Punch right. Repeat. Punch left. Dodge to the left. Repeat. Dodge to the right. Kick side twice quickly, twist out of way, elbow back of shoulder. Flip backwards and wait. Opponent charging, run and slide to the side, hitting back of knee in process. Opponent grabs arm and twists it, elbows side. Grip arm with leg, and flip, land on hand and knees, gracefully. Opponent is down.

Selina looked down at Dusan, grinning down at his huge figure guy flat on his back. She moved her neck side to side, cracking it, then moved her shoulders I circles. "Who's next?"

She looked at Nyssa, Abbas, and the other assassins who were beat by her, and then the others who were watching and who have yet to fight her. She circled around Dusan looking at the assassins, barely any of them had their face showing, it was only their eyes.

It was then that Selina felt a hand grip her ankle, bringing her down. Dusan's gravelly voice rang in her head as her head became fuzzy. "This is why the first lesson is always never let your opponent live," Dusan spoke as she felt his body over hers, and cool sharp edged dagger next to her throat.

Selina laughed, "Is it because I didn't put a dagger to your throat Dusan that you feel you weren't defeated? Because I do believe there is one there."

Dusan looked down carefully, surprised as to how she got that there when she didn't even have a weapon on her. "Remember I am a thief," she winked. He got off her having only the slightest bit of a smirk shadow his face. He extended his arm to her and she grabbed it pulling herself up.

She then returned to looking at the assassins, the new ones she fought, "Most of you show potential but many of your weak, I sure hope it's not because you're in my presentence. You're done for the day. Return to your training and jobs." They all bowed down, and left. Nyssa and Dusan stayed.

"Selina!" She heard the child running long before, but as she came closer, she yelled out the name. She tackled Selina's leg but Selina barely moved due to the force. Selina looked down, smiling at Amber. She picked up the smaller girl, "Look what I can do!" Amber held out her hand and made a small ember appear.

Selina was impressed. She looked to Dusan and Nyssa who only looked at the girl with surprised eyes. "I'm impressed. Now see if you can make it bigger," Selina placed Amber down, who ran to show Nyssa as soon as her feet hit the ground. Selina looked to the open door way seeing Maya. She was leaned up against the entrance watching the girl. Selina walked to her friend smiling, "You've clearly been succeeding with Amber."

"I really don't do much," She got off the wall not looking once pass Selina to her husband. She began to turn walking with Selina through the hall. "It's not like I know how it works, we just do exercises, and I let her practice on candles and other objects. She seems as though she knows how to control it well, but we should keep an eye on her still."

"Do you want me to take over or Nyssa?"

"No. It's fine. Plus Asil still needs training."

Selina stopped watching as Maya walked two more steps before she realized Selina topped waking. Maya turned to friend. Selina's expression changed, showing worry, and sorrow, "Maya I know its been tough for you lately but-"

"I'm fine Selina. Noting has changed with me," Maya held her head high showing no emotion.

"You lost your unborn child, you're feeling pain, and you and Dusan haven't touched nor talked to each other for over a month. You bury yourself with Amber and Raja, taking care of them. You avoid anyone but me and the kids."

Maya crossed her arms and leaned on the wall behind, "It just hurts Selina, to know I couldn't birth a child, and I'm scared that it may happen once more."

"I felt the same once with Ra'd." Maya looked up with shock. "I was pregnant but not for long really. I had a miscarriage and I couldn't face him, but I had to get over with it. I know you see Raja and Amber as your children at times, and I do the same, but you will have your chance again. Mourn the child, but don't drown yourself in tears. Live on. You don't need to forget it. Remember it, but live on for it as well." Selina walked on leaving her friend in the hall.

She walked through the bright halls that shined with light from the night moon, along with the candles. The halls weren't as dim as before. She could also hear more noise other than her heels clicking with the floor. She took it in, enjoying laughter, talking, she could hear from rooms. Of course there was still the sound of grunting, and screaming of pain but it mixed with other sounds. She was going to take. Everything was different since last year.

One year ago. Talia was killed. Ra's was killed. Ra'd and Ajum were killed. Aria was killed. Bruce left.

She moved through the halls some more until she came upon being outside. She took off her boots, and walked on the grass where their lake was. It was a calming place. Trees, flowers, a shining lake. It was like a heavenly site to behold, a fantasy almost. She could feel the grass between her toes, the fresh dew on them. She laid down loving the feeling.

But she didn't get to enjoy for, for she began to feel fur rub against the side of her face, then whiskers. Selina laughed and looked up to see the big grown tiger who was only eight months old. "Hey Mito." He placed a paw at her wanting to play. She got up and pet his head then ran as he chased after.

She jumped onto a tree trunk and looked down. He began to climb and she jumped higher away from the black and white tiger. She jumped down from the tree looking up at him as he got ready to pounce, only to miss as she jumped in the lake. Immediately he jumped after her, paddling his big paws. Although cats are known to hate water, tigers actually loved it and Mito clearly expressed /

She had only gotten him when he was four months old at the time he was practically the side of two cats. She had fallen in love with him and took him in. She took him from criminal in Spain, didn't seem like he and Mito had much of a bond since he immediately came to Selina, being comfortable and playing with her. She had kept him away from Raja and Amber only allowing Amber to see him if she was with him.

Selina got out and watched the big cat happily swim around and diving under water.

"Who would of thought that the leader of the League of Assassins spends her time swimming with cat." An unfamiliar voice came from behind. She didn't turn with a sword point was at her back.

"Who are you?"

"A hit-man," she felt him crouch as he made his way closer to her ear, "and I'm not alone."

She felt an explosion, rattle the ground beneath her. Mito was in front of then growling at the man behind. She turned rapidly grabbing the sword although it cut through her palm.

She ripped it out of the man's grasp and flipped it so her hand was on the handle. She finally looked up and saw who it was. "Slade," she growled.

Five months later…

It was the darkest point of day, night, when criminals no longer hid, when the Batman came out to play. He was on a gargoyle watching the people from above, hearing conversations, watching criminals in buildings. He heard the sirens ring throughout the whole city. It was going to be a long night.

"You weren't kidding when you said you'll strike fear into the hearts of criminals."

He turned around hearing that familiar voice. "Maya?"

"In the flesh Detective." She walked with confidence like Selina. She covered in armor and weapons except for her head.

"Where are you here?" He voice was harsh, and he wanted to make sure Selina didn't come here to kill anyone.

"Selina's been missing."

His eyes widened under his cowl, but he didn't let his voice show it. "What do you mean missing?"

"I mean that she could very well be dead, or dying and the League is falling apart."

"What has happened?"

"You're beloved is what happened." Her eyes were dark.

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