Chapter 1

(Canon to Saiba Joichirou comes back after Minegasaki Yaeko incident)

"regular conversation"

"regular…emphasis on the word…conversation



A beautiful fifteen year old girl, Yukihira Sena, is seen outside of the Yukihira's Diner, wearing a Yukihira's Diner's cooking uniform - black long sleeve shirt with restaurant logo on the back and left chest area of her shirt, black jeans, black tennis shoes with white highlights, and her long silky waist length red hair is tied up in a loose low pony tail. She stares at the diner and sighs in exasperation at the condition Minegaski, the urban life planner left behind. After looking at the 'Yukihira's Diner's' sign covered in white paint she gets a latter and brings it outside. She sets it up by the sign and climbs up the latter, she sprays the sign with cleaner and uses a cloth to wipe the paint off. As she cleans the sign, she sees a silhouette coming towards her; to get a clearer vision, she squints her eyes and it happens to her father, owner of Yukihira's Diner – Yukihira Joichirou.

"Dad! You're home!" The red head brightly greets her father.

"Hello, sweetie. Looks like something happened while I was gone." Joichirou gently smiles at his beautiful girl.

"Not much, I just had a rude customer, that's all. So, how was your business meeting?" Sena asks as she finishes cleaning up the sign. Joichirou grabs an extra towel and helps her finish cleaning the diner.

"Hmm, it was okay." Joichirou replies as he cleans the mess.

Sena cleans the last spot on the sign and climbs down the latter. She looks at her father and gently smiles at him. "Hmm…you sound tired…you should go inside and rest. I've got the rest so it's okay." Sena suggests.

Joichirou eyes soften and smiles gently at his daughter, however, he remains silent for few seconds before he tells her the big news.

"Sweetie…for two or three years I'm going to close the restaurant. Of course I'll have to apologize to the regulars" before his daughter could interrupt him he continues to finish his sentence "A friend of mine suggested we work together, so once I finish getting my stuff together, I'm leaving."

After she hears her father say he's closing down the shop, all she could say was "What?"

Joichirou takes his chance, "It's time for you to leave, sweetie, go and figure out what you have. Here, this is a transfer information. Go study there for three years"

She looks at the paper "Educational Institution Totsuki Teahouse Culinary Academy transfer information" she reads out loud. When she pieces the information together…"Dad! Why did you transfer me to a different school!? I'm already attending a school" Sena freaks out at her father for transferring her to a different school

Sena starts thinking what's wrong with the school she was entering "I'm already attending one of the top world's best Private Academy, Ouhaku Private Academy. Notorious for its prestigious academic success in every subject. Most research school and donations for any middle school or high school division in Japan. It's also famous for their culinary skill. However, they are notorious for another reason, the Elite Ten of Ouhaku Private Academy; where the top 10 student who excel in every subjects are unified and assists the school's director. If you were to look at the school's hierarchy they are ranked as number two, they have power that not even the employees can defy their orders. They are the second powerhouse, the right hand man for the school's director. Another reason they are famous for is their Factions, small group or organization where students research and compete in competitions in areas their Factions focus on. The Elite Ten are the leaders for every factions including five others who excels in the specific field their faction is known for. Like the Culinary Faction which I happen to have the first seat, while I have the second seat in the Elite Ten. The way we rank in Factions are different compared to the Elite Ten. We chose the best person who excels in that area to be the first seat and so on. I'm one of the top student at Ouhaku Private Academy! Why the hell is he doing this? What is he trying to do? What is he planning?!" Her train of thought ends and looks at her father.
Joichirou looks at his daughter straight in the eye. "I'm transferring you there because you told me your dream was to be a chef and surpass me. You even told me you'll be studying at the diner after middle school- " Joichirou was cut off by his daughter.

"Dad! You know I'll be attending high school right? I meant that I'll be doing both not dropping out of school. Plus, if you'll be gone for two to three years I can stay with my friends or at the dormitory they provide for international studen-" Sena was cut off by her father again.

"I know." Joichirou comments. He knew his daughter was attending one of the best school in the world and he was proud of his daughter's accomplishment.

"Then why did you?" Sena wondered in astonishment. She didn't really know if he was doing this as a prank or if he's being serious. Cuz if this was a prank, he's doing a great job at it.

"Because." Joichirou bluntly comments and continues to look at his daughter's reaction. Inside, Joichirou was enjoying this. He was laughing his ass off. He always loved to play and tease his daughter all the time. "Sena –"

Sena started to get a little red in the face due to rage of her dad kicking around the bush. She knew how her dad loved to torment people for his own sadistic enjoyment. "DAD! WHY ON EARTH DID YOU DO SOMETHING SO STUPID!?"

Inside Joichirou smirks, "hehehe…one more push". Joichirou starts yawning "Sena, are you done complaining, cuz I want to sleep."


"…" Joichirou doesn't reply. He decide to say the second missing information for his own amusement "FOR HEAVENS SAKES! WILL YOU SAY SOMETHING?!" Sena yells her father.

Joichirou decides that he played enough with his daughter, "I didn't transfer you completely." he'd admits.

"Wha –" was the only word she managed to get out from the state of shock of the most important information.

"I made you an 'exchange' student so Ouhaku Academy and Totsuki Academy has a better relationship"

"Otou-san, Ouhaku Academy's Culinary Faction may be known to select few, but it's one of the most notorious Culinary Faction, or equivalent to Culinary Academy in the world. If the select few is asked which is better, they all would say Ouhaku's Culinary Faction. Why are you sending me there? You know I can get much better skill at my school than at Totsuki, so why –" Sena asks with a hidden plea to allow her to stay at her school.

"Sena, you know fully well what you're missing. I can tell from eating every dish you have made so far. Totsuki is the very place where you will find 'it', Sena."

"What do you mean? Can't I find 'it' at Ouhaku?

"Ouhaku is known for its educational system, those who graduate from there are accepted to the world's best colleges. Even after you graduate from there, kids can find great jobs, however, it's hard to find 'it' for the very dish you are trying to master, Sena. That's why I applied you to Totsuki Academy. That is the very place where you will find 'it' and master your cooking." Joichirou informs his daughter

"But, dad–" Sena complains at her father's decision, "what about my school work and the elite ten?" Sena attempt to subtlety persuade her father to allow her to stay at her school.

Sadly, Joichirou didn't fall for it and continues with his explanation, "I talked to your director and the elite ten along with your factions' councils, they all agreed you needed this time. Plus, from what your director told me is that you are at least two years ahead of everyone else since you turned in everything early from extra practice to extra credit assignments, you don't have anything to worry about your grades at Ouhaku. You'll just complete them online." Joichirou reassures her about her school work.

Sena complains about her father's decision "Sigh…do I have to do this? I don't want to…why can't I sta-", Joichirou cuts her off.

"Sweetie, do this for me, can you do that?" Joichirou pleads. His eyes looked gentle, yet he had a hint of emotion.

She hung her head and Joichirou looks at her with concern. He asks her to look at her, but doesn't reply to his response.

"Sena...please, look at me." Joichirou pleads again. He hears his daughter sigh, so he gently lifts her chin. She looks up at her father with hint of sadness. Her father envelopes her with a warm hug and gently pats her head while stroking her hair. Joichirou whispers, so only Sena could hear him, "It's going to be alright . . . everything is going be alright" he reassures her

The beautiful silky red-head girl with beauty that even the goddess of beauty would envy, she relaxes in her father's warmth.

She looks up at her father and asks "when do I leave?"

Joichirou chuckles softly with relief that he manage to get to her and responds, "You're going to leave in two weeks."

"Okay" was the only thing Sena could comment. She was still depressed that she had to attend to the different school.

Joichirou looks at his watch, "I have to take over a shift for my friend in four hours, why don't we go by your clothes and other supplies for your new school?" he suggests.

Sena ponders for few seconds "Umm . . . okay, let me get changed." She eventually answers

"Alright, I'll wait here till you get come out." Joichirou replies. He sees Sena going back in to their home upstairs to get changed. He lets out a long sigh.

_scene break_

"Sigh . . . why did I even agree to this? Damn it, this school is so big. Not that I should be complaining or anything, but this is too ridiculous for a cooking school." Sena walks to exam room which happened to be in another building. The administration office staff informed her and showed her the way by giving her a map which she currently holds in her hand. As she gets near the entrance, she was currently standing on the parking lot and sees students crying in agony for failing the entrance test to the school along with not being able to attend the school. She also sees a father crying and begging on his knees to let his son enter the school. He was also willing to pay any amount for his son's entrance.

Sena can't help, but sigh at the pathetic sight. She talks to herself, "Sigh . . . yep I hate this already."

She hears and feels her phone vibrating. She puts her and in her pocket and looks at the caller ID, 'Dad', she answers the phone.

"Hello angel! Did you reach school yet?" Joichirou asks with great enthusiasm.

"Sigh . . . yea I'm here." She replies in exasperation.

"Sigh . . . look I know you don't want to be here but try to have fun and make the best of it okay?" Joichirou asks Sena. Him knowing his daughter tendency with new schools, he couldn't help but worry about her.
"Yea, I know, dad." She replies back with emphasis on 'dad'.

"Okay, well I just wanted to wish you luck…and Sena…if you can't manage to graduate from here you can kiss your ass goodbye about your silly dream of defeating me with your cooking. Hehehe, After all you lost 500 rounds." Joichirou encourages her while annoying her.

"Shut the hell up! It's 489 losses! Get it right, dad!" Sena corrects her father.

"AHAHAHAHA! So you do remember." Joichirou laughs his ass off.

"I'm going to beat you even if it take decades to beat you at cooking." Sena growls in frustration.

"Okay, okay…Sena?" Joichirou tries to placate her.

"Hmm?" Sena asks with no interest.

"Make sure you wear it okay. And I WILL know if you are or not" Joichirou commands. You can see his eyes bursting in flames.

Sena starts sweating and answers nervously yet controlled manner "I know . . . I'm wearing it, okay? So, don't worry about it."

"Alright." Joichirou calms down and replies.

"Love you, dad." Sena tells her father while smiling with great warmth and gentleness.

"I love you too, Sena. After all you're my little angel. No one is going to get there dirty hands on you." Joichirou comments with great emotion of an over-protective father. When Sena hears his last comment she starts sweating even more.

"Umm…dad? Aren't you being a bit over protective?" Sena asks with concern of her freedom with her love life in future.

"OVER PROTECTIVE! Do you know how dangerous people can be? Especially MEN? Make sure you stay away from them! YOU HEAR ME!" Joichirou yells on the phone.

"Umm…okay…well I better get going. I'll call you back after my entrance exam, kay?" Sena tells her father, ready to hang up and call him back later.

A chuckle is heard "alright, I know you can pass it easily" Joichirou answers back while telling her his has full faith in her.

"Love you, bye" Sena sweetly tells her father

Joichirou replies with fatherly love, "Love you too, sweetie. Call you back later. Good luck."

"Thanks" she replies with gratitude.

She makes it to the campus, but somehow her mood shifted quickly and gets angry at the fact that she's at cooking school instead of being back at Ouhaku Academy. She kicks the bench, but immediately apologizes at the boy for disrupting him. He introduces himself….(canon to the first year assembly, except with FemSoma)

_scene breaks_

Sena is at First year of High school division assembly. She watches Nakiri Erina and Nakiri Senzemon-san Totsuki Academy director introducing the first year classmen. She starts getting ready to make her speech in from of the whole school, as she watches in amusement at the reaction of students when Academy director comes out to the podium and makes a short speech, she ponders on what to say in front of the school. Usually, her personality is quite similar with her father with his wandering habits and ability to get under people's skin if he wanted to, though she's a bit more responsible and not as absent minded; she is known to be very calm, kind to other, and respectful of others no matter who or what they are, just like her father. She starts preparing herself to make her short introduction to the first year classman when the Totsuki director finished his speech.

The announcer calls her to the stage "we'd like to introduce one transfer student who will be joining our ranks today."

Sena starts to walk up to the podium, "I'm sorry to be talking to you from up here –" but the announcer interrupts her and kindly asks her to be quick.

Sena apologizes "Oh, I'm sorry. I'll keep it short and sweet, then. I'll just say couple of sentences."

Sena clears her throat before she starts her short introduction, "My name is Yukihira Sena. To be totally honest with you guys, this academy is just a stepping stone for me. I really wasn't expecting to transfer here, I was kind of expecting to attend to a different high school, but since I'm here, I don't plan on losing to folks who've never actually served customers. Anyway, what I'm getting at here is…basically, now that I'm here, I'm going to take number one spot." Sena smiles "I am looking forward to being with you all for the next three years." She bows ninety degrees at the end of her introduction. Inside, Sena starts laughing that the reaction of the student "Yep…this will be one interesting year". After Sena finished her introduction, majority of the male population looked at her with stars in their eyes, while all female loathed her for her beauty; some of the both genders loathed her for her speech.

After the assembly, Sena went to her first class, Chef Chapelle-sensei's class. Inside Sena can feel the intense glare coming at her, however, on the out-side she acts like she doesn't even notice them and starts whistling. She sees Tadokoro Megumi writing man on her hand and says "hi". Sena looked confused when the teacher introduced himself. Tadokoro explains who Chef Chapelle is, when the instructor finally introduces himself and starts todays dish, they listen his explanation for their main dish, Boeuf Bourguignon.

(cannon to Star Polar Dormitory)

_Scene Break_

***credits to the producer of Shokugeki no Soma and Special A***