of girls looking over, mostly at her mothers but some of them checking her out as well with smirks and hungry eyes. Sapphy blushed.

"Mom, you're embarrassing me," she said.

"I'm sorry, baby, I'm just so excited."

Lily threw her arms around her and hugged her and squeezed her so tightly her breasts might pop. Sapphy endured the embrace, grimacing and glancing at her other mother for help, and Hermione chuckled and patted at Lily's shoulder.

"Lily, let her go," she said. "She's going to be late for the sorting ceremony at this rate and we're going to be late too."

Lily nodded and let her go. "Okay, okay. I'm sorry, I'm just excited."

Sapphy chuckled and shook her head. She looked around the courtyard, suddenly having second thoughts of separating from her mothers, and turned back to them.

"Well, I guess I better go," she said. "You guys are gonna give me full marks for Arithmancy and Lesbomancy, right?"

Hermione smiled. "We're going to give you the grades you deserve, sweetie."

Lily giggled and gave her daughter a wink. "Although I'm sure you have nothing to worry about with Lesbomancy. We both know how gifted you are in that department."

Sapphy laughed as well and shrugged a shoulder modestly.

"I get it from my moms, I guess," she said.

Then she gave them each a kiss, warm and tender on their mouths, and stepped back.

"Okay, I'll see you later I guess," she said.

"Have fun, baby," Lily told her, waving, breasts jiggling. "I love you."

"Love you too, mom," Sapphy said, and then she turned and started up the stairs that led up the hill.

Lily and Hermione watched their daughter go, smiling, the sun warm on their bodies. Hermione wrapped an arm around Lily's waist and looked about at the familiar campus.

"Well, here we are," she said. "Another year at Salem."

"And the first year for our daughter," Lily added with a smile.

Hermione smiled as well and she sighed. "Time goes so fast, doesn't it? I remember when it was our first day. Now it's the first day for our daughter."

"I just hope she loves it here as much as we did."

"I'm sure she will. She just needs to loosen up."

"I think we've spoiled her too much."

"No, YOU spoiled her too much, Lily."

Lily smiled impishly. "Not as much as you spoil me."

"Well, I guess that's true," Hermione said with a chuckle. Then she gazed at her wife's face and cupped her cheek there in the sunlight of the courtyard. "I love you, Lily."

"I love you too, Hermione," Lily said, and then lifted her face for a kiss.

AN: Well, here we are, lol. The end of the story. Kind of bittersweet, but it's always a shame when a story this long doesn't get completed. At least this one is completed, and on a nice note as well. A very traditional Harry Potter ending. Time skip to the kid's first day at school. Very cheesy and fanfic-y, lol.

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