Rise of the Whirling Tides

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Author Note: This is the rewrite to my fanfiction Shinobi to Pirate. Also please note all early chapters, I think before 25 need editing and I will be slowly doing edits gradually with time, so please have patience with my writing style. It's changed a little over time and the older chapters have yet to be edited to reflect this.

Harem: Naruto X Suzuka X Kuroka X Nico Robin X Madam Shyarly X Boa Hancock. Please note Romance isn't exactly my strong suit, so I'll be mostly doing small touches on the romance and hinting to events that happened to help it move along. I also won't be writing smut/lemon scenes.

Summary: With Sasuke's death at the hand of Kaguya Naruto had no choice but to seal the Progenitor of Chakra into himself, the sealing process went wrong and he absorbed Kaguya and the Shinju into his own being altering his body turning him into an immortal 'God'. His body being converted into pure chakra was destroyed and over the years he slowly regenerated but it was too late; his comrades had all but perished under the Mugen Tsukuyomi. Despair filled him and he fled returning to his ancestral home of Uzi no Kuni becoming a hermit for thousands of years.

"Hi there" Normal Speech

"Hi There" Thought

"Hi There" Biju and techniques

"Hi There" Biju thoughts and techniques in head


"Hi There" Normal speech

"Hi There" Thought

"Hi There" Biju and Techniques

"Hi There" Bijuu thought and techniques in head

Chapter 1: The Return


The ruins of the once beautiful Uzushiogakure no Sato basked under the light of the rising sun. The Village was a place of wonder, beauty and pride to those who once upon a time lived there. The Uzumaki Clan, a once strong and powerful clan, descendants of Otsutsuki Ashura, known for their incredibly strong life force, unique chakra and famed for their mastery of Fuuinjutsu, had once called this place home. Their skill in Fuuinjutsu had brought them fame and fear, it was this fear that led to their downfall, struck down by enemies from all sides they were wiped out, all but a few survived fleeing their ancestral home to find a new one, now the glorious village lay in nothing ruin.

Deep within the ruins of the once illustrious Uzumaki clan compound was a single individual, a being of great power, one who had shied away from the world because of his failure. Here resided Uzumaki Naruto, a man from an age long passed. He sat in the shadows, the darkness obscuring his form from view as he lamented on his many failures. Nearly six thousand years ago the era of the Shinobi had come to an end, by his hand. He had failed in his duty to release the Mugen Tsukuyomi in time causing all his friends, allies, everyone he had fought with during the Fourth Shinobi World War to be turned into White Zetsu.

His brother in all but blood, Uchiha Sasuke had been struck down by Otsutsuki Kaguya, the Progenitor of Chakra. In his last moments, Sasuke had given Naruto, the Rikudou no In no Chikara completing the Rikudou no You no Chikara he had received from Otsutsuki Hagoromo the Rikudō no Sennin. With the Sun and Moon Mark, the Yin and Yang chakra of the Sage, Naruto battled the mother of chakra for seven days and seven nights finally weakening her enough to attempt to seal her away. He had ultimately decided to seal her away inside of himself, knowing if he sealed her back in the moon she would only attempt to escape once more, Naruto however miscalculated. In his haste to seal Kaguya away, it caused his own downfall and that of the entire Shinobi Nations. He had attempted to seal her and the Shinju into his own body, the influx of their powerful chakra and life forces clashed with his own. His body and theirs were torn apart, their chakra fused together causing a catastrophic eruption that levelled the landscape destroying half the continent. Chakra was scattered across the globe.

Naruto's body transformed becoming entirelly made of chakra, he was no longer human, but a being of pure chakra. His body would gradually reform, taking ten long years before he returned, forever changed. He had shot up to six feet in height; his once cerulean blue eyes had transformed permanently taking the shape of the Rinne-Sharingan. His once bright blonde hair had turned pure white, white as snow and flowed freely down his back, his spikes had become tamer. He had even grown a pair of six inch long horns protruding out from his forehead. He retained the In and You chakra marks, the Sun mark on his right palm and the Moon like mark on his left palm. His chakra reserves had increased exponentially, due to the absorption of the Shinju and Kaguya upon which he discovered many years later, his reserves were unimaginable reaching such levels that when his clones attempted to pick up his chakra signature they failed. He later theorised that his chakra had skyrocketed into another dimension entirely, becoming so large that they were unable to be detected by anyone unless he voluntarily lowered them.

When he had reformed he had attempted to release the Mugen Tsukuyomi only to discover he had been too late. The ten years which it had taken for his body to reform had allowed enough time to elapse for the roots of what remained of the Shinju to drain his comrades of their chakra and transform them into White Zetsu. He had wept for his comrades and ultimately decided to vanquish the White Zetsu absorbing their essence into himself gaining the memories of his comrades, friends and former allies. He then proceeded to sink the remnants of the Elemental Nations sending the continent deep into the ocean's depths and left for what remained of Uzu no Kuni.

Using the memories of Kaguya to manipulate Inton and Yōton nature chakras into Onmyōton to utilise the Banbutsu Souzou no Jutsu, splitting apart what remained of the Shinju's chakra in his system, adding his own in order to bring back the Bijuu with all their memories and powers to restore what remaining comrades he had. Naruto had been tempted many times to bring back his fallen comrades, but ultimately decided to allow them to rest in peace with their loved ones in the afterlife. The nine comforted Naruto with the deaths of his comrades and helped him train with his new abilities for the last six thousand years as he remained in solitary, unknowing that soon he would be brought back into the world to fight for peace and bring about a new world order. The Child of Prophecy would return for his work was not yet complete.

A dark order had swept across the globe, one that brought chaos and despair.

Current Time (12 years before Canon)

The Kindan no Shima, the Forbidden Island, was a land said to possess untold wealth that would make any man rich beyond his wildest dreams. For six thousand years the land had remained unplundered, many had tried and many had failed. The island was surrounded by deadly whirlpools that protected it from invaders, only the brave have attempted to raid this land of its riches. Adventures, Pirates and Marines alike had all attempted to claim this land as there own. All in order to plunder the riches of its deceased, even the famous Whitebeard once tried to claim the Land as his only to be rebuked, not by the whirlpools that surrounded the island but by a legendary beast. Many have speculated about the existence of this legendary creature that swam beneath the ocean's depths, its shadow larger than any known Sea King. Many had attempted to capture the beast only for them, their crew and ship to sink into the ocean's depths, their souls lost for all eternity to Davy Jones locker.

Now for the first time in thousands of years, someone had finally managed to cross the mighty whirlpools of the Forbidden Island, avoid the legendary beast and land on its soil. The man to land on the Forbidden Island was a pirate known to the world as Bluebeard the Captain of the Blue Whales Pirates a man with a Fifty Million Beri bounty on his head. His armada consisted of six heavily armed ships, two featuring large prison cells beneath the decks to store his 'loot'. Bluebeard was a pirate notorious for his investments in the slave trade. He and his crew explored the world kidnapping rare individuals to sell off to the highest bidder. The Blue Whale Pirates had heard of the Forbidden Island and the treasures it was supposed to contain. At the thought of treasure, they made a beeline for the strange island to see what wealth they could find, as a vicious Pirate he was not above pillaging the bodies of the dead to make his riches.

Through sheer will accompanied by pure stubbornness, with perhaps a little luck, he and his small scouting party had transversed the whirlpools of the Island, they saw hair nor hide of the beast that was said to guard the island, before making land on the Island's soil. The trek inland had taken a number of hours but they had finally arrived at the ruins of the 'Forbidden City'.

Bluebeard inhaled deeply as he stepped forth cloaked in thick black trousers down to his ankles, black combat boots with steel tips and spikes jutting out from the back. Bluebeard was an incredibly tall man standing nine feet in height with a large bulky build. He wore a tight white shirt with a thick black overcoat over the top. He had a golden belt around his waist with eight flintlock pistols, four on each side strapped to it, a cutlass to the right of his hip. He had bushy dark blue hair with a long bushy blue beard, as such his name. His eyes were black and beady, lifeless and dull, like shark eyes.

A sickening grin burst into place as he eyed the remains, he gave a deep bellowing laugh.

"ZRUHAHAHAHAHA!" his foul laughter and stench filled the air as he eyed the ruins of the fallen 'city'. He turned to his men, "Tear this place apart!" he commanded. A rain of cheers filled the air as his men stormed into the torn buildings searching for whatever they could find. They tore down walls and old shops without a care as they searched for anything and everything they could get their hands on. Bluebeard made his way through the village stopping at what appeared to be a small number of marked graves. He looked at the soil and smirked.

"Shovel!" demanded the pirate as one of his lower crew members approached.

Bluebeard snatched the shovel from his subordinate's hand and started digging until he hit gold. He removed a wooden coffin from the hole sitting it on the ground and tore it open revealing the fresh remains of a young man with bright red hair. It had looked like the man had died recently, but that was impossible as the island was said to be deserted and the headstone looked thousands of years old, the body had been perfectly preserved. Bluebeard searched the body removing a number of items, small scrolls, a sword of all things before he hit gold. He tore a necklace from the man's neck, a long silver chain with a swirl like symbol made of pure gold with small sapphires ingrained into the metal.

"Find more graves! We hit the jackpot!" demanded Bluebeard as he turned his attention to his crew. The men cheered and grabbed their shovels and began to dig up the nearby graves, a mistake that would cost them dearly. The moment the shovels hit the soil a powerful pressure like nothing they had ever felt before came crashing down upon them. Their eyes bulged as they collapsed to their knees, fear filled their existence as they witnessed their own deaths as if they were visions of the future. Slowly stalking towards them from the shadows was a literal demon. Approaching them was a man with horns growing from his forehead, and eyes that bore deep into their very souls.

Naruto had sensed their arrival on his home and had decided to ignore them, informing Gyuki and Isobu who lurked the waters to allow them through. The moment they decided to defile the graves of his kinsmen they had sealed their fates. He stalked like a predator would stalk its prey as he made his approach, his killer intent descendant upon them like a landslide as the visage of the Shinigami appeared behind him. He stood before them dressed in a light-coloured kimono with magatama adorned around the collar. The kimono was held closed by a dark-coloured sash. Underneath, he wore a black full-body suit. He was dressed in the exact same manner as his ancestor Asura.

Naruto eyed the men before him, fifteen in total, a small group. He held out his right hand, with his control over the five nature transformations and the yin-yang release he brought forth ten small fists sized spheres, the Gudoudama. The strange black spheres floated behind him in a circular manner. One floated into his right hand where it took shape changing its composition into that of a two-metre-long Shakujo. The staff had two heads; the one at the top was in the shape of a circle, a sun with ten black chain links attached. The head at the end was shaped like a crescent moon with two interlocked ovals in the middle that constantly rotated around one another.

Naruto slammed the Shakujo's moon end into the ground causing the entire island to shake as his chakra levels began to lower allowing the sheer magnitude of his immense reserves to fall upon the intruders. He had theorised long ago that his chakra when lowered to the level in which it could be detected, it would have adverse effects on all who felt it. His chakra carried its own presence, it would be as if gravity had significantly increased around him.

"Tell me, how do you wish to die?" asked Naruto, his eyes began to glow as he glared down at the insolent fools who dared to desecrate his home. From where he stood he could sense the powerful negative emotions that radiated from each and every one of the intruders, not only that he could sense it from the others out at sea, even the negative emotions coming from all other world and it sickened him. The world had become a dark place, where chaos was allowed to run free.

Bluebeard sneered as he struggled to his feet against the pressure.

"I don't know who you are freak but once we capture you I'm sure you'll sell for a high price on the slave market!" spat the foul pirate as he drew a flintlock pointing it towards Naruto and fired, a loud bang echoed as the round in the chamber sailed towards Naruto, the smell of gunpowder hung heavy the air.

Naruto eyed the strange L shaped weapon wincing slightly at the loud noise it made. His eyes caught the flames that ejected from the barrel as a strange round projectile sailed towards him. His enhanced senses picked up the strange smell of saltpetre as the strange metal projectile headed in his direction. His Shakujo blurred through the air striking the incoming metal object deflecting it into the ground earning shocked expressions from the invaders. His ire grew as he blurred forward and appeared in front of the blue bearded man. Naruto's left hand reached out to grasp the man by his face, lifting him up off the ground with surprising strength.

"I grow tired of you" His Rinne Sharingan flared as he reached deep into the man's core to grab hold of his soul.

Naruto began to pull, appearing to extract a clear like spectre from the man's body. He ripped it free from the confines of its human shell. He watched the putrid essence of the blue bearded man squirm in his grip. Naruto's grip tightened as he began to absorb the spectre into his own body in an attempt to gain the man's memories learning everything the man knew about the current world. A dark scowl made its way to Naruto's lips as he learned of many unpleasant things, the one that most displeased him was that fact slavery was allowed to run rampant, and those who dared to assist the escaping of slaves were punished, that slaves who escaped their masters were hunted down and returned to them like dogs. If he was to remove Bluebeard and his crew, then he would be doing the world a favour.

Naruto summoned his chakra allowing it to flow forth like a raging river as he turned towards the remaining fourteen scum who stood before him. Hate coursed through the immortal's veins as he reached deep into his core tugging on his chakra network, allowing chakra to pour through every fibre of his body. Fire nature and earth nature chakra began to take shape within swirling around one another before they were merged together giving birth to the Youton. The temperature in the air grew rapidly, waves of heat gushed from Naruto's body, the soil beneath boiled as it began to melt. Naruto turned towards the men who dared to commit such vile sins as kidnapping, extortion, blackmail, rape, grave digging, murder and slavery.

"Yōton: Shakunetsu kawa no Jutsu (Lava Release: Scorching River Technique)!" Naruto inhaled deeply chest swelling up as lava nature chakra was channelled into his lungs, lips parted and chakra was expelled. Fire and earth chakra mixed together allowing a wave of intense heat to erupt out into the air with the force of an erupting volcano as liquid fire came to life. Molten lava rocketed forth expanding in mid-air like a giant blanket. The lava struck the ground in front of Naruto and sped forward at high speed towards the intruders who screamed attempting to flee, sadly they could not outrun the inevitable. The lava came crashing down upon them like a tidal wave consuming their mortal bodies melting down flesh, muscle and bone until nothing was left.

Naruto approached the desecrated corpse of his kinsmen picking the preserved body up and placed the young man back in his coffin followed by the items that had been removed. Naruto made a small prayer for the man before using earth nature chakra to sink the coffin into the ground reburying the deceased Uzumaki. Naruto inhaled before sighing as he turned in the direction the men had come from, it was time deal with the rest. Naruto closed his eyes reaching into the deeper plain of the Bijuu's mental world, "Gyuki, Isobu let us go welcome our guests."

Naruto could feel the pull of the two Bijuu as they answered the call. Naruto took a single step and vanished in a blur of white only to appear at the edge of Uzu no Kuni. Naruto stared out across the ocean towards the six ships that stood in a perfect line, inhaling again, hands came together in the ram seal and began moulding chakra, reaching out to nature pulling on the surrounding natural energy and bringing it into his body infusing it with the Yin-Yang release. An orange pigment formed around Naruto's eyes as he invoked a temporary sage mode.

"Senpo: Onmyōton: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Sage Art: Yin-Yang Release: Shadow Clone Technique)" All the stored natural energy was released from his body transforming the shape of an identical clone. Unlike normal Kage Bunshin who dispelled with a single hit, this clone possessed half of Naruto's own soul. This clone was unique in that it could generate its own chakra and the only way to dispel it was if Naruto dispelled it himself. This new type of clone was powerful but it had its drawback, being made from part of his own soul he could only make three as it required his own soul but split into fragments, while retaining at least a quarter, each clone needed a minimum of a quarter to be made, but they had their uses.

Naruto nodded to his clone and the two separated moving across the water running towards the ships. Naruto's eyes shifted bleeding into lavender white as the veins around his eyes bulged transforming into the Byakugan. With the all Seeing Eye he pierced through the ship's discovering the location of the slaves being held captive in the middle two.

"Isobu deal with the two on the far left, Gyuki the two on the far right" Commanded Naruto getting a pulse of chakra from the two Biju as a response to his commands. Facing the clone Naruto directed to clone to the middle ship on the right, he would take the one of the left.

With Isobu

Isobu swam beneath the ocean's depth, the massive shadow he bore appeared beneath the two ships he was to target. Slowly the Bijuu emerged from the water his massive turtle-like body with crab shell coming into full view. Three massive shrimp-like tails began to rise up into the air, looming over the two ships. The pirates could only watch in horror as the massive beast rose up above them, its form bigger than any sea king they had any seen, towering a few hundred metres in height. Isobu eyed the men who had earned his friends ire before the right end tail was brought down. The tail came crashing down on the ship with enough force it was split in two. Men screamed as the ship's two halves began to sink into the depths of the sea. They jumped overboard thinking they would be safe but that was when the nightmare began.

Isobu roared, chakra poured out from the Bijuu's body and into the surrounding ocean. The ocean began to stir, waves rose up as a large whirlpool formed around the raging tailed beast. The whirlpool spun with righteous fury drawing the pirates into the water's depths dragging them under before it imploded in on itself tearing their bodies apart taking them to Davy Jones Locker.

The second ship turned to face Isobu its cannons firing upon his shell. The large projectiles bounced of Isobu's bulky frame, harmlessly crashing against his durable shell having no effect at all. The pirates continued to fire but their weapons were ineffective, without chakra they would never be able to hurt him. Isobu swam forward his jaw open wide bringing it down upon the ship-swallowing it whole. The moment they were swallowed thousands of miniature clones were created inside of his body that would hunt down the pirates attacking and devouring them without mercy. Once the ships had been destroyed the Bijuu turned and left heading towards the original Naruto.

With the Original Naruto

Naruto ran across the surface of the ocean at full speed before leaping high into the air, landing onto the ships wooden deck with a loud thud catching the pirates by surprise. Naruto turned to face them his Rinne Sharingan spiralling back to life eying each and every one of the scum before him. Naruto's cheeks puffed out as water and fire nature chakra came together, flowing to his lungs where they came together to form a new element. The two chakras shot up from his lungs becoming entwined within his oesophagus where they became one. The new type of chakra surged up the immortal's throat.

"Futton: Koumu no Jutsu (Boil Release: Skilled Mist Technique)" Naruto exhaled unleashing a powerful acidic mist as he combined Suiton and Katon chakra together to create Futton nature chakra. The acidic mist expanded out falling down onto the pirates, screams filled the air as those unlucky enough to be caught in the attack had their bodies eaten away by the corrosive mist, their bodies began to melt like ice cream on a hot day. The pirates tore at their flesh as blood pooled beneath them, skin melted revealing muscle, soon it to melted revealing the bone beneath, their horrific screams filled the ship as Naruto looked down at the puddles of liquid that were their corpses with an uncaring expression, nothing was left not even bone, they were simply puddles of fleshy blood.

Having been alone with only the Bijuu for contact he had become a little more jaded. Naruto was no longer as naive or soft-hearted as he used to be. What he had seen from the pirate Bluebeard had made his blood boil with anger and he felt no mercy for this trash, deciding to end their lives.

The remaining pirates roared as they drew flintlocks, shotguns and rifles aiming them towards the intruder. Naruto tilted his head to the right an amused smirk forming on his lips as the projectiles came flying towards him from all angles. Raising a right-hand, lightning and earth nature chakra flooded through Naruto's system and into the palm of his hand. He allowed the two chakra types to mix together coming together to forge magnet nature chakra. With a single mental command, Naruto released a powerful magnetic force, the magnetic force struck the projectiles and repelled them sending them back to their owners cutting down more pirates with ease. The remaining few backed up shaking with fear at the monster that stood before them, they had encountered devil fruit users before, but he was unlike anything they had ever seen, he was truly a monster, a demon in human flesh.

Deciding to experiment Naruto headed towards a pirate not even bothering to take in his appearance after all the man would be dead soon. Naruto funnelled his Doton and Raiton nature chakras moulding them together into the tip of his left finger, reaching out, the Sage tapped the middle of the man's chest. An overly sweet yet deadly smile formed on his lips which made the man's eyes widen in fear. The pirate clutched his chest screaming in pain as a giant explosion erupted forth tearing his body apart. The Pirate's mangled corpse was sent flying backwards in a fiery inferno engulfing those behind him.

Naruto looked at the bloody corpses with a cold calculating look as blood and gore rained down around him. The Bakuton had been discovered accidentally when he had been messing around with his chakra natures a few years back, sadly he hadn't been able to properly test it until now. Naruto spun his Shakujo as the remaining pirates quivered in fear under his gaze, time to deal with the rest of them.

"Enton: Jigoku no Ikari (Blaze Release: Hell's Rage)" Manipulating the black flames of Amaterasu a tidal wave of hellfire was sent raging forth onto the remaining pirates. The unholy flames engulfed everything in their path allowing a pain like no other to fill these unlucky souls as they released blood-curdling screams. The smell of burning flesh filled Naruto's senses as the flames burned them down to a crisp before burning everything even their ashes leaving nothing behind. He turned his focus to the ship's deck and reached down with his left hand, touching the wood momentarily before pulling back, creating a claw-like shape with his fingers. A dark crimson chakra bubbled to the surface as Naruto's chakra mimicked a sharpened claw made of energy similar to that of a Bijuu's. The claw was brought down into the wood fingers piercing through it, gripping tightly Naruto tore the deck open ripping open a giant hole in the ship's deck revealing the cages beneath. His vision narrowed at the sight of the dozens of young children in nothing but rags, chains around their ankles bound to the floor they appeared to be ten with the oldest being no older than fifteen.

Naruto jumped down into the hole chakra receding as he eyed the metal bars, lava nature flowered once more as Naruto reached out with his left hand in order to grab the bars. Steam hissed into the air as the bars began to melt under the intense heat of his intense chakra, allowing it to burn through the confines of the cage. He stepped through eyeing the children, eyes softening as they backed away in fear.

Naruto approached a young girl, fifteen years of age who stood in front of the younger children, a brave expression as she glared at him, the sage would crouch down in front of her five-foot frame. She was a young girl blossoming into a beautiful young woman with long black hair and chocolate brown eyes in a white dress. The girl was thin from being malnourished and covered in grime and dirt. Take away the grime and dirt covering her face, add a few pounds to help her health and one could consider her a world beauty who when older would shake the hearts of many men. Naruto reached out with his left hand, the girl shut her eyes tight expecting pain to come, however, all she felt was Naruto gently rubbing the top of her head while revealing a small smile.

"I won't hurt you. I'm here save you" Naruto's voice was soft, kind and filled with warmth that drew the girl in, his hand was warm to the touch as he rubbed her right cheek, "I'm Naruto what's your name?"

"S…Suzuka" spoke the young girl as she eyed the strange man before her whose smile radiated with the brightness of a thousand suns. Naruto focused his attention on the chain around her ankle and scowled, grabbing the metal and focused lava nature chakra began to melt the metal, using a bubble of chakra to protect the girl's skin from the heat. Once the metal was melted he moved onto the rest of the children freeing them. From the memories of the pirate captain, these children were either orphans with no one who cared for them or whose parents sold them for minute riches.

Naruto stepped out of the cell and slammed his hands on the ground using earth and water nature chakra with a little bit of yang release, giving birth to the Mokuton. Naruto manipulated the wood beneath him causing it to rise up forming stairs that led up through the hole in the ship that had been created.

"Go" commanded Naruto facing the captive children. The children scrambled to their feet rushing up the stairs to what remained of the ship's deck, as they arrived they were greeted with the sight of a giant terrifying turtle-like creature making them scream.

"Do not be afraid this is my good friend Isobu" spoke Naruto as he appeared at the top of the steps. He approached Isobu gently patting the Tailed Beast's head. Naruto would quickly direct the children onto the giant turtle's shell, "Take them back to the Village"

With the command given Isobu swam off keeping above the water as he swam back towards Uzu no Kuni.

With Gyuki

Gyuki roared with laughter as he jumped up out from the water leaping high into the air. His massive shadow looming over the two ships as he came crashing down on the ship to the far right. Massive octopus-like tentacles wrapped around the ship's frame and began to squeeze causing the wood to groan and break. The Pirates roared as they drew their weapons and attacked, the sound of cannons filled the air as the ships attempted to fight back against the massive 'Sea King'. Gyuki laughed only to release lightning nature chakra from every part of his body, encompassing the ship. Screams filled the air as the pirates were electrocuted with such force they were roasted alive. Gyuki proceeded to crush the ship pushing it down into the depths of the water before he dived.

Gyuki would then dive back underwater and swim beneath the second ship his tentacles rising up out of the water to wrap around its frame. He pulled dragging the giant ship down into the ocean's depths using his chakra as a barrier to prevent anyone from escaping as he dragged them down to the ocean's depths and left them there to drown. Afterwards, Gyuki would swim back to the surface to see if Naruto would need his assistance.

With the Clone

The Naruto clone raced across the water's edge, the Pirates had seen his approach and had fixed their cannons bringing the clone into sight. The clone heard the explosive roars as the metal projectiles sailed towards him, fools, raising a right hand the clone released a repulsive magnetic force that struck the projectiles sending them flying back striking the cannons, where they exploded killing off their marksmen. The clone burst into action increasing speed as he ran up the edge of the ship with the Surface Climbing Method, appearing on the rails of the ship overlooking the crew with a bored expression. The clone slammed his hand onto the side of the ship allowing for a giant blade to appear in a puff of smoke, the clone was taking a page out of an old friend's book.

The clone gripped the handle of the massive blade that was easily twice his size taking the shape of a giant butchers knife. The blade itself had two cut outs, a circle close to the top and a semi-circular one nearer the handle. The clone lifted the Kubikiribōchō with his right hand, having dispelled the Shakujo back into its Gudodama form, before lifting his left hand into a hand ram seal. A thick mist appeared in the air as a demonic grin spread onto the clones lips.

The moment the mist rolled in he moved transforming into a blur, not making a single sound as he appeared in front of a man and swinging his giant blade cleaving the pirate in two. The clone moved, making his way through the pirates, their blood staining the mist red as their cries filled the air. The Pirates roared as they fired in every direction they saw something move taking out their own comrades as the clone moved between them eliminating them one by one until none remained. As the mist began to clear the deck was littered with corpses, blood seeping into the ocean and dying the wooden decks red.

The clone plunged the Kubikiribōchō into the deck dispelling the blade, eying the wooden deck sensing the signatures of those trapped beneath. Placing his hands together in the snake seal the clone placed a hand onto the deck and used Mokuton nature chakra to rip the deck in half causing it to tear apart bending up into the air before shooting down twisting into a pair of stairs. Light shined through the hole where it illuminated the cages beneath revealing dozens of children no older than twelve. Naruto scowled at the sight, this was a sight he never wanted to see for the young.

The clone used the shadow clone technique to create a large number of clones to head down freeing the children before each vanished through the use of the Hiraishin teleporting back to the island. The clone jumped onto the water watching as Isobu swam away with more children on his back. The clone closed his eyes and dispelled the piece of soul used to make him was returned to the original.

Back with the Original

Naruto felt the clone dispell as its memories flooded his mindscape, he jumped onto the water eying the remains of the two ships before him. Crimson red chakra began to bubble up around Naruto as a long tail was grown from the base of his spine. A tail not like the nine Bijuu but one that was reminiscent of the Shinju when it took the form of the Juubi (Ten Tails). Naruto brought his hands together focusing positive black chakra in the left and negative white chakra in the right, merging the two together creating a dark purple sphere which condensed itself. The moment the sphere condensed the water around him burst up into the air rippling wildly.

Naruto eyed the two remaining ships and roared as he fired the Mini Bijuudama (Tailed Beast Bomb). The sphere sailed through the air before it exploded engulfing the two ships obliterating them leaving no trace they had ever existed. The wind rippled wildly around Naruto as he eyed his creation as it wiped ships from the planet. Naruto turned, his cloak dissipating, and started making his way back towards Uzu no Kuni, he had children to deal with. As Naruto walked he couldn't help but think of what to do with the children, they had no homes to go back to. The immortal reached into the Biju Deeper Plain connecting with Kurama as the visage of the giant fox-like tailed beast appeared in the air, visible only to him.

"What will you do with the children brat?" enquired Kurama lying down on the ground, hands folded over one another looking down at his old vessel with curiosity.

"Sigh…I'm not sure. Those with parents would only be sold back into slavery and those without would no doubt end up on the street cold and alone. I don't want anyone to have to live like I had to as a child"

"Then take them under your wing. You have only had myself and my siblings for company for the last six thousand years, it would be nice for you to have a little human contact. You could rebuild Uzushiogakure back to its former glory, allow your ancestors legacy to live on"

Naruto inhaled deeply as mulled over Kurama's words. Should he rebuild his clan's home? Could he take the children under his wing? They were unwanted with nowhere to go. He could offer them a new life, away from the hatred of the outside world where they could be safe. Perhaps he could protect them, no train them. His eyes widened at the thought of training a new generation, the only students he had ever taken had been Konohamaru and friends. Naruto steeled his emotions as a gained a look of determination, getting a raised eyebrow from Kurama.

"What's going on inside that head of yours brat?"

"I have come to a decision. Even from here I can sense the negativity that plagues the world, so much hate it hurts. These children live in a hate-filled world. I shall take them in, I will rebuild Uzushiogakure, my home shall stand proud once again. I will bring back the Age of Chakra! I will jump start what little chakra these children have and train them as Shinobi. I failed to bring peace to the Shinobi Nations; I will not fail this time. Time has taught me much and the memories I have absorbed from Bluebeard have shown me how cruel the World Government is. They will never understand peace by connecting with others, only through force. I now understand how Nagato, Obito and even Madara felt all those years ago" Naruto turned to Kurama his eyes glowing as a burning determination coursed through his body.

Kurama could only watch with pride as Naruto raced off heading towards the Island, it was time to see who would be willing to join him.


Uzushiogakure no Sato – Village Hidden in the Whirling Tides

Fuuinjutsu – Sealing Techniques

Mugen Tsukuyomi – Infinite Tsukuyomi

Rikudō no In no Chikara - Six Paths Yin Power

Rikudō no Yō no Chikara Six Paths Yang Power

Rikudō no Sennin – Sage of Six Paths

Rinne Sharingan - Saṃsāra Copy Wheel Eye

Uzu no Kuni – Land of Whirlpool

Onmyōton – Yin-Yang Release

Banbutsu Sōzō – Creation of All Things

Bijū – Tailed Beasts

Doton – Earth Release

Raiton – Lightning Release

Jiton – Magnet Release

Katon – Fire Release

Suiton – Water Release