"The Sun loved the Moon so much, he died every night to let her breathe."

Death surrounds us all, it's your own shadow, a knife hanging over our heads by a thread waiting to be cut by The Reaper. He comes no matter what you do, and you can never stop him. The scythe in his hand inching to rip apart the life line, but he's nothing compared to Kaname Kuran.

The tip of his finger is able to send billions of electric jolts shooting through me. His eyes is able to cut through my soul with just a glance. His mouth leaves me in a disarray. His soft silk like hair tangles themselves within my fingers, trapping them there.

Gone. No more gentle hands caressing me when I'm lonely or sad. No more soft hair I tangle myself into. No more eyes watching me with passion. No more of his mouth dominating mine, and no more electricity shooting through me.

Death took him from me. He never knocked to signal he was here, but he did leave a print to tell me he had left, left with him. A body, an empty shell that once held his soul within.

His soul took the warmth with him, and a piece of myself. Trapped. Trapped within my own darkness. No one is there to free me. My light is gone, and will never return. Kaname Kuran.

Kaname loved Zero so much he died one time to let Zero surviveā€¦.But not live.

A one-shot.

My best friend had a picture on her google account that said "'Tell me the story about how the Sun loved the moon so much he died every night to let her breathe'". I thought it was beautiful and it gave me inspiration for this one-shot. I really hope you like it and review telling me what you think.