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"Master Jedi, we are most honored by your visit. I hope our facilities will meet your needs."

"Thank you very much Prime Minister, I hope our negotiations will be profitable."

"I hope so as well Master Jedi."

Tipoca City, Kamino
2000 Hours, 32 BBY

The rains poured heavily upon the metallic platforms of Tipoca City. Yep just a normal day on Kamino, yet at the same time, it wasn't. There was an air of certainty, as if something big, something Galaxy shifting was about to go down. The fate of the universe lay in the actions about to happen, the hands of a small group of four hooded figures. Each wore a simple brown hooded cloak minus on wearing the distinctive black and blue plates of a Mandalorian Super Commando. Despite that, the odd collection of light sabers hanging from their belts identified them all as Jedi.

One Jedi, a brown haired human with orange eyes, turned to the leader of the group. "Master, are you sure this is the best for the Republic?"

"The Republic has always been weak." The warrior added, "Why are we taking actions to save them? This isn't a move the great warriors of the past would have made. This is…dishonorable to say the least."

"Ijaat while I agree that it is odd to resort to growing an army, it does bring up the interesting question of how this will affect warfare in the future." A third Jedi with scruffy black hair pondered, "Will Clone armies dominate the frontlines of future wars? Or will they just be a one war thing?"

The first Jedi rolled his orange eyes. "Sure leave it to ol' historian to ponder the mysteries of the future. I just want to kick some Revanite ass."

"Honestly I think this is quite cool." A fair skinned young woman remarked. "We're working in the shadows to battle the Revanites and free the galaxy from all the pain and darkness. What more could we ask for?"

"Hush child," the historian chided, "I understand your excitement, but remember that every time you make a choice there will be consequences, quite often unforeseen and unwelcome."

"Then why are you even here?" The orange eyed Jedi retorted.

"I'm simply here to record our journey. We're about to undertake one of the greatest feats ever accomplished in Tythos history and it would be an honor to take part in it. What else could I ask for?"

"Maybe you could be more interested in the present rather than the future Tiche." The bickering Jedi turned towards their leader, a tall man with black hair and beard. Unlike the rest of the Jedi who wore Tythonian battle armor, their leader wore a more traditional Jedi robe, abiet black than brown. "Ciro, I'd hope you learn to have confidence in my actions. Our duty to the Tythos is important but so is the Republic. We've watched too many fall and I won't let another one fall with it."

Ciro Calderian lowered his orange eyes before submitting. "Yes Master Dyas. I will take that into consideration."

Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas managed a smile. "Good, I'm honored to have a member of the Tythos guard on our side; just as much as I'm honored to have a chronicler like you young Tiche. You and Xerah have much to learn about the galaxy and it will all begin here."

Xerah, the youngest of the party, smiled in acknowledgement, her blue-green eyes shining. "Of course Master. Tiche and I may be young, but we'll grow greatly under your guidance."

The Mandolorian, Ijaat Farr, cocked his head towards the pristine doors of Tipoca City. "I'm assuming the transaction has been completed then."

"Of course Farr. Ilana is just finishing up some details with their prime minister." Dyas gazed out into the stormy skies. "Together we shall prevent the visions of the Republic's demise. With a strong army in their hands, the Jedi Order will never be in danger again and the Revanites shall fall."

"Agreed my love." A white haired woman joined the Jedi and pecked him lightly on the cheek. "It's amazing what you have planned to save the Jedi. If only the Council would see things your way."

"Ilana Grell, have I ever told you how much I love you?" Dyas complimented as he put an arm around her shoulder. "If only the Jedi Council of Coruscant could see me now."

"I still don't understand why you're still part of them." She complained. "You're always so busy balancing being on two Councils and training Xerah, it's almost as if you have to time for me."

The council member and leader pulled his lover into a loving embrace and kissed her passionately. Xerah cooed at her Master's PDA while Tiche groaned. She gave him an annoyed look. "Seriously, how can you not enjoy this sort of thing?"

Tiche shrugged. "It is not their fault, but rather my own."

The girl sighed. "I still can't believe someone so hot is asexual. I mean look at you!" She wasn't lying. Despite his shorter stature, his handsome complexion and blue eyes made him quite the looker.

The Jedi frowned. "Sadly, you wouldn't be my type regardless of my sexuality. Too young, naïve, too emotional."

"What do you mean too emotional?" the girl blared in his face.

"Will you please shut your traps? Some of us are trying to focus." The Mandalorian interjected, his hands gripping the rifle in annoyance. "Master, why did we have to bring these two along?"

"Ijaat, it would do you well to recognize the importance of our younger members in our team. Even Revan took on an apprentice, the Exile Meetra Surik. Both the Hero of Tython and the Bar'sen'thor took on apprentices. Youth is beautiful gift and shouldn't be wasted." Dyas chided the warrior, placing one hand on his armored shoulder. "Someday you will take on an apprentice or adopt ade, the Sons and Daughters of Mandalore. Remember to cherish their youth and naïve nature. It's precious and it's the reason why we keep fighting the Revanites."

The warrior let the master's lesson reside in his mind before answering. "Yes Master, I will try to remember that."

But to his surprise, the bearded master shook his head. "Nope. Don't try to remember it. Do or do not, there is no try."

The entire party groaned. It hadn't been the first time he had used that strange saying and to this day it still didn't make any sense. "I don't get it!" Xerah complained, throwing her hands up in exasperation. "How can you do something without trying it?"

Tiche nodded. "I have pondered this long and hard and still do not fully comprehend the full meaning of it."

Ciro shook his head. "It's pointless garbage! I don't even know where you got it from."

Ilana chuckled then gestured to her lover. "So Sifo where did that odd proverb come from?"

"Well, a wise Jedi on the Coruscant Council always uses that phrase. It's not really understandable from a Tythonian doctrine but to the Jedi there, it means to always do things all the way, to avoid allowing feelings and emotions to conflict with their duty."

The woman nodded. "I see; Tythos Jedi wouldn't understand it seeing as they put align their passions with their duty."

"Yes, if anything, the Tythos are more considered gray rather than light by traditionalist doctrine. However, it's not to say that we aren't light. We just use a different approach to the Force, much like the Zakuul knights of old."

Ijaat smiled under his helmet in recognition. "Now those were great warriors."

"Agreed," Sifo nodded before bowing his head in disappointment. "If only they didn't die out."

The group remained silent for a short while before an odd disturbance awoke them. Ciro reached for his saber. "Master, someone approaches."

The group looked upwards to see a Delta-6 Sprite-Class Starfighter land on the platform neighboring their own. Sifo frowned as he recognized the markings on the wedge shaped interceptor. He faced his fellow Jedi. "Stay back and await my signal. I'll see if we avoid an unnecessary battle."

"Are you sure about this?" Ilana asked, worried.

The man chuckled. "Don't worry. He's an old friend of mine. It'll take some explaining but I'm sure we can sort this out without a problem."

The white haired woman frowned before pecking him on the cheek. "Alright then, but don't hesitate to call if you need help."

Satisfied with her response, Sifo watched his friends disappear into the shadows before returning his attention to the unwelcome intruder. He put up a façade of surprise and cheerfulness before hollering. "Dooku, my old friend, what a surprise!"

The older gentleman turned to face the younger Jedi. "Sifo-Dyas it has been too long, old friend." He answered but kept his distance. "I'm curious as to what you are doing here on Kamino of all places. I know you tend to wander a bit but this is a bit…surprising."

Sifo chuckled. "Ah you know me, I'm a free spirit. You can't keep me anchored down too long in one place. I happened to be wandering around and found myself here. What a coincidence to find you here as well."

"Yes, a coincidence indeed." Dooku muttered, "So why build an army?"

He twitched ever so slightly. "I'm confused here. What are you talking about?"

"Don't try to hide what you're doing from me Dyas." The greying man countered. "We all know about your rants about the weakness of the Republic and the Jedi Order. Why, just a few months before, the Trade Federation blockaded Naboo and what did the Senate do?"

"Nothing." Sifo replied. "They did nothing."

"If that's not a reason for you to be building a secret army, I don't know what wouldn't be." Dooku retorted. "But that's not all you're hiding from me is it?"

"Look, I admit. I was trying to negotiate a contract with the Kaminoans but they wouldn't do with it without the proper funding." Sifo explained. "Now you caught me. So what are you going to do now? Turn me in to the Council? You know me, but I also know you.

"You also share the same feelings about the Senate and Council as I do." He jabbed a finger at the older master. "We both want a strong Republic and Jedi Order. Why don't we cooperate and do it together? This army, with my connections and your funding could change the Order. Jedi no longer would stoop as the stooges to the Senate. The Jedi Order would no longer be considered weak, but be respected and strong. People wouldn't jeer or laugh in our faces. Instead they would see us as their protectors and guardians. Join me!"

Dooku sighed. "Look at yourself. You're so caught up in this lie that your army can make the Jedi great. Your lies are so great and many that you've begun believing them yourself. And not only have you lied about your army but you've lied about your allegiance. You don't serve the Council, but a secret cult instead!"

Sifo froze. How did he know? He had covered his tracks beyond any spy's ability to dig up. No one, much less a Jedi should have be able to discover his reports to the Tythos. No one could oust a Tythos unless they were…Sifo shook his head. No, that couldn't be true. Dooku was one of his dearest friends and a close companion. They had shared meals together, done missions, braved the deepest and darkest foes next to an actual Sith. Dooku couldn't be one of them.

"What do you mean?" he demanded. "What is this nonsense you speak of?"

"Ah but you are lying. Your tricks and deception no longer protect you. You may be a Jedi Master on the Council and my deepest and closest friend, but at heart, you are a member of the Jedi cult known as the Tythos." Dooku responded, putting a hand over his head. "I am deeply hurt by your deception."

"But if you knew that," Sifo countered, "Then you must be a Revanite. Only a Revanite would have been able to discover a Tythos in deep cover."

The man bowed his head. "They came to me a few weeks after you vanished. When they told me the truth about you, at first I refused to believe them, but piece after piece of evidence was put before me and I was forced to accept the truth. And even now you defy them as well. And thus I agreed to help them stop you."

Sifo sighed. "You don't have to do this."

"I don't have a choice in this matter." Dooku replied as he reached for his saber, igniting his lightsaber. Behind him, several armored mercenaries dropped in, many wearing the armor of the Mandalorian warriors, each with a Revanite symbol painted on their chest. Dooku gestured to the lead one, wearing blue and silver armor. "This is Jango Fett, the current Mand'alor and a Revanite supporter. He and his predecessors have been serving the Revanite cause ever since the founding of the cause. Today you will see firsthand the power of Revanites." He paused a moment before giving his former friend a sympathetic look. "You are greatly outnumbered and I hate to see you go like this."

Sifo nodded, then gestured to his companions to revel themselves, startling the ex-Jedi. "If you thought I was alone, then you truly are blind. It's time you discover that the Jedi you thought I was also is a lie. As you will sadly find out, Tythos Jedi are not the Jedi you are used to. These are some of the finest agents in the entire order as I am myself." He drew his own blue lightsaber as the rest, minus Ijaat, drew their own lightsabers.

Dooku straightened himself out. "Goodbye old friend."

Then all hell broke loose.

Vaglam barely managed to dodge the swift strikes of the purple double bladed lightsaber from the younger Jedi girl while blocking the incoming blaster bolts from that damned Mando Jedi. All around him, he could see the other Jedi were tearing through the Mandalorian commandos Fett had brought along with him.

"Stop blocking and start dying damn it!" the girl muttered as she tried to break through the acolyte's defense.

The boy smirked. "Now if I did that, then I wouldn't be able to personally tear you apart." He retorted as he angled his saber to parry the girl's. "I mean; you are quite the catch."

The girl glared at him. "Really? Of all times to flirt, you do it now? I mean, come on, you've got to be like what? Thirteen?"

"If that's what you're into, then that's what I'll be."

The girl shuttered, "Ugh, you're weird you know that?"

"What can I say?" the boy shrugged, "I'm a very weird Sith."

He glanced around…where was his master? They definitely needed his help right about now.

Ciro slashed his orange saber through the first commando before throwing his purple saber in a deadly arc towards another one. After feeling the warrior's life cease, he kicked the body off the platform to face the rest of the attackers. It appeared that most of the commandos had decided to abandon their rifles in exchange for vibroblades and knives. Noticing him with only one saber, a group picked him out and rushed towards him.

Ciro definitely needed that second saber right about now as he twisted his head to find the saber. Ah there it was! He stretched his hand to call it to him but the warriors were getting close. He glanced back to the saber. When was it going to get there? Just before the commandos reached him, a familiar purple saber flew into his left hand.

"That's better," he muttered as he leaped into a flying backflip. As he landed he drew both sabers in a ready position, before taunting at them. "Come and get me."

The warriors raised their swords high and charged forward only for an explosion to blow them off the side of the platform. Ciro glared at the Ijaat, brandishing a grenade launcher. "I had them."

"Sure you did." The warrior muttered, dropping the launcher and drawing twin pistols, inserting High Velocity gas cylinders into them before releasing a hail of bullets towards another squad of commandos. "Sure you did."

Tiche raised his right saber tonfa to block the commando's sword before whipping his left arm around the warrior's neck. Once secure, he slammed the Mando down onto the ground and slashed right through the chest plate with his right blade. Satisfied with his work, he stood up only a blaster bolt to wiz right past his ear. Turning around, he recognized the shooter as the Mand'alor called Fett. The Mand'alor raised his twin Westar pistols as he jetted into the air, unleashing a flurry of saber darts upon the Jedi.

Tiche frowned as he used the Force to create a barrier around him, stopping the bolts in midair before hurling them back at the warrior, sadly to no effect. The Jedi didn't falter as he reached out and snatched the hovering warrior out of the sky with the Force and sent him spiraling into a lower platform. Satisfied with the resulting explosion, he turned around only to feel a sudden pain emanating from his chest. He managed to glance downwards to see a crimson red blade sticking out of his chest. So this was what if felt like to die...so quickly, so soon. He felt his body drop as the darkness overtook him.

Xerah felt the sudden lack of the young Jedi's aura, causing her to cease her attack on the Sith apprentice. Vaglam, recognizing his master's handiwork, took advantage of the momentary distraction to knock her saberstaff out of her hands with a kick and catch her throat in a Force choke. "How do you feel now Jedi?" He jeered, enjoying the sounds of the girl's struggling form. "My Master has arrived and your little insurrection will be put down for good."

The girl grunted something inaudible. The apprentice put his free hand to his ear. "Sorry, couldn't make that out. Were you asking for more?"

The girl's brow furrowed, confusing the apprentice. "Trying to get free? I don't think so." He jeered in her face...only to feel a sudden and antagonizing pain in his lower parts, courtesy of the young Jedi's skilled legs.

Xerah felt the Sith's grip on her loosen, allowing her to Force push him back, freeing herself. With a flick of her wrist, her saberstaff returned to her hands, twin purple blades igniting to life. "Now what was that again? You were asking for more?" She taunted back. It would have been so simple to finish him right then and there. The darkness within tried to rationalize his death. He had tried to kill her, he choked her, and her master killed Tiche. But then again, he was unarmed, laying there dazed and well...still gripping his nuts. He had suffered enough. The others needed her help. But before she left...

Vaglam writhed around in agony before finding himself face to face with the girl. "What do you want?" He snarled...in a rather high pitched tone.

"Oh," the girl smiled, "Just wanted to savor this moment when I end you." Before the acolyte could respond, another swift kick crushed his groin causing him to scream out in agony. The girl turned away. "So even Sith fall prey to the weaknesses of men." She murmured thoughtfully before redirecting her attention towards the new attacker.

The warrior had red skin with blood red eyes, marking him as a Sith Pureblood. He was dressed in a black and grey synthwoven battle armor with metallic shoulder plates and leg guards. A simple black hilted lightsaber hummed its crimson blade. His tall and intimidating appearance radiated power.

The Sith didn't seem to notice her as he currently was observing the ex-Jedi's battle against the Tythonian master. This was her chance to strike. Xerah raised her blade.

"Before you waste your voice on some idiotic battle cry, consider playing a more stealth approach. I'm quite appalled that a Jedi, much less one of the Shadows, would stoop down to a battle cry."

The girl froze. What in the world was this guy talking about? But the red skinned warrior was still talking. "Instead, you could have utilized my apparent distraction and tried to strike me from behind, much like I did your friend. I assume you have a close relationship with him, seeing your apparent anger. Was he your boyfriend?"

"He was asexual."

The warrior's shoulders stooped. "And here I hoped I had stumbled upon yet another Jedi couple."

Xerah didn't even know why she was talking to the Sith but she kept going. "You want a couple? Look at the white haired chick and my Master. They can't seem to keep their hands or eyes off of each other."

"Is that so?" the warrior responded. "Now say I was to use this against them, how you feel?"

The girl's blue eyes widened. "No, you wouldn't."

The Sith gave his saber a light twirl. "I'm thinking about it. A wiser Jedi would have withheld this critical bit of information from me, but you freely shared it with a Sith, the sworn enemy of the Jedi. I should pay you back somehow."

Xerah sunk to the floor of the platform, tears welling up in her eyes. "I have failed Master."

"I know!" the red skinned warrior decided, "I'll let you live. I don't do this often and you wouldn't really be worth the effort. Come back when you're stronger and I will gladly execute you." Before Xerah could respond, the Sith raised his hand and hurled the young Jedi off the platform.

"Master!" she cried before she plunged beneath the waves.

"Xerah!" Ciro cried as he ripped his twin sabers out of the last commando's chest. He glared at the Sith. "You'll pay for this."

"Then take your best shot Tythos. I pray you'll be a worthy challenge."

"Ijaat cover me!" Ciro called to the Mandalorian before charging into the fray. The Sith blocked his first strike, then his second, then his third. How freaking strong was this Sith's defense?

"Your strikes are both weak and predictable as is your anger. You out of all Jedi should understand that anger only weakens an opponent." The Sith commented. "Wild emotions only serve to destroy focus and concentration. Channeled feeling of strength is where true power lies. That is the Revanite doctrine, and interestingly enough, the Tythos one as well. Why you fail to understand it is beyond me, but it clearly has spelled your downfall."

With a single parry, the Sith Lord knocked the twin blades out of the Jedi's hands before running him through. As the Jedi closed his orange eyes, the only thing he felt was regret for failing to truly grasp the Sith's lesson. The Sith turned towards the armored Jedi. "I assume you are my next opponent. How does it feel to strike down so many of your brethren?"

"They fought well for a Mandalorian with no experience fighting Tythonian Jedi. I honored them by giving them death in glorious battle." The T-slight visor showed no visible emotion but sadness and regret filled the warrior's voice. "I shall do you the same and fight in honorable combat."

For the first time that day, Vowrawn smiled as he bowed his head. "I am honored warrior." He raised his saber. "Shall we begin?"

Ijaat holstered his twin pistols and drew his own green blade before drawing a defensive stance. The two blades clashed as sparks flew in every direction. Red against Green, the two sabers locked, broke away before relocking.

Vowrawn broke away, scratching his tendrils. "Now this is getting nowhere. You have an undefeatable defense while I have enough endurance to fight for hours. You can't outlast me warrior. You'll have to attack me."

Ijaat remained silent before switching to an Ataru form, using his jetpack to blast towards the Sith, forcing him onto the defensive. The Sith grinned in admiration. "Quite clever if I do say so myself, but you'll have to do better than that!" he called before slashing the warrior's breastplate, doing zilch damage.

"Oh my," he commented, "You're one of those Beskar warriors aren't you? Well, that doesn't matter. A Force User of my ability isn't hindered by such armor." With unforeseen speed, the Sith rushed forward and pressed a glowing finger onto the surprised Jedi's armor. The technique worked and the beskar armor shattered.

Ijaat's now revealed dark blue eyes widened. "Impossible, no Jedi can shatter beskar so quickly!"

"You fail to accept in the impossible." The Sith replied, "And that is why you fail."

The Mandalorian felt a searing pain erupt from his chest before joining his companions. Vowrawn spared the fallen warrior a glance. "You fought well, but you are no match me, Vowrawn the XII."

Sifo-Dyas had sparred with Dooku before, but never before had he realized how beautiful the Makeshi style was. The former friends crossed sabers, Makeshi versus Shien, but Sifo refused to give ground. Neither spoke, but let their sabers do the talking.

One thing was for sure: while Dooku definitely had the grace and skill of a great Jedi Master, he was no Tythonian Master. As the older Jedi struggled to parry the powerful and efficient strikes of the Shien master, his own strikes were easily dodged and blocked by the younger Jedi. Finally Dooku lost focus as the Jedi literally punched the man's face and hurled him back with a Force enhanced kick. "So this is the power of a Tythos Jedi. It's quite remarkable."

"We are leagues beyond you and Jedi of Coruscant Dooku. You should have joined us when you had the chance. We'd happily train you in our ways." Sifo agreed.

Dooku glared at his former friend. "Your Tythonian ways are not the only way to power. There are much stronger methods to reach power." With that said, he began focusing deep within his heart, clenching onto as much of the betrayal and anger he felt at his friend's betrayal as he could.

Sifo's eyes widened. "Don't do this Dooku! Don't give into the lures of the Dark Side!"

Refueled by a sudden burst of energy, Dooku grinned feral. "You mean this? This is amazing! Why haven't I felt this much power before?"

"That's not power Dooku!" The Jedi retorted, "It's only an illusion. Your rage is pointless against a skilled Tythos."

But the former Jedi was too far gone by then as he hurled a blast of lightning at the Jedi, who blocked it with his saber. "Look at that! That was weak, even a Sith would groan at that pointless bolt. This isn't the way to do things Dooku! Your anger is blinding you and making you weak and predictable."

"Is that so?" Dooku muttered as he surveyed the battlefield. Most of the Mandalorians were dead as were the Jedi. Only the red skinned Sith and the white haired Jedi remained, locked in a fierce duel. "Maybe this will change things up." Before Sifo could interfere, he reached out and let loose a bolt of lightning towards the woman.

"Ilana!" Sifo called in warning.

"Ilana!" The woman twisted her head just in the nick of time. She raised her free hand and absorbed the bolt in the Force and fired it at the Vowrawn.

Vowrawn seemed unfazed by the bolt. "Hmm…that tickled."

"Whatever you say Sith." Ilana retorted, twisting her saberstaff into another series of fast strikes.

"You are strong for a descendant of the Bar'sen'thor." The Sith commented, "I respect your strength and skill, but you fail to see what is directly behind you."

"What?" the alarm bells in her head came a moment to late as she turned to see a frenzied fallen Jedi arched over her, saber raised.

The world literally shattered before Sifo's eyes. His mission, a failure. His friends, dead. His apprentice, probably dead as well. His old friend, fallen. And now, his lover, dead at the feet of his former friend. The Jedi Master felt rage and anger pouring through him, but instead of letting it control him, he seized the feelings and bent it to his will. He would not fail his duty to the Order. He would stop the Revanites, even if it meant killing his old friend. Both Dark and Light acknowledged his wishes as the Force literally covered his very essence in a fiery blue aura. Raising his lightsaber, he charged Dooku, literally tearing the ground as he went.

The fallen Jedi's eyes widened as he attempted to block blow after blow, losing ground foot by foot to the rampaging Jedi. Only one emotion filled Dooku's being now: awe. Never before had the Jedi felt such power flowing through a single Jedi. Finally, Dooku found himself back against edge of the platform. "Please, we don't have to do this old friend." He pleaded, begged, cried for mercy.

The Jedi's eyes narrowed. "You lost the right to call me a friend long ago." He retorted as he raised his saber for the final strike. Only for a red blade to cut down the rampaging warrior.

Vowrawn glared menacingly at the fallen Jedi. "Be glad I chose to let you live.

"You're pitiful and weak. You lack not only power but originality and wits. You think like a coward, trying to use the Dark Side so feebly. If I had my way, you'd be struck down by that Jedi." He kneeled down to the corpse of the Jedi Master. "He was stronger than you ever will be. You determined that the moment you chose the Dark Side of the Force."

"Then why do you use it?" Dooku managed.

Vowrawn whipped his head towards the old man. "Because I am Sith. There is no other path for me but the Dark Side. It's how I was raised and as a Pureblood, I have the longevity to truly master its arts, something a mere human can't accomplish in a single lifetime. Take it from me, most followers of the Dark Side know that the Light much stronger and will always win in the end. Only a true Sith will be able to match a skilled warrior of the light, and that's a great if."

He turned away from Dooku. "But a fallen Jedi like you have your uses." He turned to see the other survivor the battle, the Mand'alor himself. "You two still have some usefulness, especially since nobody else knows what happened here. We actually might be able to salvage something out of this operation."

He glanced around for his apprentice, but it seemed he hadn't made it either. "And I'll need a new apprentice."

Xerah watched in silence from another platform. Her unique Shadow training had protected her from detection and enabled her to be able to watch final battle. She wept at the sight of her fallen master and friends but knew one thing for sure. The Council needed to know what happened here.

"Are you just going to stand there or what?"

The girl turned around to see a familiar acolyte standing before her. Her eyes narrowed. "What do you want? Shouldn't you be returning to your Master?"

Vaglam laughed. "As if. He'd kill me for not killing you. Nah, it's better to lie low for now."

"So haven't you killed me?" The girl frowned, reaching for her saber.

"Oh believe me, I will." The boy laughed but then grimaced in pain. "But right now isn't the time. And besides, you're my only way off this ocean of a planet."

Xerah didn't know why she bothered saving the acolyte's life but something told her he wasn't all he seemed. "Fine, let's get out of here. This place is too damp anyways."

Kamino was only the beginning one of the greatest Revanite plots to ever take place. Under Revanite influence, Count Dooku led a rebellion against the Republic utilizing the clone armies Sifo-Dyas had ordered. The Tythos were helpless to prevent the events that took place as Darth Sidious along with his 'apprentice' manipulated the deaths of hundreds of Jedi.

However, in the final stages of the war, the Revanite plot fell apart and it wasn't even the Tythos fault. The cult unexpectedly lost their main inside agent and rather than seizing control of the Republic, they could only standby and watch it crumble. When the Empire rose, both sides immediately took action, placing as many agents inside this new infrastructure as they could. Tythos and Revanites alike fought for the top positions inside the ISB and Inquisitors, working in both public and in the shadows.

It all reached a peak when Tythos agents intercepted a transmission linking a Revanite spy to an insignificant Imperial Academy on Anaxes. With most of their agents unavailable, the Council chose its most promising apprentice to investigate as a student. Her name was Ra'chelle Carsen Shinto.

"Hey guys, we're coming out of hyperspace, buckle in!"

"So this is where the Revanites are supposed to be hiding?"

"It's supposed to be one of the main recruitment centers."

"Cardia Stormtrooper training center, hmm, this will be difficult to infiltrate."

"That because you're a girl Ra'chelle?"

"Shut up, I'm talking about the large number of guards."

"Don't worry, Taranto and I got a plan."

"We do?"

"Shut up and follow my lead."

Dang that was long, hard, but fun to write. It's probably the most action I've written so far. Next chapter we should be getting back to Taranto, Dustil, and Ra'chelle along with my final main character, and a few legends characters sprinkled amongst them. What can I say? I have a huge respect for the Legends universe. I'm ok, it's not canon anymore and that's ok. It's probably for the best. But I still respect it and its amazing work. If you can really take the time to read stuff like the Thrawn Trilogy, the X-Wing series, and the RC series and still call it trash, then you're %^& hypocrite. I actually don't know what that meant, but you get the point.


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