Chapter 2...wehey!

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Lovejoy's POV

A jolly tune boomed out of my phone at around ten past 8. I woke up and realized I'd forgotten to set my alarm clock last night! Someone was calling me… I looked at my phone. It was Auntie Sophie. Why…?

"Hi, Auntie Sophie!" I said in the most cheerful voice I could muster.

"Hi, Lucia! How's my favorite niece?" she asked.

"I'm Lovejoy…" I said.

"Oh, hello, Lovejoy! I haven't talked to you in ages. How's life?" she asked.

"It's fine, thank you, Auntie Sophie. How are you?" I asked.

"I'm fine as ever! Can you believe it, I lost 8 stone at the gym last month," she replied.

"Yeah… that's nice… I'm kind of getting late for…"

"And now I can fit into that lovely mini skirt I bought years and years ago. I look ravishing."

Mum came running into the room and hissed "Lovejoy why aren't you…" then she saw me holding my phone. "Is that Auntie Sophie?"

I nodded.

She gave me an acknowledging look and took my phone out of my hands and started talking herself. What a lifesaver. I was almost certain she was going to tell the story about when she was little and she was starting a new school and she accidently superglued herself to a chair and then she became the most popular girl in the school. For supergluing herself to a chair. I find some of her stories quite unbelievable.

So I had breakfast (my favorite cereal. I love it.) and got into my new uniform (I look like a businesswoman squeeeeeeeeee!). I picked up my lovely new bag and set off for school (Mum was still talking to Auntie Sophie. She looked so bored. I could hear a high pitched voice from the other side going 'and THEN there was that time where I was a bit older than Lucia and…'. My mum took the phone away from her ear and whispered, "I'm afraid you're going to have to leave your phone at home today. Sophie will get terribly upset if I drop the call on her now."

I nodded and replied, "Ok."

The high pitched voice came again, "Are you even LISTENING?"

I shot her an apologetic look and happily skipped off to the bus station. I was JUST in time. The driver was JUST ABOUT to close the door before he saw me. I sat next to an old lady who was reading the newspaper. She was really nice, and we talked through the whole journey.

"So, do you go to Autumn Winds School?" she asked.

"It's my first day!" I replied.

"Wow, you're happy. I wish my granddaughter was as excited as you. I tried to sit next to her but she told me that she was embarrassed! Of me!" she said, sadly. "She's starting as a First Year today as well. She's trying to 'make an impression'." She emphasized those last words.

Finally, we reached the building. It was very… big. The old woman goodbyed me and sneaked a lime sweet in my pocket. I smiled at her and got off but accidently bumped into another kid in front of me, in front of everyone. NOT the best of moves when you're trying to make friends.

"Ooh…sorry…" I said.

She brushed herself off and carefully inspected her sleeve to see if I had accidently brushed some of my germs onto her clothes.

"Were you talking to my grandmother?" she demanded.

"Well… maybe… I don't really know you…or your grandmother… she was SOMEONE's grandmother… but-" I managed.

She rolled her eyes. "YES, that was my grandmother. What were you talking about?"

"Nothing much," I said. "Just…life."

"Did she mention me?"

"Yes, a bit…"

Her shoulders stiffened up.

"Did she say anything embarrassing?" she asked.

"Not really." I said.

"Thank GOODNESS!" she breathed. "I'm Dionysia by the way."

"Cool. I'm Lovejoy."

"Are you a First Year too?"

"Yes, I am!" I declared. "And I am SO excited, what about you?"

"Halfy halfy." She said.

"Are you scared of the other kids?" I asked.

"No, the kids are OK. I'm a cool person, everyone likes cool people." She fluttered her eyelashes (I can't believe they're not fake!) and said, "It's the teachers I'm worried about. But more than that… when my sister came here before she became an actress, she got bullied… you know… guys throwing fresh gum at her face, that sort of thing. That might happen to me too, you know?"

"It'll be FINE, I guess," I said.

Then a smiley, stout woman called all of us inside the building, and we all marched in a single file line (sort of double file because Dionysia stood next to be to avoid the guy with the Mohawk behind us, because he looked 'pretty angry, don'cha think?')

Today was going to be absolutely PERFECT.