Book 1: A test by Ice

Hexly hall, (ages 7 & 8)….

"Come on slow poke," called a young boy with grey bangs to a chubby young girl with light blue bangs. "Last one there is a rotten dragon egg!"

"Slow down Cedric! I just ate lunch!" called the young girl, whose name was Sapphire. Her black curls bounced up and down as she and her young friend raced across the campus of Hexly Hall. They almost made it to the door of the front of the school, when five other boys surrounded them.

"Well if it isn't Grey bangs and Large Luna," said one of the boys, poking Sapphire in the stomach, which made her wince and reel back from them.

Cedric stepped in-between them, scowling his chubby face. "Hey leave her alone."

"Stay out of this Broomstick," the leader said pushing the young sorcerer to the ground. "What about it Large Luna? Eat any Pegasus lately?" Sapphire's blue eyes started to water over with tears.

"Stop it Brandon!" She whined as she tried to move away, but the boys surrounded her, forming a loose circle around the sorceress. They continued to poke and prod at her belly until tears flowed from her river blue eyes.

"HEY! STOP IT!" yelled Cedric as he tried to squeeze through the bullies. One of them knocked him down, turned around and clenched his fist, glaring at the young sorcerer.

Soon, the small group started to punch and kick the young boy, and would've continued if the headmaster of the school didn't show up in time. Very shortly the two friends sat outside the headmaster's office in silence while he was scolding the group of boys.

Sapphire, unable to stand the uneasy silence, looked at her best friend and said simply, "Thank you for standing up for me today." Cedric, who had a black eye, looked over and saw that she was smiling slightly, smiled himself.

"Ah it was nothing," he said, trying to act nonchalant. "If I had my wand then those boys wouldn't dare to cross my path." Sapphire giggled at the young boys comment. He acted tough for her, but in truth she like him for who he was.

"I'm sure you would have." She said, frowning at a thought. "Just promise me one thing." Cedric nodded, staring at her intently. "Promise me that you won't become like those boys, greedy and selfish. Promise me that you'll stay exactly who you are."

Cedric smiled, taking his young friends hand in his. "Don't worry about it. As long as I have you, nothing like that will ever happen."

Enchantia, present…..

It was a beautiful morning in the kingdom of Enchantia, and the stepdaughter of King Roland woke up with a smile on her face. Today was the day her royal sorcerer was going to teach her how to enchant a mirror, but not before she went down to the village poor house to help the Buttercups serve soup to those who had nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Quickly dressing in her Buttercup uniform, she ran down to the diner hall where her family was already eating breakfast of cinnamon waffles topped with whipped cream and poison berry syrup.

"Good morning Sofia," greeted Baileywick, the castle steward, as she got situated in her seat. He noticed her stuffing her face with the cinnamon waffles. "Got a big day ahead of you?"

"Yeah," she said after she had swallowed her breakfast. "The Buttercups are going to volunteer at the poor house today and Mr. Cedric's going to teach me how to enchant a mirror."

"Why would you want to enchant a mirror in the first place?" Amber asked, fanning her face with her fan in exasperation. Sofia shrugged and quickly brought her plate to the kitchen so the kitchen staff could clean it. After that was done, her mother called for her to tell her that her friends Ruby and Jade were here. Straightening her Buttercup hat, she dashed out the door, but not before picking up her basket and her pet bunny Clover.

"Come on Clover," she said to the bunny. Thanks to the power of the Amulet of Avalor, she could talk to all kinds of woodland creatures from birds to Pegasus "We're going to be late."

"Calm down Princess," he said, snuggling into the small, but comfy wicker basket. "Besides, we're only going to the village, which is basically down the road."

"I know but today we get to see old lady Estela," Sofia exclaimed as she hurriedly walked towards the coach, which was pulled by two crème colored Pegasus. "She was always looking after me and my mom when we lived in the village. She even let me call her Nana Estela." In the coach, Sofia's friends from the village, Jade and Ruby along with the twins, and Ruby's mom sat eagerly talking amongst one another.

"SOFIA!" called Ruby as she opened the door to the coach. "Oh this is going to be so much fun!"

"Hey guys," Sofia said as she hauled herself up into the shiny carriage, and closed the door as it pulled away.

The Buttercup group chatted happily as they flew down the road, the warm smell of Hazelnut soup drifted throughout the air. Even though the sun shone bright and hot, it was still a chilly day, so all the girls were wrapped in their warmest light jacket, and they shivered as the carriage continued down the road.

At noon, Dunwitty….

After a busy day of serving soup at the poor house, Sofia and the Buttercups sat down with a picnic of their own of fresh vegetables, fruit and other good stuff. While Sofia was searching for a good place for her and clover to sit, eat and talk without the other girls getting suspicious, a young woman with honey blonde hair and tired eyes, walked up to the young princess, carrying a wooden box.

She approached the young princess slowly, but Sofia was so wrapped up in talking quietly with Clover that she didn't even know the woman was there until she politely cleared her throat, making the young princess blush a little bit for being so inattentive to her surroundings.

"Excuse me, um, are you Princess Sofia?" she asked quietly. The young princess nodded, noticing that her eyes were rimmed with red. "I believe you knew my mother, Estela?"

"Uh-uh," Sofia answered uncertain. The young woman took a deep breath before continuing.

"I'm afraid that she passed away last week," the young woman said, making the princess gasped in surprise. "In her will she stated that you be given her most prized possession." She placed the box down at her feet, and Sofia peered into it, and saw that it was filled to the brim with dolls, stuffed toys, and other types of things a girl her age would like. "You may have one of these items. The rest will be split up amongst Estela's family."

Digging through the crate, Sofia came across a stuffed rabbit that resembled Clover. She giggled and held it up for the rabbit to see, which made him scrunched up his face with a scowl. Returning to dig around in the crate, Sofia's magical amulet glowed slightly, when she saw an old dirty mirror with a cracked jewel at the top, near the bottom of the pile. She carefully picked up and showed it to the young woman, who gasped in surprise.

"You have chosen wisely, that was my mama's favorite handheld mirror," the young woman said with a slight chuckle. "Even claimed that there was another woman in the mirror. I hope this mirror brings you as much joy as it did my mother. Farewell Princess Sofia."

The woman bowed her head slightly and left the young princess and rabbit who stared at their reflection mirror in the filthy glass.

"Whoa, that's some mirror Sof," clover said as they headed back to the castle. "Are you going to use that for your sorcery lessons today?"

"I guess," Sofia said shrugging. After the buttercups had dropped her off, Sofia raced towards her teacher's tower, knowing full well that she was almost late. She was out of breath when she reached the top of the stairs, but was shocked to see the door wide open, which was unlike Mr. Cedric, because he keeps the door shut and locked. Peeking in, Sofia found that there were papers and books strewn everywhere, as if an intruder was looking for something important

"Well, look whose late," said a deep voice. The young princess looked up to see Wormwood, a raven who belonged to Cedric. He was perched on his own little stool right above the Royal sorcerer's desk. "He's not here, Princess Sofia, in case you're wondering, so you have the rest day off. Quite possibly the week."

"Why?" the young princess asked, confused. Mr. Cedric almost never missed any lessons, and if he did, the wizard always gave her at least a week's notice.

The raven shrugged his wings. "I overheard him taking a trip to his old village, and stopping by Hexly Hall on his way home."

"Oh, well, do you think I should tidy and lock up his workshop? It doesn't seem like I should just leave it unlocked."

"Mmmm, do what you wish Princess," Wormwood said, stretching and yawning. "As for me, I will be enjoying my afternoon nap in the sun." He flew out the window, leaving the Princess to sweep and tidy up the papers that were strewn all over the floor.

She was almost done, when a medium sized portrait fell from the stack by a small gust of wind. Picking it up, Sofia saw that it was a portrait of a young, lanky boy with grey bangs and dark hair holding hands with a young woman with darker hair than the boy and light blue bangs. They both looked like they were around the age of fifteen, and most likely at a school event judging by their clothes. The boy wore a fancy purple jacket, and the girl wore a light blue elegant ballroom dress.

Just from looking at the picture, Sofia could plainly see that both of them were madly in love with each other. The boy with the grey bangs was obviously her teacher, Mr. Cedric, but she had no idea who the girl was. Sofia made a mental note to ask, placing the picture back where it went.

"Oh and Princess?" the raven asked when the young girl was at the threshold. She turned around to see the bird, clutching a spell book in his claws. "I think you will find page number 120, very helpful." He dropped the book in front of the princess, who picked it up, and walked out, closing and locking the door behind her.

Hexly Hall (ages 10, 11)

It was the last day before Holiday break, and Cedric was basically bouncing with excitement. Not only was he finally getting the spells right in his classes, he finally mustered up the courage to ask Sapphire out to the Wassailia ball King Roland I was having. After summer break, she had gotten really pretty, not that she wasn't pretty before. But she had gotten curvier; her face had cheekbones, and finally gotten the attention of the bullies off of her, though she still managed to draw some attention in due to her light blue bangs.

As the teacher dismissed them, Cedric jumped from his desk and flew down the hall towards the girl's dormitory, flower and chocolate in hand. He was a nervous wreck, but he was also very confident at the same time. Approaching Sapphire's room, he was about to knock when the door flew open and out came Sapphire herself, covered in snow. She got up, her cheeks bright red from embarrassment.

"Oh my apologizes," she said picking up her textbooks. "I've been having a little trouble with the snow man spell. I-Cedric? What are you doing here?"

"Oh, um, w-w-would you d-do me the honor o-of ac-companioning me to the Wassailia b-ball?" he asked stuttering. He winced at his stutter, the young warlock hadn't stuttered in years, but now it seemed to be coming back.

Sapphire twirled her light blue bangs, deep in thought, when in reality she had already made up her mind. She had been anticipating it, since the news of the ball had reached her in her little home. The young witch launched herself onto Cedric's lips, giving him a big wet kiss.

After they pulled away, Cedric was just staring at her with a shocked, confused, and happy expression on is face. Sapphire just smiled, her cheeks blushing.

"S-so I take it that was a yes?" asked Cedric. Sapphire giggled at his little comment, picking up the chocolates and the blue tulips, winking her river blue eyes at him.

"Of course silly. I would be foolish to say no." She said helping the young sorcerer up. They stood there awkwardly for a few minutes before Sapphires roommate, Lana, who was covered in snow, poked her head out.

"Sorry to interrupt you two lovebirds," she said apologetically, "But Sapphire, I think you might want to fix this before the headmaster arrives."

"Oh, right," Sapphire, exclaimed, remembering the meeting she set up with the headmaster. Turning back to Cedric, she shrugged at his questioning glance.

"So, I'll pick you up at eight?" he asked, rubbing his the back of his neck nervously.

"Sounds good," she said blowing him a kiss. "See you then."

"Bye," he said, as the door shut. After she shut the door, he yelled happily and ran back to his father, who was waiting there for him to take him back to Enchantia.

"Well?" his father, Goodwin the Great, demanded. "Did she say yes?" The young wizard did not have to say any more words, as the smile on his face was enough to answer his question. Goodwin flicked the reigns, urging the Pegasus to fly, which they did.

Cedric was so happy that he felt that was able to fly without the Pegasus, and he was giddy as any boy could be. When he got back to the castle he immediately went straight for Prince Roland's room to tell him the good news, being so excited that he almost forgot to knock. Good thing too because how would it look if the son of the royal sorcerer burst into the Prince of Enchantia's room while the king was talking to him.

"Oh hello, your highness," he said as the king passed by, bowing deeply. The blonde haired king looked down at him with such authority it made him wilt with nervousness.

"Hello Cedric," he muttered before walking away. The young wizard watched him go, an eyebrow raised in suspicion. A sigh broke his concentration on the king, and so he turned to see his son, a spitting only slightly smaller version of the king. Roland the second looked like he had been crying, his blue eye all red and puffy.

He sniffled, wiping his nose with his sleeve. "What is it now Cedric?" The young wizard was taken back at his best friends tone of voice. It was rude and very irritable, but Cedric hoped it wouldn't last.

"Uh, well, I just, wanted to tell you that, um I got a date with S-Sapphire and I-uh j-just was wondering i-if you could help p-pick out a Wassailia gift." Cedric asked, wondering why he was stuttering. The crown prince just crossed his arms and huffed, before walking backing into his room and slamming the door in Cedric's face, leaving the young warlock to stand their dumbfounded.

Enchantia present day…

It was around suppertime and Sofia was still trying to find out why the page number 120 had any significance. It was a spell for removing an enchantment spell on any type of mirrors. That didn't make any sense to the princess, since the mirror she had wasn't enchanted or hexed. It was a normal, plain mirror, like any other one she'd fine in the village. While looking in the mirror she saw her amulet glow a pale blue, and saw the mirror swirl with a blue light.

When the light cleared she saw a face, a beautiful young woman with lovely pale skin, dark lashes, perfect lips, and dark hair with light blue bangs. Sofia gasped at the sleeping face that suddenly appeared in the mirror. So it was enchanted, but how?

She suddenly looked at the page she was on, and saw the spell and understood what she had to do. Taking a quick glance in the book she repeated the words, pointing the wand towards the enchanted mirror. When she finished the speaking the spell, the wand as well as her amulet sent a blast of magic towards the mirror. It hit the enchanted object, but it didn't do anything at first.

Then the mirror lifted off the floor where it was lying, surrounded by sparkles of magic. The gem on the top started to glow with a warm blue light, then all of the sudden the sparkles went into the reflective surface, the glass rippling like water when it was disturbed. Suddenly the mirror's reflective surface exploded in light, so bright that Sofia had to shield her eyes. After the glow had died down, Sofia removed her hand from her eyes, to see the young girl from the mirror, standing in the middle of the room. She was wearing a beautiful light blue dress, and when she opened her eyes, they glowed a beautiful river blue. Around her neck, a sky blue amulet, similar to the amulet of Avalor sat on a silver chain.

Blinking several times, the glow died down, and they were the bluest color Sofia had ever seen. The woman looked around, confusion shining clear and present. She wobbled on her legs, before bracing herself on Sofia's desk, breathing heavily.

"W-where am I?" she asked, after she spotted the young princess. Taking several wobbly steps towards her but retreated after she saw the uncertainty in the princess's eyes. Grabbing her head, whispered "Cedric," before collapsing on the floor.

(Sapphire pov)

The young witch groaned as she opened her eyes, only to groan more at the headache she received when she opened them. Not only that, but the sun was shining in her face, and the birds were chirping too loudly outside her window and- wait, what?

Sapphire bolted straight up, and found she was on an ultra soft bed, with a light purple quilt and canopy overhead. The bed was über soft and super warm, so much so that the late autumn chill that seeped through the mirror realm at this time was worn off.

She wasn't in the mirror realm anymore, she was back in Enchantia, in a room, in the palace…. where Cedric lived. Her heart immediately swelled at the thought of seeing him again, but after what happened she doubted that he would forgive her.

But how did she get here? The last thing she remembered was something waking her and removing her from the accursed mirror that she was imprisoned in all those years ago. She clutched her amulet, relieved that it still was there, slightly warm to the touch and glowing protectively around her.

It was quiet in the room until light knocks at the door made her jump clean out of her skin. Not sure of what to do, she timidly said, "Come in."

The door opened to reveal a tall, lithe looking gentleman, with greying receding hair, and spectacles. In his hand was a tray that was piled high with all types of breakfast goodies: poison berry waffles with maple syrup, with scrambled eggs, several pieces of sausages and bacon, with a glass of orange juice and milk. Sapphire's stomach growled ferociously as the smell of the waffles, eggs, sausage and bacon met her nose in a symphony of hunger. She remembered when she was called "large Luna' by the bullies at Hexly Hall when she was young, but thanks to eating nothing but mini apples for the past five years she was noticeably skinner and more agile than she was in the past.

"Ah, I'm glad to see that you're awake, miss," the man said setting the tray on a desk in the corner. "Are you feeling alright?" Sapphire just nodded, throwing the covers off revealing that she had a silk pink nightgown on. She stood on the cold morning marble, wobbling on her unused legs. The young woman started to walk a few steps slowly towards the desk, but she didn't even make it three feet before almost cracking her head on the tile. She would have if the man hadn't been as fast as lightning and caught her.

"Are you okay?" he asked setting her down in a cushioned chair near the desk.

Man I could get used to this, Sapphire thought with delight. Out loud she said quietly, "Yes I'm fine. Its just I-I haven't walked i-i-in quite some time."

"Ah, well Princess Sofia figured you'd be hungry so, I brought you some things she made herself." He pulled out a handkerchief from his lapel and placed it in the dumbfounded woman's lap, who was trying to stop him.

"Now if you'll excuse me," he said, handing her a golden fork, and turning to leave. "I'll have the maids draw you bath, then if you'd like, I'll schedule an appointment with the Royal Tailor to make you some new clothes." And with that, the man disappeared leaving Sapphire staring at the mountain of food this Princess Sofia had made. That name didn't ring any bells; the last time she spoke or even heard of the royal family was at the Wassailia ball when she met Princess Matilda, a very high-spirited girl.

But as the old saying goes, beggars can't be choosers and right now she was just begging for some real world food.

After stuffing her face, the man, whom introduced himself as Baileywick, the castle steward, had the maids give her a bath in Princess Sofia's room, much to the complaint of Sapphire, who insisted she could use the servant's shower to wash. At the beginning of the bath, the water was so clear you could see to the very bottom of the tub, and it was the right temperature, but after about twenty minutes, five years of sweat, filth and grim clouded the water up and it was like a frozen river.

When the servants wrapped the young woman in a silk rob, Sapphire felt like her old self again. Her stomach was full of warm food, she felt light weight and clean and now she was going to the Royal Tailors to get new clothes. The young woman made a mental note to pay back for all the services, or at least thank whoever this Princess Sofia was in person for all of her kindness.

It took a while for the seamstress to be done, but when she was finished, Sapphire could only gap at it in wonder. It was a beautiful dress, with different shades of blue and purple mixed in, made of lace and silk. It had tight sleeves that stopped at her elbow and when she put her now cleaned and repaired crystal blue robe, it went nicely with the dress, bringing out all of the different shades of blue that supposedly sat in her eyes.

After profusely thanking the seamstress multiple times Baileywick pushed her out the door, claiming that they were one minute behind schedule and that she was going to meet the Royal Family once the children got back from school. That made the young woman nervous, but after tucking her elegant white wood wand in her sleeve and putting on black fingerless gloves, she calmed down, reminding herself of all the dangers she faced in the mirror realm, from the fire breathing dragon to the riddle-telling sphinx.

It was around lunchtime when the steward came back and told Sapphire that it was time to meet the Royal family. She gulped, remembering what happened at the Wassailia ball, years ago.

She entered with Baileywick, mainly because she refused to tell her name to anyone but the Royal Family. The steward bowed deeply to the King and Queen, which was a man with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes, and a woman was with dark curly hair and warm brown eyes.

"Roland?" Sapphire asked before she could stop herself. The king looked at her with surprise in his eyes, then something moved beside him. It was three young children, two of them, a daughter and son, resembled the father, and the last one, a young girl with a beautiful purple dress, resembled the woman.

Sapphire realized that they were staring at her, and she had her mouth opened like a gaping fish. She blushed profusely then bowed deeply in apology.

"Your majesty," she said as loud as she could muster. "My name is Sapphire Starlight, and I would like to personally thank you for your kindness. I really don't d-"

"Sapphire?" the king interrupted. She looked up to see him getting up from his throne, and walking towards her with a shocked expression on his face. Sapphire squinted a little bit to see that it was…

The powerful sorceress stepped back in shock. That man on the throne was Prince Roland the Second, but now he was king, with a wife and three children. She couldn't have been gone that long, could she? What about Cedric? Was he here? Was he married and did he have kids of his own?

"No," Sapphire whispered under her breath. She had to leave. She held her hands out to stop them, scared of what they might do if they found out. The amulet around her neck started to glow, and a small light somewhere towards the thrones, and Sapphire saw the small girl's own necklace glow. With one more look of fear, Sapphire bolted towards the doors as fast as she could.

Wassiallia ball, (10, 11)

Cedric had arrived at Sapphire's home, all dressed and ready to take her out. He was wearing a lovely purple robe that was specially made by his mother. Knocking on the door of the small shack, he heard a racket behind the door. The young warlock had never met Sapphire's uncle, but by the stories she had told, it sounded like he was a pretty cool dude, albeit a little strict.

The door opened to reveal a tall, strong man, with a scruffy beard of black and white hair, mixed in like salt and pepper. He towered over Cedric, and by comparison, he really was a broomstick. He wore farmer's clothes. He had ebony eyes with a scar running down his left eye.

After three minutes of staring at him intensely, Cedric rubbing the back of his neck nervously, the man broke into a huge toothy grin, laughing like a maniac, and pulling him into a bear hug.

"You must be Cedric," he said releasing him. Cedric's breath was taken away with the hug so he was panting, nodding like a bobble head. "Please, please, come in. Sapphire is just finishing up."

They sat there in uncomfortable silence for about three minutes, but to Cedric it felt like four hours. "So….how long have you known my niece?"

"Uh, pre-tty much since we met at Hexly Hall, when we were younger. H-how long have you b-b-een taking care of her." Then he realized that he asked an extremely invasive question, so he quickly added, "if you don't mind me asking."

"No, it is alright," he said, taking off his hat and wiping sweat off his brow. "I've been taking care of her since she was no more than a newborn. Her parents bless their souls, died in a house fire. A neighbor helped get her out, and she was brought to me, her only living relative." He sighed sadly, his eyes glancing to the top of the stairs. He gestured to the small gift-wrapped box clutched in Cedric's hand. "Whatcha got there?"

"Oh, it's a gift for Sapphire," he said. "It's an amulet that's been my family for years."

The man nodded in approval, until someone cleared his or her throat. Both Sapphire's uncle and Cedric turned to see Sapphire standing at the top of the stairs. She wore a long flowing cobalt blue dress, her hair piled high with curls, which was held together by sapphires. She wore teardrop shaped diamond earrings.

"Whoa," was all Cedric could say. Sapphire blushed and pushed small strands of hair behind her ear. She picked up a handful of her dress, which revealed she was wearing glass slippers, and carefully walked down the stairs so elegantly she could be mistaken for nobility.

"Um, Cedric," Sapphire said pulling him from his thoughts. "You're drooling." He quickly wiped his drool off with is sleeve, blushing slightly. He then remembered his gif.t

"Oh this is for you," he said handing it to her. "Just a little something for Wassailia."

When she opened the box, her free hand flew to her mouth, in surprise, and tears started to well up. "Cedric you shouldn't have." She put it on, and hugged the young wizard tightly, neither one of them noticing the amulet glowing brightly as it let out her new magical signature.

The dance was magnificent. The decorations were stunning; the music perfect for the occasion, and the food was absolutely wonderful. The only thing that could make this even better, Sapphire could be a little warmer. She shivered uncontrollably, although she didn't know why.

Eventually the pair walked outside, feeling stuffy and desperate for a breath of fresh air. They were strolling through the garden, bundled up, the moonlight guiding their path, small snow flurries falling down gently.

"It's beautiful out here," Sapphire said breaking the comfortable silence.

"Yes it is," Cedric whispered agreeing, not looking at the clear bright sky, but at the star that sat right in front of him. Sapphire felt his eyes on her and turned, to which Cedric blushed and turned back to the stars. "Uh the stars I mean."

Suddenly as if a lamp was suddenly light, the sky erupted in colors of blue, pink and green. The two gasped at the sight of the beautiful spectacle, and used this opportunity to snuggle closer to each other.

"Cedric where are you dear?" A voice called. Cedric groaned a little bit in annoyance. It was his mother Winifred the Wise, and she was going to ruin this perfect moment. Sapphire, wrapped in his outer cloak, was asleep; the snow had stopped coming down and the weather slowly rising to a comfortable temperature.

He carefully got up, placing Sapphire's head on the bench, and fixed the robe. Cedric quickly ran to meet his mother so she wouldn't wake his date up.

Sapphire woke up on the bench, alone, the Northern Lights still brightening up the sky. She stretched, noticing that she was wearing Cedric's outer cloak. As the young sorceress was picking it up off the ground, she noticed her new amulet was glowing, sending shimmers of magic to the ground. She noticed where the shimmers touched the ground, little flowers made entirely of ice, sprung up out of the ground.

"Whoa," she said plucking one out of the ground. It felt exactly like a real flower except extremely cold to the touch. "Cool!"

"Cool indeed," a voice, said startling her. Sapphire looked up and saw no one, but suddenly a circle of fire erupted five feet in front of her, feeling the heat of the flames from where she stood.

When the orange flames died down, Sapphire saw a sight that will be forever seared into her memory. There in the middle of the scorched earth, stood a girl, about Sapphire's age, with tanned, flawless skin, with yellow eyes, pitch black hair with fiery red bangs. She wore a dress that was very…risqué in Sapphire's opinion. It was low cut, revealing her large…. twins, with fingerless gloves that were a mix of red and orange that came up to her elbows. Her risqué dress did not have any sleeves and had a split on the side that came up clean to her hip. The unknown stranger smiled, revealing she had teeth like a shark: small razor teeth that could shred a piece of tough mutton with no problem. Around her neck a deep red amulet glowed on a black chain.

The two just stared at each other. Sapphire, quickly took out her wand, which was a piece of wood from an icicle tree.

"S-stay b-ack," she said wincing at her stutter. "I-I'm a powerful sorceress, a-and y-ou be-better s-stay b-ack."

"Oh the mighty Ice Sorceress," she said sarcastically. "Oh I'm shaking in my boots. Give me a break." Sapphire winced, and the girl just rolled her eyes, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Okay, look I'm sorry. Listen, I just came here to get what's rightfully mine."

Sapphire swallowed, taking a step back, but not putting her wand down. "A-nd uh what would that be?"

"Duh, the amulet!" she shouted, pointing her claw like nails at her neck. She clutched her necklace protectively, not willing to give up the gift to a stranger.

"N-no," she said as firmly as she could. The girl's yellow eyes flared red for a second.

"No?" the girl asked and Sapphire could detect a hint of anger. The stranger laughed, wiping a nonexistent tear off her face. "Okay. I'm sorry; I think that I should introduce myself. My name is Ruby Brimstone, heir to the throne of the universe. And in order to take complete dominance I need your amulet."

"Never!" Sapphire yelled, her amulet glowing in response to her anger.

"Fine," Ruby muttered, her amulet glowing as well. "Then if you wont give it to me willingly, then I will take it by force." She launched herself at Sapphire who sent a shot of powerful ice magic, which hit Ruby square in the chest. The sorceress watched in horror the ice spread like vines across her chest.

"Sapphire!" She heard Cedric call. Ruby looked up her pupils yellow silts, like a snake. She growled at Sapphire, making her quake, and she showed off her fangs like a vampire. And in a flash of bright light that melted the snow around her, she was gone.

When Sapphire blinked, Cedric was right besides her, bracing her up by her elbow. She was shaking and was unable to hear Cedric call her name, worried. She looked at him, her breathe shallow and ragged.

"Cedric," was all she whispered before her eyes rolled up in the back of her head and collapsed.

(Cedric pov)

Cedric the Sensational woke with a start, the memory fading into a wisp of smoke. It was the third night in a row that he had that dream, the first day everything went wrong, the first day that everything changed for him and Sapphire.

He got up, realizing that tomorrow he would have to return home. The royal sorcerer rubbed his tired eyes; this trip was supposed to be relaxing and restful but it was anything but. So far for the past three days, he had been plagued with nightmares of her.

He got up, dressing in his usual eggplant robe, and sliding on his fingerless gloves. It was very routine; he did this every day for the past five years, ever since…. no he wasn't going to think about that anymore. He would just have to take another sleeping potion, and it has to be stronger than the last dose.

He walked downstairs of the inn, placing three coins on the counter for breakfast. The barmaid handed him a small plate of pancakes, which was smothered in thick maple syrup and a glass of orange juice. She smiled but he just stared at his waffles, poking it as though it was going to crawl away. He sighed depressingly and ate his waffles slowly, bit by bit. They tasted okay, but he wasn't paying attention, he was in his own little world.

Cedric was so inattentive to his surroundings that he didn't notice a figure wearing a hooded cloak walking in. The figure rang the bell when she entered but no one so much as lifted a head to see who that was, except Cedric. He looked up and saw that the figure had yellow eyes that shone out from the shadow.

The Royal Sorcerer watched discreetly as the figure walked over to the barmaid who was wiping the counter with a dirty rag. The stranger giggled as she pointed her want, a twisted piece of dark wood, at the inattentive bar maid. The stranger muttered a spell under her breath; small sparks shooting out for the tip, catching fire on the table. Cedric and the barmaid noticed it at the same time, and thanks to his quick reflexes doused the flames.

"What the heck?" the barmaid asked, fanning herself with her rag. Cedric wasn't looking at her; he was looking at the figure, which was staring right back at him. The stranger growled, his or her yellow eyes flashing menacingly. The cloaked figure ran out the door, her black cloak trailing behind her.

"Excuse me, sir?" the barmaid asked, bringing him back to this world. He shook his head, clearing it of thoughts of her, thoughts that he tried to avoid when on break.

But you left so suddenly, leaving Princess Sofia to wonder about her lessons. I would hardly call this a break, he thought with distain.

He quickly paid the barmaid and he walked out briskly, not wanting to draw attention to himself. Cedric followed the cloaked figure out to a tree, where, with one look, headed straight for a tree and disappeared.

The royal sorcerer stopped in his tracks, surprised about what just happened. He touched the tree, his gloved fingers feeling nothing but bark, cool rough bark. Cedric just sighed and continued his journey to his old home, where he would finish with a trip to his old school, Hexly Hall for the Reunion Ball.

As he was walking he noticed a shimmer in front of him, but dismissed it as a trick of the after noon light. Cedric ignored it and continued down the dirt road.

(Jade Evermore pov)

The figure watched the wizard walk away, sighing in relief that he didn't see the shimmer. The elemental magic that ran in her family was failing, getting more and more difficult to keep going.

She sighed, her light green bangs brushing against her face. This figure had to work quick to find Sapphire Starlight if she wanted to stop her sister from finding the Stone of the Stars

Removing the spell of invisibly, Jade Evermore whistled for her chocolate brown Pegasus to her. Around her neck, her green amulet glowed, swirling around her in green sparkles.

The magic was removed from her neck and swirled in front of her, forming a picture of a young girl with brown hair, blue eyes, and a purple dress. She clutched a familiar purple amulet: The Amulet of Avalor. Jade gasped, that amulet has been missing since its creation, and now she finally has a clue of where it is.

"Come on Coco," she said to the horse before it took off. "To Enchantia."