Over the next several days the sprain in Donny's arm healed, and finally after 4 long months of waiting, the plastron was deemed finally healed and Donatello began his full on training again.

Dr. Goodfellow had seen to it that it was fully healed before she gave the go ahead that he could train and fight alongside his brothers again. Donatello was so happy to hear that, though the cover would continue to stay on for awhile longer. It would come off in its own time.

Donatello knew he had scars on his skin from those injuries, but he wondered what his plastron was going to look like when the cover came off. It wouldn't look like it did before the injuries were inflicted.

When Splinter had Donatello joining his brothers for a full on training session, it turned out that, though he had been doing small katas for the last 3 months, his biggest skills were more rusty. Donny had so much catching up to do. And as his skills improved, he joined in more and more in fights on the streets. He was even back to fighting the Shredder and company.

To them, it turned out that Donatello had been out of action for awhile, hence they hadn't seen him with his fellow turtles. And they saw a small part of the reason why: the cover on his stomach that still showed. But the bad guys didn't question it. They even tried to take advantage of that at times, with Donatello being more witty and faster than they were and making sure they never touched his stomach, even though it was now healed. But the injury had left him being more protective of his belly, not letting baddies touch it.

The whole experience had left a good mark on the smart turtle. Not just the physical scars, but there had been mental ones as well. He had been a little wary at first to start fighting again, but he knew how fun it could be to put the bad guys in jail. He liked sticking up for others that couldn't stick up for themselves just as his family did.

The experience had also put a more profound sense of humility into Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo as well, when they thought that they could possibly lose Donatello had scared them more than anything. It showed that they weren't invincible.

Though Donatello still was a bit afraid of Lenny getting out of jail again, he wouldn't let it hold him back in fighting bad guys the way he had always done. He was a ninja warrior like his family was. He was also the genius who fought with technology too. His family would be lost without him when it came to technology that was used for evil.

The experience had even brought the turtles and their humans friends even closer too. April and Irma visited a lot more. They would have been mortified if Donatello had died. He was a particular favorite by them at times, though they loved all their mutant friends.

Master Splinter had been scared too of his student possibly dying, but he had tried to remain calm. He had been willing to get revenge for his son/student too. He had seen Donatello go from a scared turtle to learning to overcome his fears over his recovery time. He was more than proud of him to have come back from the brink of death to his full brainy self again, though the scars would always remain. And he was also indebted to the doctors that had saved his son's life too: Dr. Jane Goodfellow and her assistant, Dr. Matt Baines.

Donatello was all in all very important to the world in the ways of science and technology that he stop the work of evil in his genius ways. His family would be lost without him in that way. And the whole ninja family was important in that they stop the ways of evil from humans like Lenny, and the Shredder and his army.

Donatello would remember the experience the rest of his life and how it had impacted him. But he wasn't going to let it hold him back now that he was recovered. He would continue to be the best genius and ninja turtle that he was.

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