Hey everyone! So I know I haven't been here for a while, but I've been planning for this for a long time: the 20th Anniversary of Toy Story! As you can tell from my name, I am a HUGE TS fan. So in honor of the day that the first Toy Story movie came out in theaters, I wrote this poem, and am posting it on the exact day! Enjoy!

The 20th Anniversary of Toy Story is greeted with many cheers.

So let's go back, and review what happened back all those 20 years.

It started with a sheriff, who was a toy.

His name was Woody, and he was loved by a little boy.

Andy was his name, and playtime always was fun.

But on a certain birthday, Buzz Lightyear was the new number 1.

Buzz was now the best, and it filled Woody with fear,

And after meeting Sid, he thought that death was near.

Then Woody and Buzz teamed up for the first time,

They used their skills, and fell with style, and into the car they climb.

For infinity and beyond, they'll always be by each other's sides,

But hang on, everyone, this is just the start of the ride.

Four years later came the next in line, Toy Story 2.

There were a lot of new toys, and a lot of new people too.

Meet the Roundup Gang, Jessie, Bullseye, and Stinky Pete.

These toys seem friendly, and Woody they want to meet.

There was a TV show and Woody was the star; he had a special song,

But in a while Woody knew just where he truly belonged.

Everyone was happy, and everyone was friends.

But just you wait, because this adventure hasn't yet to end.

Ten years later came Toy Story 3,

The story being a trilogy seemed meant to be.

Andy going to college, a daycare gone wrong,

A pink teddybear, and the toys saying "so long."

At some points, I admit, I started to cry.

But it's not over yet, not quite time to say goodbye.

There were shorts, and specials, and I laughed the nights away.

I wrote some FanFictions, and I'm still working on them today.

But one toy is still missing, someone in Woody's heart.

We have all written about her, and she will come back in the next part

For in Toy Story 4, confirmed by Pixar, coming back again,

We shall be reunited with Bo Peep, and happiness shall reign!

And if Toy Story were to end, I still would never forget

How all of the franchise changed my life, and I can never pay that debt.

So when you think of Toy Story, I'm sure that you'll agree,

That if Woody were real, he'd say to us, "You've got a friend in me."