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What has Become of Me...
Story by: Sohma Star (Star-chan)

Pan opened her eyes, and was greeted by the fuzzy outline of the Prince's body sprawled over her own. Pan shifted her body and attempted to crawl away unnoticed, Trunks let out a low growl, and pulled her battered form closer. She winced, her mind was racing... :"What happened..." her body hurt everywhere, and she was covered in bruises, cuts and ki burns. The sheets were torn and bloody. Pan finally got her eyes to focus. She felt nauseous and dizzy as memories came flooding back. Leaning over the bed Pan vomited, she felt sick and dirty. After much wriggling she managed to pry herself free from his hold. Slowly she sat up and scanned the room for the bathroom, she needed to get the crawling dirty feeling off her skin. Standing she took two shaky steps, before collapsing from pain and exhaustion As Pan's broken naked body lay sprawled out on the floor, blood pooling around her, she closed her eyes and wished for death.

Trunks awoke feeling the better than he had ever had. Sitting up he immediately noticed Pan's absence from the bed. Standing and scanning the room, his eyes landed on her bloody fallen form "Fuck, I didn't kill her, did I? FUCK!" Scrambling to her side he breathed a sigh of relief, she was still breathing. He took in the damage he had done... there were multiple bites to her chest and throat, blood was pouring from everywhere. Looking over the damage he had inflicted, his tuffel side felt a pang of remorse, but it was quickly shoved away but his saiyan half. His Saiyan half was glowing, he had finally found a worthy concubine someone who could survive his raw lust. Even though she was badly beaten, she'd recover... and when she did his saiyan instincts would be ready...

:Bubbles: As Pan's clouded mind began to focus she realized she was surrounded by them. She soon discovered she couldn't move or speak either, everything seemed to be tinted green, and the bubbles floated around her freely. :What's going on: An alarm sounded loudly from someplace nearby, and the green color began disappearing. All too fast for her jumbled mind to catch the bubbles were gone, and she found herself lying on the floor cold wet, and naked. Looking back over her shoulder the pieces began falling into place... a regeneration tank... that explains the green liquid and the bubbles... :But how did I end up in one? Only elites and royals have access to them...: Her mind trailed off as she heard a door slide open. Pan's head spun to face the sound, and came face to face with the last piece of the puzzle. Her mind instantly cleared, and a low growl escaped from her throat.

"I see you've recovered" His cold voice echoed off the marble surrounding them. He began pacing around her exposed body studying her carefully taking in every curve, and burning the image into his mind.

Pan was seething, "What are you staring at? You already took away my freedom, my family, and my right to have a life mate. No saiyan on the planet is going to accept a tainted female. What else could you possibly want from me? You disgusting piece of filth!"

Her angry eyes bore into his calm blue ones, and a small chuckle escaped him. Trunks smirked and strode closer, "Funny thing about regeneration tanks... they repair everything that is damaged when you go in... so, technically speaking you're a virgin again. The only ones who know otherwise are you, and me, but don't worry you won't stay that way for long. I'm going to enjoy every second of taking that away from you... over and over again." He leaned down taking in her scent, a look of pure bliss crossed his face as his mind processed Pan's scent fear, despair, anger, and rage it was all there, written all over her in a language few take the time to learn. His face shifted from bliss into a glazed over look of feral lust. And Pan's heart skipped in her chest... danger... her mind screamed of danger, and she did the only thing she could do... run.

Pan's heart was beating out of her chest as she took off down the corridor following its many twists, and turns till she came to a series of rooms. Quickly she tried the handles, the first four were locked, but luck was with her on the fifth, and the door swung open. She ducked inside, and swung it shut just a quickly as she had opened it. It was pitch black in the room as her hands groped the walls in search of a light switch. She finally found one and flipped it on, from the moment the room was lit she almost wished it hadn't been. A small sign on the door told her what room she had stumbled into... Prince Trunk's harem quarters... Male guards strictly forbidden. She swallowed the lump in her throat, and continued reading... Anyone found defiling the belongings of the Prince with face public de-tailment...

A cold breeze brought her back to reality, she was naked, being hunted, and had walked right into the Prince's whore quarters. :Great... Could this get any worse: Pan wondered idly as she searched the room for clothing. She finally found the closet, much to her dismay everything inside was see through, lacy, frilly, or otherwise skanky. Then again this was the harem quarters... she searched through the clothes finally finding a dress. The dress, if it was long enough to be considered one, was probably the warmest thing in there so, sighing she put it on, and went in search of under garments.

Trunks walked slowly down the hallway taking in little teases of Pan's scent. He'd find her... he already had a pretty good idea which way she went, it was only a matter of time, then she'd be his... again. The thought caused memories of the last time to surface and fog his mind with bliss. He wanted to feel her under him, struggling to escape, and crying out from the pain. Just thinking about it made his saiyan side glow with pride, after all it was only natural for a saiyan male to take a female, even if it was against her will. The whole hunt centered around it, males were dominant, and any female who thought otherwise would learn the hard way.

Pan wandered through the harem quarters puzzling as she searched for a dresser. If this was the harem quarters shouldn't there be saiyans, aliens, or some kind of life form in there? She quickly dropped her thoughts though as she spotted the dresser. She slid the top drawer open and began rummaging through it... a bra she found without much difficulty, the underwear however were proving more of a challenge... thongs, g-strings, mesh? Weren't there any normal underwear? She finally gave up and just grabbed a pair, as she was about to slid the drawer shut something white caught her attention.

At the very bottom of the drawer buried was a small folded piece of paper. Pan carefully unfolded it and began to read it, "Dear whomever, If you are reading this you have probably come to the same fate as I. The Prince is a monster, if you finds means to escape, I beg you take it. No one has ever returned from that monster's bedroom. I swear he's a demon, get out while you..." Pan felt hot breath on her neck, and spun around, no one was there... again she felt it, but could find no one... chuckling echoed through the room. "I've found you" The whispered statement drifted to Pan's ears and a feeling of dread knotted in her stomach... she was caught.

Notes: de-tailment - Public removal of one's tail

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