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Chapter 5:

The Sea King

I finally managed to find a job I have the requirements for. The place is a slightly old but popular bookstore, giving off an antique feeling. It has been passed down from within the family for three generations. They are currently looking to hire part-timers who could help sort and arrange the books, etcetera, etcetera.

The store is located in J city. A little far if I walk, but if I commute via bicycle from home to the workplace it will be faster. Not to mention it is not full-time however, it's either that, or no income till god knows when. My savings are enough to last for some time, but eventually, it'll run low. The pay's pretty decent since I'm working during the Fridays and weekends when it is relatively busier. If I do well enough, I could try and apply for full-time. After all, the chances of succeeding in that are higher if I get along with my coworkers and also adapt well enough to the environment there. Fingers crossed.

After parking my bicycle at the nearby train station, I grabbed my bag and start to head over to my new workplace. I managed to reach the crossroads just as the traffic lights changed, allowing pedestrians to cross. Quickening my steps to catch up, I slowed my pace once I had fall in line behind the mass of people.

It is a cool afternoon, the smell of salt from the coastline not too far from here carried by the breeze. Checking my watch once, I registered that there is still much time left.

The more steps I took, the more my skin prickled and my brows furrow together. The moment I felt a strong sense of unease, I halt.

Looking up and surveying the area around me whilst standing right within the middle of the crowd, my defensive reaction to repel anyone nearby kicked in. I watch as more and more lights turn indigo and the people around me start to part, giving me a wider berth on instinct. Gritting my teeth at my lack of control, I force the lights to change to orange, relaxed myself and continue walking. Forcing through the group which by now had start to drift closer towards me, camouflaging me within them with their happy smiles and chatters.

I know someone dangerous is walking right amongst us. 'A mysterious being? No doesn't feel like it, a human that is turning into one?' Just as I push pass a couple, I brushed my shoulder with another's elbow and I nearly choked. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that this is the one.

Violently squashing down the overwhelming urge to scatter every living thing around me, I drew in a breath and kept stumbling through the crowd, until their presence slowly faded away, further and further behind me. When I can no longer feel them within the immediate area, only then did I slowly turn my head to glance behind.

I managed to catch all but a single glimpse of the person before he disappeared into the crowd, nonetheless, the image was burned into my mind. The man has a shock of white, spikey hair sitting atop his head and broad shoulders underneath a skintight black shirt, the rest of him was covered by the mob of people. Naturally most of my attention was caught by the lights floating around him.

His was a mixture of amaranth, representing pride of sorts, while some were orange, which was my doing. However, what enlightened me as to why I reacted so defensively at first was the telltale black lights surrounding him.

He is still in the first few stages of turning into a mysterious being, and what made me feel even remotely sad for him instead of fearing him was... he had a couple white lights that had yet to be tainted.

The weather is sunny when I had left my house, but as I neared J city on my bicycle, there were more and more clouds gathering above. I can see darkening skies looming just beyond the horizon as a strong wind whooshed past, carrying with it the scent of rain. It will be pouring soon.

As I peddled further into the city, that is when I felt a wave of skin-prickling hostile energy crash over me like a tsunami, pulling me down into a whirlpool in a desperate attempt to drown me. Immediately stopping my bicycle, I glance around, alarmed, before noticing the start of a commotion further up the street, towards where the beach is located. Then, the screams started.

Black poisonous smoke filled the air, destruction was heard as buildings were destroyed and I swear I saw a huge, somewhat humanoid-like creature up ahead. Lights all around us turned indigo as fear and terror took hold of the people and they hurriedly cleared from the site where monsters are surfacing. The evacuation siren blared through the loudspeakers, situated at the most populated areas of the city, warning the citizens to seek shelter immediately. Without thinking twice, I followed the masses, pedalling towards safety.

Sometime later, two A rank heroes were downed as a new mysterious being emerged, and an intense fight broke out in the middle of the streets. Puri-Puri-Prisoner went angel style to battle against the Sea King with all he has.


A sudden chill ran up my spine and I tried my best to hold back a violent shudder by hugging myself. Eyebrow twitching, I rubbed my arms in an attempt to smooth down the goosebumps. 'What was that?' Shaking it off, I refocus back to the present, glancing around a little self-consciously to see if anyone caught sight of my involuntary reaction. None did, good.

The evacuation was as swift as possible and most of the citizens was ushered into the reinforced bomb shelter within the hour or so. The interior was built to be spacious to prevent a lack of air circulation and to ease those who has claustrophobia. Still, the fear lingering in the air is there, much like a miasma, and even more oppressive than ever before.

It rubs at my skin the wrong way, heat gathered around my head as if I was running a slight fever. I don't like it. 'I can... sense emotions now.' I belatedly made the connection.

Recently I had been getting bits and pieces of irrational emotions, sudden bouts of it, like a wall that is slowly cracking and the feelings of others seeped through it. Able to feel emotions aside, the ability to control the lights became easier, confirmed after testing it out on a few monsters wandering my neighbourhood. Because now, all I have to do is to think of the feeling I want others to have and the change will be made instantly. I no longer have to focus on the lights and will it to change colours. Sometimes, I couldn't defined what the colours meant.

My powers are maturing. More instinctively, much more potent, and somewhere within the depths of my subconsciousness, I knew my abilities are becoming deadlier. It's... a little scary. I pushed away the darker thoughts, focusing on my surroundings instead. 'It's getting chilly in here. Must be raining outside.'

A dark pit of unforgiving darkness has been looming at the edges of my mind ever since a little while ago, and it is drawing closer every second. I frown, chewing on the bottom of my lip uneasily, tensing while my heart rate started picking up. It was only when I paid attention to it that I realise all the lights within the shelter had turned indigo in accordance with my state of mind. I immediately calmed myself, feeding some positive energy to the crowd. They soon became less uneasy.

My efforts became all for naught when a huge explosion rocked the shelter to its foundations. My teeth rattled and I curled in on myself, hands thrown haphazardly over my head, ears ringing. Terrified screams broke out amongst the masses only to die down in horror as a humongous sea creature-like being loomed over us, eyes glowing an eerie yellow from within the smoke and dust. The moment I saw this mysterious being, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that my powers stood no chance. This one is a whole different level compared to the other monsters I usually see lingering around my neighbourhood.

His ominous voice travels across the dome, lips split into a grin to reveal razor sharp fangs. "Greetings and goodbye."

"Please wait."

Somewhere to the front, a shaky man steels himself to step up, arms held up in a universal I-surrender pose, attempting for a negotiation. "We surrender! We will comply with any demands you may have. But please do not attack. I beg of you."

'It's not here for anything but blood. The negotiator knows too.' I gritted my teeth, the starting of despair encroaching upon my being. 'What can I do? I—'

"Surrender? I've come to kill you. Your deaths are inevitable."

My ears refuse to hear any other words and I shut my eyes, trying to steady my breathing, hands clenched into tight balls in hopes it would lessen the shaking.

A low hum of engine.

I snap my eyes open. 'Wait, I know this.'

Four more people, revealing themselves as heroes stepped forward bravely. I can feel their unease from all over the way here. Lips pursed, I too, turn to face the Monster, albeit, from within the crowd. 'It won't be much, but I will help too. We need time. Just a little.'

Willing all lights to change to one of absolute fear, I was nearly forced to my knees from the combined effort of switching the colours and maintaining it, the action draining me tremendously. I watch as the Sea King halt in his tracks in bewilderment.

One second.

The heroes, who had stepped up not moments ago, charge forwards with a war cry.

Two seconds.

My eyes widen as the he raised his bulky arm up, more and more lights returning to its original black, with a mixture of some red— irritation— in it. My control was stretched into a thin line, much like a rubber band, just waiting for the moment to snap and lash back.


The mysterious being swung his arm to the side as if swatting flies, and the heroes fell, thrown aside within the blink of an eye. The metaphorical line snaps and I staggered backwards from the force, like a sucker punch straight to the gut. Teeth gnashed together to keep from gasping and giving away my involvement. The sea king's presence suddenly seem so much more sinister, his gaze weighing us down as he dispatched what was supposed to be our hope right in front of us.

'Even though I know my abilities would not do much... he broke free from my influence with such ease I might as well hadn't done anything.' My heart thumps rapidly, adrenaline flooding my system. I gripped my abdomen tightly as I inhale shakily, forcibly keeping down my breakfast as I finally registered for the first time in my life... I'm feeling fear like I have never experienced before. The day where I knew my psychic powers would be practically useless is right here. But, I look up towards the ceiling.

"Why so quiet all of a sudden?" The beast mocks.

"Are you one of the Seafolk?"

Because standing there, in the hole made upon the dome, is my cyborg neighbour. In a flash, he appeared on the floor of the shelter, ignoring the mysterious being's own question. His vibe all business-like. "I'm here to eliminate you."

Engines hums, rumbling as they charged up energy, the cyborg was suddenly in front of it, arm reared back for a devastating punch. I swiftly close my eyes and turn away from the blinding light as yet another explosion ripped through the dome. The Seafolk was blasted straight out of the shelter, leaving behind a far larger smouldering hole in the dome. Genos turns around to face us. "Was that the last of them?"

The crowd was silent, until they started cheering in immense relief. I frowned. 'No... it's not over yet, I can still sense—'

"Behind you!" I scream at him, a scant millisecond just before the Sea King appeared behind him. It all happened too fast for me to see properly, I only saw the creature's webbed claws gripping onto Genos's right arm and then he already sent flying off to the side, the robotic arm dangling uselessly within the mysterious being's clutches.

There was another brief lull in noise, Genos moving to get up, electricity sparkling from his broken arm. "Those who can walk, leave the shelter now! I cannot promise I will win! Run while I keep him busy!"

The screams resume full throttle, people rushing for the exit as I too, turn around to leave. 'I'm of no use here. Best don't hinder him anymore. I can help the people keep a cooler head while they evacuate.'

Feeling the heat searing against my back in the midst of heated blows exchanging, I focused on being calm and channeled that feeling into all those around me. Some were coherent enough to bark out reasonable suggestions and the door to the dome opens. Yet another explosion rocked the building, the impact felt deep within my bones, and another one came a scant few seconds later. This time, a little much too close for comfort. People nearby scattered, screaming in absolute terror and a few freezes up. I heard a little girl calling out words of encouragement.

A spark of red hot irritation.

A black hole opening up within the pits of a stomach.

I chanced a glance back, dread creeping up my spine like a venomous snake. A nauseating sizzling sound, choked out gurgles as metal melted underneath the corrosive substance. I immediately sent a wave of calm towards the father and he quickly pulled his daughter away. A giant clawed hand grabbed him by the head and threw what was left of my cyborg neighbour against the wall, before following suit with a kick that sends the both of them out into the pouring rain.

'If Genos is here, Saitama can't be too far off... right?' I reasoned, sprinting towards the opening and giving my all. Squinting against the pouring rain, a steady spray of mist splattering against my warm cheeks. I bit my lip, feeling a shred of hope and determination coursing through me. 'Just a little more time.'

However, it wasn't much time at all when my hands started trembling, my hold over his emotion wavers back and forth as the indigo lights flickers. The creature halt in his movements in favour of locating the source of his unease, his beady inhuman eyes landing upon my form quickly. I was the only one standing by the edge of the opening, staring at him with a concentrated look.


"It was you?" My heart missed a beat as he turned around to fully face me, yellow fish eyes narrowing warily, the cyborg temporarily forgotten. He studies me for a few seconds from down below, and I know he could close the distance in a matter of a heartbeat. He hums, head tilted thoughtfully.

"You don't look strong, but... there's something about you that don't sit well with me." He growled, lips drawing back into a snarl. "I'll eliminate you first."

I could feel my heart beating wildly as it worked in overdrive. I tried to move back, run, get away, but... I couldn't. My entire body is trembling so bad I felt like a human jelly. Those glowing slit-like eyes pinned me to my spot, promising an even more painful death if I run. My vision blurred with unshed tears, all I can do is watch helplessly as the aquatic monster's looming form grew larger and larger, bile rising up in the back of my throat. A gleeful expression mars it's face, mouth stretched wide into a malicious smile, showcasing the rows upon rows of sharp needle-like fangs.

It felt so cold and quiet all of a sudden.

... Is this what the moment before death feels like?


I broke out of my trance, taking a staggering step back and breathe, leaning against the wall before slumping down against it. Curious and cautious footsteps drew nearer, a worried young woman reaching out a hand to lightly tap my shoulder. "Can you stand?"

I heard a constant sounds of meat against pavement outside and I winced. Nodding once, I pulled myself up onto my feet with a small help from the stranger, and a few more watches, acting as standby. I stood alongside them, watching as yet another hero fell victim. A young boy started cheering first, tears and snot streaming from his chubby face as he yelled at the top of his voice from within his mother's arms. Then, one joined, and another, and another. It was... an odd feeling of synchronised harmony.

I felt the determination and confidence well up in Mumen Rider, despite knowing there is nothing he can do but give some hope, draw it out. With one last attempt, he rushes up with his good arm reared back for a punch, the white lights surrounding him nearly blinding.

He was ruthlessly sent flying straight into the air. The cheers died. Despair creeped in.

'I sense him.'

A wobbly breath escapes my throat, relaxing slightly. Saitama catches the fallen hero with ease, carefully setting him down into the ground with a presence as calm as ever. Rarely changing. The Monster appeared behind him in a flash, striking him on the head hard enough to scatter raindrops. I had to shake my head inwardly at the display. Closing my eyes in hopes to ease the impending mother of all headaches I can feel pulsing against my temples. Murmurs of panic begin to build up.

"Hey someone else is there. Who is that? A hero?"

"That head... I remember it from the hero registry."

"I know him! He's a class C rookie. I think he's rank two."

"Class C?"

"So we're still gonna get killed."

"But that punch didn't hurt him at all."

"That's your imagination. You saw how many heroes were blown away by that thing's punches, right?"

I didn't even see Saitama rear back his arm for that punch, only that there is a gaping hole in the sea creature's abdomen, and that the sky has been cleared just from the force of it. I smiled for real this time, although, it was a mixture of bitter and relief.

An outcry of disbelief and cheers immediately broke out.


"That was amazing!"

"All it took was just one punch! Just one!"

"Is he really Class C?"

"He's too strong!"

"Or maybe... the Monster wasn't really that tough?"

I glance at the man who spoke up, noting the my vision is blurry. I had to blink a couple times in order to focus the image. 'Not good. At all. Need to sleep, maybe hibernate.'

"Yeah, but so many heroes went down."

"That just means those heroes were weaklings."

The voices became background noise as hearing took concentration, and I have none left. But, I can sense their emotions just fine. I do not like that guy's emotions. 'What are the chances that he would shut his trap if I kneel over right here and now?'

The more he talked, the more irritation rose from the mass, and a fight was about to break out because of him. I manage to gain back some of my hearing after deep inhales and slow exhales, perspiration beading upon my pale skin. What I heard next made me want to send the man to the mental ward if it was the last thing I ever do.

"Why are you getting mad at me? The Hero Association gets their funds from our donations, right? As long as we're paying for it, they'd better protect us."

Saitama started laughing. It was the most deadpan laugh I've ever heard in my life. "Today's my lucky day! The other heroes wore the monster down, so beating it was kid's play! Good thing I was late. I barely did a thing and now I get all the credit." Turning to us, he yelled. "Hey, spread the word, all of you! I'm the one who finished the Monster off! I'll beat the snot out of anyone who says it's only cause I got here late!"

Heart chilled to the very core, I slowly moved back to stagger away on unsteady feet. Noting a similar feeling is also wafting from Genos. 'So he's alive. That's great.'

Pushing my bicycle along, I hop onto it and did my best to pedal home. 'Despite saving all of us, he has to play the bad guy role just because some people couldn't think to be grateful for the fallen heroes that helped until he could make it here. Some people are simply not empathising.'

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