The sizzling noises from the charcoal grill were making his mouth water. But he was sure that it wasn't just him that was salivating right now. A dozen or so Kobe Beef steaks would do that to anyone though.

Clicking the tongs one final time just for the sheer joy of it Harry lowered the BBQ's heat shield, having flipped the delicious smelling fare to create the traditional checker pattern. With a content sigh he rejoined Tonks on the levitating patio swing. Seated opposite of them were O'Neill, Carter and her boyfriend Pete, while Teal'c and Daniel occupied camping chairs on either side.

"Honestly Harry, of all the places to land why here?" O'Neill whined "We could have been fishing in Minnesota right now! In lakes that actually have fish", he hurriedly added when his former team shot him amused looks.

The Wizard smirked, taking a sip from the lager the General had brought along. The stuff was ok. A bit bitter compared to what he was used to but hey, it was free.

"Sorry O'Neill, but I'm trying to convey to your President just how displeased I am." It's true, he'd already sent the man a Howler. Harry figured if it was ok to send one to Anubis the P.O.T.U.S* was no different.

As for his reason for doing so? The man was unwilling to scrub the Atlantis mission and would not be swayed. And Harry wasn't about to Imperio the guy. Ok, he'd actually considered it but was deterred upon finding out that there were Magical Secret Service Members on his detail who were trained to spot exactly that sort of thing. All the same really.

"Yeah but the Lincoln Memorial Reflection Pool? I mean, it's only two feet deep." Jackson piped in, not really complaining but feeling the need to side with Jack on this one.

Beside him Tonks grinned from ear to ear but didn't say anything, instead taking a pull from her own beer and continued to look around some more. She'd never been to the Colonies.

Harry rolled his eyes.

"Fine, next time you can pick the location."

The massive hull of the Graf Spee sat in the very shallow body of water between the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, the vast majority of its red lower half jutting from the water. It looked like an oversized bath toy a child had left lying around. Around them thousands of people were gathered, most of them tourists, but there was also a sizable police presence and mob of reporters.

Above them several helicopters loitered, making Carter look up with a frown.

"And you're sure no one can see us?" she asked again.

At his mental command a Holo screen popped up to the side, showing a bird's eye view of the ship, including the portion of deck where they'd decided to hold their impromptu BBQ on.

"This is the life feed from the ABC chopper." The wizard quipped in amusement. "As you can see were perfectly hidden."

Pete smiled like a little kid on Christmas morning.

"This is great. First Aliens, now Magic?" The Denver cop was a solid guy, and Harry found he liked hanging out with him a lot. Teal'c smiled pleasantly, simply enjoying the rare occasion of being on Earth and NOT inside Cheyanne Mountain.

"So Sir, how are you liking Washington?" Carter asked. O'Neill instantly frowned, almost out of reflex.

"I'm not, Carter" he said in a sulky tone. O'Neill had been reassigned a few weeks prior, replaced by a guy named Landry. Harry toyed with the man since his arrival, mainly because the muggle felt the need to try and leash the SGC's resident Wizard with procedures and protocols. What a load of rubbish.

Needless to say the new boss wasn't too fond of the magical. Fortunately Harry didn't gave a shit. It wasn't like they could fire him.

Jack quickly changed the topic and began questioning his former team about their new team leader, a guy named Mitchell. His track record was solid, and knowing Landry ensured the guy was the head of SG-1's instead of Carter.

"He seems…" Jackson tried to find the right word, but it was Teal'c that summed it up. "Enthusiastic" the Jaffa supplied with a slight nod. Carter joined in, clearly in agreement.

"A little green around the ears sir, but his head's in the right place."

Harry and Tonks listened with varying degrees of interest. He'd only met the man once since acquiring the new position and found him pretty Vanilla. Coure he'd yet to be put under the gun so to speak. Quite honestly the last few weeks have been quiet. Too quiet. In fact, the SGC was overdue for another incident.

It was ominous.

On que the familiar presence of the ship telling him of an incoming communication signal wiped the content smile right off its captains face.

"Oh c'mon Thor. Really?"

The others looked at him, obviously confused. The Holoscreen shimmered once more, revealing Thor's pasty new face. Tonks paled slightly, obviously making the connection to a Vanquished Dark Lord and the Asgards new preferred look. Harry patted her knee.

"No, they just look like that. No connection."

Her body relaxed and her expression became one of curiosity. Thor began right away, not even bothering with pleasantries.

"Harry Potter. The Asgard once again call on you for help. Please make haste, time is quite literally of the essence."

Short and sweet, typical of the Asgard. Hmm, normally Thor wouldn't send a prerecorded message. The fact that it was had some meaning, but Harry wasn't sure what it was yet. All it stated was he needed help right away. The co-ordinates were already input into the Ship's NAV computer and the engines were beginning their warm up cycle.

"What could he want? Why not be more specific?" Jack asked.

"Lack of time perhaps?" Teal'c suggested. "A speedy arrival must be of the essence."

Harry nodded. "The sensor suite on the Spee allows for instantaneous two way communication. If he can't utilize them…" Harry honestly wasn't sure. His ship might be damaged.

"The trip will take a good hour. Wherever he is, it's somewhere in the Ida Galaxy. Not exactly in the neighborhood so to speak."

The ship lifted off and he engaged shields, holding the crisp, clean (not) Washington Air in place. No need to waste good food. They'd just eat en route.

"Oh, well that would explain it." Harry stated a little while later. The group was on the Battleship's bridge, looking at a Silvery Asgard science vessel and a very visible black hole not far behind it. The gravitational field must be why Thor couldn't talk to them properly.

"Greeting SG-1, Harry Potter." It was Thor, in the flesh.

Harry let O'Neill do the talking. He had a knack for it, weird as though that sounded.

"Thor! What can we do for you this time?"

The gray humanoid creature proceeded to explain the situation, the creation of the Singularity and the destruction of Hala. Unfortunately the Bugs weren't willing to let themselves get flushed down the toilet like that, and amassed in the form a very large and ungainly looking ship…which was heading directly for them right this minute.

Seems their arrival spurred them into action.

Harry banked the Spee to cover the equal sized Daniel Jackson, and with good reason. The Replicator vessel fired a single solid pike shaped replicator spike. It no doubt relied on kinetic energy to pierce the Asgard shields and subsequently wreak havoc aboard.

The Spee however had excellent boarding action defense systems, in the form of gun toting spider like robots. Not that it mattered. The solid metal mass raced towards them before pancaking on the shields, which flared brightly as they deflected and dissipated the heavy mass.

"Well that was rude."

Seconds later the forward gun batteries fired a salvo at the Replicator ship. Harry visually tracked them in, three bright streaks of hot metal staggered a few hundred feet apart. The damn thing though slipped into Hyperspace just before the slugs would have impacted.

Thor's face rematerialized on screen, sounding alarmed. "The Replicators have plotted a course for Oriila. We must peruse."

Both Thor and Harry's ship gave chase. What Harry noticed almost immediately though was that the small Asgard vessel was gaining on the contact.

"Thor, what are you doing?" the Wizard demanded, standing up from the Lantian chair.

His response was audio only. "I am sorry Harry Potter, but the Replicators must not be allowed to reach Orilla."

Potter shook his head. "I agree. But you can't just sacrifice yourself like that."

"There is no other option" came the straightforward answer.

Harry raked both hands through his hair. There had to be a way. Fortunately it was Carter who had a solution.

"Thor, can you upload your conscience to the Daniel Jacksons computer and send a data burst to Harry's ship?" They both knew that beam tech didn't work in hyperspace. But transmission of information did, and Thor had already been in a Ha'tak computer once.

The com line was silent for a full ten seconds.

"I will attempt it." Meanwhile the Jackson was continuing to close on the Replicator Cruiser. The Orrialian defense fleet had also been informed, in case the self-destruct didn't work.

Things happened almost simultaneously. Harry took note of the large compact data stream Thor's ship sent just milliseconds before the vessel detonated, slightly ahead of the target. Both blips faded on screen, while Potter exhaled loudly.

"I have him. Matter converters are already busy whipping him up a new body."

The Battleships shields flared again as it plowed through the debris in hyperspace. They'd drop off Digi-Thor on Orilla.

The synthesized voice of Thor didn't wait for his body however.

"My friends, you have once again saved both my life and quite likely those of everyone on our new colony. You have my thanks."

Harry slumped back into the captain's chair initially relieved, but then began to frown.

"What?" Tonks asked, reading his mood. The whole series of events over the last hour had left her speechless.

Aliens, spaceships. Black Holes?

Thankfully she had some background understanding thanks to her father, but that had all been muggle fiction? To actually see it. To live it? It was like when she went to Hogwarts for the first time.

"It was too easy." Harry scratched his chin. "Usually it's never this straight forward, you know?"

Oddly enough SG-1 did know.

Unbeknownst to the group a second Replicator ship had launched from the Hala singularity, containing the time dilation devise. The blind charge towards the Asgard Home World had been a ploy to direct attention away from their real purpose.

Slipping away unnoticed.


"He did say it was for emergency use only." The Paleontologist stated matter-of-factly, trying to convince himself that their current situation warranted the use of his help. Sam didn't like it, but had to admit that they should have probably involved Potter from the start. After all, the device was ancient and for whatever reason no one could see them after they'd tinkered with it. Even worse, the only one who knew of their predicament was Dr. Lee.

Very reassuring.

Jackson, Carter and Mitchell stood in front of a tall and menacing looking cabinet, Its pointy front looming high above the trio likr the bow of a ship. Its eerie presence seemed enough to deter most. But they were desperate. One by one they shuffled inside, surprised that the vanishing cabinet was actually large enough to hold all three of them.

Daniel closed the door behind them, leaving the three SG members shrouded in darkness.

"So now what. Do we have to say anything?" Cam asked.

Sam shook her head, then realized the futility of the action. "No, he said just walk in and close the door."

Okayyy. Jackson pushed the door open again and was somewhat surprised at the brightness of the new room. Wow, definitely not the SGC. The Spee's doors opened automatically for them as they approached, having studied the odd room full of outdated Victorian closets.

Sam muttered on about how Harry's ship must be able to sense them.

On cue the Messy haired Wizard stormed in wearing nothing but a fluffy white towel, a wand, and an Ancient life signs detector. He frowned, looking at their spot and then back at the device. Confused he scratched his damp scalp before walking back to his private quarters. Sam, Cam and Daniel followed, wondering if they shouldn't just come back in an hour.

The size of the bath he entered would have put the perfect's bath at Hogwarts to shame. It was currently filled with aromatic herbal water and more bubbles than a dish soap filled public fountain prank gone wrong.

"Where'd you go?" a sultry voice asked from within the soapy mass. The Wizard dropped the towel and sank into the hot water with a content sigh.

"Just checking something. I need to run a diagnostic on the sensors later. They're acting up it seems."

A well-endowed Metamorph they knew emerged from the other side and draped her arms around him. For a moment there SG-1 forgot why they were here. At least Jackson and Mitchell did anyway.

"Should we…you know, leave?" Danny boy whispered to an equally flushed looking Samantha. Mitchell couldn't or wouldn't tear his eyes off the Pink haired goddess a few feet away.

Carter nodded, unable to think about anything other than the firm bum Harry had unknowingly mooned them with before slipping back into the water. They grabbed their new team member by the sleeves of his BDU's and left the two to their own devices.

The door hissed open again, causing their heads to turn towards the door.

"Damn ship" Harry muttered. He'd need to visit the Asgard newest home world in the next few days. The little buggers had promised him 5 years bumper to bumper warranty, and he'd be a fool not to take them up on it.


So they just vanished?" Potter asked Lee a few hours later, after receiving a message from Stargate Command. Landry and Teal'c stood nearby. Tonks was there as well, observing with mild interest. This entire place just screamed department of Mysteries, she thought. It certainly had the same vibe.

Harry studied the odd ancient keyboard. It basically was just that, with a crude holo screen. Like one of those first gen PC's you could buy back when he was a kid. Dudley had one, if he recalled correctly. But now was not the time to think about the fat little fuck. Nor was any other time for that matter!

A key depressed on the device, followed by another. He held up his hand, silencing Lee with a wandless charm when he asked what was happening for the fifth time.

"Carter?" Harry muttered. The equivalent yes key rattled up and down repeatedly. Harry glossed over the display again, picking out the relevant words. "Wait, you were on the ship earlier?

The yes key depressed again, though after about a five second pause.

"You creepy voyeuristic little…" the keyboard exploded in a flurry of movement.

"Uh huh, sure you are. Pervert."

Some angry typing followed.

"Yeah, just give me a minute will ya?" Harry scrolled through the text for a minute or two, then brought up another screen.

"Huh, that's actually pretty cool." Everyone around him wore the same expression of 'what?' but he didn't elaborate. With the push of a button he disappeared in a flash of light.

"Harry!" Jackson was leaning against the stainless steel table, looking a titch angry.

"Hiya Jackson. Carter. Mitchell" He nodded at all three. "Figured you'd play with some ancient tech without me. Haven't you learnt anything from the stint with the com relay last year?"

They looked remorseful, so he let it slide. Besides, Harry liked to save the condescending speeches for the Atlantis group. Those stuck up idiots gunned down a Wraith culling party on some sorry looking back water world back in Pegasus last week.

Lo and behold now there were a couple of Cruisers poking around the old Lantian System. Fortunately that bumbling Canadian fool McKay had managed to jury rig the shield to work with a puddle jumper cloak.

Of course that meant they had no shields. Harry's IO base was busy whipping them up a properly designed cloak emitter for when, not if the small jumper unit burned itself out.

After showing them how to return to their state of phase the group was reunited, so to speak.

"Looks like you guys found one of Merlin's old toys," the Wizard muttered, skimming over the ancient text displayed on the user interface.

"Wait, THE Merlin?" Tonks asked, flabbergasted.

"Yeah" Harry sighed, not bothering to look up from the screen. "Though his real name was Marvin or something."

"Mordos" Jackson interjected with annoyance, before remembering the stuff he'd read about the Sangreal. "But thats beside the point. We fou…"

Before he could talk everyone's ear off the familiar siren of the base complex began to wail, announcing the arrival of an off world traveler. The group left Lee's lab, leaving a mildly irritated Dr. Jackson behind.

Turned out it was just Vala, who seemed to pop by every once in a while, mostly looking for help when she got in way over her head.

Harry subtly fitted Tonks with a lantian shield device. It was her fist interaction with the Intergalactic thief after all. Harry assumed that Maldoran hasn't made the connection between them yet, but would soon, which is why the Metamorph was wearing the personal shield, though she didn't know it yet.

"Why hello. I didn't expect such a large welcoming party." She greeted everyone, sounding suspiciously chipper. Yup, she was probably up to her ears in it.

Landry, technically being the person in charge of this quaint little hole in the ground started berating her for the frequent and unnecessary visits, going so far as to mention the electric bill.

"That's completely unfair!" she argued. "Harry uses the gate all the time."

"Oi!" the now involved Wizard countered. "I've got my own gate I'll have you know."

Vala nodded, fully aware of course but using it as an excuse to turn the discussion into another direction. "So why don't you let me use it anymore?"

Harry growled, as if it wasn't obvious. "The moment you dumped me for the geek over there." He jerked an angry thump towards Daniel, who had just caught up with the group. "Also, I know you've been trying to get your hands on my potions stash. I knew I shouldn't have told you about the liquid luck!"

"What?" said Archeologist nearly shouted. "We're not dating!" Harry was impressed with the amount of disgust he injected in that one sentence. The good Doctor was a formidable actor.

The rest of the group wisely remained quiet, and Landry made a note never to reprimand the Vala with others around. Even the SF's were having a hard time keeping their faces neutral.

Jackson rubbed the bridge of his nose, eyes scrunched closed. "Whatever. I need to talk to you about what we fou…"

Just then four more people appeared out of nowhere, adding to the already crowded Gate room. The Gateroom response team trained their guns on the newcomers, who were none other than Harry's 'other ' family from another dimension.

"Shite, is it Thursday already?" he asked loudly.

"Is this a bad time?" yet another voice asked from behind them. It was O'Neill. Jackson threw up his hands, the Potters looked confused, and Landry was about to die of an aneurism.


"Sangreal? What is that? It sounds like Sangria" O'Neill ranted after having finished listening to Daniels latest history lesson. "…which by the way I wouldn't be against right about now." He leaned forward to stretch, the 'salad bar' of decorations on his formal dress blues clanking against the conference table's edge.

This was supposed to have been a quick meeting with Landry to discuss the SGC's lesser known and liked administrative duties, not another brain storming session about how to stick it to the Ori. Regardless, he moved forward.

"Doesn't anybody else think this thing is just a little too convenient to actually work? I mean c'mon, the thing is like four feet long and weighs a bit over seventy pounds. How the hell is it supposed to kick the Ori's collective butts?"

Harry had managed to pull an early preliminary diagram of the device from Merlin's work station, a representation of which was now floating above said table.

James leaned towards his son. "Is he always this…"

"Dramatic?" Harry finished. "I'm afraid so."

"I was going to say pessimistic." Harry laughed. The Potters had picked one hell of a day to pull the 'Bring your Family to work day' card Harry had conceded to after the defeat of Voldemort in their reality.

Landry wasn't pleased to have civies sitting in on this conversation, but Harry had made it very clear that it was non-negotiable. Walking all over not one but two US Air Force Generals seemed to earn him a few notches of respect from JP, who had until that point considered his older sort of sibling to be a bit boastful at times.

"So were going to a different Planet…where Merlin kept a library?" Sara summarized for all to hear.

"Yes", Jackson beamed, happy that someone was listening.

"This is sooo much better than when Dad took me to work." The 7th year practically vibrated with excitement. James frowned.

"Let me just nip this in the butt before it get out of hand" Landry placed both hands on the richly polished teak. "You're not stepping through that gate!" She pointed at the Ring sitting just beyond the conference room's window. "I won't allow civilians on a mission off world. Especially those not cleared by myself or the Joint Chiefs." He moved to his office, effectively attempting to settle the argument before it even began.

"Not to worry dearest Family & significant other", Harry stated louder than need be before nodding at Tonks, then watched the pieces click in Vala's head.

"…We can simply use the Bebop's gate!"

The door to the Generals office slammed so hard it sounded like a fire cracker.

Harry scratched his chin thoughtfully. "Actually, let's just take the ship. The beam tech might come in handy."

Unfortunately it didn't. In fact, the entire mission was a bust. A day wasted, no secret weapons found and worst of all he didn't get to see Mitchell get his ass handed to him by one of those Holographic Knights.

They had an idea of what it was that was hidden in the Library all that time ago. A ruby red jewel that made Merlin's weapon tick.

Ok, so it wasn't the Grande adventure the Potters had expected. Which was why they wanted a do-over in exactly one week. Somehow they had it in their head that he would be on a more exiting mission with SG-1 then.


Harry yawned and tossed another quarter into the conjured jar on the rough plank table. Cam followed suit, his donation making a metallic clank against the dozens of others.

"You know, there's a rather simple way around all of this." The Wizard suggested, gesturing to the two muggle stiffs he'd transfigured into marbles.

"And what might that be?" Carter mumbled, rubbing her face with both palms. They looked like shite, and Harry was no exception.

"Give in. Pass away peacefully in your sleep. Then we throw you in Sarcophagus and bam, Bob's your uncle."

Jackson's head lolled around a few times before managing to look at Harry. "You want us to DIE?"

Potter shrugged indifferently. "Wouldn't be the first time for me."

"No." everyone still conscious replied in unison. The Wizard sighed. "Fine, let's go check out that dumb old cave again. Because if I sit any longer I WILL fall asleep."

Teal'c, Mitchell and Harry shuffled out of dilapidated house, the latter not even lucid enough to consider apparating there.

The run down village they were trundling out of used to be frequented by one Morgan LeFey, aka Morgana. Rumored to have dabbled in the dark arts, the condition they were all suffering certainly seemed to fit the bill, though in Harry's opinion it sounded rather tame on the violence scale.

Carter and that muggle scientist Dr. Reimer checked in via Radio halfway through their nighttime stroll down the pitch black, devoid of life forest with the results of their autopsy. The update was pretty creepy, even for the wizard.

He briefly wondered if the Hallows would keep him alive when his brain popped due to the giant bug lodged within it.

Just the thought of it gave him the willies. He shook himself, making Mitchell smirk. Damn it Potter, quit picturing it. As they neared the cave entrance a sort of iguana looking lizard greeted them. Mitchell and Teal'c gave chase, then nearly got smacked in the face by it when Harry summoned the thing.

He was way too tired to try and play fair right now. After tossing the squirming critter in a burlap bag and tossing it to Teal'c Harry tucked his wand away.

"C'mon, let's get back. We've wasted enough time walki…" his eye began to twitch when he realized he could have made the trip in a few short seconds.

"Wow, that was qui…actually, with Harry with you the three of you should have been back sooner." Daniel greeted as they returned.

"Shut up Jackson. No one cares." Harry answered back, going straight to one of the shelves and picking up a frayed length of rope.

It glowed blue momentarily and he tossed it on the table.

"What's this?" an irritable Carter asked, and instantly wished she hadn't.

Harry transfigured the dead marine they'd opened up into a marble and noted the equally dead Reimer laying sprawled out on the floor.

"Heart attack, the Major explained, sounding every bit as awful as he looked.

Harry sighed in irritation more than anything. "Wonderful, the sarcophagus was going to get a workout tonight."

Seeing how she answered a question of his (well, one he would have probably asked) Harry returned the favor.

"The rope's a portkey. I'm too beat to apparate you lot to the gate." He pocketed the last dead muggle marble and added under his breath. "Also, I'd probably splinch you if I tried." he finished, leaving SG-1 to wonder just what that term meant.

"All right, grab on" he ordered, wishing he had a pepper up in his bag right now. They reluctantly complied, until finally cam asked; "Ok, now wha-"

One thing was for sure, no one felt tired when they arrived at the gate.

"Sweet mother!" Mitchell hollered, rolling around on the dark forest floor like he was on fire or something. The others looked equally unhappy, and the bag Teal'c was holding was moving a hell of a lot more than it had before. Harry grinned weakly. Totally worth it.

Jackson dialed the gate and the team relayed their status to Star Gate Command. Help would arrive soon. With nothing left to do but wait the team began to fade away, one after the other.

Daniel slid down the side of the DHD, and was promptly joined by Carter. Mitchell just sort of fell on his knees and deposited himself face first on in the dirt. Teal'c and Harry were the last to go, and it weren't for the judicious amount of Invigorates he cast on himself the Jaffa would have won fair and square.

Potter remained conscious long enough to greet the rescue team, wrestle himself into a red Has-mat suit, walk through the gate, beam down the sarcophagus, un-transfigure the marbles and finally pass out right then and there on the gate room grating.


The as of yet nameless Goa'uld could only growl as the pathetic creature finally relinquished control of its body to the symbiote. The Elf's foreign physiology, coupled with the frail and injured condition it was and still is in proved quite a challenge for the 'him' to control. Though nameless, the Goa'uld though of itself as male, and like all that came before it contained vast amounts of genetic knowledge from birth.

The Tau'ri had grown strong indeed, he determined, watching as one of their ungainly and bulky gray vessels drifted past the cloaked Al'kesh in Earth's orbit. How those vermin had managed to evolve so far under Ra's thumb was beyond him. The cunning oversized orbs narrowed. Unless of course Ra was no longer ruler of this planet.

The others who had implanted him continued to keep their distance, afraid of their not quite brother. After dragging himself out of that muddy crater he'd thrown a bit of a fit and may have killed on of them with this creatures natural magic.

Yes, Magic. Honest to god Magic. The memories this 'Elf' possessed were invaluable. Its former master had been cruel but stupid, allowing its underling to listen to many a secret. The first thing the Goa'uld had done was to acquire one of these wands from the primitive market these wizards and witches frequented. Not bothering to hide his presence one of the imbeciles had confronted him, demanding why he was holding a 'human' wand.

Killing the Wizard had been an exquisite experience, and despite their crudeness the small wooden sticks held a certain charm. He quickly found the killing curse to be one of his favorites. How the creature had known of these 'spells' without ever having held a wand je did not know, nor care to know for that matter.

He had sampled their unique power, and hungered for more!

Dressed in fine silk robes the bug eyed, large eared creatures gaze drifted from the human starship to the planet below. Yes, he'd stay on this world, and in time would control both it and it's…unique subspecies of humans.

After that, the galaxy would be his.


"So a House Elf just killed this bloke and Apparated away?" Harry had never heard of a house elf killing a wizard before, let alone with the killing curse. James nodded, taking a healthy gulp from his muggle beer.

He'd have to be back in an hour or so, but a single drink shouldn't interfere with administrative duties planned for this afternoon. Both he and his son were currently in a London beer garden enjoying a pint.

"Yeah, it was the weirdest thing. The witness's pensive memories all showed the brief verbal exchange, and then the Elf just fires of an Avara Kedava like he'd done it a million times before." The elder Potter summarized. "There was some sort of malfunction with the memory though."

Harry's eyes rose from his own glass with interest. "Malfunction?"

"Hmm" James confirmed, wiping a bit of foam from his mouth using the back of his hand. "Yes, it was the oddest thing. Just after casting the unforgivable the little bugger grinned like a maniac and his eyes glowed."

Harry, who was in the middle of taking a drink turned slightly and spewed beer across the cloth covered long table they were sitting at, earning himself some sour looks from the staff and a few customers nearby.

"Son of a… tell me you're joking!"

The Auror looked confused. "No. Why? Do you know what's going on?"

Harry ran a hand down his face and groaned. "I may have an idea."

James pinched the bridge of his nose, attempting to make sense of how his wayward not quite son always managed to get involved in his cases.

'Great, how the hell was he supposed to track a homicidal house elf/Gua'uld with access to a spaceship? It could be anywhere by now, and It wasn't like he could just cast a point me charm!'

Harry forced himself to breathe deeply and think about this logically. Ok, knowing what he did about the arrogant snakes (gah he sounded like O'Neill) the thing, Dobby…uld? –would probably stick around and try to build up a power base of magic hosts before making a move on the larger galactic community.

There was no way he'd turn tail and run, not with such a huge tactical advantage as magic for him to take advantage of. Besides, the Goa'uld were drawn to power like a moth to the flame. Yeah, he'd whet his beak, and probably wanted more. There was no way the little bastard was going anywhere.

First things first, he needed to figure out just what the hell had happened to Dobby after he'd left the poor guy on the Hatak's Pel'tak.

The two Potters portkeyed to this world's O'Neill's house in Colorado Springs. The guy was either still in charge of SG-1, ran Cheyanne Mountain, or worked in Washington like Harry's O'Neill did. Whatever the position, he likely knew where the little house elf had been shipped off to. Personally Harry suspected the NID, but he'd need a name and address in order to shake the tree and see if anything came falling.

"It's you!" the middle aged American stated in mild surprise when the two Wizards came knocking. It's threw him off a bit. The O'Neill he knew would have simply slamed the door in his face. Seems the other one didn't know any better yet, the younger Potter thought with a smirk.

"So it is. I'm Cash, and this is my partner Tango." James raised a single eyebrow at the muggle movie reference he actually recognized (completely Lily's fault) and heard the American Air Force Officer snort.

"May we come inside?" Harry kept a straight face, still pretending to be serious. O'Neill made a gesture that said whatever and stepped aside. The place was the exact same as his own verse's, with the exception of the pictures that hung all over the walls. Most showed a happy child doing all sorts of muggle sports.

"Cute kid," the Wizard commented. O'Neill shrugged. "My son, Charlie. He's at his mother's right now." The colonel came from the kitchen carrying a trio of beers, two of which he handed to the Crimson robed Brits.

Harry made a note to ask this O'Neill about his son's security clearance. His realities Jack would probably appreciate meeting his not quite son. But that was for later.

"Colonel, care to tell me why you didn't mention the magical creature you found on the Goa'uld mother ship the last time we met?" the American military man tensed.

"So you didn't leave him there on purpose?" Harry frowned. "Didn't think so" he deduced from Harry's frown. He sat on the remaining free couch and flicked the bottle cap back into the kitchen.

"The NID swooped in pretty quickly after we found the little guy. We haven't seen him since."

"Who was the NID liason? Frank Simmons?"

O'Neill looked surprised. "how do you-?"

"Simmons has been trying to get his grubby little mitts on me for years now, so it comes as no surprise that he'd be all over a magical elf." Potter explained, revealing that their dislike for the man was very much mutual, no matter what dimension he resided in. "It's a miracle I haven't fired his annoying arse into the sun yet."

Jack grinned. "So why are you here? You clearly know who you're after. Speaking of which, why the sudden interest in the big eared fella. It's been months since the NID carted him off."

James was the one who filled Jack in on the recent developments.

"Several Eyewitnesses claim to have seen this particular house elf murdering two wizards in broad daylight in a busy London magical shopping district two days ago." The Auror explained, still feeling a bit uneasy about talking to this muggle so freely. That sure got the Air force offices attention. James pressed on. "They claim his eyes glowed."

Jack swore.

*President of the United States