Dark Desires Blaze Inferno is my character and this is a response to my own challenge. Version #2. The others belong to WWE.

Feeling trapped in a corner, I felt scared. My body wanted to fall as he came closer to me. I closed my eyes in fear as he stood in front of me. Then, he placed his hand on my neck as I opened one eye. His eyes locked on mine as he smiled. I opened my other eye as he moved his hand from my neck to my cheek. He moved his head close and said something. He said," Nothing to be scared of yet." He wrapped one arm around me, as I suddenly felt calm. I felt his arms, as I wanted to try to move. He seemed pretty strong. I wanted to scream, but something stopped me. He held me against the wall as I felt like I was being seduced. He moved his head down and smelled my neck as I felt the fear again. I thought he was going to bite into my neck as I screamed, but he pulled back instead. I felt weak and scared as my body trembled and as soon as he pulled away, I fell down in a faint. He had caught me. He thought," I told you should not try to escape." He picked me up in his arms and carried me to back to the place he lived in with his other buddies, Kevin Nash and X-Pac. Moments later, I woke up to see Scott Hall at my side once more. He had his arms on my shoulders so he could hold me down for the moment. Scott said," I warned you about escaping." I only managed to escape to be attacked by two different vampires, and to be saved by Hall. Then the one I tried to escape from captured me once more. It was like beauty and the beast because he saved my life when I tried to escape. I felt his hand on my face as I blinked my eyes once more to look at him. You want to know how it all started. Well here's my story.

Chapter 1: Dark Nights

Blaze's POV

I entered the arena at around the time of 6, before the show of RAW has started. I was going to make my debut tonight and maybe even have a match.