The Journey To Save A Princess: Chapter 1.

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Summary: A freak accident involving a jewel, the moon and KID sends Shinichi tumbling down the metaphorical rabbit hole to end up in a dark forest with no idea on how to get home - or if he could even go home for the matter. Added to that, he's got a pair of brown ears and a tail and KID has somehow sprouted wings! This certainly can't be happening to him… Right?

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Things were not looking good.

Shinichi felt the anxiety bubbling in his chest rise with each passing second, all too aware of the giant - luckily - land bound dragon stomping around angrily in the undergrowth. The metallic scent of blood permeated the surrounding air and Shinichi was near choking on the smell. Constantly, infuriated roars resounded and Shinichi just knew that the dragon was waiting for them to descend before pouncing and ripping them into shreds.

Shinichi was also very aware of KID's waning strength, feeling them dip down toward the ground before flying back up again, KID's wing beats - still can't get used to that - slowing as the time passed. The exertion was too much for KID to handle, having to keep the weight of two people suspended in the air was no easy feat when you just suddenly received your wings after all. KID's face streamed with sweat and his cheeks were tinged with a deep red flush. His breath came out in shallow pants and his eyes began to look unfocused with exhaustion, a terrible sign since judging by his body's movements, he would soon be unable to take the strain and fall unconscious, sending the both of them crashing into the forest floor. If the fall didn't kill them on impact then it was assured that the dragon would.

Shinichi found that no matter how hard he thought, he couldn't think of a method and it was frustrating. He could deduce a murderer's identity with ease but when it came to actually taking down his opponent, he admitted that there was little he could do except kick a ball at them and hope they fall unconscious from the impact or shoot a tranquilizer dart at them to forcefully make them fall asleep. An impossible thing this time around considering that this dragon's cranium seemed to be made out of a material similar to stone or iron, the gleaming gray spikes and knobbly skin taunting him with his inability to do anything to the beast.

Caught up in the situation as it were, his veins rushed with adrenaline and he lost track of his surroundings. An unknown amount of time had passed since KID had temporarily taken flight to save them from danger and Shinichi found his ears twitching, swiveling instinctively to the right as he caught wind of a faint rustling coming from the trees in that direction and quickly growing louder as if whoever - or whatever - had created that noise was advancing towards them.

A slight shift from his arm caught Shinichi's attention and with slight horror, he found that due to the sweat trickling down KID's arm into his hand, he was slowly losing the grip he had on Shinichi's hand and despite his best efforts to keep hold, KID's hand lost its grip on Shinichi's arm completely and Shinichi found himself falling almost painfully slowly towards the ready jaw of the dragon…

... only to have a black shadow dart out from the trees and catch him by his shirt just before he reached the ground, only a scant few feet above the dragon's maw. A flurry of feathers later - this time black and not white - and Shinchi found himself plopped down onto a massive tree with KID following suit quickly enough, still dazed with his clothes ruffled like he had been roughly manhandled in a feat to get him to safety faster.

The black blur then slowed to a stop on a neighbouring tree branch from its amazingly fast flying to reveal an ebony-winged man - teen? - dressed in deep purple robes with an odd piece of purple cloth that had an eye on it tied over one eye. He had dark, pitch black hair and his eyes (or rather, eye) from what Shinichi could see was a cold, piercing topaz, a colour that could not possibly be natural but hey, this world - because they obviously weren't in their own world anymore - had dragons so yellow eyes probably weren't all that spectacular.

What happened next could only be called a dance and Shinichi could see KID's eyes widen minutely - Poker Face was still in effect even in this foreign world - as the unknown person's wings spread out (slightly smaller than KID's, they only reached his calves, interesting) to their full width and with a powerful jump, he took to the air with a pair of small but beautifully detailed black daggers in his hands and a faint layer of black energy (?) surrounding the blade. Faster than the eye could see, he spun in the air and along with a black flash, countless cuts criss-crossed the dragon's hide, joining the several tens of others already slashed into the dragon's body and causing blood to spurt out into the air. Shinichi felt nausea rolling in his stomach at the sight.

Suddenly, the dragon let out a high-pitched screech and rocks rose into the air, the shards shooting toward the person who reacted just a moment too slowly, unable to avoid all of them. However, just as Shinichi thought the person was definitely going to be impaled, a chill permeated the air and a thick layer of ice appeared before the winged figure and the shards of rock embedded themselves deep inside the ice, unable to break through.

Where exactly did the ice come from…?

Shinichi got his answer soon enough when a bell-like, almost feminine voice rang out, shouting a query at the man,

"Riysen, are you alright? The rocks didn't hit you, right?"

From the same direction as the man - apparently named Riysen - appeared yet another figure, this time dressed in aqua-blue robes with sandy brown hair and sepia-coloured eyes. A necklace of shells encircled his head and clinked together when he tilted his head. A thin chain hung from his neck and attached to the end of the chain was a small amber jewel about the size of a coin and glowing softly. The new figure was smiling softly and Riysen gave a brief nod at him, eyes constantly riveted on the dragon. The second man then lifted up one hand and literally wrote in the air, glowing runes being drawn one by one by the glowing tip of a finger. After sketching out five or six symbols, he flicked his forefinger at the glowing runes and they merged together before forming a cloud of frost that surrounded the dragon. Shinichi watched with morbid fascination as the blood flowing from its many wounds slowed to a trickle and froze, causing the beast to cry out in pain. With its movements effectively restrained, all it took to end its life was a well aimed plunged of Riysen's daggers into its skull, cutting through the thick, gray skin like a knife through butter and sending blood flying into the air. Shinichi felt even more nauseated at that scene and a quick glance to his left told him that KID was feeling much the same.

"So, what is a lycanthrope and angel doing in the Twilight Forest if you can't even defend yourselves?"

A wary voice, masked with casualness sounded out to Shinichi's right and both he and KID turned to look so quickly that Shinichi felt his neck ache slightly. Unbeknownst to the both of them - even KID! - a short teen with pointed ears - was he an elf? - was sitting with one leg drawn up and staring at them with dark, chocolate-brown eyes. He had a red bow slung across his back, the bowstring an odd, crystal-like white and a knife strapped to the back of the line of pouches at his waist. A tattered olive-green scarf was wound around his neck and he was wearing a sleeveless, vest like shirt made out of something like leather - of what kind, one could only guess - and a pair of shorts. Strangely enough, he wasn't wearing any shoes and only had long strips of green ribbon bound around each foot, stretching up to his thighs.

Very nearly falling out of the tree, Shinichi could only manage a very confused 'huh?' and saw the other person raise an eyebrow at his fumble. KID cut in at that moment, eyes serious and tone heavy which put all three of the newcomers on edge.

"You may not believe us, but we're not from this world."


"So what you're saying is that the both of you suddenly appeared in the Twilight Forest after holding an emerald up to the full moon?"

This sentence was spoken in an incredulous tone accompanied by eyebrows raised so high they disappeared behind the light brown-haired man's - who introduced himself as Aegis - fringe. Currently they were gathered around a campfire near the edge of said forest which was apparently so huge that it spanned nearly a third of the entire continent of Itos, the continent that they were currently on.

KID - Kaito, as Shinichi found out after he introduced himself - nodded and raked a hand through his hair, clearly looking uncomfortable with the current situation. Aegis was silent for a moment, mulling over what they had just explained to the three of them and deliberating over whether he should trust them or not. Finally he looked up and smiled at them,

"Alright, I believe you and we'll do our best to help you. For now, would you like to travel with us?"

Shinichi had originally prepared to further convince them and was shocked when Aegis had so readily agreed. His tail swished in the air and his ears twitched slightly. He looked over to Kaito, asking for his opinion.

"Don't worry, this offer isn't a trap."

A slightly timid voice spoke up and Shinichi looked up to see a red-haired figure currently picking at his piece of roasted magical beast meat. He was wearing a half set of armour, silver in colour and edged with red. His eyes were a bright crimson that matched his hair and he had a nervous smile on his face. An azure bandanna was tied around his head and his long hair was braided into a single tight braid that ran down to his waist. His pair of black wings were trembling and every once in awhile a feather would detach itself to fall to the ground which was already littered with countless feathers though they had said not to worry since all that was happening was him shedding the loose feathers. Shinichi still couldn't believe that this was the same person who had killed that dragon without flinching and whose eyes had caused a shiver to run down his spine from the lack of warmth within them. Riysen, although he also had wings, was a fallen angel, different from Kaito who they called an angel. Fallen angels were a persecuted race for being a mutation from the angel race, able to use darkness magic but not light as opposed to angels being able to use only light and not darkness. According to them, Riysen was the very last member of the fallen angels and also trained in fire to conceal his identity, the wings being no problem as very rarely would angels be born with black wings but it still happened.

Looking at Kaito, Shinichi saw him nod slightly and took a deep breath, not sure if he was going to be making the wrong decision or not, before he answered.

"We would like to accept your offer."


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