Authors Note: My Stupidity, like usual.

What an Idiot

Link is such an idiot. Lets go through his actions today now shall we?! O_o!

" Link Please take these to the Pawn Shop for me and sell them... I expect to see my rightful amount of money back!" Saria asks exhausted.

" Ok." Link replies and takes a crate full of milk bottles to the Pawn Shop. On his way he meets Malon.

" Hey Link wait!!! Are you headed for the Happy Mask Shop?!" She asked pleadingly.

" Yeah, why?"

" I need some one to cash is my mask for me. I can't stand this mask!" She put the mask on top of his bottles. " Thank you! ^_^!" She walked back to her ranch.

" Yeah no problem. Man this mask is heavy, oh no duh. Pure iron." He walked along and bumped into Princess Zelda.

" Oh Link, could you please take this to the Pawn Shop for me! This is a really old dress and I have very important business to do. Can you please sell it for me?!" She stared down at him until he almost fell over. Kinda scared he whimpered:

" Gulp, ok..." He was carrying about 40 pounds right there. Then he bumped into the Happy Mask Sales Man. " Finally, I can get rid of this 12 pound mask." He cashed in the mask, but accidentally the Sales Man had one of Sarias bottles on accident. " Oh Noooo!!!!" Link raced after the Sales Man, but it was no use. The Sales man was already in the market. Then Link had a plan, since Saria already knew how much the bottles would cost he would sell the dress and use some of the money from the dress for the bottles. He made a sneer smile and walked along. He went to the Pawn Shop and sold the junk.

" Have a nice day! =^_^=!" The sales person said as Link walked out the room. Link waved you to back and started counting the rupees. The only problem was that he didn't know how much the bottles would cost all together. He finally added 3 rupees to Saria' s money, which left Zelda with 27 rupees.

" Oh Link did you get my money back?! =^_^=!" Saria and Zelda asked since Zelda was over at Saria's house.

" Uhhhhhh...... Yeah here. O_o!"

" Link we have a problem here!+_+!" Zelda said madly. " I'm missing 3 rupees! Link where are they?! x_x!"

" Oh, Link why do I have 3 extra rupees?! No, you didn't?! -_-*!!"

" Gulp didn't what? Hehe?! *_*!" He started to back away towards the door, but Saria and Zelda cornered him.

" You idiot?! Why did you give Zelda's rupees to me for?! x_x!!"

Right then Malon walked in. Link handed her her money. She looked questioning, but shrugged and walked away.

" Cause I thought that The Mask Sales Men had one of your bottles, so I made you have more, because, wellll?!!!" Link curled up into a ball. He knew what was coming.

" YOU IDIOT!!!!" Zelda and Saria started to beat him up. When they left with their money, Link was left on the floor with a bloody nose, a brused eye, and a busted lip.

" Man, it must of had been that moody thing. Hmph. x_x...."