Hey guys. Those of you that know me are probably surprised to see a new story for me, as I had previously stated I was not doing that anymore.

Those of you that read DI probably expected a chapter of that rather than this, but ah well, this took over and I just couldn't stop.

This story is a collection of stories. Each chapter will be a "scenario". As hopefully the title explained, these are "what if" scenarios. Some examples, and scenarios you'll see in this story, are:

What if Noah hadn't been eliminated in London, if Chris had still declared the Amazons the losers?

What if Gwen and Trent had talked things out and stayed together in Beach Blanket Bogus?

What if Courtney hadn't been cheated out in TDI?

What if Anne Maria hadn't quit?

And many, MANY more.

The best part is, you, the readers, can also input your suggestions. The chances of me using an idea of yours is very, VERY slim but if you come up with one good enough I just might use it. That author will then be added to the "Credits" section at the beginning of each chapter.

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Now, lets get on to the first scenario!

What if Beardo hadn't been the first one off Pahkitew Island?

Beardo knew he was in trouble. They had lost the first challenge and he had pissed off one of the members who had asserted themselves as a leader, Dave. And what was worse, Dave was becoming fast friends with Shawn and Sky, the other strong members of the team. He had wanted to help with the wizards tower, but he didn't know how. After all, that idea was pretty ridiculous.

He sighed, sitting alone in a small patch of woods, "guess the peeps here don't like my beatboxing." He made a "bummer" sound.

He was suddenly struck with inspiration. He leapt up, "I'll just go talk to Dave and tell him why I didn't help!" However, no sooner had the words escaped his lips than a sense of dread twisted his stomach into a very tight knot. He slumped back down. How could he do it? The mere thought of explaining to Dave why he had been making noises and hadn't helped out nearly made him faint.

He slumped down, resigned to his fate. Maybe he'd just take it in good humor. At least Leonard had helped out, came up with the idea. He? He had done nothing.

Suddenly, he heard rustling coming from nearby, and Dave and Sky emerged, talking to one another in hushed voices. They both saw Beardo, and Sky lowered her eyes quickly and Dave glared. They didn't stop walking, and continued until they were out of sight.

Beardo sighed, he had really been hoping to make some friends here. He got to his feet and went to head off, maybe talk to some of the others, when the twist in his stomach suddenly loosened.

(Confessional: Beardo.)

Beardo looked determined, "I wasn't about to get sent home first," he said firmly, "even if I did mess up, I'm gonna make it right, and not just take the elimination."

(End Confessional: Beardo.)

Beardo ran off after Dave and Sky, "yo, guys!" He called out, his voice raspy from disuse, "wait up! Please!" He saw the both of them now, their backs to him. They turned around.

"Oh, hi Beardo." Sky greeted cautiously.

"What, so you can talk now?" Dave sneered. Sky put her hand on his arm firmly, and he clammed up.

"What's up?" the athletic girl asked.

Beardo fidgeted uncomfortably, "w-well…" he stammered, before swallowing loudly and taking a deep breath, "I just wanted to apologize for my behavior during the challenge. I really hope you guys won't vote me off, because I promise I'll do much better in the next challenges, I swear it!"

Dave and Sky exchanged shocked looks. After a moment of silence, Dave spoke up.

"And what about the noises?"

"I'll try and keep those to a minimum, too," the beatboxer said, an apologetic note in his voice, "I…well…I've got a real bad case of social anxiety, especially around brand new people like y'all, and its easier to make noises than talk," he finished sheepishly.

"Wow," Sky said, eyes wide, "this must be really hard for you right now, then."

"It's a fierce battle to keep the pee in the bladder right now, yes," Beardo smiled weakly, and both he and Sky laughed.

"Ew," Dave cringed at first, but relaxed a moment later, "but y'know what, that's fair. Thanks for that, Beardo, I know that must've been tough. We'll vote for Leonard instead."

Beardo made a noise of victory, but quickly covered his mouth with a look at Dave.

Dave just laughed, "I think thats a reasonable time to make a victory noise. I'd shake your hand, but you've got a general air of grubbiness, and I've only got 5 bottles of hand sanitizer."

The three of them shared a laugh.

"Beardo, Leonard, this is the final marshmallow of the night," Chris said solemnly, looking between the two black boys, "Beardo, you didn't help much and made lots of loud noises, but you apologized and promised to do better, providing the team kept you around."

Beardo gave a thumbs up, and Leonard suddenly looked a lot more nervous.

"Leonard, you offered the idea of a wizards tower. A very useless, stupid idea, but an idea nonetheless."

"Scoobadadoo, Poobadadoo, give me the power of voodoo!" Leonard chanted, waving his wand around. He dropped the mystical act and added, "that way I can have one of the others walk into the Cannon of Shame if I get eliminated."

"Jeez, you're weird." Chris laughed, "And thats why this final marshmallow goes to….Beardo."

Beardo smiled broadly as the marshmallow sailed into his open hands. He glanced at Shawn, Dave, and Sky, all of who gave him thumbs up.

Ella gave a sad little gasp, "Oh no, Sugar, I know how much you liked him."

Sugar leapt to her feet, 'accidentally' pushing Ella over in the process. "Oh wizard, they were too scared of your awesome powers to keep you around! They knew you'd be too tough to beat! Uh-waa-haw-haaaah!" She began to sob messily into her hands.

Leonard looked slightly cheered by Sugar's comment, and decided to play along, "yes, indeed, they are wiser than I gave them credit for. Perhaps I shouldn't have revealed my powers until the merge, but alas, whats done is done. It all works out though, I hear that a dragon needs to be slayed somewhere near Tai Bwo Wanni! I must make the utmost haste!"

"Good," Chris smirked as Chef walked up to Leonard and grabbed him by his fake beard, "I'll give you all the haste you need.

Chef unceremoniously stuffed Leonard into the cannon and Chris fired it, sending the LARPer back to where he came from.

"And the first one bites the dust. Team Maskwak, you may go."

The six remaining members of the team left.

Leonard: 4 (Shawn, Beardo, Dave, Sky)

Beardo: 2 (Ella, Sugar)

Dave: 1 (Leonard)

Eliminated: Leonard.

In the second challenge, Sky took the last obstacle, and Beardo took over the first. Beardo completed his with minimal incident, and was able to succeeded in giving Team Maskwak the lead.

Team Kinosewak proceeded at a decent pace, though they were noticeably behind.

It was a close race, but in the end team Maskwak lost again. The team decided collectively that it was Ella's slow trudge across the tires with the pig that ultimately cost them the race, and she was sent home.

It became clear that Sugar resented Beardo for getting eliminated instead of Leonard. It was a one-sided animosity that would eventually grow into mutual dislike.

Ella: 5 (Shawn, Beardo, Sky, Dave, Sugar)

Sky: 1 (Ella)

Eliminated: Leonard, Ella.

In the third challenge, Sky and Dave had the idea to use Beardo's sound effectives and mediocre ventriloquism to confuse the enemy team, and it worked to perfection. Beardo was celebrated as Team Maskwak dominated the challenge. In a surprise twist, Samey framed her abusive sister Amy as Samey, and Amy was unfairly eliminated.

Sammy: 5 (Scarlett, Max, Rodney, Amy, Topher)

Amy: 2 (Samey, Jasmine)

Eliminated: Leonard, Ella, Amy.

On the morning of the fourth challenge, Beardo was approached by Dave and Sky and asked if he would vote Sugar next time they lost. Beardo agreed instantly, and then Sky popped the question. The show's first official alliance was formed, and it was a big one: Shawn, Sky, Dave, and Beardo.

The three agreed that Shawn would be the first of them to go should it come down to it.

The challenge proved a tough one for Beardo, and it was only at the final moment, after many unanswered questions and awkward half-truths, that Beardo came out and admitted he pooped his pants in the second grade, allowing for a tiebreaker in which Beardo and Rodney were pit against each other. With deft hands expertly crafted from years of fiddling with DJ equipment, Beardo crushed Rodney in the tiebreaker, which was opening a tightly knotted bag and freeing the buzzer to zap the other team.

Rodney was sent home for causing his team a lot of pain and never getting a truth right.

Rodney: 5 (Samey, Jasmine, Max, Scarlett, Topher.)

Max: 1 (Rodney)

Eliminated: Leonard, Ella, Amy, Rodney.

After challenge four, Shawn and Beardo, who had grown a lot closer thanks to Beardo's love of zombie cinema, games, and lore, were up late chatting when a horrendous creature was sighted by the both of them. Shawn panicked and escaped, trying and failing to get Beardo up a tree with him. Beardo heroically told him to go on without him, and Shawn obeyed.

Upon turning around to meet the creature and certain doom, Beardo was shocked to find nothing. Shaken, he called out for Shawn for a while but couldn't find him.

He returned to his team and told Sky, Dave and Sugar what had happened. They were skeptical, to say the least.

The fifth challenge came and Shawn was still yet to be found. Chris sent Chef to go look for him while the challenge commenced.

Team Maskwak were getting owned, and things were looking bleak when Shawn finally returned.

Jasmine, who had a bit of a thing going on with Shawn, went up against him, believing that Shawn would be eliminated if Team Maskwak lost as she didn't know about the four man alliance, nor how Sugar was on the outs with her team.

The monster from the night before, knowing it had been spotted, did not dare make its move lest it get caught before it could properly exact its vengeance. Samey was going to pay, the monster knew, and the monster was going to make sure she'd pay in her OWN way. She could wait.

Jasmine threw the challenge and Team Kinosewak lost, all eyes on Jasmine.

Samy, who felt horrible for her best friend, decided last minute at the elimination ceremony to announce that she was indeed Samey, not Amy, and that she had broken the rules and cheated to get her sister eliminated. Chris disqualified Samey, and made a passing comment that if only Amy wasn't hundreds of miles away, he would've let her back on the show.

Amy, who had been lurking in the shadows, gleefully revealed herself as the monster Shawn and Beardo had seen the night previous, and Chris, shocked beyond belief, let the evil twin back in the game as he blasted the nicer one off the island.

Amy, stupidly, showed her true colors in her glee of getting Samey eliminated, and was now universally hated by nearly everyone on the island.

Jasmine: 3 (Topher, Max, Scarlett)

Max: 2 (Samey, Jasmine)

Eliminated: Leonard, Ella, Rodney, Samey.

Chris was not pleased with how predictable the eliminations would become at this current rate, so he decided to use a team swap he was planning for later early. He switched Dave and Sugar over to Team Kinosewak, and Jasmine and Scarlett to Team Maskwak.

Team Maskwak was very awkward, as Jasmine was still incensed at Shawn for taking advantage of her throwing the challenge, and Shawn was too awkward to properly form an apology. Scarlett knew she was in trouble and decided to keep her head down.

Sky was upset that Dave, who she had been forming a budding romance with, however reluctant it was, had been sent to the other team. She, Shawn and Beardo agreed that Scarlett would take the place of Sugar as next to go should their team lose.

Team Maskwak: Jasmine, Shawn, Scarlett, Beardo, Sky.

Team Kinosewak: Amy, Dave, Max, Sugar, Topher.

Challenge six saw the teams trying to recover gold coins from monkeys. With the combined skills of Team Maskwak, Scarlett used her IQ to suggest that Beardo's could use his sound effects for a mating call to attract the monkey. Once it was in the vicinity, Jasmine played "Monkey See, Monkey Do" with it, causing it to inadvertently give them its gold coin. They raced to the vending machine and won in what Chris called "the most anticlimactic challenge ever".

It was almost obvious that Amy would be the one following her sister in the cannon, but a bit of skullduggery on Amy and Sugar's part changed that.

Sugar approached Amy and told her that she was in trouble and that she would offer to help her in exchange for an alliance. Amy, unwilling but with no other choice, accepted.

Sugar, who was unusually fond of Max, confronted him and told him out evil it would be to keep evil in the game and get rid of the good. Max, hesitant at first, was eventually sold on the idea and agreed, along with Sugar and Amy, to vote for Dave.

The reason Sugar wanted Dave gone is because she was aware of the giant alliance and believed it would form a rift between them should Dave go home.

In arguably the most shocking elimination of the season, Dave was sent packing amid a duo of cackling idiots (Amy and Max).

Dave: 3 (Amy, Max, Sugar)

Amy: 2 (Dave, Topher)

Eliminated: Leonard, Ella, Rodney, Samey, Dave.

Sky was crushed when she realized Dave had been eliminated. Her sadness turned to rage though when Topher, looking to stir up drama, revealed to Team Maskwak how Dave was eliminated.

Sky swore vengeance on Sugar, who merely laughed at her.

The challenge this time was to navigate their way out of tunnels.

Team Kinosewak got split up into two groups: Topher and Sugar and Max and Amy.

Team Maskwak stayed together. Scarlett was unable to discover the island was mechanical due to the different path she took.

Team Maskwak reached the surface first, but arrived through the outhouse confessional. Sugar and Topher arrived through a gopher hole, but Amy and Max arrived through the destined cave area.

Thus, Team Kinosewak was declared the winners, as two of their members completed the challenge the way it was supposed to.

There was something ominous in the way Scarlett swore revenge on them all as she calmly entered the cannon. "You'll all pay, whether it be tomorrow or in fifty years," she sneered, "good job ruining your lives."

But she went into the sky all the same.

Scarlett: 4 (Jasmine, Sky, Shawn, Beardo)

Beardo: 1 (Scarlett)

Eliminated: Leonard, Ella, Rodney, Samey, Dave, Scarlett.

With Jasmine and Shawn quickly becoming friends again, Sky and Beardo both knew that if they lost one of them would be getting sent home. Due to Shawn's friendship with Beardo, Sky knew it would probably be her going home, and thus she tried extra hard in the challenge, which was to carry babies across dangerous zones.

Topher barely paid attention to the challenge, as his season long plan of overtaking Chris as host was seemingly coming to fruition, much to Max, Sugar, and Amy's annoyance.

To the relief of Maskwak, Topher ended up costing Kinosewak the win and he was eliminated, or so he thought. Believing he was going to take over as host, he declared Chris eliminated. Chris crushed his dreams by stating that he had been playing Topher all along, and sent him out of the game.

Topher: 3 (Amy, Max, Sugar)

Chris: 1 (Topher)

Eliminated: Leonard, Ella, Rodney, Samey, Dave, Scarlett, Topher.

Chris woke up the final seven in the middle of the night to tell them that they had reached the merge, and that their challenge would begin shortly. It was a hide and seek challenge, and Sugar won the pre-challenge, which was drink a bunch of spoiled milkshakes, in order to become seeker. Shawn was the only one who abstained from drinking, and thus the only one who didn't suffer from food poisoning.

Sugar successfully found and captured Beardo, Max, and Amy with little difficulty, though she had more trouble finding Shawn, Jasmine and Sky.

Max, too sick to move, was dragged by Sugar. When Sugar tripped over a tree root she slammed into a trunk, knocking off a chunk of its bark and revealing circuitry underneath. Inspecting it but not understanding it, Sugar decided the best course of action, naturally, was to take Max's skull and bash the circuitry to pieces, much to Max's dismay. The tree short-circuited, causing more damage than the two realized. Nevertheless, they continued on with the challenge.

The challenge ended with Sugar finding and eliminating Sky, much to her anger, and Shawn sacrificing himself so Jasmine could win immunity, solidifying their status as a couple.

Sugar and Amy tried very hard to get Shawn eliminated, using the excuse that he and Jasmine would be too powerful in the endgame if they were together, and that they should get rid of him while they had the chance.

However, Beardo and Sky would not turn on their friend, and thus with a 4-3 vote Amy was sent home for good, much to Sugar's anger.

Amy: 4 (Shawn, Jasmine, Sky, Beardo)

Shawn: 3 (Amy, Sugar, Max)

Eliminated: Leonard, Ella, Rodney, Samey, Dave, Scarlett, Topher, Amy.

With the island now going haywire due to Sugar's damage, Chris tried to proceed with the challenge as normal, but was forced to change it when the islands self destruction sequence began. Chris tasked the final six with shutting down the self destruction sequence, which would blow after one hours time.

Pairing off into groups of two; Max and Sugar, Shawn and Jasmine, and Sky and Beardo raced to disable the island and save their lives. Eventually, after many trials and tribulations, Shawn and Jasmine were able to shut the self destruction down, earning themselves immunity.

At the bonfire ceremony, a very stressed out Chris declared before the votes had even been tallied that Sugar was disqualified for being the one to cause the damage to the island.

A protesting Sugar was hoisted into the cannon, but not before being taunted by Beardo and Sky. Sky booed loudly as Beardo made very loud beeping noises.

Chris, already stressed enough, snapped. Tired of hearing beepings and warnings, he threw Beardo into the cannon as well, much to everyones shock. Beardo was just able to hurl a crumpled piece of paper out of his afro with his phone number on it before he and Sugar were blasted off the island.

Eliminated: Leonard, Ella, Rodney, Samey, Dave, Scarlett, Topher, Amy, Sugar, Beardo.

The Final Four: Shawn, Jasmine, Max and Sky, took part in a race to the top of a cliff.

Sky, reluctantly, joined forces with Max to take down the seemingly unstoppable Shawn and Jasmine.

They failed, and Shawn and Jasmine reached the final area first and second.

Max and Sky fought for the third spot, but despite Max's "evilocity" Sky was just too athletic and beat him by a decent amount, leaving Max to go home.

Eliminated: Leonard, Ella, Rodney, Samey, Dave, Scarlett, Topher, Amy. Sugar, Beardo, Max.

The final three was an interesting challenge, one where the campers got to each design a challenge. The two that performed best each challenge would move onto the finale.

Sky chose a hurdles run, in which Sky got first, Shawn second, and Jasmine third.

Shawn chose a tree running challenge, in which Shawn got first, Jasmine got second, and Sky got third.

With Shawn confirmed in the finale, it was Sky versus Jasmine in the final challenge of Jasmine's choice: Crocodile wrangling.

It was an intense battle. Jasmine had the upper hand for most of the challenge, but it all went south when her rope holding the crocodile's maw snapped, and Jasmine received a nasty bite to the arm. Hindered and handicapped, Sky was able to win the final challenge and proceed to the finale.

After a tearful goodbye and many kisses, Jasmine promised Shawn she would root for him.

Eliminated: Leonard, Ella, Rodney, Samey, Dave, Scarlett, Topher, Amy. Sugar, Beardo, Max, Jasmine.

The finale dawned, and Chris explained to them what the challenge was. A race through different terrains, with a helper each from the eliminated pool of contestants.

Luckily for both, Shawn received Jasmine and Sky received Dave.

Overjoyed to see Dave, Sky made up her mind. She told him about her current boyfriend, and promised that she would break up with him the moment they got home if Dave would date her.

Dave, annoyed at first, demanded why she hadn't told him earlier. Sky explained that she hadn't truly realized her feelings until after Dave had been eliminated, and by that time it had been too late.

Dave forgave her and the two were determined to win.

Shawn and Jasmine, as powerful as ever, were feeling very confident.

The challenge commenced, and it was an epic battle of wits, strength, and endurance. What it lacked in drama it made up for in suspense, and it wasn't long until a winner was crowned.

Who won? Well, that's up to you, I suppose.

Eliminated: Leonard, Ella, Rodney, Samey, Dave, Scarlett, Topher, Amy. Sugar, Beardo, Max, Jasmine.

Finalists: Shawn, Sky.

Winner: Shawn/Sky.

Well there it is, guys! Thats kind of how this story will work. There will be a regular, story based dialogue based interaction in which something changes and then the episode will continue, before lapsing into a story-telling line in which you'll find out how that one event changed everything!

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