This is my first time ever writing a fan fiction, so I hope I did all right. I've read a lot of the other Loki themed stories and would recommend many of them. I hope you enjoy this, though I realize that many stories start out relatively slow. Don't worry, it'll get better. Please, feel free to criticize me as much as you want. Thanks!


Loki was bored. There was no other word for it. He had been falling for much too long and the general worry about where he was falling too had worn off. He had tried to summon a book to his hand with magic, even attempted to entertain himself by chucking random rocks at small stars, causing them to explode, and though that kept him temporarily amused, it soon left him wondering what his life had come to and wishing that he had company. But instead he was left to his own devises, which at that point were immensely limited

Now all he ever really thought about were revenge schemes to get back at his foolish father- no, not his father. His father was Laufey, king of the frost giant. Dead now, by his hand. Odin was more of a kidnapper, a liar. He would regret all the wrongs he had induced soon enough. And his dimwitted 'brother' who had gone to Midgard and come back worthy. Worthy for the throne that Loki so desperately desired. He needed to be king, to rule above others. Midgard would pay for this. For his brother, for his throne, for all of it. Pay with blood and freedom.

He was ripped out of his reverie by the sudden realization that there was something out there, hiding in the vast darkness that enveloped him. A strange, bluish light was slowly beginning to outline a rather large rock which he appeared to be falling towards. He sighed in relief, feeling that he could at least rest there, free from the ever present lurching feeling in his stomach, and possibly free from boredom as well. The thought didn't last long, however, as he began to see movement on the rock. The light seemed to be coming from openings all over it, and things were crawling in and out of them. He finally made it within the atmosphere and saw, to his amazement, that it was not a rock at all, but a giant ship.

Suddenly, he felt a pull in his gut that had nothing to do with the falling sensation, and he was dragged down to the surface. His icy blue eyes widened in awe as he descended to the front of a throne. He knelt automatically, feeling that it was prudent in the current condition. He was a guest, and this - whatever it was – obviously held a powerful position on this world.

"Loki," It said, voice deep and strong, commanding. It was not a question, but a statement, as if he had been awaiting the lost prince.

"Sir?" Loki responded, unable to say anything else. All the surprise of this predicament still fresh in his mind.

"Please, enough with the formalities. You are welcome here," said the thing on the throne, and he did indeed sound as if he and Loki were old friends, not complete strangers.

"But, where exactly is here?" Loki questioned, attempting to keep any confusion out of his head as he said it.

"Here is the nation of the Chitauri," the thing exclaimed proudly, and as he said it, his chair swiveled around to face the god of mischief. Loki barely contained a gasp as he looked up at a Titan. He had read about them in books, a strange race of powerful, godlike creatures. Loki stared at him, sizing him up.

His face was confident, accented by grooves that were etched into his purple skin. White-blue eyes shone out of his flesh, and his grin of malice made Loki want to run and hide, to curl up with his mother and cower, though he didn't show it. Instead he stared back with a look of determination, silently inquiring after his title.

"Ah, yes. I am called Thanos, but master will suffice."

"Am I a prisoner, Thanos?"

"Master, and yes, for the time being, at least."

"Why, master?" Loki asked defiantly, putting emphasis on master to show his unwillingness to cooperate.

"Because, Loki, there is a job you are going to complete for me, in exchange for revenge on Thor and Odin."

"And what if I refuse?"

"Oh," Thanos chuckled, lips curling into a dangerous smirk, "If you fail to complete the task, then I shall personally assure that you feel agony the like of which you have never felt before. Mark my words, Loki Laufeyson, I will make you bleed, burn and cower at my feet until I have you begging for death."

I hope I did alright, and I also hope you continue reading this, however boring the beginning may seem.