Author's Note: Anyone else notice the serious lack of Spider-Man in the twenty something Spidey/Naruto crossovers? Me too! And I decided to do something about it, something drastic and incredibly impulsive of me.

So, if you don't know me or my writing, I have this small story where I pair Peter Parker up with the finest women fiction has to offer. And I'm going to start anime chapters soon and the plan was to cover Naruto characters too, but the more I thought and wrote about it, the more I started really getting into the idea of a full-blown story with a Hidden Leaf ninja Spidey.

So this is the first chapter, but not really the first chapter. It's more of an introductory chapter, a kind of testing of the waters. This is the kind of thing you can expect from me, I like to place a big emphasis on character's relationships and their motivations and not have them be cardboard cutouts and emotionally boring. I love action too, don't get me wrong, but I think we'll start out slow with this one.

Now, if you're a fan of Naruto (I'm hoping you are since you've clicked on this) then you'll expect things to go a certain way. Team 7 is Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke, so on and so forth. Well, throw that out of the window. There's a spider present and he's gonna change things, his mere existence has already started to change things. Head into the story with an open mind and just see if this is the kind of thing you're looking for, if not, then thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

This is a story about an alternate version of Peter Parker; his name is Pīta Pāka (clever, right?). And as such, the story will focus and centre around him. Characters like Naruto (obviously), Sakura and Sasuke will still be important, but this is a story about the last living spider and what he has to go through to become a legend. He'll make friends, enemies, possibly even romances and will almost be killed every now and then, but just enjoy the ride.

I have to give credit where credit is due; I was partially inspired by texaswookie's Konoha Spider and HK-Revan's Silk Threads. I took a few pointers, as you'll see when you read, so I just thought I'd sight my inspiration as I really enjoyed those stories, they were written by two very talented authors. You should check them out if you have the time!

I hope you guys enjoy and for you hard-core Naruto fans out there, this is a relatively simpler look into the Narutoverse, so don't be too hard on this amateur!

Disclaimer: Spider-Man and all related characters are owned by Marvel and in turn, Disney. Naruto and all related characters are owned by Masashi Kishimoto, I own nothing.

A Pleasant Conversation (Bell-Test Arc)

Sunlight filtered through the many tall trees occupying the village of Konoha, a clear blue sky watching over the beautiful secluded settlement like a nurturing parent. The local wildlife played and scurried, birds sang and flew, and the humans of the village got on with their average day to day lives.

For some, this was a simple matter of merchants selling food or other wares, trading items or weapons. Mothers made breakfast for their children, cattle drivers looked after their livestock and teachers taught their students as well as they could manage.

Sensei's taught their pupils everything they could, in hopes that they would one day graduate from the prestigious Academy. The Academy was the establishment erected long ago to train young students, fashioning them into future prospective ninja. The most recent generation of students had already been chosen to graduate from the Academy, and had done so the previous day.

Today, they'd been divided up and placed into several separate groups of three, or teams. Sensei, Iruka-Sensei, had chosen them himself, based on their skills, strengths and weaknesses. Some students were happy with the results and settled into their teams fairly quickly, others were not so lucky, being forced to have to work with and rely on students that they didn't get along with.

Sakura Haruno was a victim of the latter, unfortunately. Though it seemed as if some form of higher power was laughing at the pink haired child as she hadn't just been partnered with Naruto Uzumaki, the resident class clown of the Academy, but Pīta Pāka as well.

It wasn't necessarily a bad thing; per se. Sakura had known Pīta for many years, practically her whole short life. Her mother and his aunt had been friends long before either of them had been born into the world, so she kind of had to get along with him at the behest of their parents. Even though they'd played together as young children, Sakura was twelve and beginning to mature.

At least, mature in the sense that all she could think about were boys. Or one boy in particular, that boy being Sasuke Uchiha. An emotionally cold and uncaring boy, he'd never once taken notice of Sakura or her clear and obvious feelings for him. Still, it didn't deter her and wouldn't in the many years to come.

Though, the path was long and winding and Sakura had just been dealt a particularly devastating blow… Sasuke had called her annoying, right to her face.

"I'm annoying?" Sakura muttered to herself, sat on a solid stone bench in the comfortable silence and relative isolation a grove of trees provided.

She wasn't really sure how to respond to such a remark, especially from someone like Sasuke, her one true love. "That's what he said… now I get it, this is how Naruto must feel." She realized, her pink bangs framing her adolescent face perfectly.

Somehow, she'd managed to turn the blunt insult around. "I shouldn't treat him like that, next time I see him, I'm going to be nice." Sakura stated, as if presenting the challenge to herself.

"Gonna be nice to who, forehead?" A male voice cut through the tranquil setting like glass, adolescent and verging on puberty just like herself.

Sakura hopped out of her seat on the stone bench, almost jumping out of her skin in the process. She hadn't heard anything, no movement, no warning that somebody was watching her, nothing. And when she saw the newcomer, she knew why. It was Pīta, hanging upside down and holding onto a strand of shining silk with one hand, decked out in his usual ninja garb.

His wild and untameable brunette hair peaked out over his forehead protector, while his piercing chocolate coloured eyes stared at the girl below him with humorous interest. Sakura couldn't see the lower half of his face; nobody ever could as it was hidden by a dark blue mask. A stylized red flak jacket covered his torso, black lines running along it in the startling shape of a spider. A long-sleeved blue undershirt rested beneath the flak jacket, while baggy blue pants covered his legs. White bandage wrappings winded around his forearms and shins, capped off with red fingerless gloves and red and blue strap up sandals.

He never took the mask that covered his jaw off in public, and Sakura often wondered why. Perhaps he was hiding some hideous scar, or had jagged, razor sharp teeth like some sort of spider monster. Okay, she was scaring herself, but the fact that he could do whatever a spider could was pure nightmare fuel.

He was the only one that could do the things he could anymore, as the rest of his once large clan had died out. Pīta belonged to, was the last living member, of one of the oldest clans in the world's history. The legendary Shukeikō-Clan, a massive branching clan of ninja all possessing one thing that drew them together, the abilities of an arachnid.

Unlike all other clans, the Shukeikō-Clan wasn't just made up of one family. Several families filled the ranks of the clan but the largest family had always been the Pākas. It was part of their history, something they'd had to learn about at the Academy. An ancestor of Pīta's had somehow obtained the abilities of an arachnid, and began to spread his bloodline. He didn't limit himself to just one woman either, and that was why the clan was so expansive and far-reaching.

A lot of the details were sketchy at best as some things in their history went unrecorded, but the clan eventually died out, the last two spiders to pass being Pīta's father and uncle, Ryota and Benji Pāka.

Sakura wasn't sure what that meant for Pīta, whether he was the clan's leader or whether the clan was simply no more. All she knew was that his abilities gave him unfair advantages in a fight; he did things like spin actual spider silk from his wrists and was able to move faster than the human eye could follow.

All ninjas were fast, but Pīta kicked things up a level for someone of his age. And then there was the ability to cling to any surface, without the use of Chakra or wall-walking, it was totally unfair in her opinion. But the one thing that was apparent from the get go was his incredible strength, something no student his age should've been able to possess.

Sakura had seen him uproot trees as if it were nothing, she'd witnessed him bend steel like he was toying with paper and crush solid boulders of rock with his bare hands… and he was only twelve years old. The thought that his strength would increase with age was astounding, and Sakura was reminded of the legendary strength of Lady Tsunade.

Though she doubted Pīta would ever be able to match her in terms of raw strength, no matter how many years passed. But that was a tale for another time, right now; Pīta was too busy annoying his long-time friend. The word 'friend' being used in the loosest of terms, of course.

Sakura found herself grinding her teeth like some kind of wild animal, it was almost uncanny how he drove her immediately over the edge with one word… forehead. Sakura hated it, plain and simple. She didn't find it funny, not the first time he'd said it many years ago and she certainly wasn't amused now.

"Don't. Call me. Forehead." The aggression was painfully clear in her tone, and if it were possible, steam might've just blown out of her ears and nose.

She felt her fists ball in anger, she didn't know why, couldn't explain it… but Pīta always made her feel this way. On-guard, abrasive, almost ready to tear someone's head off. Namely his, but that was neither here nor there.

The masked ninja shrugged, not the least bit intimidated by her little show of rage… he never was. "Oh! With the forehead thing! I forgot about that! I mean, every time I see you, it's just screaming at me, you know? Ah, you know what I'm talking about." Pīta casually excused himself, slowly tilting his body from right to left… like some kind of swinging pendulum.

But Sakura was having none of it, the way he'd always try and slyly talk himself out of a problem. "No, I don't know what you're talking about. The only person that knows what you're talking about is Naruto, because he's just as annoying as you are!" She yelled at him, finger pointing at him in an accusing manner and everything.

The spider styled pre-teen arched an eyebrow, but smirked beneath his mask. "Didn't your beloved just call you the same thing? Annoying? Because if so, that'd mean we're in the same boat. Which in turn means… you do know what I'm talking about! Funny how things works out, huh?" He remarked, broadly grinning for her to see.

And she did see it; Sakura knew full well what he was doing. He was doing the thing he always did, or tried to do at least. He was trying to tick her off, make her angry, and get to her. She didn't know why, she doubted she ever would… but it puzzled her to no end.

"Ugh! There's no way out of this, is there? You're not going to leave me alone, are you?" Sakura admonished, almost deflating in defeat as getting angrier and angrier only seemed to make things worse.

Pīta chuckled, letting go of his web-line and flipping to the ground in a remarkably fluid show of agility and grace. He landed on his feet, toes poking out of his red and blue sandals as he crouched for a moment. Sakura found it oddly and creepily appropriate, how he always seemed to be crouching or balancing on something, like a spider stalking its prey. Her peer rose to his full height, a little bit taller than the average child their age, the gap made even more apparent by his hair poking out over his forehead protector.

He stood a good deal taller than her; around five foot two to her four foot eight. "Easy there, cupcake, you make it sound like I'm obsessed with you." Pīta replied, his brown eyes, the only distinguishable features of his face, staring at her comically.

Sakura stood up to him, fists resting on her hips as she met his playful expression with a glare. "So what do you want, Pīta? I'm already in a bad mood today; I really don't need you giving me a headache too." The pink haired Genin questioned, puzzled by his sudden frustrating arrival.

"I don't know, a lively chat maybe? Spar with a teammate? Eat lunch with a friend? Or maybe we could just sit and enjoy the scenery, it's your call." The brunette Shinobi shrugged, moving past Sakura to take a seat on the stone bench.

Sakura followed his movement with her emerald green eyes, her frown deepening as he sat there and stared at her. "You want to sit with me? That's all you want to do? No stupid insults or sly remarks? Just sit in silence?" She queried, though her expression held crystal clear scepticism.

Pīta patted the spot next to him, arching an eyebrow in curiosity. "Would you be more inclined to sit with me if my name was Sasuke?" He challenged, a smirk dancing across his lips as Sakura took offense.

She was about to explode on him at the mention of Sasuke but caught herself, folding her arms and closing her eyes in a proud manner. "I can sit with anyone I like; of course it doesn't have to be Sasuke… I'm not obsessed with him." The Kunoichi claimed, elegantly placing herself down on the bench.

Pīta watched her cross a leg over the other one and not get too close to him, proximity must have been an issue for her. "Well, that just blew my mind." He muttered, his friendly tone of voice filtering through his mask.

Surprisingly, Sakura seemed to take the joke much better than she usually did. "Shut up," she bluntly told him, though a minute smile tugged at her lips.

She was relaxing and not taking things as seriously as she usually would, Pīta figured that maybe the insult Sasuke had labelled her with had sort of opened her eyes a little bit. Not all the way, but maybe a fraction. This Sakura he liked, when she wasn't so uptight and defensive. She never used to be like that; neither did Ino Yamanaka in their youth. Pīta remembered with nostalgic fondness when the two of them were close, thicker than thieves even.

A wedge named Sasuke Uchiha had been driven between them, and in all honesty, Pīta kind of felt sorry for them. He knew why they acted in such a way, like no other person in the land even compared to the Uchiha heir. But it seemed so strange to him, they were all twelve years old and trying to be accomplished ninjas.

Boys should have been the last thing on Sakura and Ino's mind, yet… well, it was anything but last.

"You okay?" Pīta asked, honestly and openly as he rested his elbows on his knees.

Sakura directed her gaze toward him, arching a pink eyebrow in confusion. "Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" She returned, brushing her red qipao dress down as it became ruffled in a soft summer breeze.

Pīta shrugged, straightening up but never taking his eyes off of her as he did so. "That thing with Sasuke, he called you annoying." The arachnid themed ninja answered, watching as Sakura's fair complexion paled slightly.

She stared downward, tearing her gaze away from his as she suddenly found her feet interesting. "You really heard that, huh?" Sakura inquired; in such a meek and wounded voice that it shocked Pīta to his core.

The lad had never seen her so hurt before, so vulnerable and weak. It caught him by surprise, how affected she was. To be in such a state, Pīta figured she must have really valued Sasuke's opinion. There were no other ways to describe her, just dejected and quiet.

The web-slinger kind of preferred the big loud-mouthed rendition; at least she was fun to argue with. "Someone's heart being broken? Caught that on the other side of the village," the boy aired his thoughts.

Sakura didn't really know how to respond, offering a whisper to her temporary company. "You make it sound worse than it is," she murmured, chancing a glance at the red and blue misfit.

Pīta nodded, not really knowing enough on the subject to offer up his own opinion… he doubted she'd listen to it anyway. "Guess I blew things a little out of proportion," he simply responded, not willing to push things further lest he receive a smack upside the head.

But he didn't have to, as Sakura turned to him with her hands pressed together. "Exactly! So it's not the end of the world, right?" The rosy coloured girl posed, surprising Pīta with the follow up question.

He found himself running a hand through his thick brunette hair, a nervous tick of his that he really needed to get rid of. "Last time I checked… no," Pīta lightly joked, prompting a short squeal out of his companion.

The boy felt Sakura's hands wrap around his arm as she smiled brightly, cheeks blushing a colour to match her traditional dress. "You're right! Sasuke was probably just ticked off about something! It all makes perfect sense!" She practically cheered, pulling Pīta up off of his feet and had he not possessed amazing strength, almost yanking his arm out of the socket.

But the girl's newfound joy was lost on him; he'd barely said anything to her to instigate such a response. "Calm down before you pop a blood vessel, I didn't say that." He dryly told her, watching her jump up and down like an excitable puppy.

She squeezed his arm tighter, though he didn't notice the pressure. "You didn't have to! I just got upset over nothing, that's all! All I needed was to talk to someone, who'd have thought that someone was you!" Sakura continued to celebrate her renewed happiness, rendering her teammate lost for words.

"I don't know what's going on right now, are you having the same conversation I'm having?" He deadpanned, a painfully upbeat and sunny Sakura smiling up at his blank expression.

Sakura nodded joyfully, still clasped onto his arm like a vice. "So what do you think? Do you think I have a shot with Sasuke? And be honest, Pīta. True love isn't the kind of thing you joke about," she advised, adopting a playfully stern tone that took the words right out of the boy's fabric covered mouth.

Pīta's chocolate orbs darted from left to right as sweat amassed beneath his forehead protector; literally no-one was in sight, nobody could've provided a good enough distraction and he was stuck with one of the most aggressive girls on his arm. He didn't really get why she was asking him though, most of the time she didn't even listen to what he had to say, so why was she suddenly valuing his opinion?

"Umm… I think—well, I'm no expert on the subject of relationships but… it's a really complex matter and like you said, can't be taken lightly… it's like my uncle used to say, he'd say—" Pīta stammered, his usually cool and confident tone being replaced by a series of ill-judged inane babble.

Sakura cut him off, her cheery disposition running out on the patience she was granting him. "Are you gonna spit it out or what, bug boy?" She addressed, poking him in the chest for emphasis.

Pīta had to think things over, but the truth was… he really didn't know what to say. He almost never had to get so serious in a conversation, most of the time it was all one-liners and quippy comments but when presented with something so fragile, he struggled. The boy didn't want to tell her what she wanted to hear, because what if she got her hopes up and waited years for something that wasn't going to happen?

But if he told her that she didn't have a chance, then he was going to receive the full brunt of her anger. It was literally a lose-lose situation, there was no way around it. The only way to play it was to be neutral, try and offer as vague an answer as possible.

Pīta gulped, when he'd woken up this morning, he really hadn't expected to be someone's relationship counsellor. "Listen, Sakura… you're twelve years old and we're meeting our new sensei in less than an hour, don't you think this is the last thing you should be obsessing over? I mean, why not wait until you become a fully-fledged ninja? Then you can focus on this kind of stuff to your heart's content," he suggested, eyebrows knitted together as he spoke through his blue mask.

The kid watched her expression for a moment, waiting for the split second the girl would grit her teeth and go for his throat. But surprisingly, that rather violent and un-lady like moment never came. Instead, Sakura appeared thoughtful, her hands finally loosening and sliding off of Pīta's arm as she took a step back.

"So you're saying… wait and see?" She simply asked, a quizzical hint to her voice that negated any bad feeling the arachnid might have gotten.

Pīta shrugged, rubbing the back of his neck as he thought about her query. "Well, if you wanna look at it like that then sure. But my point is, there's so much more to life than just boys and schoolyard crushes. You're a Kunoichi of Konoha, the Village Hidden in the Leaves. You should be proud of who you are, and you shouldn't let things get to you so much. You're not annoying, if anything you're… endearing, I guess." He admitted, hoping that a compliment would make things smoother.

Sakura's pink eyebrows knitted themselves together, doing nothing to take away from her pretty complexion. "Endearing?" She repeated him in the form of a question, as Pīta held up a hand flippantly.

The brunette Shinobi nodded, surprised that such a well-read student like Sakura wasn't aware of the word. "Yeah, you know, endearing. Like charming or sweet or… cute," he croaked out, not quite catching himself before he spoke that last word.

Sakura's brow shot up, a dumbfounded expression finding its way to her face. "You… think I'm cute?" She breathed out, having never been called such a thing by anyone but her parents before… certainly not a boy.

Pīta held his hands up, backing away for a moment but almost tripping over absolutely nothing in the process. "I said endearing," he excused, preferring the broad word rather than the one he'd accidentally used.

Sakura placed a hand on her hip, taking on a posture that told the kid she wasn't having any of it. "Which means cute," she reminded him, not particularly sure whether to be flattered or annoyed.

Pīta raised a finger, as if to accentuate some sort of point he was about to make. "I prefer endearing but… okay," were the only words that came out of his mouth, his usually quick thinking mind drawing a complete blank.

Sakura turned her back on him for a moment, before spinning around with her mouth ajar and a pointed finger. No words left her mouth, so she span back around on her sandals, only to spin back a final time and finally talk to the boy.

"Okay? Okay?! That's all you have to say?!" She yelled at him, eyes firmly shut and cheeks glowing a deep red to match her dress.

Pīta scratched his messy brunette hair, kind of not understanding what was going on. "I feel like this is some kind of complex girly test where we share feelings and stuff… is this one of those tests?" He asked, pretty much feeling as though he were stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Sakura took a deep breath, before exhaling and appearing all the calmer for it. "No, no… it's not a test. It's just… no-one's ever called me pretty before, that's all. You kind of caught me by surprise there, Pīta." She told him, voice meek and embarrassed.

"Oh… well, I meant every word of it. And now, to dispel this awkward air between us, I'm gonna do something I've always wanted to do." The last living descendant of the Shukeikō-Clan warned her, before gently pressing a finger to her petit nose.

Sakura's emerald coloured eyes crossed for a moment, staring down at the adhesive finger of her friend. "Boop," Pīta accentuated the action with the funny sounding word, before pulling his digit away and staring at Sakura with unwavering confidence.

She was sort of stunned for a solid moment, absolutely befuddled as to how someone could make the leap from flat out honesty and sincerity to childish antics and ridiculous humour in the space of a couple of seconds… nobody but Pīta Pāka was capable of such a thing.

Finally, she spoke, cheeks still somewhat rosy and a small, gentile smile present on her lips. "Okay, that was… surreal." Sakura admitted, but on the inside, she really didn't mind the absolute fun the boy exuded.

The red and blue Shinobi gave a short laugh, comfortable after managing to break through such a hard exterior. "Expect plenty more moments like that, poptart. Teammates, remember?" Pīta reminded the pink-haired ninja, prompting her to hold a hand to her rather large forehead.

"Don't remind me," Sakura practically whispered, but not hushed enough that Pīta's enhanced senses couldn't pick it up.

She felt a solid hand rest on her shoulder, only marginally bigger than her own hands but infinitely stronger. "You know, if you gave Naruto a chance, you'd see that his heart's in the right place." Pīta advised, fully believing that everyone deserved to get a chance.

Pīta didn't know Naruto as well as he did Sakura, but he was very much aware of the kid. Heck, the entire village was. And Pīta saw the way they treated him, took out all of their anger and frustration on him. It wasn't fair, it wasn't right. The boy couldn't understand it; there was no way that the village would be so angry at him just because he pulled a few pranks every now and then.

There had to be a deeper reason, something that mattered, something tangible and important. Nobody deserved that kind of hate, least of all an innocent twelve year old boy. Pīta didn't dwell on it as he figured that being a part of Team 7, with Sakura and Naruto, would give him plenty of time to get to know the kid and maybe, just maybe, find out what made him so special.

Before Sakura could reply, a distinctly mischievous presence made itself known. "Hey, Sakura! Pīta!" A grinning Naruto Uzumaki called out to them, jogging into the grove of trees to join them.

The duo span around to face the always orange clad boy, as he gradually neared them with each passing second. "Speak of the devil," Sakura murmured, feeling something tap her arm.

She found Pīta staring at her, giving her one of those discreet looks that usually meant something else. "Smile, Sakura." He suggested, before pulling his brown eyes away from her to greet Naruto with a friendly wave.

"Glad you found us, Naruto. We were just about to walk back to the Academy, meet our new teacher… big day, right?" The abnormally agile ninja conversed, hoping to strike up some sort of friendship with the boy.

It mattered after all, they'd need to get along for many years to come and that would prove to be a difficult task if they all hated one another. "Definitely! I can't wait to show him what we're made of, believe it!" Naruto exclaimed, clear enthusiasm that almost seemed infectious to his teammates.

Sakura nodded, noticing that although he was an idiot sometimes, he really did want to do his best. "Then let's go, don't want to keep him waiting." She kindly replied, about to venture off towards their future when a sound split the air around them.

"That wasn't me," Pīta almost immediately stated, holding up his hands as Sakura eyed him suspiciously.

She responded almost as fast as he did, placing a hand on her waist to accentuate her point. "Wasn't me either, I just ate." Sakura informed him, drawing a nod from the acrobatic boy.

The duo slowly turned to the third and most troublesome member of their brand new team, witnessing Naruto holding his stomach in mild discomfort. "Ugh… oh, man… why is this happening today?!" He yelled; sweat amassing beneath his forehead protector as he doubled over.

The sounds coming from him, gargles and groans, there was no mistaking it… he'd eaten something he shouldn't have. "You okay there, buddy?" Pīta asked, about to approach the blonde but was taken aback when he bolted away in the opposite direction.

Both Sakura and her quick-witted friend were left speechless for a moment, sets of brown and green eyes watching a blur of blue and orange shrink into the distance. "You were saying?" The red clad girl questioned Pīta, earning a shrug of the shoulders in response.

"Guess he's having an off-day," the pre-teen muttered, turning around to join Sakura as she marched off towards the Academy and towards their future as ninjas of Konoha.

Author's Note: As you might've guessed, it's a slow start but hey, this is simply the beginning. I just wanted to get a feel for it and see if you guys liked where the story is headed and what I'm doing with whole 'spider' aspect of Pīta's persona.

This is exciting, I don't think I've been this excited about something in a while (except for Fallout 4 and Jessica Jones, yay!). Anyway, let me know what you think or if you thought something didn't quite work, I'd really appreciate the feedback, anything to help me strengthen my writing. I appreciate it, thanks!