Chapter 32: Protecting the Environment

There are many things that Yuto considers Annabelle to be in his opinion but being an environmentalist isn't one of them. It was early in the morning and Yuto was currently sleeping in his room, he then woke up to a knock on his window and once he got up to see who it was he was surprised that it was Annabelle who was knocking on his window. Yuto then opened his window so that Annabelle can go inside his room and after she did that and giving Yuto a long hug Yuto had asked the divine duelist why she was here so early morning. But Annabelle replied that she needed Yuto's help with something to which the xyz duelist replied what she needed help on. So Annabelle explained that she needed Yuto's help with protecting the environment.

Yuto was surprised by that and Annabelle explained about how much she loves the beauty of nature and the outdoors in general that she hates it when people destroys that beauty. So she asked Yuto will she help her out today in protecting the environment she then promise the xyz duelist that if he helps her she going to give him a huge reward. Yuto then sighed a bit and said he would agree to help Annabelle plus it wouldn't hurt doing some community service and good deeds once in awhile and it was a perfect opportunity to get to Annabelle more as well. Annabelle was happy with that and she went up to Yuto and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek much to his embarrassment.

After that moment Yuto then got himself ready while Annabelle waiting patiently for him and once Yuto was dressed he and Annabelle then started to head out to where Annabelle wanted to go first which was the beach here in Miami City. Once Yuto and Annabelle gotten to the beach the two of them started to pick up the trash that was on the ground and near the ocean and once they did that they put the trash in the trash can. Which leads to the present about almost an hour in to their trash duty Yuto had just finished putting another load of trash in the trash can. Yuto then wiped the sweat off his forehead and sighed "man who knew cleaning up the beach would be hard how you are holding up on your end Annabelle?" Yuto asked the pink haired girl.

Annabelle who just finished putting another load of trash in the trash can turn to Yuto and smiled at the xyz duelist. "I'm doing pretty good Yuto lets just keep going your doing a fantastic job by the way keep it up" Annabelle said. "Thanks Annabelle" Yuto said as he continued to gather up more trash from the beach and started to put it in the trash can. Yuto and Annabelle continued to pick up and throw away trash for a couple of hours at the beach until the sun rose up Yuto then looked at the time and noticed that it was almost nine. "I think we should stop Annabelle and take a break you said you wanted to go to a few more places right?" Yuto asked the pink haired girl. "Yeah I was just about to suggest the same thing as well come on lets go get some to eat before we go to our next destination" Annabelle said as she and Yuto exited the beach.

After that Yuto and Annabelle went to a fast food restaurant and gotten some breakfast and then they started to eat their food while they were heading towards their next location. During that moment the two of them started to have a conversation with each other. "So Annabelle what made you be so interested in this kind of hobby to be honest even though I gotten to know you this past year I didn't think you be the type of person to clean up and protect the planet like this" Yuto said to the pink haired teen. Annabelle didn't say anything for a moment but to turned to Yuto and answered his question.

"To be honest this is something that l loved to do ever since I was little I loved the beauty of everything caround me including wildlife and nature and it's a shame that people take advantage and pollute things our planet as to offer so I try my best to clean up the areas and take care of cleaning them up unlike some people in this world to be honest Yuto I'm not surprise you didn't expect me to do this kind of work because I hardly told anyone about this only a few people know what I do" Annabelle said. "I see…to be honest your really are a great person Annabelle despite your mistakes in the past your really are a good and caring person you helping better the environment around us is proof of that" Yuto said as he smiled "to be honest I wouldn't mind seeing that side of you more often" he continued saying.

Annabelle smiled "thanks Yuto you're a sweet guy now then shall we pick up the pace and head towards the next area?" Annabelle asked the xyz duelist. Yuto then just smiled and said "of course after you" he replied. After that Yuto and Annabelle continued their walking and headed towards their next destination. After about thirty minutes Yuto and Annabelle arrived at the next area and Yuto recognized this place it was the large like river here in Miami City and Yuto and Annabelle were on the bridge that the river was above of Yuto could even see the duel stadium that Yuya and the other dueled at for the Miami Championship last year.

"You recognized this place?" Annabelle asked the xyz duelist Yuto just nodded "yeah I do this is the place Yuya would go to think about things I saw his memories when I was inside of him" Yuto thought he then looked out and saw the area had trash on the ground and by the hellish part of the bridge. "I see well care to help me out cleaning this area after we finish we can head back to your place and I'll give you that reward I mentioned earlier this morning" Annabelle said with a bit of a smirk on her face. Yuto simply just nodded he normally would have told Annabelle that he doesn't need the reward. But knowing Annabelle she probably would have said she would have given him the reward regardless what he thinks and she is pretty stubborn so Yuto didn't really have a choice in that matter.

After that Annabelle and Yuto then jumped down from the bridge and landed safely on the ground without any injuries which wasn't surprising really since Yuto and Annabelle is most like the most durable people in the entire world after what they been through this past year. After that with the trash bags that they got when they went to the store while they was on their way to this area Yuto and Annabelle had started to pick up trash that was by this river here in Miami City. Like the time at the beach cleaning up the area by the river under the bridge was a hard and daunting task especially with the two of them but none the less Yuto and Annabelle had managed to clean up the whole area of the river under the bridge and it took the almost three hours. Yuto looked at his watch and realized it was almost eleven in the morning.

"Well we finally finished that was exhausting" Annabelle said Yuto nodded "I agree but then again this was worth wasn't it?" he asked the divine duelist. "Oh yeah it was totally worth it look how clean the area is" Annabelle said as she looked at the river". "Yeah I agree this place looks a lot nicer compared to a couple hours ago" Yuto said as he looked at the river as well. After about a couple of minutes Annabelle turned to face Yuto and said "well I guess that's enough for today lets head back to your place and I'll give you my reward" Annabelle said to the xyz duelist. "Alright then lets head back then" Yuto said as he nodded in agreement after that Yuto and Annabelle had started to make their way back towards Yuto's house.

It took Yuto and Annabelle about thirty minutes to reach the xyz duelists house and once they were inside Annabelle wanted to go inside of Yuto's room. Yuto who didn't see anything wrong with that said sure and he and Annabelle had started to go upstairs towards his room. Once the duo enter Yuto's room Yuto and Annabelle took across from each other "So Annabelle what is this so called reward you wanted to give me?" the xyz duelist asked the pink haired duelist. Annabelle just smirked which wasn't a good sign to Yuto "oh here is your reward Yuto" Annabelle said. After she said that Annabelle then quickly went up to Yuto and gave him a big deep kiss much to Yuto surprise.

The kiss lasted for about five minutes until Annabelle separated herself from the kiss. "So Yuto how did you like my reward?" Annabelle asked the xyz duelist. Yuto who was a bit shocked only nodded and said "can I have another" Annabelle giggled at that reaction. "Of course you can Yuto but you're going to get more then that I been wanted to do this ever since I met you last year" Annabelle said. After that Annabelle gave Yuto a big deep kiss which he returned back with equal passion. Annabelle who was always the aggressive one force her tongue down on Yuto's throat and was taking control of the kiss. Yuto however didn't give up that easily fought back and tried to take control of the kiss and it wasn't long until their two tongues were fighting for dominance over the kiss.

The two of them were so engrossed of the kiss that they didn't realize they was undressing each other. The kiss lasted for about twenty minutes until Yuto and Annabelle pulled away from each other to catch their breath and both Yuto and Annabelle were topless. "Wow you're so much better than last time" Annabelle said as she giggled mentioning how she kissed Yuto when they first met each other back in the xyz dimension. Yuto just smirked a bit and chuckled "trust me I can assure you I am way better then I was last time and I added some news skills as well in fact why don't I show you" Yuto said. Yuto then leaned his head forward and gave Annabelle a big deep kiss which she kissed back with equal passion.

However compared to the previous kiss that they have this kiss didn't last as long. The kiss lasted for about twenty minutes until Yuto separated himself from the kiss. He then went towards the side of Annabelle neck and started to kiss and bite on it causing the pink hair girl to moan. "Oh Yuto that's more like it keep going" Annabelle said. Yuto continued to do what Annabelle said and has been doing it for a couple of minutes until he decided he wanted to go lower. Yuto then went to Annabelle's breast and started to suck and lick on the right on and message the left one with his right hand along with rubbing and pinching her nipple. Annabelle moaned she been wanted this all year long she won't admit to anyone but she has a little bit of a crush on Yuto.

Ever since she kissed him she always wanted to have a moment like this with him and now it was happening and she is very excited figuratively and literally. Every second or so Yuto would alternate between which breast he would lick and suck on and which breast he would rub and message on. Yuto continued his assault like this for twenty minutes until he decided it was time to move on so he can get his main reward in his eyes. Yuto then separated himself from Annabelle breast much to her displeasure as she wined a bit when Yuto wasn't playing with her breasts. He then started to go on his knees and started to unzip Annabelle shorts and once he did that he easily slid her shorts down and took them off leaving Annabelle in only her pink panties.

Yuto then grabbed Annabelle waist and easily slid off her panties and once he did that he looked back and was face to face to Annabelle moist womanhood. "I'm glad that you had my reward ready for me Annabelle" Yuto said as he chuckled a bit at his joke. Annabelle giggled "well I guess that's just because of how nice of a girl I am now you wouldn't waste this great reward would you?" Annabelle said to the xyz duelist. "Of course not" Yuto simply said after that Yuto leaned his head forward and started to lick Annabelle's pussy up and down with his tongue causing the pink haired girl to moan loudly. "Fuck! keep going Yuto your doing a great job make you bite while you're eating me out" Annabelle said as she moaned while twisting her nipples.

Yuto knew what Annabelle meant by that and every second Yuto would go up to Annabelle's clit and would suck and bite making Annabelle go over the edge. She would even push Yuto's head towards her pussy more so that she can feel more of that pleasure more. Yuto continued eating Annabelle out for about twenty minutes until Annabelle said "Yuto I'm about to cum!" Annabelle said as she started to thrust her hips a little bit. Yuto however just kept licking Annabelle's cunt he then felt Annanelle's pussy muscles clinch around his tongue. "Oh god here it comes Yuto here your reward!" Annabelle said. After that moment Annabelle had came all over Yuto's mouth. Yuto then happily drunk all of Annabelle's cum and once he did that he separated himself from Annabelle pussy.

As he separated himself from Annabelle pussy Annabelle picked Yuto up and threw him on the bed much to his surprise. "Oww that hurt" Yuto said as said. Annabelle then got on the bed on her knees and started to unbutton and unzipped Yuto's pants and fishing his cock out through his boxers and once she did that Annabelle noticed that Yuto was almost really hard already. "Sorry stud but I'm getting impatient and I really want your cock now after this you can do whatever you want to me and I won't complain ok" Annabelle said. Annabelle then grabbed Yuto's cock and started to stroke it causing Yuto to groan a bit. Annabelle smirked as she felt that Yuto was fully hard and he was enjoying the handjob she was giving him "time to blow Yuto's mind away" Annabelle thought as she giggled at her own joke.

Annabelle wasted little time and started to take Yuto's tip in her mouth and she then started to take more inches of his dick in her mouth all the way until it reached the back of her throat. Once Yuto's tip was at the back of her throat Annabelle then started to rapidly bob her head up and down on Yuto's dick while at the same time she was clinching her throat muscles around his dick. Yuto just grunted in pleasure "oh god Annabelle is amazing infact all of the girls are amazing…huh I just realized that I had been with all of the girls so far I wonder if I'm the first one" Yuto thought as he realized he has slept with all six of the girl counterparts.

Annabelle while rapidly bobbling her head up and down casually stroke the few inches of Yuto's dick that she couldn't fit inside her mouth. Annabelle continued this rapid pace for almost thirty minutes until Yuto said "Annabelle I'm going to cum" Yuto said but Annabelle just moaned in response as if saying she wanted Yuto to shoot his load down her throat. After about five minutes Yuto couldn't take anymore "here it comes Annabelle I'm about cum nrgh!" Yuto grunted as he shot a huge load inside of Annabelle's mouth "mmmmm" the pink hair girl said as she felt the warm sensation of cum filling her mouth and throat she then took her mouth off of Yuto's dick and wasted little time and swallowed all of the xyz duelist seed. "Now that was pretty good now tell me Yuto was I better then Ruri?" Annabelle said with a smirk.

"Would you accept that your just as good as her" Yuto said Annabelle just giggled and said "sure that's a good answer I'll take it now take off your pants your about to experience a great ride like no other" Annabelle said hinting at what she wanted to do. Yuto getting the hint quickly stood up and took off his pants and boxers making him fully naked he then went to lie back down on his bed and once he did that Annabelle then stood on top of him and lowered herself on top of Yuto's dick. After Annabelle felt like she was prepared she wasted little time and lowered herself on Yuto's dick taking it inch by inch.

"Oh my god you're so big" Annabelle said as she moaned Yuto just grunted as he felt Annabelle's pussy clinch around his dick that alone almost made him cum instantly but he held out because that would have been so uncool in his eyes. After about a minute of adjusting Annabelle wasted little time and started to rapidly bounce up and down on Yuto's dick. "Yuto you can play with my breast if you want" Annabelle said as she moaned and Yuto did just that he reached up with his hands and started to message and squeeze Annabelle boobs adding more pleasure to the divine duelist. Yuto then grunted a little bit as he could feel Annabelle cunt muscles milking him for his seed.

The two of them continued to go at it like this for thirty minutes until Yuto said "Annabelle I can't hold on much longer" Yuto said to the pink haired teen. "That's fine cum inside of me" Annabelle said as she felt she was about to cum as well. She continued to ride Yuto for a few more minutes until Yuto said "Annabelle here it comes" Yuto said he then grunted as he shot a huge load in Annabelle's pussy. Annabelle moan as she felt Yuto coat her insides with his seeds and that resulted in her cumming as well around his dick. After that Annabelle then got off of Yuto dick and went to cuddle with the xyz duelist.

"So Yuto did you enjoy your reward?" Annabelle asked the heartland native Yuto just turned to the pink haired girl and smile "best reward ever" he said causing Annabelle to giggle and after that the two then kissed to end their perfect day with one another.