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There is something missing from our world. The amazing animals that time has left behind. But what if we can bring them back? What if extinction didn't have to be forever? We're going back in time on a safari with a difference, as wild life adventurer Nigel Marven plunges into pre-history to rescue creatures on the brink of extinction. His plan is to bring them back to the safety of the present and give them a second chance. Last time, Nigel sent Hazel, the park's youngest recruit, back in time to find and rescue a herd of dinosaurs. Now, months later, she…along with Nigel, return with the goal to rescue them, before the destined meteor hits. Welcome to the ultimate wild life sanctuary. Welcome to Prehistoric Park.

The engine of the jeep roared to life as Nigel turned the key. The vehicle let out a surprising vroom before quieting down a bit. The jeep, which was colored grey and contained the Prehistoric Park logo, had seen its fair share of action. This was his favorite jeep, because it was his first one and would sometimes bring it on his retrieving missions.

Nigel sped forward from the forest edge he was at. This morning, he and a few other workers had made a startling discovery deep in the forest line. This was one that not only would change how people thought about prehistory, but also one that a certain someone would need to know about. He pressed the pedal a little harder and the speed he was at went from 10 miles to 40 in a few seconds.

The day was fair. It was partly cloudy and temperatures were in the mid 70's. It was high noon and the wind was calm. This was perfect weather for the middle half of the spring season. Nigel had run this park for years, and experience has taught him that this season is the busiest time. For a number of the animals at this sanctuary, this was the time for mating. The park creator knew that it was only a matter of time before new additions would arrive, which means that the faculty would need to document them and maybe do a few upgrades on the exhibits.

Nigel was in a rush though. He did not even stop by the elephant herd when he passed by them. The females, and Martha, were grazing at the usual greenery rich spot on Mammoth Mount. A few years back, Nigel had rescued Martha from the Ice Age and nursed her back to health. She had encountered a few bumps along the way, but now, she was not only a loyal member of the herd, but also a sister. These were not the only elephants the park had, for they also kept a few male elephants on the other side of the park in a separate enclosure. Prehistoric Park was not only a sanctuary for prehistoric animals, but also for various endangered species.

It was not long before he had reached one of the newer exhibits in the park. It was medium sized and contained the tree species it fed on when Nigel found it in prehistoric Mongolia. The trees were fan-like and had small green leaves in clusters at the very end. Soon, more of the same type of creature appeared from the left to graze on the treetops.

The Therizinosaurs were tall and had a long neck, like a sauropod, yet they had three sharp claws on each arm, just like a therapod. They also stood on two legs, which added to their height. There were four in the enclosure; two females and two males. All of them had feathers all over their bodies, with a few minor differences for the sexes. The males were brightly plumed with a bright orange tint like a sunset along their backs while the rest of their bodies were a light teal. They even had white stripes along their tail. As for the females, they retained the stripes on their tails, but their feather color was more of a light grey. The residents were busy feeding and paid no mind as he sped along.

Once he was a considerable distance away from them, Nigel stopped the jeep and turned off the engine with a flick of the key. He had parked near a set of bushes and trees, which also bordered along a large pond. The pond had a wooden boardwalk at the very edge and in front of the man. Nigel treaded quickly, yet carefully, along Deinosuchus Dip. Just because the water looked calm and no gators were out does not mean he was in the safe zone.

Nigel walked cautiously and even looked at the pond for any large reptiles coming at him, specifically the Deinosuchus he had rescued a few years back. Thankfully, none of them were out. Once he had reached the other side of the bridge, he broke into a sprint and towards the direction of the holding pens.

He skidded to a stop when he caught sight of head keeper Bob passing by him. The bald man in the green park uniform stared down at a clipboard and scribbled something with a pencil. Nigel did not know what it was, but he guessed it to be the checklist for the day.

Nigel turned and called out to him. "Oi, Bob!"

The man stopped and looked back, only to see a gasping Nigel take in a few breaths after running for a bit. "Oh, Nigel. Didn't see you there."

"Sorry to disturb you from your work, but have you seen Hazel?"

Bob lowered the clipboard and shrugged his shoulders. "No, but I think I saw her pass by here about an hour ago. I think she was headed to T-rex hill. Don't know why she would be there. And I certainly don't know why you and she begged me to set up a barrier wall smack down the middle of the exhibit. Or even as to why you had me put Matilda back in there!"

Nigel rolled his eyes and let out a chuckle. "Well…it's Hazel's idea. She told me that she had a way to get the siblings to get along. Even I don't know what her strategy is, but she did say that it will work."

The keeper nodded nonchalantly and snorted. "Oh…okay. And this idea involves glorified dog collars?"

The explorer raised his hands up in a confused gesture. "Don't know about that either."

The man with the mustache shook his head and walked away. "Well whatever idea she's got, it better work!"

With that said, Nigel turned away and sprinted again. He did not stop by the holding pens or even the Titanosaurs when he went by them. He even let out a chuckle when he saw a group of the workers speed by on jeeps towards one of them. It had been eating at one of the trees planted nearby and, judging from the looks of it, had broken their enclosure fence a little while back. The younger employees were letting out yells telling the immense sauropod to stop, but it paid no mind to them.

Nigel reached for the black walkie talkie that was hooked onto his belt on his right and brought it close to his mouth. He had pressed one of the buttons and the device activated.

"Bob…looks like we've got a large problem next to the holding pens. And believe me, you're going to have a lot of fun with this one."

Once he said that, he placed the communicator back to where it was and continued on his way to the paddock that held the kings of the dinosaurs.


Hazel let out an exasperated sigh. She had spent the last hour or so at the Rex compound and wished that the ordeal would end soon. The day was not that hot, so she had decided to wear a grey athletic short-sleeved hoodie that had two rope strands that feel from the collar. Her hair was even cut short for a change. The style was long in the front while it got shorter towards the back. Hazel also wore knee length denim shorts and black tennis shoes. Finally, she had her ring choker on, which she had never taken off ever since the first day she started working at the park.

The girl put her thumb and index finger on her nose ridge and rubbed it in a pinching motion. She had stayed there the entire time, on that metal balcony that overlook the whole enclosure. There was a step ladder right behind her and next to that was a crane with a long metal cable. The workers would prepare the meat and then bring it up with the control panel at the edge of the platform. The platform was not much, but it was enough to walk along the walls of the exhibit. The balcony was even reinforced with titanium, which was more of a comfort rather than using wooden poles that might cause splinters.

Tyrannosaurus Rex siblings Matilda and Terrence were placed on opposite sides of the enclosure. The female rex was placed on the right side this morning and had been trying to attack her brother when she awoke. Terrence had always been afraid of his sister since the day they both arrived at Prehistoric Park years ago. The only things that protected him from her wrath were the wooden fence that the workers had placed to separate the two and the odd electric rings that were on their ankles.

Hazel knew that working with the twins would be difficult, so she and Nigel collaborated to create the rings they were wearing now. According to the inventor, they worked just like a shock collar would on a dog. If any one of them got too near the wooden fence, the rings would send a jolt of electricity up through their bodies. In front of the fence on both sides were three poles. If any of rexes got too close, then they would get shocked. The shocks were similar to the shocker pens and other merchandise that can be purchased in local markets, but they did not harm them. Instead, the shocks were enough to make them stay away from the fence.

She was even thankful that she was alone. The other workers were busy tending to the animals in the other parts of the park. If any of them saw her talking to the twins, then they would start questioning not only her, but maybe even Nigel. She had her communicator on after all.

Speaking of the communicator, Nigel had managed to upgrade the frequencies within the device some time ago. This allowed Hazel to communicate with carnivores. She had already gotten to know a number of the carnivores in the park, thus creating even more relations to the denizens of the past. Today was a huge test trial on her new method of communication and so far…it was working. She had reminded herself to thank her mentor for the upgrade, but first, she needed to deal with this ordeal.

"Okay so let me get this straight…Matilda, you hate your brother because not only does he get more food than you, but you just want to show that you're boss," she said as she pointed at her right.

"And Terrence, you hog all the meat from her because you're greedy and just want to piss her off for the fun of it," Hazel concluded when she pointed to her left.

"Yeah!" Terrence screamed. He had a voice tone that Hazel could equate to that of Chuck Norris. "Now can you please get rid of her? The longer she stays here, the more she creeps me out."

"Hah!" Matilda snorted and held her head high. "See? You're a coward. You trembling at my presence proves that I am the better predator. You're just a softie who's afraid to fight his own battles. And the strong gets more of the spoils!"

Terrence roared. "You even kept taking that spot under the tree every day! That's my sleeping spot!"

"You snooze, you lose twerp!" the elder sister hissed.

"That's it, you're mine!" the younger brother growled and then came charging at his sibling. Once he had gotten within reach of the poles, however, a jolt of electricity went up his legs and then his body. The dinosaur let out a screech from the shocking pain and then took a few steps back.

Matilda laughed. "Well that was entertaining!"

"You slimy snot-blowing-!" the male retorted but was then cut off mid-sentence.

"Okay enough!" Hazel screamed, stopping the two from bickering.

"Both of you, will you please stop fighting!?"

At that command, both teenagers ceased their argument and looked up at the human. She stared at them with a mixture of disappointment and anger in her eyes. Hazel took in a breath and spoke out in a booming voice.

"Fighting each other is senseless! I don't understand why you do this to each other. For God's sake, you're siblings! Family! Doesn't that mean anything?" she blurted out. After that, she began to slowly walk around the enclosure. More specifically, she was walking towards Terrence's side. Both carnivores eyed her as she did so, and even shifted their positions just to keep eye contact.

"Four years ago, your mother sacrificed herself to save you from the jaws of another. Back then, you were just babies and probably don't even remember it, but now I'm telling you! Not only that, but if it were not for Nigel, then the both of you would have had your butts fried by the meteor that struck the earth shortly after! He brought you here so that you both could live out your lives in peace. Things went smoothly at first, but then what did we see?" she addressed and then stopped to face forward towards them.

"Children who were always at each other's throats just over some petty disputes about things that are so little!" Hazel lectured as if she were a general in a boot camp.

Both carnivores looked at each other for a moment before looking down at the ground in shame.

"What would your mother think if she were here right now? She'd think that you two are a disgrace to her name. More importantly, your species!"

Hazel watched them for a minute to allow the harsh words to sink in to their minds. She was mad, at the both of them, yet at the same time, she felt empowered and in control. Was this what it was like to be in control? She had never done this before, but she did watch enough scenes on films to recreate and even use these emotions and words to her advantage.

"Your species is called Tyrannosaurus Rex. It means 'the tyrant lizard king'. Your kind was the most fearsome species to have ever walked the planet during the late Cretaceous."

"Well…technically we discovered even bigger predators than you, but I'd rather not talk about that…" Hazel thought to herself.

"There used to be many of you, but not anymore. You won't find any more rexes here. Now all you have…is each other," the young adult added in a calmer tone.

"You see the message I'm getting at? If one of you kills the other…then you'll be named as the last remaining T-rex alive. You want that?"

It only took seconds for Hazel to get an answer out of the twins. Both of them shook their heads and whispered the word "no". The girl smirked and nodded at that answer, finally seeing that they're starting to get the big picture.

"Now I speak for everyone here at the park when I say this. Please…just get along. It's that simple. You're a family. A pack. Two peas in a pod."

Terrence shifted his feet then looked back at the human. "Well…what do you want us to do? I don't like the sound of being the last ones around."

Matilda groaned. "Neither do I."

Hazel folded her hands behind her back and looked poised for them. It was as if she were a commanding officer talking down to a duo of insubordinate soldiers. "Well the first thing you could do is apologize to each other."

Both lizard king and queen turned from her and eyed each other. It only took a few seconds, but both of them relented. The reality that Hazel had given them had stung them. Before, they were furious just for being in each other's presences. Now, they had a sense of guilt.

"Sorry…" they both uttered then looked away from each other.

Hazel clapped once. "Congrats. You two just took your first step in patching things up."

"Um…can you take her away now?" Terrence asked, still not looking at either girl.

"No," the young time traveler said indifferently.

"Aw come on!" the young male complained. "She gives me the creeps!"

"And I wouldn't want him cramp up my style! Plus, this area's way too small!" Matilda argued as well.

"Why would I separate the both of you even further when I just witnessed a hint of kindness towards each other? Come now, if I did that, then neither of you would progress on the road to peace and forgiveness. No, I'm leaving you the way you two are. You two have some serious bonding to do."

"But-!" the young queen rex retorted but was cut off but Hazel raising a hand up.

"Whatever you say will not sway me from this decision. Until you two can get along, you are both confined in this state. Now…this is a wonderful opportunity for the both of you to make amends and I wouldn't want to ruin it by making it sound like you're grounded. So I'm going to break a deal with you," she reasoned with a smile.

Hazel swallowed and announced her proclamation. "If you two successfully make it through at least two weeks without arguing or attempting to come at each other, not only will you be returned to the original living quarters, but also, you will receive double the amount of meat each meal."

"You're serious?" Matilda quipped.

The girl shook her head again. "Yup. And ONLY if you two get along. I'm going to inform the other workers here of your actions. If I hear that you both aren't following through with our deal, your sentence will get even longer. You understand?"

Both dinosaurs stared at her as she said those words. Like before, they relented. Both of them nodded and then spoke at the same time.

"Yes ma'am."

"Good," Hazel cheered in an uplifting tone. "Have fun."

When she said that, she rushed around the compound until she got to the ladder. She scaled it downwards and jumped the last few rungs to make a landing. Hazel landed in a crouched position then got back up. She then pressed the button that was situated on the earpiece, turning the device off. Afterwards, she removed it and placed it in her pocket.

"That…was impressive," a voice spoke from behind her.

Hazel did not turn, but she did jump a little when she heard that someone was behind her. The voice sounded familiar, which was enough to calm her down.

Hazel sighed. "How long have you been standing there?"

Nigel chuckled. "Long enough. So, four years and someone has finally managed to tame the rexes. You never cease to amaze me."

The girl looked back and eyed him. "I just hope this plan works. By the way, thanks for upgrading the communicator. Without the upgrade, I wouldn't have been able to smack these guys a bit."

The man waved a couple times then stopped. "Don't mention it. It only took me a couple weeks, but I finally managed it."

"So, what's up?" she asked, wondering why he was there in the first place.

"Oh right. About that. I made a startling discovery last week during a hike around this part of the valley. The workers have just uncovered the entire thing today," he said with enthusiasm.

"A discovery? What of?" Hazel curiously questioned.

"Erm…I think it's best if I show you."


The drive from that part of the park to the forest edge took about 40 minutes. They crossed flat plains, went through a number of hills, and bypassed a few cliffs before they got there. The forests were situated along the mountains in the valley, making it look like one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Once Nigel parked the jeep at the forest edge, he made a beeline for the woods. Hazel did the same and followed close behind.

Hazel had never been to this part of the valley before. She assumed that there was really not much to see and almost never had time to do some exploring either. Her thoughts about nothing in the mountains changed when she saw a hidden mountain trail that went up. Both humans took it without a second thought.

"I didn't know there was a trail here at all," Hazel mentioned.

"Neither did I until I found it," Nigel went next.

Both of them traversed outgrowing tree roots, stray sticks and stones, and even a few dirt holes. The dirt trail was large enough for even vehicles to cross. The climb became more rigorous as they continued upward the winding path. Sweat began to fall from their brows due to the elevation and the effort to get to their destination…whatever it was.

"So…where exactly are we going? And what's the big deal?" the girl wondered.

"Right right. So I mentioned that I discovered something remarkable last week while I was hiking along this trail. Remember before when we found out this valley is the exact same location as your friends' Nesting Grounds?" Nigel heaved as he hopped over a log.

Hazel's eyes widened like marbles at the mention of the Nesting Grounds. She had not forgotten about what she had been through months ago, nor had she forgotten about the friends she had left behind. There had not been a day that had passed where she did not think about them. That mission was still up too, meaning that she would have to return soon, depending on when the Herd Plains were ready. Hazel became saddened at that and sighed.

"Yeah. Haven't forgotten about that."

"Well, I decided to do a bit of exploring around the area. I wanted to see if there were any remnants of the valley back then so that I can take them to my office to be studied. More specifically, I wanted to study the geography of the landscape 65 million years ago and of today. Finding fossils of plants would help in determining what other food resources we could provide the herd once we get here," he explained.

"Okay…so did you find any?" she asked.

Nigel shook his head. They had made it to a flattened portion of the trail. Like before, the trees had covered the sky above, giving it the mysterious and eerie atmosphere. Only a few rays of light penetrated through the leaves, which gave the humans some guidance through this part of the path.

"No I didn't. I had with me a special device I used back when I was younger to help me find fossils around the place. It was a fun thing to use, just turn it on and it would lead you to the nearest buried fossil. Kind of like a metal detector…sort of. Anyway, I had it with me and it led me through this trail. I followed the signals it was giving me until I reached the destination, which is just ahead."

With that said, Nigel broke into a run through the pathway. Hazel, eager to know what he had found, followed him. It took them five minutes to run up the trail. Once they reached the top, they were breathing heavily and gasping for air. Hazel had bent over and gripped her knees just so she could catch her breath.

"We're here…" he breathed out.

The area they arrived at turned out to be a secret grove. There was a medium rock wall formation that spanned from the left to the middle position. At the corner where the rocks "turn" was a small indentation on the ground, which was assumed to be a pond at some point. The grass was long, typical of an area that did not have many visitors. The trees were like those in the forest; tall with branches that spanned out with evergreen leaves. This was by far the only area that was not covered by trees, giving the grove its sanctioned look. Off to the right was the edge of the grove, which turned out to be a cliff where if someone walked towards it, they might fall at least fifty feet into the forest base below. Besides the cliff being dangerous, it did overlook that part of the valley, which made a perfect vantage point when watching the whole of Prehistoric Park. The only objects that belonged to the modern world were the various digging tools and excavation equipment. Here and there were hammers, picks, and brushes. There was even a large white plastic wrapping which seemed like it had seen its fair share of rain and mud.

Hazel's moment of admiring the scenery was interrupted by what was on the rocks in front of her. She let out a gasp as she stared into the remains of a whole dinosaur fossil. The creature was hoisted above the ground on the wall, as if it were a picture frame. The bones were very much buried in the rock, but enough of it showed the whole skeleton. The remains were about 33 feet long and looked as if it were walking. It was definitely a quadruped and had the familiar teeth of an herbivore. Seeing the bones like that in the rock was curious, but what shocked her the most was what the skeleton was. There were many ornithopods that had three toes on their front legs with a free-grabbing finger, but there was one dinosaur she knew of that had a thumb spike.

"It's…an Iguanodon…" she gasped.

"I did some carbon dating on it yesterday," Nigel mentioned. "From the tests that were run, it's safe to conclude that the remains are at least in the Late Cretaceous range."

The twenty year old slowly strode forward to inspect the fossil further. Hazel had heard what her mentor had said, and that made a fear grow inside her. If what Nigel said was true, then she could be looking at the remains of one of the herd members. Or worse…

Once she was right before it, she placed a hand on its right paw and stroked it. Her breathing became shaky and she started to tremble. Hazel closed her eyes and felt a tear fall down her cheek.

"Aladar? Is that you?"

Nigel watched the young woman fall to her knees and break down into tears. He can understand the pain she was going through. He even predicted it before he decided to bring her here. The park keeper hurried up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. Hazel paid no attention to the comfort she was receiving.

"Does this mean…I would fail to save them?" she tearfully asked.

The man did not reply to that, but rather with a different answer. "Hazel…there's a chance that this fellow isn't one of your friends. I haven't done a full extensive examination of the rocks, but I would estimate that they may be a little older than 65 million years."

Hazel used her right arm to wipe the tears from her face. "Are you sure?"

Nigel nodded. "Positive. And you can't give up hope. The mission isn't over, meaning that what you are fearing, or in fact what we are fearing, has not happened just yet."

The girl quickly stood up and walked over to the edge of the grove. She stopped when she was just a few feet from the edge. For a few moments, she took in the scenery of the entire valley. Right before her was Prehistoric Park, her home as she likes to call it. Some of the animals were too small for her to make out, but she could clearly see the Titanosaurs grazing on the tree tops. Further north from the park, she could faintly make out a group of large animals crossing a couple of the hills. Hazel could tell that those were the elephants.

She let out a breath. "Nigel, how soon until the plains are ready for the herd?"

The man walked up and then stopped next to her. He too admired the scenery before turning his attention to her. "They're ready now."

The girl nodded and remained silent.

"I know it's going to be difficult, convincing the herd to come to the 21st century, but you don't have to do it alone. You've done a fantastic job, trailing a herd of dinosaurs to their breeding grounds, even bringing back a large carnivore to make up for the inability to retrieve them. I know you're worried now…I am too," Nigel reasoned.

The girl broke her trance from the landscape and looked at him. She was no longer crying, but her eyes were still a little watery and somewhat red.

"That's why…when you decide to go back, I'm coming with you."

Hazel gave him a small smile. "Thanks Nigel."

The man smiled as well then returned his gaze to the valley. "Anytime. So…what's the plan?"

The girl took in a breath then exhaled. "We're leaving…first thing tomorrow."

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