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Authors note: This will be a part of the new universe that is the new sets of Star Trek films that came out recently but will show the outcome of Harry Potters life the way I envision it, and the events that took place during First Contact and before Star Trek Enterprise as Harry will not be around by that time as he forces himself to go through self exile on a very special planet.


The Period of the Eugenics War

Great Britain

Late afternoon

Two men battled, throwing fists that connected on flesh, bones breaking, flesh tearing, blood being slung about due to open wounds and bloody mouths, and plenty of bruising as a single group behind one of the two warriors locked in Mortal Combat, ran to the ship located on a giant technologically advanced launch pad. A glowing fist connected on the other mans already bruised and badly bleeding jaw, dislocating it as it connected while the other mans fist, began to bleed as the skin over his knuckles began to tear.

Staggering from the blow and only managing to stay on his feet due to grabbing a pipe that was a part of the rail near where his ship was located and connected with the walk way, the other man, winded with his fists still exposed and ready to continue landing blows. Both men, bruised, bleeding, nearly broken, breathed hard, trying desperately to keep fighting, "Potter, stop." the man panted, blood pooling and flowing from the left side of his sore mouth, a hand raised as if to yield, "Can't you see, we're too...evenly matched...We are equals." he huffed, trying to take in lungfuls of air.

"We are not equals, Khan. You are an abomination, a murderer, and my enemy...Like Riddle before you, you murdered my family. You murdered most of my people!" Harry James Potter hollered as he then huffed, trying to steady his heart. "You're going to die here, Khan Noonian Singh. I promise you that." But as Harry began to advance on his foe with a green glow of killing magic in his hand, a loud whine caught his attention, forcing him to stop, raise his head, and look up at the odd space ship/ escape craft, as one of its weapons turrets turned towards him and fired a pulse of energy, forcing Harry to raise and bring his arms together in an 'X' pattern as he summoned a quick shield barrier of magical energy that protected him from the blast. The most damaging it did was merely force him to slide back as his boots was barely able to keep him grounded in the metal grating of the walkway in order to keep him on his feet. When he stopped sliding due to the weapons firing ceasing, he took the chance to once more look up as he watched as Khan was aided into the ship by two of his brethren, the doors closing after passing the portal into the ship. Suddenly, there was a roar as Harry realized the ships engines had fired for liftoff in order to take off.

He barely was able to keep himself steady, the walk way was falling to the side as the ship was rising. Desperate to stay alive, Harry turned and a with 'crack', he managed to apparate to another location, thirty meters northeast from where the launch pad resided, landing on his feet, but since he was magically exhausted, he fell to one knee, panting and trying to stay conscious. He looked up as his eyes tracked the ship as it's engines burned, forcing it to rise into the sky. As Harry watched it, he rose to both feet and roared at the sky until he could not roar any further as he was forced to take in another lungful of air, "I'LL FIND YOU. I SWEAR I'LL FIND YOU KHAN, AND WHEN I DO, I'LL RIP YOUR FUCKING HEART OUT AND PUT IT ON A PIKE!" he shouted, raising his fist to the sky where the ship was now barely visible. Once it was gone from his vision in the afternoon sky, he fell to the Earth on his knees as he felt defeated. He felt that he failed his family, his people. He felt that he failed them all.

Multiple 'cracks' revealed many battle robed wizards and witches who looked up as they were roughed up a bit themselves with dirt stained and bruised and bloody faces, torn clothing and robes, and yet all were able to not only catch sight of the smoke trail of Khans ship as it retreated from the planet, but also the last bit of visual sight of the ship itself as it left Earth's skies. They then looked to the kneeling form of their General.

Auror Captain Neville Longbottom slowly walked up to his emotionally defeated friend and commanding officer, "General,...Harry,...Harry, talk to me, old friend."

"He got away, Nev. I had him. I fucking had him." he said softly and tearfully. "I was about to end that abomination when his fellow surviving super-humans used the ships weapons to fire on me." Harry cried softly, his head down.

Sighing, Neville knowing Harry had to shield himself to repel the weapons fire lest he die, grabbed his longtime friends shoulder, "It's not your fault. You did what you could. But at least it's over."

Harry remained silent for a moment before he looked up, his face blank of any emotion, "No Neville. It's just the beginning." Both men rounded up their wounded and dead while vanishing their enemy combatants remains. Harry decided to go home alone, where he joined what remained of his family within the Weasley Clan. Hermione had long since disappeared via a portal that appeared from out of thin air and took her. As much as Harry, Ronald, and others tried to find her, it did no good. She was eventually declared dead after six months of being gone. Harry consoled his surrogate brother as best as he could, but then, a few months later, buried him when Khan and his Eugenics were created and released upon the Magical population when the Powers-that-be decided that the citizens of the Magical Realm were too dangerous to continue living. Harry and his forces cured them of that notion, at least for a time.

Then years later, General Harry Potter fears would be realized as he would be right back where he started, as a new threat came up in the world, a threat called Phillip Greene, a Colonel in the American Black Ops. and Special Forces. Colonel Phillip Greene finished what Khan started as World War Three began. The governments that created Khan and the Eugenics to wipe out the threats of the Magical World, leaving Harry James Potter to stop him when they murdered Harry's wife, sons, Godson, and unborn daughter, tried again with Greenes rise to power. After Khans retreat from Earth, they were warned by the surviving Magical World and its representatives that should history repeat itself, that Potter and his Warrior Mages and Allies would return, and no one would be safe.

A warning Colonel Phillip Greene obviously ignored the as he initiated World War Three. Through assassinations, chemical and biological warfare, and various forms of murder, Greene, through his ability to insight people to listen and follow him, led the Muggle Governments against the Magical Realm, its people and species, all of whom were hunted down and destroyed with whatever Greene had at his disposal. Through the murder of his brother by adoption and the last ties to his people, Neville Longbottom, Harry James Potter declared war on Greene, his forces, and the governments who gave him the power. Harry eliminated Greenes people one by one like a madman possessed. He became a menace, an Agent of Vengeance. None was safe from his wrath. The justice he delivered was never pretty to his enemies as the last Potter made sure Greene knew he was coming for him as over time, he wiped out all of Greens people and supporters. No matter where the Colonel hid, safety was becoming a thin possibility. Try as he might, Greene realized that General Potter could not be bargained with, could not be reasoned with, and would absolutely not be stopped and would not allow himself to rest or be caught until either men were dead. But the same could not be said for Greenes people as they would all surely die.

Eventually, Harry had tracked down and found Greene amongst the last of his surviving supporters, as he tried to hold himself up in a room full of anti-magic based equipment, but as Harry had been around for a long time, he would not let that stop him. In his office back at his hideout, Greene was confident he would be able to stop or even wound the vengeful wizard. He doubted Potter would die easy since he was famous for doing the impossible and staying alive when the odds were against him.

He was contemplating this when he heard screams and loud booms outside the closed doors of his office until it went silent. Suddenly, his office doors blew open, falling to the floor in massive chunks of wood, forcing Greene to take cover for a moment as the doors flew towards him. As he ducked, they flew over the desk he hid under and smashed into the wall behind him before hitting the floor. When he rose to look where the doors once stood, there was smoke clouding both the inside and the outside of the office as one could see the fire through the smoke, "What are you waiting for Potter?" Green taunted as he held a Colt .45 that he removed from its holster beneath the main drawer of his desk, his gun arm raised where the doors once stood. "Potter," he called out. "I know you can hear me, General."

Suddenly, a cylindrical object flew through the smoke. Greene recognized it too late to be a flash bang grenade when it hit the floor and rolled a bit until it came to a stop. Not having time to get down, Greene could only think, "Shit!"

A loud bang, and a white light, blinded the Colonel whom hit the floor, screaming and rolling on the ground as he covered his eyes and ears. The next thing he knew was darkness. When he came to, his body was petrified stiff as he could not move any part of himself and knew he'd been hit with a 'Petrificus Totalus' curse, and his feet barely dangling over the edge of an active volcano. Holding the tyrant by the throat, was the man known as General Harry James Potter whose eyes glowed with furious righteous power. It was then that Greene felt the heat of the volcanos liquid fire several kilometers beneath his feet, and began pissing his pants. "Please, Potter, don't."

"I gave you a way out. We only wanted to be left alone. Why didn't you leave us alone?" Harry growled out, his eyes still glowing emerald green with barely suppressed magical energy while a single tear fell from his right eye.

Looking into Potters eyes, Greene went from whimpering, to chuckling, followed by outright laughter as his eyes took on a glazed-like look that showed how crazy he really was, even in the face of his upcoming death, "Your world has been a blight upon our people all throughout time. I had to stop you. I did what I did because no one else could or would. You and your kind, are abominations of nature."

Yanking the Colonel forward so Harry could be closer to Greene as he then hefted the man up by the lapels of his uniform, raising him with a bit of help via a 'feather-lite' charm, "'You', are the blight. You're insane, a psychopathic murderer."

"That makes us just the same Potter, as you've killed..." he tried until Harry silenced him with a counter argument.

"I've killed because I was left with no choice. You and those who followed you, committed mass genocide on a scale much like Hitlers, Grindewald, and other tyrants throughout time, wanting to be seen as something you were and are not. No, we are not the same. But more importantly, you did what Khan couldn't. You destroyed my species."

"And it felt good, Potter. Knowing that I've killed Magic's children." Greene laughed theatrically. "Let's face it Potter, you can't kill me. You need me, to continue the fight, the battle of good vs. evil."

"Wrong." General Potter said as he then held the Colonel by the throat with one hand, dangling him over the volcano, "With your Death, the spirits of Magics children will finally have their peace." Harry roared as he released the Colonel who began to cry out as he fell, his petrified body now falling like a rock as the second he released him, he removed the 'Feather-lite' charm. Harry watched in a trance-like state, and as if in slow motion, as Green fell into the pit of liquid fire, the lava consuming the mad man. Potters aim was spot on as the moment Greene fell into the volcano's lava, for just a brief second, Greene looked to struggle as he screamed, but quickly succumbed to the churning volcanic fiery ocean as he was dragged under and reduced to nothing.

Harry, finally taking a breath and moment to take it all in, finally giving up the fight with Greenes death, apparated back to the Burrow, his final, and yet well hidden home. He collapsed to the silent living rooms floor. The children of magic, their families, both magical and muggle, were finally avenged. Now he could rest. He was aging, this he knew and was prepared for Deaths sweet embrace as he wished to join with those of whom he loved and missed more than life itself. War and killing had aged him greatly. As he collapsed, and allowed sleep to claim him, he failed to notice a bright flash of flame as an all too familiar bird of fire hovered over his tired and unconscious body.

He awoke three days later, well rested, and yet noticed there was something different about himself. He stood and looked around, finding nothing amiss as he dragged his worn body into the bathroom and began a shower. He stood under the water for what seemed like forever as the events of his life played over in his mind. The flashes and images of his wife, his children including Teddy. Holding the remains of his stillborn daughter after failing to save her mother, and in turn failing to save her. Harry buried her with his lost love after naming her after his mother Lily. The entirety of the Weasley-Potters, Longbottoms, and every person Harry loved and respected was buried all over Godrics Hollow Cemetery.

He even buried his former enemies and teachers, even his truest first friend, Rubeus Hagrid. And he did it alone. The years passed by, and the muggle world spent time trying to come to terms with what happened. Harry Potter's legend would slowly diminish, but yet, like all fallen heroes, his name weighed heavily through the survivors haunting nightmares, and in doing so, become the thing they feared most. He became another boogeyman to them. He stuck to the shadows, always watching, always observing. He learned after awakening on the third day, that he was even more than he was before as when he looked into the mirror after the long hot shower, there he found a tattoo of a Phoenix on his chest, and then heard an echo of his thought to be long lost friend Fawkes musical voice. And it was when he searched his magic almost a hour and a half later, that he knew. He was Immortal.

Then one day, as he watched a drunk yet amazing genius known as Zephram Cochrane, begin to turn a nuclear rocket into a space ship that things changed again. One night, within the set of camp grounds in which he stayed, as people rested, he felt a familiar presence that seemed to be coming from above as the moment he raised his head, beams or discharges of green killing curse-like light began to rain down from the sky above. People began to scatter, buildings and small tents and small roofed living compartments began to explode and was set aflame as cries of pain and fear replaced the sound of silence. He stood stock still after casting a 'notice me not' charm and a 'Protego Maxima' shield around his body as his eyes focused with the aid of his magic. His eyes zoomed into the assaulting target, or should one say, targets. Two ships, one black, odd circular ship with bizarre green lights glowing from open areas was the one firing upon the encampment he was currently living amongst, and apparently was the new unknown enemy. The other, was a clean, stylish, near white ship with a large, curved saucer section, a secondary hull with a glowing golden relay, two long red and blue tubes in the back, strutting from the secondary hull. There was a name on the saucer section as it turned while moving as well as on the secondary hull, U.S.S. ENTERPRISE N.C.C. 1701-E. Both ships appeared to be futuristic in of themselves.

He long since figured out how to use flame flash, a form of teleportation that Phoenix's are well known for, and was about to flame-port as he called it to the circular enemy ship when the Enterprise destroyed the enemy ship via some form of orange glowing...torpedoes?

It was then his senses picked up a familiar, even if it was faint, magical signature. "Hermione?" he whispered in growing dread. He knew he couldn't act without having more information, and so, he waited. His patience was rewarded with the arrival soon after when not even a mere hour later, a group of people arrived, their teleporting or flashing in sounding like a beautiful set of chimes as their bodies glowed and shimmered upon their arrival. He observed these new...arrivals, when he realized one of them was a telepath and had nearly sensed his presence. He kept his mental shields up in order to observe them from afar, his mind and visual presence was hidden from the woman as he watched these strange people for over a day and learned their names, where they were from, and what they were trying to do. the first he scanned was called Captain Jean Luc Picard, Captain of the Starship Enterprise E and formerly captain of the Enterprise D, Counselor Deanna Troy, 1st Lieutenant William T. Riker, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Beverly Crusher, Chief Engineer Geordi La Forge, a strange dark skinned being named Worf, son of Mogh whose species came from a planet called Kronos. The...Klingon as he was called, had heavily forified mental shields that Harry was able to thankfully bypass while his outward appearance had revealed the ridges on his head with what hair he had was tied back in a long pony tail, a deeper and yet discreet journey into the beings mind revealed the man Worf, as alien as he was, was born of a warrior race that had called themselves Klingons, and had a system or belief concerning honor. Color him interested at that as that was something he found exquisitely fascinating. He'd found himself wishing to visit this Worf's homeworld one day. The group even had a pale skinned android with golden eyes, an honest to God Android, whom called himself Data, walked among them and was treated as an equal next to Worf. Harry discreetly found their names and their mission. And he sighed with relief as he saw through their eyes, a wondrous future. A time that was many years within the future, an Earth that was at peace with all but one species throughout the Galaxy, or at least for the moment, and that their current enemy and problem had a single name, The Borg. Cybernetic beings who enslave and assimilate untold worlds and people and whom had just attempted to rewrite the already established future until the Enterprise crew stopped them, or so they thought. It had yet to be seen as Harry felt that the danger had yet to pass. His eldest friend and sister in all but name and blood, still alive and now on the Enterprise.

A day and a half passed before he made his move as the crew of the Enterprise aided Zephram Cochrane in ensuring the future was safe by making the mans dreams came to fruition, even if he wasn't like they originally thought he would be and tended to act irrationally at times, even when confronted with the knowledge that Mr. La Forge had imparted to him about his future. As night came upon them several hours ago, he watched as the one called Deanna was walking around, looking for something to do. Seeing that he had an opening at this moment to speak to one of the future beings, he opened his mind and sent a mental probe to hers, letting her sense him. She stopped and turned as she felt him, looking for him until her eyes found his. He stood, eyes glowing with power. She noticed that the people walking by did not notice him. He then twitched his head to the side, daring her to follow. She took the challenging invite. He lured her to an area within the forest near the encampment.

He stopped merely five meters from the camp, and slowly turned to her as she stopped before him, "Who are you?" she asked.

He was currently wearing dark and heavy northern clothing and a heavy woolen coat with a hood, a dark heavy shirt, pants, black mountain boots, and fingerless gloves. He slowly reached up and lowered the hood on his head, letting her see his heavily bearded and scarred face completely, "My name, is Harold Potter. And I know you're from the future trying to ensure the already established history of your time remains unaffected."

She paled at this and began to backpedal, when Harry took a step forward and raised a hand, halting her, "You've heard of me?" This was more of a statement than a question.

"There's been whispers." she confirmed. "They speak of you on Earth in our time as if you're a monster and the boogeyman." she said frightfully.

"If that's true, then why aren't you running, or is there curiosity in that amazing and beautiful brain of yours? For a Human-Betazed Hybrid, you are extremely beautiful." he said after stepping up to and ran a calloused hand against her cheek gently, breathed in and smelled her scent, literally tasting the perfume she wore as it touched the air, "And you smell so good. William is or will be lucky to have you as his bride. After all, you and he are... Imzadi, I believe you call it, or in more vernacular terms, soul mates."

"Ho-How did you know what I am? How do you know these things?" she asked fearfully.

"I've skimmed the surface thoughts of your fellow crewman's minds." he answered as he turned to the side and began to walk away a bit, as if to stare off into the distance. "I've learned much about you and put together a lot of things. Including the fact..." he says as he looks up and can still feel his friends presence beyond the skies, "That I've sensed an old friend of mine whom I thought long dead, is alive and well, and is now on your ship."

"What?" she asked fearfully at this bit of information.

"Don't worry, no harm will come to you, your crewman, or your ship. I'm not the monster that I've been made out to be."

"Why should I believe you?" she asked.

He stepped away from her, and pulled his open jacket, and pulled the lapels of his shirt to the left, showing his tattoo that was printed on his chest, "I am the last of Magics children. Chosen by the Phoenix. Husband of a murdered wife, father of murdered children by the hand of Khan, the last of an annihilated species by Colonel Phillip Greene." he stepped up to her and got pretty close to her space, looked her in the eyes, and continued, "If I wanted to hurt or kill you, I would have done so, and there would be nothing you could have done to stop me. But above all, I am immortal."

It was a lot to take in for Deanna Troy as he then touched her temples, lowered his head onto hers, and opened his mind, and let her see the truth in not his words, but his mind. She almost fell due to the information download as it was a lot of information to go through, overloading what she thought she already knew, but Harry caught her, and slowly aided her as he knelt, allowing her to sit on the ground, "Breathe, breathe, calm your mind, and take it all in and then relax." he whispered. "Know and understand, everything I have revealed is the truth, I swear it. There is no need to fear me, Deanna, daughter of Luxwana. I am not your enemy."

After she took a few deep breaths, she looked back into his eyes as her mind was sifting through the knowledge he gave her, "Whatever happens today, I must ask, that you not speak of me or reveal my continued existence without my consent. Mankind may have grasped other beings more maturely in the future, Daughter of Troy, but, they are not ready for me, yet. As you've already said, to them, I'm the Boogeyman."

He ensured the mental download of information did not damage her mind and did not cause her pain, as he then helped her to stand moments later, waving his hand to magically remove the dirt and dust from her person, "What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to say 'Hi!' to my old friend that's been missing for a very long time, and find out what's going on. From what I've seen in the minds of your comrades, you've just been through hell with an old enemy called the Borg?"

She nodded, wondering whom this old friend of his was, "Yes!"

"Well, the ship that your Captain ordered destroyed, she was on. And now, she's on your ship. Somehow, she's managed to stowaway on the Enterprise through whatever form of transport or teleportation you and or she may have and or are capable of."

Deanna paled in realization until Harry rested a hand on her shoulder, "Don't worry. Everything will be alright. I'll get to the bottom of it and if need be, aid your Captain in removing the Borgs influence from your ship. I promise." His soft smile comforted her, rubbing a thumb under her chin, and with the 'promise' of his aiding her Captain, assured her everything would be alright. He turned and began to walk away from her when he stopped in midstep and with a thought, turned back to her, "Can your friends on the Enterprise be trusted?"

"Yes." she answered truthfully.

"I'm not a monster Deanna." he said as he looked away slightly.

"I know. Somehow, I know and believe you're not a monster." she replied in earnest, still somewhat shaken by the truth of his memories he freely gave to her. But having seen his heart and his memories, she knew with every fiber of her being that he wasn't a monster.

After having a second to think to himself, Harry looked back to her, and with his left hand, summoned a stone from the ground and into his outstretched hand, imbuing it with his magic. He walked back to her and took her right hand into his own and laid the stone in it. She looked into his eyes after looking down into the stone, a questioning expression on her face. "Come find me, in your time. This will lead you to me. You're free to reveal my continued existence if you wish to your crewmen only once they promise to remain silent of my continued existence, so long as they know the truth. The Truth, Deanna, can be a very dangerous thing, but it has also been known to clear peoples name and their history of any wrong doing." he finished as he tenderly curved her fingers on the stone. He then turned yet again and walked away, seconds later, disappearing in a flash of fire.

Having reviewed the ships internal structure after going through the minds of the one called La Forge and Riker, Harry knew where he had to go, where his friends magical signature radiated the strongest, so he flashed ported several hallways away from Engineering. He concealed himself visually from any and all Borg Drones and their sensors as well as any visual capabilities that was the norm as he came upon, hoping whatever magic he radiated with didn't get their attention, as he walked the halls of the Enterprise-E leading to the Engineering section. The ship's internal hull would have looked beyond impressive if not for the Borg implants that began to poison and fester the ships walls. He learned a lot from the minds of William Riker and Geordi La Forge where the Borg were concerned, and knew what the power outlets or alcoves that many of the converted drones used to stay active, looked like. A handful wore what looked like uniforms that Harry saw in the minds of the time travelers, belonged to the members of Earths future 'Starfleet'. Their skin pale, clammy, the 'Nanites', as they were called, still changing them from the inside out. Some were being led elsewhere for further integration or 'Assimilation' into the 'Collective', some had missing limbs, others were mutated due to the nanites still changing them from within.

He sighed in sadness at what he was seeing. It seemed he would be forced to come out of hiding, or as he liked to call it, voluntary exile, and force his hand once more. Be the Hero. God, he hated that role. The only thing people like to see of Heroes is for a Hero to fall, die doing what they do best, doing good, being good, and doing whats right instead of whats easy. And now, he was about to play that role once more, and he wasn't sure he would like what he was about to find or be forced to do. He then sensed a presence that was still human, but psychically scarred somewhat by whatever experience he had with the Borg. He stepped to the side as the Captain of the Enterprise, Jean Luc Picard, an aged, near hairless Caucasian at about anywhere between 5'11 to 6 foot in height, lean, and sinewy, black uniform slack, sleeveless uniform shirt, with sweat staining not just the shirt, but drenching the Captain as the ships temperature was seriously down in the 80's or 90's and dangerously humid. Picard was being led by several drones in the same direction with Harry following after casting a 'cooling' charm upon himself. So Harry followed the good Captain as he entered Engineering.

He was blown away with the futures advancements in technology, and yet, once again was horrified to see what the Borg had done to such a beauty. The air was more stifling and humid within Engineering. It seemed that this specific temperature and humidity was something the Borg needed to in order to function as they were. And then his eyes landed on a woman, but she wasn't quite a woman, at least, not anymore. Part of her seemed to be merged with some form of a black exo-suit. Her upper half seemed to be stapled somewhat into the exo-suit as it pulled at her pale clammy skin that was also infested with nanites. She had black rubber-like tubes on the back of her clearly shining bald head. But the moment she turned and her face came into view, Harry felt his heart plummet as his eyes told him all he needed to know, while he looked upon a somewhat aged, yet an almost alien face of a dear friend he could never forget, 'Hermione!' he cried out mentally.

The one called Data came into view moments later, shutting down the Self Destruct sequence that Picard apparently initiated some time ago with what appeared to be skin grafts on parts of his face and an arm in an attempt to make him human as possible, he also had what looked like an actual human eyeball. Harry had admired how Data originally looked, but things were really starting to get ridiculous with what Hermione had done to him. Words were exchanged, things were said, and then Data was about to attempt to manipulate the computer console to destroy the ship Cochrane was on as well as two of the Enterprises crewmen as they launched the first Warp Drive vessel in Earth History. Harry didn't know if Data was following through with the command that Hermione, the apparent Borg Queen, gave him, or if he was doing something else. But he wasn't about to find out as he froze Data midstep mere meters from the console, "Data...Data...DATA!" Hermione screamed furiously.

"He's petrified, Hermione. I mean, after all, you above all people should recognize a petrifying curse when you see one."

So used to being in control, she didn't expect to hear another voice, and yet, she froze when she heard that more than familiar voice and tone, her eyes widening. She slowly turned and faced someone she was afraid was long dead. Though he was different with the hair, beard, scars, and old eyes, she could never forget that face.

Picard turned as well, only to see a man in heavy clothing in a large woolen jacket, black messy hair, face full of hair that looked messier than Williams and glowing emerald eyes. the eyes spoke of many things, though shining with some form of power, looked older despite the late 20's look. The unknown individual then created or conjured four seats from out of thin air. He then sat down after reversing the chair and sitting in it in an odd manner, one of his arms resting on the head of its back as another arm was extended and his index finger pointed at both Picard and the Borg Queen, and with a simple order, said, "Sit. The both of you. Now!"

Hermione knew better than to not do as he said as she felt his power and knew he was stronger than he ever had been when she last knew and seen him, so she did the only smart thing she could and slowly sat down, her hands raised in a placating manner, "Harry, I know this looks bad." she said, both hands raised.

"Shut it. I didn't give you the right to speak. Picard, order your android to stand down, and you Hermione, let him go." Harry demanded, his facial expression showing that he was damn serious and was not to be disobeyed.

She did as he ordered as he unfroze Data and Captain Picard was able to finally get his friend under control in order to do as he was ordered as well.

When Picard felt and realized the chair was real, he walked around and sat down followed by the Android, "Now that we are all sitting, I will start by introducing myself. My name is Harry James Potter and this person whom used to be my friend, and is now darker beyond anything Hitler, Khan, and Greene was ever capable of being, is one Hermione Jean Weasley-Granger aka The Borg Queen. And you," Harry said, pointing at a now very pale and sweaty Captain, "Are Jean Luc Picard, Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise E, formerly Captain of the Enterprise D. And for the love of God, calm the hell down, Captain. I'm not the bad guy that your historians speak of." he said, glaring at the man who was shaking slightly at this turn of events and revelation, but tried to school his features somewhat.

"Now, Hermione, just what in the bloody hell do you think you are doing? Enslaving an entire universe, tampering with time? Are you out of your damn mind?" Harry growled out.

Hermione tried to hold her head up, but the glowing eyes of her closest thing to a brother, made it hard to look into his eyes as she looked away, "Don't ignore me dammit." he snapped. "We've been through too much together. So if you're going to look somewhere, look at me." he hollered.

"Mr. Potter, if I may." the Captain began, trying to calm things down. Harry, looking to the Captain, "Much of our..."

Harry raised his hand, pausing his words, "I know. My history information is ugly in your time. You forget, history is often written by those who want to destroy heroes, Captain. The memories of you and your crewman have shown me what I need to know, of what history has painted me as, I get it. But not everything you read is the truth. Your Ms. Troy knows my past, in fact, I'm hoping she'll print the truth and clear my name, and when she finds me in the future, I'll notarize her book as she tells my story."

Looking back to his friend, "You have no idea, no idea...what your disappearance has put our family through. I buried your parents, your husband, your children. They were all murdered by Khan Noonian Singh. I'm sure with all the ships you've taken and assimilated, you know whom I speak of."

She nodded in affirmative.

"I buried my children, my wife Ginny, who Khan murdered while pregnant with my child, my baby girl, Lily." he asked, getting a small nod from Hermione. "My daughter, she never even had a chance to take her first breath when she died in my arms after I cut her from her mothers womb, hoping I could at least save her." he growled out as his emotions came to the forefront, his eyes watering and a single tear falling from his right eye. "I have fought and killed so many people responsible for the atrocities committed against me and mine, and against 'our' people, that their cursed blood stains my hands. But then you arrive after being away for so long, and I sense you. And what do I find?" he growled out, his hand grabbing and bending the back end of his chair, "I find out you're enslaving an entire universe, countless upon countless innocent species, you fuckin' hypocrite." he yelled.

She flinched at his accusing yell and knew he spoke the truth, but she would be damn if he didn't at least hear her out, "I came back because of you." she seethed.

"Because of me?" he asked skeptically as he pressed a hand to his chest. "How so?"

"I was going to change the past. I knew, that something happened to you and that you may have survived what became of our people. We could have restored our people, our race, once more."

"Not good enough, Hermione. Our people had their chance." he said as he yanked his shirt to the side, showing his tattoo, "Fawkes melded with me when my fight with Greene ended. Everything Fawkes is or was, is now a part of me. Though his spirit has since passed on, his power has not. I am Immortal, Hermione. Do you know what the fuck that means? Oh, and as for your excuse, I saw that which you would have done had Picard and his crew not stopped you, and I know, you are lying to me."

She had nothing to say about that as a she began to sniff, and had to look away as she brushed a stray tear away from her eyes. "I saw through the minds of the crewman of this ship and through Picards mind, how you intended to assimilate the entire planet unless they had stopped you, and as I said, they did. And now here I am, finding you assimilating this ship and crewmen, trying once more to impose your will and still trying to rewrite an already written history. I now find myself having to make a choice because I can sense the souls you've enslaved, all of whom are demanding freedom, but more than that, they are demanding justice. So tell me Hermione, why shouldn't I give them that?"

"Harry, you don't understand." she tried.

"What don't I understand, Hermione?" he hollered as he leaned into and looked into her face. She tried to look away, but he grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him again. "I buried your family after we mourned you when you were lost and declared deceased. Do you even remember them. Your parents, your husband, my brother in-law Ronald Weasley or your daughter Rose? Do you even remember our Godson, Teddy Remus Lupin?" he roared, slamming a foot down, creating a crack in the floor.

Her tears freely fell as she seemed to visibly age before him, "Of course I did Harry. I cried everyday when I couldn't find my way home. I knew, the moment I first made contact with a human from Earth, that being Picard, what became of your history. Everything I did, I did for you. I wanted to return home, with an army and change how it all came to pass. I was going to make you a King since you were the strongest of us all. The best of us."

"That wasn't your call to make. I am no King, Hermione." he shouted as he rose, and banished his chair into nothingness, causing both her and Picard to jump slightly. Walking around in frustration for a moment, he then turned to her and said, "Hermione, you've left me with no choice. You have to be punished."

"No, Harry. Please, I beg you. Don't do this." She pleaded as she fell from her chair and to the floor at his feet, begging him to spare her.

He stepped away from her roughly as his own tears flowed freely. "Hermione Jean Weasley-Granger, I, Harry James Potter, Master of Death, your brother in magic, charge you with the murder and enslavement of countless innocent from the time you became the Queen of the Borg Collective and find you guilty."

"Surely Mr. Potter, your not going to do what I think your.." Picard tried as he rose to his feet, only to be silenced with a glare.

"Is there anything you want to say before I past sentencing upon you, Hermione?" Harry asked, as he returned to look upon her cowering form, ignoring the interruption.

She continued to plead and even her drones tried to stop him, but he snapped a finger, incinerating them as they got near him, Hermione, and Picard. The Captain of the Enterprise was shocked at the level of power this man possessed with a single and yet familiar snap of his fingers as Hermione wept, falling to the floor, face down, begging him with everything she had.

"Mr. Potter, I'm telling you to stop." Picard demanded as he rose to his feet.

"And I'm telling you to go to sleep." Harry said as he merely raised his hand, putting the Captain to sleep, forcing the android to Data catch him.

Looking at the android, Harry vanished the skin grafts and eye, restoring Data to his original state, "Get him out of here." he said as he raised his hand, forcing his former sister in all but name and blood into the air.

Data felt his face and felt the restored flawless false skin and then looked to his arm, feeling the undamaged fake skin he's known for years, "How?"

Not taking his eyes off of Hermione, Harry answered, "Let's just say, that one of my secrets. Now, go." he said as with a wave of his hand, opened one of the doors, leading out of Engineering. Data, not wanting any harm to come to his Captain, but yet feeling a compulsion to do as he was ordered, picked Jean Luc up in a bridal hold and made his exit.

"Connected you may be to the Collective, but try as you might, I have cut you off from anymore control here in 'this time'. Your essence will return to the appropriate time line and you will live. But you will live to know loss more than you already have as you have done so to the countless masses all throughout the Galaxy and you will know their pain. I curse you to remember everyone you've ever enslaved, and to know their pain from now until you finally realize where you messed up. I now take from you, your current body, your magic and the skills that come with it, and deny you the knowledge of how to ever access it ever again, in the name of the lives and souls you've destroyed. I pray you find redemption in the future or the next life, and in the name of Magic, I cast you back from whence you came. So mote it be!" he shouted the last words as Magic answered his call and attended to his will.

Hermione Weasley-Granger, also known as the Queen of the Borg only managed to scream for only a few seconds before her body exploded and with another wave of his hand, her cybernetic remains were vanished. Without any connection to their Queen and the current Collective, the drones began to malfunction and stumble about until Harry struck each of them with a piercing curse into their chests, destroying their hearts, and killing them on contact. From what he remembered from Riker's memory, there was an easy way to disintegrate a drone by removing pieces of them from their former bodies shells. So he did so with whatever drone he found all throughout the ship until not a one remained.

He then looked in on the Captain whom was awakening in his chair within his Captains Ready Room and sat in the chair in front of his desk. He struck the Captain with an 'Enervate Charm' to wake him up quicker since the sleeping charm he hit him with was only a small powered one that would have kept him asleep for a small period of time and made him feel completely rested.

Picard quickly awoke, looking about himself and his surroundings until his eyes landed on Harry. Not wanting to test the mans anger as he surely had the power to kill him with a thought and a wave of his hand, Picard asked in a tone that seemed scared, yet brave, "Is she dead?"

"You couldn't have killed her, even if you destroyed her body. I couldn't bring myself to kill my sister. Her consciousness would have returned to the appropriate place and time, and downloaded into a new 'Borg' body. But I could have, if I wanted to. No, what I took from her was the gift of Magic, what little of it she had left. I cursed her to remember her family and mine and the souls of her victims that she assimilated. To know the pain of those whom she has killed, and assimilated everyday, until she was no more with the hopes that she can be redeemed and reunited with our family in the next life. Whatever dark deeds she intends to 'initiate' in the future, will end in failure. Her actions since she changed, has become her undoing." he said as he sniffed and wiped a near fallen tear as he conjured a handkerchief and dried his eyes and blew his nose. He then tossed the cloth into the air where it vanished. The Captain sighed in relief, and yet was astonished at the level of magic, if one could call it magic, this man was using before him. And of course, he's seen 'The Q's' power before, and that's saying something.

"And you?" the Captain asked. Hearing this man answer him honestly and tell him how he was more merciful to his former friend than he thought, relaxed him a bit.

Harry looked down and intertwined his fingers, and raised them to his mouth, in a thoughtful manner. A few silent moments later, he answered after taking a breath, "I will return to Earth, and observe things from the shadows. My job here is finished. You won't have to worry about the Borg, Hermione, and or her finding Earth ever again, you have my word. If she tries again, she'll fail."

Sitting back in his chair, he sighed in relief as his fear of this man, this boo-no, legend, changed his mind on who he really was as a person. "You can always return with us, to the future."

"No," Harry chuckled, "My place is on Earth. Watching, observing, protecting. Until your...'Starfleet' able to take over and allow me a reprieve." Harry stood, walked over to and looked through the shielded viewport, and gazed down on the beautiful blue marble of a planet he called home, "She is so Beautiful." he said.

Jean Luc rose and stood by his side, also looking at the Earth, "Yes, yes she is." he agreed.

"How did Khan die? No, forget it...that's not for me to know. Can't know too much about the future and all that." he sigh before asking another question, "Did...Did the man whom killed him, live well?" Harry asked a few moments later.

"He did. Captain James T. Kirk, who captained two other ships that carried the name Enterprise, almost 90 years before my first captaincy of the Enterprise D,..." he began but stopped as he had a faraway look.

"But?" Harry queried.

"He was pulled into a temporal vortex of a sort, where I found him, brought him back with me to my time to stop another madman." Picard took a moment to gather himself. "He died, saving me, my people, and my crew. Sadly, the Enterprise didn't survive."

"So, this...Starfleet gave you their newest version of the old girl and gave her a new letter to commemorate the legacy the name Enterprise held." Harry finished. "And Kirk's remains?"

"Sent to what family he had left on Earth while the original burial site on the planet he died on has become a historic monument."

"As it should be. He avenged my family. I can now rest, knowing the man who took away my family, is no longer among the living. Thank you, Kirk." he whispered to the air. Turning to Jean Luc, he then said, "And thank you Picard, for giving him one last adventure and bringing him home." he said as he turned and held out a hand to the Captain. Picard looked into his eyes and saw the tiredness in them and the peace they so very needed. He took the hand and firmly shook it.

Harry nodded, "Captain Jean Luc Picard, it has been an honor."

"No General Harold James Potter, the honor is all mine." The Captain shot back as they grasped one anothers hands and shook, with a soft smile that Harry matched. The tired mage just nodded once more, turned, and took two steps forward, and disappeared in a column of flame.

When he returned to Earth, he observed the landing of the returning Cochrane and Picards two crewmen. He met up with Deanna one more time who introduced him to William Riker, a man that Harry had immediately admired the moment he first read his mind and had come to respect just as much as he respected his Captain. Riker was defensive at first, until Deanna told him an abbreviated truth of Harry's character. Once Riker calmed, he began to understand the true man behind the legend that was General Harry Potter and had struck up a friendship with him.

He was happy to officially meet the other Enterprise crewman whom Riker and Deanna introduced him to minutes later, and whom befriended him. Worf even went so far as to challenge the man to a friendly warriors duel, in the future. He wanted to see the kind of person Harry really was where it concerned the art of combat. Harry gladly accepted the friendly challenge as he grasped arms with Worf and declared Worf's families House an ally of his own House. Worf accepted this honor and repeated the same sentiment with a head held high. Another crewmen named Barcley had the Enterprise crew take a picture with Harry that he gladly accepted as he stood together with them and smiled, the flash of the camera getting its mark.

Sadly, all good things had to come an end as he aided Dr. Crusher in altering Cochranes memories slightly as well as the current timelines other inhabitant as was necessary so that the timeline remained unpolluted. Only one woman retained her memories of the Enterprise, her Captain, and her crew. And she wasn't going to talk. With a somewhat final goodbye, Harry watched from the side as Picard and his people gathered together and returned to the ship of the future. He looked up into the stars and he watched as the great ship opened a time vortex and returned to the future he knew was in good hands.

And so, he disappeared into the darkness of the woods, where he watched, chronicled, observed. At times, under various aliases and various magically altered forms, he helped build the future that he originally saw in the minds of Picard and his crew. And when Cochrane disappeared, so too did Harry. But that, is another story, for another time.

My Battlestar Galactica/Harry Potter crossover had me dream this up, and so here it is. The next chapter will take place in the 2009 Star Trek reboot when Kirk and Spock Prime find and get aid from the Earth's last Mage. So, read and review. Until next time.