Hey everyone. I know I haven't been active in a while. It is my fault that I haven't commented, responded to PMs, or posted any new chapters. I am afraid that I will not be able to continue my Prehistoric Park series, at least not at a regular schedule. Before you guys get sad or mad, please hear me out. Each and every one of these chapters takes a lot of heart, soul, and energy out of me and each and every one of them are my greatest pieces of work. I have tried writing stories in the past, but I never put much work into them like I did these stories. I just cannot continue trying to meet deadlines, deal with my family and social life, and do my schoolwork all at the same time and meet deadlines as well. I want no one to blame one another, as it is just my exhaustion that is causing this. I want no one to think I am leaving or quitting my Prehistoric Park series. It is just that I am too tired to meet deadlines, deal with my outside life, and stay scientifically possible (for the PP universe anyways) at the same time. I will occasionally post a new PP chapter here and there, but I will not do so at a set time. I repeat, no one is responsible for this and I am just too tired to carry on. And, I repeat once more, I will still post stories and chapters. I actually have a Pokemon/Fossil Fighters/Dinosaur King/a few other things crossover planned, which I will probably update more often than the PP stories for now on. It has been fun writing the PP chapters and I will still write them, but I just need to relax some, write some new stories perhaps, and take it easy. Besides, MortalKombat's newest PP series is much better than my own. It has been fun writing for you and I will write for you in future still, but I just need some time between each chapter. I hope all of you have a good day and night. Bye!