I don't own bear in the big blue house that also goes for part one too

Bear In The Big Blue House

Part Two

Bear was watching football went he heard his door fall down. "What the hell?!" Bear asked himself.
"Bear you're under arrest for 11 counts of murder!" The 2 police officers said.
"And now 13!" Bear said shooting the 2 police officers. Bear was a wanted bear he finally found himself a home at Homie's Hawaiian Hut and he murdered Homie. "Hi kids!" Bear said sniffing the air
"You smell like………………………………...................SHIT!" Bear said.
"Meet Zak!" Bear said pointing to a large crab.
"Hi kids, want some pot?" Zak asked.
"Meet Bottled Piss but you can call him B.P.!" Bear said pointing to a bottle of piss
"DRINK ME!" B.P. said.
"Meet Meat!" Bear said pointing to a piece of pork with mold on it.
"Okay you guys are pissing me off!" Bear exclaimed.
"These are children!" Bear exclaimed.
"But you said they smelled like shit!" Zak exclaimed.
"Well they did!" Bear whined.
"So!" B.P. exclaimed.
"Now I have no friends!" Bear exclaimed after he shot Zak, ate Meat, and emptied B.P.
"Wanna hear a story?" The Ghostly Shadow said.
"Shadow?!" Bear exclaimed.
"I'm a damn ghost, thank you!" The Ghostly Shadow exclaimed.
"Oh," Bear said.
"So do you wanna hear a god damn story or not?!" The Ghostly Shadow asked.
"Hell yeah!" Bear answered.
"Okay let me think," The Ghostly Shadow said.
"I got one!" The Ghostly Shadow said.
"Not to long ago the was a successful children's show called Bear in the Big Blue House, the host was a friendly bear by name of Bear on his birthday all of his animal friends ruined his birthday so he killed them and now he's a wanted bear in 52 states!" The Ghostly Shadow said.
"I thought there was 50 states," Bear said.
"Nope there's you ass and your hairy/furry back!" The Ghostly Shadow said. Bear got so mad he shot the hell out of anyone who was in the house and you were in the so bye bye