Shadow Story: Caitlin is seventeen and having some problems coping with her past. My first fanfic so be nice.

Caitlin Lowe stood next to her friends, half listening, shifting from one foot to another, Pulling her hair away from her neck in heavy bunches and twirling them around her fingers. It was really hot her elastic band had broken and though she had another one in her bag, she didn't feel like tipping half the things out of her bag to get it.

Caitlin's mind was wandering. It was Eric's birthday tonight and she could hear him asking everyone to come. If he doesn't invite you just act normal it's no big deal Caitlin said to herself. Actually it was a big deal. to her any way. Am I saying I actually like Eric? No? Yes? She questioned herself Caitlin dismissed all thought's of Eric and the party and trying to focus her attention on the teacher's. It was almost the end of Catlin's high school years. No more homework or kids. She looked around and was surprised to see the emotion on her classmate's faces. A small stab of uncertainty Hit her. Suppose she wasn't good enough to be a photographer. Didn't get in university? Failed her exams? Misjudged everything. She brushed the thought aside No. She was one of the top photographers. She had things planned out.

'So many strong friendships have been formed over these years at school. Make the effort to keep in contact. The world out there can be a very tough and lonely place. Very tough indeed. So congratulations again.'

The students clapped warmly, then crowded around the teacher's for a few quick words of goodbye. There was a general exuberant feeling, even though some were half crying as they slapped each other's backs and clasped hands.

Someone tapped Caitlin on the shoulder. It was Will 'hey school's out for good huh' He said giving her a forced smile. Caitlin and Will had been together for a while but Time had drifted them apart and their relationship had slowly fizzled. 'Yeah pretty good huh' Caitlin responded. 'Hey Will you on for the party' Eric hollered. 'Of course' he yelled back. 'Okay see you around they wanna talk to you so yeah bye' Caitlin stammered. She had barely turned around when Will gripped her arm pulling her to face him. He leaned closer to her. Caitlin felt rush of heat spread though her. 'Yeah later' Will whispered softly he kissed her cheek quickly then moved over to where Eric and Brett were standing. Wow does he still like me? Caitlin wondered. Her feelings for Will were gone now but she was sure he wasn't over her yet. Eric approached he warily. 'Um Caitlin see its my birthday and was having a party and I though it would be pretty mean of me not to invite you and all so you wanna come' Caitlin thought about it for a minuet. 'Well I don't know I might Ill think about it okay' 'okay sure thing' Eric said quickly. 'Okay maybe I just might come Caitlin said thoughtfully.'

I might write more of this story depending if I have enough time