A brown haired man who had robbed banks in the past was now being released from prison. He had just gotten done serving 2 years and was now on parole. He had pretended to be good and serve his time though he had hated being in prison for those 2 years.

But there was one constant thing on his mind during all that time: getting revenge on the turtles, or a more specific one of the bunch for sending him to jail as well as the turtle causing him pain too. That turtle was so going to pay for this!

He had a gang that liked to loot and rob jewelry stores and banks. He was going to look them up and get the one turtle he wanted revenge upon. He didn't know the turtle's name, he just knew he was the one that wore the purple mask.

The man called himself Lenny. He went to find his gang.


For the two years while Lenny had been in jail, the ninja turtles had kept on bringing in the bad guys. And they were triumphant 90% of the time. Very rarely did they ever meet opponents that could take them down in fights. Most often, the only ones that could bring them down were Shredder and his mutants, Bebop and Rocksteady.

Lenny began seeking the reports of the turtles' closest friend, April O'Neil. He despised how the turtles were being these do-gooders for the city. There was no profit in it. But he was going to track them down and get his revenge.

The plans were soon organized.

Lenny's gang consisted of 20 members and they had been practicing some self defense skills on his orders from while he was in jail. The next time he and his gang met those reptiles, the gang wasn't going down so easily.

They began tracking April down and following her for a time period of when she would meet up with her reptilian friends. They wanted to know where the best place was to strike. They learned of the turtles' huge love of pizza and soon found out that Vinnie's was the favorite place they got their pizza, though they would go to other pizza parlors in town too.

They watched for a month to see how much the turtles went to Vinnie's, with or without April. It was seen that they went there like every few days or so. Sometimes they were in disguises and other times not. Their green faces always gave them away when they were in disguises.

All the time of watching, if Lenny was with his gang, he eyed the purple masked turtle angrily. He was so going to get him back for what pain he had caused him. He was going to take that turtle off the streets!

Lenny made sure to get the right supplies for what he had in mind to do to that turtle, and soon. He could see they either moved in pairs or as one group, finding the best idea would have to be to get the purple turtle either separate from the others and totally alone. Or, when he was with only one brother and take them both on.

He would get that turtle one way or another...

Beta read by Turtlefanforlife1982.

This story is not going to be like the kiddy cartoon it was. Since as the series went on, by the 7th season it had more serious situations while still remaining a kid's cartoon. I prefer to use their more serious sides rather than the goofy sides of the turtles. And I still try to keep them in character as best as I know how. Enjoy the story.

I've written many 1987 turtle stories in the past, though this is a very recent written one and the first one that I'm posting.