A tear rolled down her cheek. She still felt his eyes in her back as she walked away. She wished she could turn around, walk back, hug him and never let him go, but she knew she couldn't. It was over between them. She couldn't love him like she used to. Not anymore, but that didn't mean it didn't hurt. Like always she walked to the bridge. She knew Jess wasn't there, 'cause he had to work. She didn't mind. She wanted to be alone. She needed to think. She was surprised when she saw Jess sitting on the bridge. She walked towards him.

R: "Hey"

Jess looked up.

J: "Hi..........have you been crying?"

R: "Yeah"

J: "What happened?"

She sat down next to him.

R: "I broke up with Dean"

J: "I didn't see that one coming"

R: "Me neither"

J: "Once again: What happened"

R: "I asked him if he had feelings for Shearen"

J: "And he said yes?"

R: "Sort of"

J: "I'm sorry"

She looked up.

R: "No you're not"

J: "I am, really"

R: "Thanks"

They stared at the water.

R: "Shouldn't you be working?"

J: "Yeah"

R: "Then why aren't you?"

J: "This is probably not the right time to tell you this, but Luke talked to my mom, or no he yelled at my mom and........I can stay"

R: "That's good news"

J: "Yeah............Luke wanted me to take the rest of the day off so......."

Rory looked down at the bracelet Dean once gave her.

J: "I'm sorry, this really wasn't the best time to tell you this"

R: "I'm happy for you, I really am, I........I just have other things on my mind right now"

J: "I understand. Just don't forget to throw me a party when you're..........you know"

R: "I'll throw you a party, but.......not now"

J: "I was just kidding"

Another tear rolled down her cheek.

R: "I know"

J: "You wanna talk about it?"

R: "About the party?"

J: "No, about the break-up"

R: "Oh, not really"

She looked up at him.

R: "Is it okay if I cry now?"

Jess nodded. Rory put her head against his chest and started to cry. Jess didn't know what to do. He hesitated for a moment. Then he put his arms around her.

J: "It's gonna be alright" he whispered.

She relaxed a little, but she didn't stop crying. He didn't know for how long they sat there. Both so unhappy and happy at the same time. Both so comfortable with the situation. Both knowing this was what they want. Jess kissed her forehead. And stroke her hair. She stopped crying. They both stared at the water. Not wanting to get up. Rory took his hand and kissed it. Then she stared back at the water.

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