The moon shined inside the caves entrance. The crickets made their music in the middle of the night. The sound of breathing reached her ears. There was heavy breathing and snoring. She looked around seeing a man on a made shift bed like hers. Then she looked beyond him to the side where there were two people sleeping on the ground on something that looked like sleeping bags.

She rose up feeling the pain on her body from the slashes she was giving. She bit her lip from screaming or groaning out loud in pain. She didn't know what happened all she knew was that there was a group of people healing her and she was probably going to kill them if they don't tell her everything she needs to know. She looked to see wear the damn backpack she grabbed was only to find it far from her reach passed sleeping bodies. Not much of challenge if blood was seeping out of her little by little. Now she knew why Ra's liked going in the Pit every so often it may have hurt but it had a nice sensation and healed everything so damn fast.

She slowly got up, taking in a breath. She couldn't remember the last time she felt such pain, then again every time she died she was revived and she doesn't really the remember the pain from them.

'Ignore it' she hissed at herself.

She took a step forward carefully. "What have you learned? Nothing absolute nothing?" All they seemed to ever talk about around her was that they were on an island and stranded. Nothing new about the people. Nothing new about anything about them and she was getting so damned tired of wasting her days trying to heal and getting no information while she was "unconscious"!

Oh if only she had her blade right know she would get some real answers. Or even her whip or dagger anger that really was an extension of her. But at the same time she felt as though she could barely even fight. "Ignore it!" That was the solution to every kind of pain according to Ra's. "Damn it," she spoke under her breath. It seemed these last couple of days maybe actually months Ra's wouldn't escape her head. Why? She couldn't figure that out herself quiet yet.

She needed to get out and quick, she felt like she was suffocating every second longer she was inside this cave.

She continued on, just starting to move around the people of the ground sleeping. "Shado, Oliver, and Sarah. That's the name of all of them. But why does that matter?" She looked down as she slowly passed them, making her way out of the cave. She ran a short distance in the forest, took hold of a tree and breathed in and out quickly grasping as much fresh air as she could.

Something was terrifying her something she hadn't been terrified of for such a long time. Nightmares. The only problem was that they felt so real. Felt as though she had made them happen, she was the cause of it all. Felt as though she had done it. But when did they happen? "Where are you Ra'd when I need you?"

Her thoughts were interrupted as she heard the foot falls behind her and an arrow being draw on a bow.

"Right now, I wouldn't care if you let that arrow go." Selina didn't even bother to turn around.

"Who are you?" a female voice spoke. One that she has come to know as Shado.

"Trained assassin, master thief, Leader of League of Assassin," Selina shrugs, saying the list nonchalantly.

"Why are you here?"

"Truthfully I'm so tired of that question due to the fact that I'm not even sure why. Literally I just woke up in the middle of a damned island wondering why. Anything else Shado?"

Shado growled, "How do you know my name!"

"I was never unconscious, I mean well I guess for like a couple of hours or so but after words I was just laying on the so comfy bed listening to your little group, talk and talk and literally get know where with it." Selina could hear her out the bow down and that's when she planted herself on the ground, hugging her side still. "I only wanted answers, clearly none of you have any. And clearly we are of no use to each other since I'm not with the men who slashed me. So I'm no longer under your care. Don't expect me to say the words I am under your debt." Selina sighed, "Should've just let me die to be honest, but even the I don't think I would've."

"You would've. Your wounds are severe and would've been infected by now if it wasn't for the supplies you picked up and me."

"Glad to know."

"So you're an assassin leader, who wants to know where she is but also is giving up to just die."

"You wouldn't understand the hell I've been through. And the things I've seen and been seeing." Selina growled out.

Bruce brought Maya to the BatCave, watching her moments, listening to her as she spoke.

"Why haven't you told me this before? Why didn't you come to me before?"

"Because you weren't supposed to be involved and Nyssa and Dusan told me, Nyssa convinced me we could find her, but after so long I… I knew you'd be the only person to help. Due to your reputation." She gestured to his wear.

Bruce groaned not only was he trying to find a murder in the city and take down crime bosses but now Selina, the woman he loved and couldn't resist no matter what she did was missing, possibly even dead.

"If you told me this before I could have possible tracked him but now-"

"If we couldn't you couldn't! I'm telling you this now as a last resort!"

"What do you want me to do Maya? There is nothing I can do since you already did everything and apparently have failed at it!"

"You're the Detective, I am only an assassin, with only the will to find my leader alive!"

Before he could even respond to Maya, Alfred appeared over the large computer screen. "Sorry to interrupt sir- oh… you have company….Well it appears more has come…" Alfred's facial expression didn't seem to please either of the persons on the floor looking at him, but it was also the pointy object that the both of them saw that made Maya rage in anger.

Bruce moved passed her heading towards the stairs, Maya quickly followed. As the approached to where Alfred was being held in, the kitchen, Bruce and Maya had knives embed in the reflections of their eyes.

"Let him go Nyssa!" Bruce growled out.

"Why are you here? Why did you leave?" Dusan remarked towards is furious wife.

She looked to Nyssa, avoiding the question at hand, "Stand down Nyssa, this man has done nothing to deserve such treatment." Nyssa moved the sword away from Alfred, putting in back in her sheath. "Are you alright?" She questioned the old butler. "Yes thank you miss." She looked at the two, "Leave," she hissed.

"You left! We only had a right to seek you out!" Nyssa shouted.

"The league is suffering, and Talia has taken control over it! She has killed so many since you left! You we're the one to take Selina's place if anything happened and you left right when Talia struck and we came here to find him only to find you here!"

"I left to try and find Slade or Talia or Selina. I tired of your damn pestering to stand down and let you to take over the situation when you two only came back with no answers or clues!" Maya then realized something, "Where are the children?"

"Safe," Dusan hissed the words like poison.

"There were only so many we could help against Talia's army that she had, along with Slade's." Nyssa spoke up.

"Where?" Maya question.

"One of Selina's safe house here in Gotham." Nyssa saws Bruce face confused, "She has many but this was the one closet to you."

Bruce was shocked and confused. Of all the places she had a safe house here. Here! Why? Has she ever used it? When did she make it?

Maya bean to pace back and forth, "I thought I could find her. I thought I could find something. I only just came here today to find him." Maya had such anger in her eyes like she was about to murder everyone in the room, instead she only flipped the kitchen table, and scream in anger.

"Where is the safe house?" Bruce questioned, and Nyssa responded with it being in an area in the East End. "Maya, stay here. Alfred," he sorrowly looked at his butler.

"Don't worry sire."

Selina's hands caressed her head as she laid her elbows on her knees. Shado was next to her still alarmed but curious.

"What have you seen?"

"So much death. So much horror. Me hurting those I long to protect."

"So they are visions."

"No… Yes… I'm not sure what they are."

"What have you been through?"


"That's what we all think we go through."

"Have you all died multiple times only to be revived against your own will? Have you faced the man who was literally named the Demon's head to once more be murdered by his hands? Have you lost the ones you loved? Have you been in a position you'd never thought you'd be in, like leading assassins when before all you were was a street rat stealing?" Selina looked at Shado for the first time, her hair slightly covering her green eye that held pain and anger.

It took Shado a while to respond at all. "No."

"What I thought. And then the next thing you know you were attacked and then woke up on this island." Selina sighed, "Maybe this is a gift."

"An Island away from your problem isn't a gift. It's making you're problem grow. Come on, I need to change those bandages."

Selina growled at the pain that stung her as she got up, "Who's the old man on the other bed?"

"My father."

"Why is he here?"

"We were brought here together."

"How long have you been on this island?"


Selina looked at her.

"My father was skilled in archery, I had only began, but he has taught me more and we live here basically, waiting to be saved, the only problem is that we are the ones saving people who come to this island."

I shouldn't be one.