Chapter 9


As Jessie drove Miranda home she saw the streets. There were more christmas decorations up, people seemed happier. This world might not be perfect, but it was better with her in it. They arrived at Bianca and Marissa's home, a lot of people were here for the christmas party. Everyone seemed relieved when Jessie brought Miranda inside. Bianca ran up to her daughter, hugged her, kissed Miranda's forehead. Bianca also yelled at Miranda to never scare her like this again. Gabby and Marissa joined this group hug. Miranda looked at the room, Zack, Kendall, AJ, Spike, Ian, Erica, Jack, Reggie, Lily, Ryan, Emma, Greenlee, David, they were all here to celebrate christmas with Miranda. After the party Bianca spoke to Miranda privately.


Bianca: I repeat, don't ever scare me like that again.

Miranda: I won't. I'm sorry. I am grateful to be here, alive.

Bianca: And I am very grateful to hear you say that. Whatever help you need, we will get you.

Miranda: I know. And I probably will need you, and aunt Kendall. But I already got some help, sort of. It was from a priest, at least he looked like a priest. He was more like a guardian angel, and I'm being literal.

Bianca: You don't by any chance mean father Clarence, do you?

Miranda: Yes, how do you know him?

Bianca: When I was pregnant with you, he helped me. Showed me that deep down, I didn't care who your father was. It was the greatest christas gift I ever got.

Miranda: He gave me one tonight. He showed me that I'm needed, that my life matters.

Bianca: Ofcourse your life matters, don't ever think otherwise.

Miranda: I won't, not again.


The end