There was a new girl in town: Shearen and Rory already hated her, even though she had only met her once. She didn't even really meet her, she just saw her in Doose's market, talking with Dean. That's where it all started. She had long blond hair, a perfect body, perfect smile and probably even perfect toenails, but that wasn't it. Rory couldn't stand her because Dean couldn't stop talking about her. That bugged her. Now she was at Luke's with Dean and he was still talking about her like she was the love of his life.

R: "Dean, I'm sorry to interrupt you, but isn't there anything else you can talk about?"

D: "What do you mean?"

R: "Well, you've been talking about how perfect and amazing this Shearen- girl is, like she's your girlfriend."

D: "What are you talking about, I just said she's a nice girl"

R: "What have 'beautiful green eyes' to do with being nice?"

D: "You're overreacting, Rory"

R: "No, I'm not. If I hadn't intterupt you, you would probably be talking about how great she would look in a bathing suit"

D: "I never would........"

R: "Yes you would, because you're all over that Britney Spears-wannabe!"

D: "Rory......"

She looked at him.

R: "I need some fresh air, I'll be right back"

She didn't wait for his reply, but took her coat and left the diner.

When she got outside, she almost automatically walked to the bridge. She always went there when she felt bad. She wasn't really surprised when she saw Jess sitting in the middle of the bridge. He was smoking. She walked towards him.

R: "Is it okay if I sit with you?"

Jess quickly threw his cigarette in the water when he saw her. He didn't want her to see him smoke. Too late, of course.

J: "No, go ahead"

She sat down next to him.

R: "I thought you quit"

J: "Me too......until five minutes ago"

R: "What happened?"

J: "What do you mean?"

R: "Well, you're sitting here and you started to smoke again, there must be a reason"

J: "There's not. I just like to sit here and I like to smoke"

R: "Oh"

J: "You on the other hand, don't come here unless there's a very good reason. What is it?"

R: "Nothing big, I'm just jealous".

J: "Of who?"

R: "That new girl, Shearen. Dean is all over her"

J: "Or Dean has eyes in his head and sees how hot that girl is"

R: "He can't stop talking about her"

J: "If you ask me, Dean just thinks she's hot and in a few days he'll be used to her and things will be back to normal"

R: "I hope so"

There fell a silence. Not an awkward one, just a silence. They both didn't mind.

R: "I guess you're right. I'm overreacting."

J: "I never said that, I just think there's no reason to be jealous, but it was wrong of him to talk about her in front of you"

R: "Yeah.......I should go back and make it up to Dean"

J: "Yeah"

She got up.

R: "You come too?"

J: "No, I think I'm gonna stay here a little longer to......"

R: "Smoke?" she finished his sentence.

J: "I was gonna say: think, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna smoke too."

She smiled.

R: "Thanks for your advice"

He smiled.

Rory walked away. He watched her leaving. She was so beautiful. And he just did the most stupid thing he could do. He gave her advice about how to make it up to Dean. On the other hand, he just wanted her to be happy, even if that was with bagboy. And besides, he had other stuff on his mind, right now.