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4. Scorpius Malfoy's bed

The arm around her waist and the sheets that feel softer than clouds were the first indications that she was not in her bed. She was most certainly in a bed. But it wasn't hers. For a horrifying moment she thinks she might be back at The Krum Facility, and that she's lost four days' worth of lying unconscious in bed dreaming of flying. Then there's the soft, steady breath on the back of her neck. That's definitely an indication that she's not in her own bed or a hospital bed. Because if she was she'd be there alone. Nobody shares Rose's bed – nobody. And even if they did, they definitely wouldn't be spooning her. Rose isn't quite awake, but she's at least 90% sure where she is and who is responsible for the breathing on her neck and the arm around her waist (and the thickness currently wedged against her butt). And she knows exactly why she's here.

Because the bastard had kissed her.

What nerve! What insolence! What absolute disrespect and downright unsporting behaviour was that?! Acting like they were a thing. Acting like they were a couple. Acting like he knew damn well she wanted him to kiss her. Really, he could have at least had the decency to pretend he didn't know she wanted him. But no, that would be too kind, too benevolent, for the colossal sexy wanker that was Scorpius Malfoy.

It was the final match of the season. Rose knew she and her beloved Harpies were in with a chance thanks to a phenomenal second half of the season, but Devil Spawn's Falcons were out thanks to their penalties for breaking so many rules. There was a lot on the line for the Harpies – for her – and Rose was determined, resolutely resigned and supremely dedicated to seeing to it that they didn't miss out.

Scorpius Prickius Malfoy, however, seemed to be just as determined to see them beat and put out. Because his sole purpose in life, it appeared, was to cause her misfortune. Like getting her hopes up that spending four days by her bedside meant he actually cared about her, only to NOT FUCKING TALK TO HER AGAIN FOR A MONTH AND A HALF. Dickwad.

Not that she cared. Because he was just a dick.

That's it.

At least that was easier to cram through her head. Until the press conference.

The pre-match press conference had been worse than usual. All anyone wanted to talk about were those damn photos of the two of them when she was in hospital. Everyone was speculating about their non-existent relationship no matter how many times they both said 'we're just enemies' with a smile that everyone laughed at because they're idiots and think they're joking. He is her sworn mortal enemy, regardless of how nice and gentle he was that morning when she was in hospital, and no matter how the way he says her name sends shivers down her spine or the way he looks at her like he wants her makes her toes curl, he is her enemy dammit! In fact, most of those things just made her ire for him all the more deserved. Because how dare he make her care about him?! How dare he invade her dreams that leave her in a cold sweat and uncomfortably wet between her thighs only to cut all fucking communication like he was actually dead.

And no matter what The Prophet liked to say, his ruthless beating of Valentino was not romantic – it was reckless and had him dragged from the field (the fact that he apparently flew right to her bedside was completely irrelevant so shut the fuck up heart, I haven't time for your shit) which was just poor play, plain and simple. Not to mention fucking mental. Rose didn't need anyone avenging her, especially not a self-entitled, fine-assed pretty boy like Scorpius Malfoy.

(And anyone – or thing, here's looking at you libido – that says different is talking crazy)

That one final blow he delivered – that dislocated Valentino's collar bone when the Italian was already dragging himself due to his other injuries – had caused a tribunal review for Scorpius, with 'unsporting play and misconduct' cited as the reason as to why.

(Rose had been trying to get his whole fucking team penalized for that the entire goddam season to no avail, but the second he hurts the pretty Italian man on close to seven figures a year then everyone loses their shit. Typical)

But Rose was now convinced that Scorpius only reacted that way because they had ended up losing the game. It wasn't so much because the guy had caused her pain. He was just thinking of the championship. That was all.

At least that was the story Rose told herself and she was sticking to it goddammit.

One of the idiot reporters asked Captain Ass-shat what he was thinking when he saw Rose fall from her broom, and Rose couldn't help but notice that his permanent smirk faltered and he had the absolute audacity to look genuinely pained for a moment.

Playing them like fucking violins.

"I…" he faltered, even letting his voice crack a little (totally rehearsed, he's obviously planned for these questions), "I didn't think at all. I saw my…Captain get hit, I saw her hit the ground, and I didn't think a damn thing."

There was a beat of silence and before Rose could interject with 'because he has no brain', Scorpius spoke again, this time softer and all together too sincere.

"I didn't think anything at all until I knew she was breathing," he was staring at a spot on the floor, his mind very clearly somewhere else. Rose had to remind herself to breathe, "And then all I heard was screaming, in my own head, with my own voice, just shouting that she better be alright, and if she wasn't I would never forgive myself," he swallows again and Rose is pretty well certain he's on another planet, "I just kept thinking 'Wake up Rosie, for the love of Merlin wake up'."

There was another beat of stillness while cameras flashed and Rose tried to find a glimmer of falsity in his eyes. She came up empty-handed. Scorpius shook himself a little, smirk back in place as he made eye contact with the reporter that asked the question.

"And then of course I thought that Valentino was a dead man, and I was going to personally make sure he didn't win 'Italy's Most Beautiful Wizard' award this year."

There was a murmur of laughter that fluttered through the room, with a voice from the back shouting, "So you're admitting to unsporting play, then?"

Scorpius recognized the man and smiled good-naturedly, "It was just a thought Frank. It was fleeting – there one second, gone the next. The rest of my game was simply…strategy."

More murmured laughter as the adjudicator quickly redirected questioning away from the unsporting play that everyone in England had tried to convince each other never happened. The next question went to one of the coaches, but Rose found herself still staring at Scorpius where he sat at the opposite end of the table, noting the tremor in his hand as he reached for his water glass, and the deep breath he took to try and calm himself. As he sipped his water his eyes darted towards her, obviously not expecting her to be watching him. He held her gaze, eyes all too serious for her liking, and she swore she saw some kind of begging, or longing, or something in his eyes and it terrified her because this is not who they are, this is not what they do. They are frenemies, they love to hate each other. They are not…something else.

Rose broke the moment before he did, taking a deep breath and turning back to the reporters. She steeled her nerves and told herself it was nothing, just his newest dirty trick to try and get inside her head before game day to sabotage her team's chances at victory. If he really cared about her he would have spoken to her since that morning in the Krum Facility. Simple as that. You don't pine for someone and never speak to them.

(And those people who would argue that that was, in fact, exactly what Rose had been doing can just shut their goddam mouths because she's pretty damn sure she never asked for their opinion)

She realized all too late that she and Scorpius had held their (intimate) gaze in a room full of reporters with cameras that were already convinced there was something between the two of them that wasn't, and it infuriated her that despite all the talk of strategy and trash-talking that each side managed to dish out in spades, the headline emblazoned across the top of The Daily Prophet nestled neatly above the picture of them gazing at each other read: Lovers to Battle in Last Game of Season.

That, sadly, had been the better part of this whole fiasco.

Walking out onto the pitch the next day, Rose had felt fury in her very bones. She had a hunger in the bottom of her belly that drove her every move. She wanted that spot in the finals – she deserved it Merlin be praised – and she was going to make damn sure that no blonde-haired, grey-eyed pretty boy and his team of thugs was going to stop her from achieving it.

Her team filed out behind her, game faces on as they basked in the uproaring applause that filled the stadium. Half the stadium was a sea of dark green and gold, all cheering for their girls to give it to the Falcons one last time and solidify their place in the finals. Being the home team, Rose's Harpies had entered the Stadium second, Scorpius' Falcons already lined up on the opposite side of the pitch. He turned and looked at her. Rose glared good and hard to show him – this match is ours.

And all the bastard did in response was smirk.

He lead his team into the air in a flurry of grey robes for their warm up drills, and Rose – slightly put out by the cheeky smile he shot her way and his apparent total lack of fear at her ferocity – kicked off to start their pre-match routine.

She kept her mind on the impending game fairly well the whole time. Rose was solely focused on that finals position and pummeling the good-for-nothing Falcons as much as possible on the way there.

And that all went ass over tit when it came to the last of the official pre-game formalities.

The whistle signaled for Captains to land and shake hands, as was customary at these sorts of affairs. Rose took her time, letting Scorpius linger on the ground longer than was necessary before dismounting her beloved Zeus (her match broom, because he was king of the heavens) and approaching where he stood with the head umpire that looked less than impressed at her minor intimidation tactics. Said umpire instructed them to shake, so Rose – being an adult – stuck out her free hand, her other clutching Zeus tightly as she mentally went over the new plays they had decided to bring into this match.

Rose's internal recount of the 'Hail Mary Triplet' set-up faltered when she saw Scorpius' face. There he was, smirking again like he knew some big secret she didn't. He slowly extended his hand, eyes boring into hers with absolutely no intention of looking away.

"Oh Rosie," he said in a tone an octave lower than was appropriate for activities not confined to a bedroom (do not think about being in a bedroom with Scorpius Mafoy Rose. Do not), "Why treat each other so cordially?"

Before she had the chance to respond with a well deserved 'what the fuck are you on about?', Scorpius took hold of her hand and yanked her forward as he stepped into her.

And without a second to process the clusterfuck of a situation she found herself in, Rose was suddenly kissing Scorpius Malfoy. Or, more appropriately, he was kissing her.

In the middle of the stadium.

Surrounded by literally thousands of people.

Who were cheering? Traitorous bastards.

Scorpius' hand found its way to the base of her spine to hold her against him, whilst Rose's hand had landed on his chest in an attempt to steady herself when he pulled her into him.

And why had the world gone dark?

Oh she closed her eyes.

She closed her eyes and she was kissing Scorpius Malfoy.

And somehow that hand on his chest had just kind of, miraculously, made its way up to the base of his neck to tangle in his hair.

And then his tongue was sweeping over her bottom lip and she's pulling him closer and what the fuck was going on. Abort. ABORT.

(But seriously don't, this is fantastic)

There was a sudden coldness and Rose realized that Scorpius had pulled away, leaving her awkwardly just kind of standing there, dazed and confused, as he stood back and smirked.

And then – AND THEN – he had the absolute gall to wipe their accumulated spit from his bottom lip with his thumb, only to examine it before sucking the damn digit into his mouth and sweet holy hell that is not a visual she needs to have burned into her retinas but that is exactly where it's going damn him to hell.

That same smirk took up its familiar position across his features as he took her in while Rose did what had to be a pretty darn impressive impersonation of a puffer-fish.

"Ah, a pleasure as always, "um, what? Always? What the hell? "Enjoy trying to focus on the game now."

With those parting words, Scorpius mounted his broom in one graceful movement and kicked off into the sky. It was unfair. He'd left her standing her looking like an idiot while he got to prance around with the elegance of a fucking ballerina.


Rose, realizing all too late that this is all part of his damn dirty tactics and "strategy" (read: cheating), squared her shoulders, and pointedly ignored the fact that her supposed teammate (now traitor) Freddie Langhorn was literally howling with laughter and 'whooping' loudly and enthusiastically enough that it was almost enough to dislodge her from her broom. Rose made a mental note to have her dragged the second she put a glove wrong.

Forcing herself to get the fuck back on your broom, Weasley, Rose mounted it swiftly (with much less elegance than Devil Dick over there) and somewhat shakily got herself into the air in preparation for the snitch to be released. She could do this. This was her match. This was her time. And she was not going to let some little (perfect, blissful) kiss from old mate 'conveniently forgot you existed until two seconds ago' get in the way of her dominating this match.

Only it kind of did.

Rose can fully accept that for the first 10 minutes of the match she was next to useless. She was flying in circles, almost bumping into her own teammates and was much too hyper aware of Malfoy doing his spins and swirls through the air, hitting bludgers at her teammates with such lazy movements you'd think he was asleep, but graceful enough to look like a fucking interpretive dancer. Due to her hyper-awareness, however, she did take note that he didn't hit one at her for entire match. Whether he was taking pity on her (scoundrel!) or genuinely concerned for her welfare (considerate scoundrel!) she wasn't sure, but she wasn't ok with it.

It took the very commanding "Weasley! Woman up!" from her Vice Captain Kathleen Gainsburrow to snap her out of it. She had a job to do, and that job was not ogling Scorpius bloody Malfoy for the entire match. It was to catch that goddam snitch and get them into the Finals.

Get you head in the game Rose – smarten the fuck up!

Her game had improved from then out and, by the 34th minute, Rose had the snitch in her hand and a spot in the finals for her beloved Harpies. She smiled with her teammates, she waved happily to the crowd, but she'd be a flat out liar if she said she didn't think about Malfoy and what the fuck happened at the start of the match.

And the way he had smirked at her and bowed at her as he left the pitch didn't help either.

Rose tried to ignore it as she walked her team back to their change rooms, and she would have had a solid chance of ignoring the whole damn thing had it not been for Kathleen Gainsburrow slapping her on the shoulder and congratulating her on finally getting over Scorpius' blatant attempt to use dirty tactics to throw her off her game.

And it was that one word – tactics – that stuck in her head.

She hadn't imagined them growing closer throughout the World Cup series, of that she's sure. He had stayed by her damn bedside when she was in hospital for Merlin's sake (and then not spoken to you for months, but let's just forget that bit for argument's sake, shall we?) – they had become friendly…ish.

Surely he wouldn't….

What was she talking about? Of course he fucking would.

Rose spent 20 minutes sitting in the change rooms stewing over the whole damn thing. Over how he could play her like those bloody reporters. How he weaseled his way under her skin. How he made her care about him only to use it against her.

Rose was mad.

She was furious.

She was sexually frustrated.

And she downright refused to be this wound up for any longer than absolutely necessary. She either needed to punch something - hard. Or shag something - hard.

And when she said 'something' she was, naturally, speaking of King of the Douchebags, Scorpius Malfoy.

With little thought to it's repercussions, sight tainted with the red haze of fury and passion, Rose left poor Zeus behind and marched into the Falcons' dressing room. No one tried to stop her – possibly due to the fact that she's Rose Fucking Weasley so bow down bitches, or possibly because they saw the look in her eyes and – wisely – knew to get the hell out of her way. With a surge of wordless magic that was surprisingly well-aimed considering the myriad of emotions coursing through her at that moment, the doors had burst open to reveal a room full of scarcely dressed, extremely surprised and mildly terrified young men.

She spoke one word – "You!" – and immediately garnered Devil Dick's attention.

The rest happened in a bit of a haze.

He made some comeback about her accosting him post-match.

She replied through gritted teeth that he was a mother-fucking snake.

They fired insults back and forth. She advanced on him. Some time in between everyone else had literally disappeared, apparating to some place that wasn't fucking there (smart move). She hated him. With every fiber of her being, with every breath in her body. She. Hated. Him. He held his ground, stared her down, used his height as an advantage.

She was screaming and he was annoyingly calm. It only served to infuriate her further.

He asked her why she was angry. To which she tastefully told him to TAKE A FUCKING GUESS.

And he just looked at her like she was an idiot child and Merlin Almighty she wanted to punch him. Right in his big stupid mouth that got her into such a state in the first place.

He kept asking her stupid questions and she didn't want to answer them. She wanted to hurt him because he'd hurt her and because this wasn't fair.

Eventually, when he asked her again why she's mad he kissed her, she could finally find the right words.

"Because you've made me care about you and now you're using it against me!"

And then it was silent, and Rose immediately regretted her words because if he was being manipulative before who's to say what he's going to be capable of now that she has actually told him she cares about him.

Oh Merlin please just finish me off now. Lightening bolt to the brain, go ahead. It's got to be more bearable than this fucking conversation.

Then – out of the fucking blue – he was kissing her again, one hand in her hair, the other wrapped around her to pull her into him, and dear Merlin it was just as blissful and perfect as the last one. She wanted to be angry. She wanted to hate him. She was just struggling to remember why right at that second. Rose felt her fists unclench and tension leave her body and his tongue was in her mouth and holy mother of God this is too much. Her hands found his hips and she simply could not stop herself from responding with gusto.

Scorpius pulled back barely far enough for a breath to pass between them. He seemed to be breathing just as heavily as she was and it made her feel a lot better about the whole situation. She watched him swallow heavily, eyes fixed on his lips because she didn't think she could look him in the eye at that moment.

"Do not make the mistake of thinking you're the only one who cares, Rose," he sounded the most sincere she thinks he's ever been, besides that morning in hospital when he was practically shaking with fear. It was incredibly endearing.

She managed to lift her gaze to meet his and raised her eyebrow in an attempt to look a lot less affected than she was.

"You don't expect me to believe Scorpius Malfoy actually has a heart, do you?"

Scorpius looked at her like she was an idiot child again and it was almost enough to slap him, fluffy feelings or not.

"You should know that better than most Rosie, after all," he smiled and she was 90% sure she just turned into a big old ball of fluff, "I gave it to you long ago."

And that was just fucking perfect wasn't it. Of course he had an answer – the perfect fucking answer – to everything.

She hates him for it.

(Except she really doesn't)

And then she simply had no choice but to jump him, because really, if someone said that to you who you really be able to stop yourself?

No, absolutely not.

Rose dragged him forward this time because she honestly had no way of replying to that that wasn't to just kiss him senseless and hope he understood what it meant. Hope he understood this was her way of telling him, "I know, I love you too", because Rose wasn't brave enough to say the words herself. Not yet.

His hand moved lower and took a greedy handful of her ass to squeeze whilst simultaneously pulling her into his hips. She wasn't sure who groaned but someone did and it was enough to throw them over the edge from 'passionate embrace' right into 'no way to control ourselves so clear the area', and she was pushing him back against the lockers and it was messy and glorious and everything she needed from him.

He removed his hand from her hair to join his other one at her ass before taking a firm hold of her and spinning them as he hiked her up against the wall, the height difference almost eliminated as he wedged her between himself and the lockers. He sucked her bottom lip into his mouth to nip at it and Rose may have sighed particularly loudly at that. One of her legs came up to wrap around his hip and tugged him closer because she needed more, more of this, more of more and she couldn't wait. Rose ran her hands all over him, wherever she could touch, trying to memorise it all lest it be a dream and he disappeared.

She was desperate, this she knows, but she was terrified – after coming so close to kissing him at The Krum Facility and instantly regretting a missed opportunity, she was not about to make that same mistake. She needed this to happen. She needed this to not be another mishap that didn't quite happen. She needed him.

So one can imagine her displeasure – neigh, her anger (neigh, her sadness and overwhelming sense of rejection) – when he commanded her softly to stop, and forced her hands off him to be pinned beside her head. It wasn't unfair. This didn't get to end now. She could physically feel how much he wanted this too, so he can't turn around and say it's not going to work. Because she's sure they could work just brilliantly, as long as they didn't kill each other. And she wanted this, and she wanted after this, and she wanted to wake up beside him, and she wanted to go to sleep beside him and she wanted it all so he was not allowed to say stop.

"Why?" she demanded, putting on a much braver face than what she actually felt.

He smirked and she felt herself relax a little – he stills wanted this, her. He hadn't changed his mind. Perfect.

"Because," he tightened his grip on her hands. She felt him push himself against her and she could do absolutely nothing to stop the gasp that she released because if it was this bloody good when they were clothed then how the fuck was she going to manage once they were both naked?

"I have dreamt about being with you for too long to let our first time be in a dirty, smelly change room."

Pack your bags everyone! We're on a one-way journey to O-town!

Scorpius dropped his head closer to her ear, his lips running across her neck in the most delightfully distracting way and yeah she wasn't even sure if she was still breathing.

Ok, O-Town train is going a lot faster than usual. Hold on to your hats people!

Another roll of his hips forced her to take in a quick breath. Good, her lungs were apparently still working. Not as well as his hips though because dear lord that was amazing.

"I am going to take you to my apartment," another thrust and she was pretty sure all hope of coherent thought was officially lost, "I am going to strip every last article of clothing off you."

Fuck she can practically see O-Town already.

His pressed his thigh between her legs and she grinded down against it in a lame attempt to relieve some of the building pressure, because she was going to explode very soon if he continued the way he was. She liked the way his jaw tightened when she did that. At least she wasn't the only lost cause here.

Scorpius leant in close again and whispered right into her ear, "And then I am going to take my sweet time learning every inch of you when you're naked in my bed," well fuck; it appears she has greatly underestimated his penchant for dirty talk, and it's probably going to be the end of her, "Before having you on every available surface."

Well that was it. She was a goner. It was official. There was only one question that was yet to be answered: why the hell weren't they naked yet?!

"I haven't got all day Malfoy," she managed to say with a lot more bravado then she thought she was capable of, silently impressed with her ability to speak, "what are you waiting for?"

The only response she got was a smirk as bright as the goddam sun, and she knew – she just knew – this was going to be the start of something brilliant.

And that was how she found herself where she currently was, sleeping in Scorpius Malfoy's bed, two sets of Quidditch robes strewn unceremoniously throughout the room, and the man himself lying behind her, arm wrapped around her middle to keep her close as the light crept in through the windows they had neglected to cover in their haste last night. And wouldn't you know it, Rose simply cannot find one single fuck to give about it.

Malfoy, she discovered, was a man of his word, and delivered as was promised. He'd taken his time with her and it almost bloody killed her. He'd made a very clear attempt to try and calm himself down and make sure things didn't end too quickly. Which really, Rose wouldn't have minded one bit because she had needed a release as soon as fucking possible.

Which was promptly delivered the second he dropped to his knees.

(Note: Rose is convinced there is nothing sexier than the sight of Scorpius Malfoy very slowly lowering his head between her thighs. Maybe the only thing better was watching him come undone underneath her. It was a very close contest)

Oh Lord, just thinking about it was making certain areas wake up very quickly. She needs to stop this; the more she relives it the more she'll want to do it again. And she's supposed to be angry at him because deciding to kiss her in the middle of the fucking field before a very important game when he hasn't spoken to her in a month and a half was a dick move. So she really shouldn't think about the way he sucked at her breast while thrusting his fingers inside her. Yeah, definitely don't think about that. And she most certainly shouldn't be thinking about when she rode him and the exclamations and declarations that left his very beautiful mouth as he came undone. Yup, good thing she wasn't thinking about that either, coz that would just make the whole situation between her thighs even worse.

Sweet Merlin they're gunna need to go another round before breakfast.

The breaths on the back of her neck take on a different tempo and she feels him shift. He's waking up, and it's that very moment that Rose realizes she hasn't a damn clue what she's supposedly to say to him. "Job well done, Captain Malfoy!" seems a little too teammate-y. An impressive collection of curse words also doesn't seem quite right even though that's largely what's going through her mind. A casual chat about the weather and what a nice day it seems to be shaping up to be seems far too neighbourly. And she probably shouldn't proposition him and command him to get the fuck inside her first thing in the morning. Maybe she should just yell at him, good and long, and let all her pent up energy leave her that way instead. Scorpius, the beautiful soul, puts her out of her misery and leads the conversation instead.

"Morning, Rosie," he says, voice all husky and delicious.

Huh. 'Morning'. Yeah, she guessed that was an appropriate way to start things. Why hadn't she thought of that?

"Sleep well?" she can feel him smirking to himself because he knows damn well she slept fantastically after their very energetic few rounds of bumping uglies.

"No, I think the night on the roof was more peaceful," Rose smirks and she's pretty damn sure she looks much too much like him for anyone's good, "The birds make less noise than you."

Without missing a beat, Scorpius hums and it's all gravelly and delicious.

"Let's not pretend you don't love the noises I make Rosie," the hand around her stomach makes a slow move upwards and tweaks her already hard nipple. Rose squeaks in response. He does that delicious humming thing again and could he just not because she was having a hard enough time producing coherent thought this early in the morning as it was!

"I like the noises you make too," he's smiling against her skin and it's really bloody distracting. Almost as distracting as the way his hand is now massaging her breast and drawing patterns all over her rib cage. Rose is pretty sure they should be arguing by now – heaven knows that's what they've done every other time she's woken up at his place. But this time is different. Very different. For one, they're both naked.

That was probably not the right thing to focus on if you're planning to calm yourself down Rose.

Rose needs to get something off her chest that has been bugging her for an incredibly long time and, if she stops and thinks about it, its probably something she should have asked some time before they got naked.

"Scorpius?" she doesn't like that she sounds scared, but Merlin be praised that's what she is. It doesn't escape the man behind her and she feels the atmosphere shift a little as the hand stops wandering.

"Yes Rosie?" he sounds just as tentative as her. Rose takes a breath and tells herself to be brave.

"A month and a half."

He understands her meaning and lets out a heavy sigh.

"Yeah, that…I'm sorry."

She's really glad they're having this conversation without looking at each other because Rose is pretty sure she looks pretty pathetic.


Another heavy sigh from the body behind her, "I was planning."


"Yes, planning. Or scheming?" he sounds genuinely confused, "I was doing one of them, possibly both, and I was failing."

It was too early for this. "I'm not following."

"There is a waste basket out there," his arm unwraps itself from around her for a very brief moment to point to the doorway leading to the lounge room before settling around her once more, "that is full of letters I almost sent you asking you to dinner."

Her chest doesn't bloom, thank you very much. It's not a fucking flower.

But there is some gymnast bitch in there doing backflips like you wouldn't believe.

"Why didn't you send them?" her voice sounds small even to her own ears and were they not wrapped together he probably wouldn't have heard her.

His reply comes back just as softly, "They weren't good enough."

That manages to force a half-assed attempt at a laugh out of her that's really more like a tired cough.

"You couldn't manage to write 'Hey Rose, wanna have dinner? From Scorpius' on a card?" she asks, sounding a little disbelieving. He scoffs against her neck in response.

"Well that's not romantic at all, is it? I watched you almost die, I was going to do a darn sight better then 'wanna have dinner'."

Rose smiled in understanding, "So you planned."

"So I planned," comes the confirmation, followed by a yawn (and even that sounds sexy Merlin smite her!)

"Right," she's picking on him now but that's what they do so it doesn't really bother her, "So your grand plan was to kiss me right before a very important match and just hope I didn't kill you afterwards?"

"No I hadn't thought of that at all."

Well that just made no fucking sense.

"So…" Rose leaves it hanging, hoping he'll elaborate. There's a heavy sigh from behind her and she suspects, if they were open, he'd be rolling his eyes at her.

"So I had a whole speech planned that I was going to recite to you after the match, then I saw you on the pitch looking all fiery so I just thought 'fuck it, this will do'. And the rest, as they say, is history." He actually sounds pretty damn proud of himself. She could slap him.

"That is possibly the worst plan I have ever heard."

"Well it worked didn't it?"

She honestly couldn't fault him there.

"I can't believe the first time we kissed was in front of a stadium full of people," Rose grumbles into the pillow, trying to ignore how his fingers feel as they begin to wander and draw patterns against her skin again, "How embarrassing."

There's a tired laugh from the body behind her, "Yeah, that wasn't our first kiss."

Rose's brain freezes, "What?"

"Last night's would have been," he pretends to be thinking hard about it but she knows he's just taking the opportunity to slide closer and let his hands go a lot further south than what can be considered within the bounds of an innocent morning cuddle (you're both butt naked and you can feel his erection pressed into your ass – nothing about this was ever innocent), "Number 4, I think."

Rose shuffles around to face him, regretfully displacing his hand from where it had taken up residence between her thighs, eyes barely open but still managing to pull off a scowl quite spectacularly.

"Alright Malfoy," she says with attempted seriousness as her hands come to rest on his chest (Merlin be praised he's beautiful in the morning), "Spill – what's this 'number four' business all about?"

He smiles at her and it blinds her again. He's so carefree here, when they're both naked. He looks so happy. But so does she, so she guesses that's fair.

"We've kissed three times before last night, but last night was the first time I kissed you," she raises a confused eyebrow and he looks much too pleased with himself, "Every other time it's been you throwing yourself at me. Not that I blame you, you're only human."

"Ok Dickwad," she would cross her arms if she were standing, instead she just kind of hits his chest a bit, "Now I know you're lying."

Scorpius lowers his head and rests his forehead against her, and how dare he be adorable when she is trying to argue with him?!

(Rose has the horrifying thought that from now on if they ever argue he's going to be able to beat her simply by stripping and kissing her. Really, how is she going to be able to out-fight that?!)

(Easy – you just get naked and challenge him right back!)

(Thank you conniving brain, Future Rose owes you one)

"I only speak the truth, love," her toes curl when he calls her that, "Hand on my heart," but he uses her hand and for some reason that's really distracting and makes her stomach do the flippy-floppy thing again, "You just can't resist me."

Despite the adorableness of this whole scenario, Rose manages to force out a reasonably convincing scoff, "Is that a challenge? Because I am more than happy to prove I am perfectly capable of resisting you by getting out of this bed right no-"

He kisses her to shut her up. Well that's just cheating.

It works though.

"I don't think that's necessary," he says when they finally separate,

He's got her all wrapped up in his arms and when he shifts it becomes very obvious that Malfoy Jr. is more than ready for another round. Funnily enough, Rose's downstairs fun zone is more than ready for another round too. Delicious friction in all the right places is almost enough to distract her from what she had asked. Almost.

"So you still need to explain," She suppresses a moan when he starts sucking on her neck for which she should get a fucking medal for will power thank you very much, "What's with this four kisses business?"

"Well," another kiss behind her ear and oh lordy her toes are curling entirely without her permission, "The first was the night of the Hall of Fame Induction."

That rings an unwelcome bell in her head, "You mean…?"

"The night before you woke up on my bathroom floor?" quick suck to the earlobe and yup, ok, all stations are go in the down stairs fun zone, "Yes, that would be it."

Scorpius smiles as one of his hands slides lower down her back to hitch a leg over his hip. Her hips move against his entirely without her permission and both of them need to take a moment because that feels just…uhhn.

"But I'm vetoing that one," she likes that his voice has gone all husky and stuff again; she's bloody proud to be the one that does that to him, "Too messy. Not at all what we deserved. More like a crashing of mouths really. Best left forgotten."

"Gee thanks," she succeeds in sounding mildly pissed off, but her ire is kind of blown out of the water when his hand wraps around her thigh and he manages to roll them so she's straddling him.

"Well you were, as they say, '5 sheets to the winds', Rosie Dear," how he manages to sound so calm and in control as he's arranging them is completely beyond her. Just another stupid thing his beautiful stupid body is good at. Asshole, "It definitely wasn't your finest hour."

"Oh and I suppose you were in stellar form, as always, right?" she places her hands on her hips as she raises an unamused eyebrow at him. Scorpius, in response, digs his fingers a little deeper into her hips, his eyes go darker, and the twitch of a certain appendage currently nestled against her backside doesn't escape her. Well, well, isn't that interesting.

So, Scorpius has a thing for Angry Rose. Noted. This will definitely come in handy later.

He hums and attempts a shrug, but he is very clearly distracted by the display in front of him, "I did what I could, given the circumstances."

"Tell me," she lowers herself down so her hands are resting beside his head. His hands run up and down her ribcage, "Did this happen pre or post vomiting?"

"Pre-vomit!" he sounds incredulous and a brief look of disgust crosses his features, "I love you darling, but there are limits."

He says it so casually that it throws her off guard. He's already said she has his heart but actually hearing him say it – the big three – makes it hit home even further.

He loves you. He actually bloody loves you.

Sensing her tensing up – but smiling at it knowingly – he continues.

"Kiss two," he begins and it snaps her out of her brief trip to la-la-land, "Was the night before you woke up on the roof."

"Don't tell me we kissed under starlight and I forgot?" she aims for sarcasm and hits it pretty precisely, but if she's being honest with herself, forgetting something like that would actually piss her off. His hands are on her ass again – taking a completely unnecessary squeeze that she is definitely not going to protest against – he shifts her until she can feel the head of his cock resting at her entrance. Oh sweet Jesus it would be so easy to just get this show on the road because that is all she wants right now.

Besides answers. And Rose has the sneaking suspicion that if they do 'get the show on the road', they'll both become pretty incoherent very soon after, so they should hold off doing that for a moment. But only a moment.

"No," Scorpius thrusts a little but she moves her hips out of his reach and he sighs, realising the game she's playing. He looks a little pissed, but mostly just really turned on. It is immensely satisfying, "You kissed me before you decided to go sky-writing. Very brief. Too friendly. That one doesn't really count either."

"What did I write in the sky?" she asks, genuinely curious and focusing very hard on not taking any notice of how his hand has slipped between them and started tracing patterns on her inner thigh. That is all kinds of cheating.

He beams at her, "I think that's a secret you'll have to get out of me at another time, Rosie."

"You sound like you're looking forward to it."

"Probably because I am."

Rose decides that's a line of questioning for another day because honestly holding off this long has very nearly killed her.

Rose lowers herself closer to him and she doesn't miss the way his breath hitches, "And the third?"

His eyes soften and his hand stops drawing patterns on her thigh. This one, she thinks, must have meant something. He stays oddly silent for a long while, hands settling on her hips tenderly as he takes a breath.

"Right before the world cup final," his voice is softer now and she's too scared to ask how or why, "Right before we walked out onto the field."

Something in that spurs a memory or Maurice in the Krum Facility the morning she woke up.

"Right before?' Rose asks, her meaning evident. Scorpius smiles sweetly and nods.

"Yes, in front of the whole team."

"The whole team?!"

"The whole team."

She's about to yell at him about how, exactly, he would allow that to happen, when four simple words stop her in her tracks.

"And it was perfect."

Rose's smile reflects his own and she's overtaken by an intense sadness at having forgotten it. She feels the need to apologise, so she does.

"I'm sorry I forgot," and somehow one of her hands finds itself cupping his face and everything is much too intimate for anyone's good. Straddling him, bare as the day she was born (but with considerably more hair), Rose feels a lot more naked than she can remember ever feeling in her life.

Scorpius' hand closes over her own where it rests on his face and he gives it a reassuring squeeze.

"That's ok," he gives her a lazy, genuine smile, hair an absolute wreck from where she's run her hands through it over and over again last night, and she's a very solid 99.765% sure she's never seen anything so beautiful, "Last night's was pretty damn perfect too."

And there it is. A little moment that scares the absolute shit out of her whilst simultaneously just making her want to laugh like a crazy person because this is actually real – they love each other. Well holy shit. Who'd have thought?

Scorpius slips his hand off of hers and it makes a very slow move down to her hip. She gets the idea. They've had this moment, they both know where they're at; time to get back to the fun stuff. Rose trails her own hand down his chest slowly to eventually take a solid grasp of his cock to line them up. He draws in a sharp breath (yeah she's never gunna get sick of that) as she slides herself onto him. She gasps, he grips her tighter and they start to move against each other.

And dear fucking Merlin it's brilliant.

She's always tried to keep noises to a minimum in the bedroom, and she's never been one for talking during sex. But hell, he may just change her mind.

He groans when she lowers herself on to him, begs for more, breathes a desperate "mercy" as he picks up the tempo, tells her she's gorgeous, says her name like a curse and a blessing, and it makes her feel beautiful. So she reciprocates, she gasps and tells him to do it again, grips him hard and prays for more, closes her eyes and lets out wordless cries, calls out his name, digs in her nails, and tells him to never, ever stop.

Rose feels herself getting closer, her lower muscles clenching and tensing in the most wonderful way. She's thrown her head back, her legs are cramping, but she keeps going because she needs this, oh Merlin does she need this.

Scorpius' voice cuts through her haze as she feels him shifting.

"Hold on to me," he's breathless and she does what he says, leaning down and wrapping her arms around his neck. His hands hold her close to him and in a display of some of the most impressive abdominal muscle strength she's ever witnessed, Scorpius hoists them up until they're sitting upright. She lets out a (rather embarrassing) squeak at the movement and the new angle it provides, and feels him smile against her neck. He's doing that smug 'I know what you like' thing again. She'd hate him for it if he wasn't bloody right.

Still holding her close, Scorpius swings them round to hang his legs off the edge of the bed, feet braced against the floor. He shifts a little to allow Rose to wrap her legs around him, both of them finally settled into their new position.

It's not until he wraps his lips around her left nipple that Rose realizes why he's done it. – access all areas. Clever asshole. When he sucks long and hard she finds herself commending his decision too.

Rose gasps and lets her head drop back, hands knotting themselves into his hair to hold him where he is because dear holy Merlin she never wants him to stop. When he takes a greedy swipe across the surface of her breast with his tongue only to have it wrap around her other nipple, she can't stop the whimper that escapes her or the way she rocks against him. And apparently that's just what he wanted.

And then the bastard plays dirty. One of his hands snakes down between them as they start rocking, and his finger finds her clit and sweet mother of Merlin this is almost too much to take.

Rose lets out a whine and her breathing starts to become erratic, completely beyond her control. They're moving fast, his mouth still latching onto her breast until they're moving too fast and all he can do is sit back and watch as Rose comes undone above him, calling his name. All she hears is the blood rushing in her ears and her own cries as she takes a tighter grip of his hair and lets herself go.

She rides out the feeling as long as she can, taking pleasure in how he's holding her steady against his lap as he spasms beneath her, his face buried in her neck to smother the sound of his groans. She hears him mutter a "fuck Rose" and she swears to God she's never heard her name sound so desirable.

Besides last night, obviously.

She hopes it's like that every time.

As Rose tries to remember her name and how to breathe, she soothes Scorpius where he's collapsed against her, still recovering from a rather powerful orgasm (I know how you feel buddy). He lets out a heavy, satisfied groan against her neck and she swears he sounds a lot like an animal. It seems fitting. Plus it's damn sexy. He can do that as much as he likes.

"I think," he says, voice hoarse for reasons other then sleep, "I think…"

"Really?" Rose asks with a smile, "Because I can't think a damn thing right now."

Scorpius chuckles against her, and she gets the distinct impression that's all he's really capable of right now. He presses his lips to her neck in a movement she assumes is supposed to be a kiss, and lets his forehead rest against her shoulder for a few moments. Rose is pretty darn sure she could get used to this.

Rose bends forward to press a kiss to the top of his head when something pungent and unavoidable reaches her nostrils.

"Pwoah!" she says with a grimace, "we really smell."

"We've played match of Quidditch and engaged in multiple rounds of very energetic and damn fantastic sex," and yes Rose is beaming at that little remark – don't judge her, "Sweat and other bodily fluids are a regrettable side effect."

Rose hums and hates him a little for his ability to use such big words at an hour such as this after what they've done when Rose has only just managed to remember her own name again.

And what's that in her hands?

Oh, oh my. It appears she's stroking his hair.

She's not sure how she feels about that.

At that precise moment Scorpius decides to let out a low, appreciative growl, his arms tightening around her as he nuzzles her neck.

Yeah, she's pretty sure she's ok with the hair stroking.

What she is most certainly not ok with, is Scorpius pulling his head back so quickly they almost topple back on to the bed.

"Woah!" his grimace matches her own, "We really smell."

She could get offended at that – and very nearly does – but she figures there's a much better way to fix this conundrum.

Rose goes about removing herself from Scorpius, stepping off him and trying to ignore the burn in all of her muscles or the way he frowns as she steps away from him.

"In that case," she takes a step back towards the ensuite, being careful to not get tangled in their robes and ruin her entire 'sex-kitten' routine she's trying to run with, "I suggest we shower."

The smirk she receives in response suggests she's succeeding.

"Shower, you say?" he stands and follows her, all smug and arrogant and sexy and beautiful, "Together I'm assuming?"

"Well you did promise me every surface, Scorpius," Rose smiles and leans against the doorframe to the bathroom, "You're not one for going back on your word, are you?"

"No Rosie, I most certainly am not."

Scorpius holds true to his word.

Rose finally tells him she loves him while he's shampooing her hair.

Scorpius tells her he knows.

Rose punches him in the arm.

Scorpius tells her he loves her too (while he's laughing at her)

They're happy.

Rushed ending I know, but I just wanted to wrap it up. Hope you enjoyed it all ladies and gents, and that nothing got too overloaded on smut or anything. It's been fun, looking forward to getting the companion piece done as quickly as possible too.

Thanks for reading, you all make my day.

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