Per request of Tyellas (happy birthday!) – a poem, derived from the Annals of Beleriand, as translated by J.R.R Tolkien

I Also Loved Thee (Thingol's Lament)

I also loved thee, in distant starlit days

When all the world was twilight and was song

Under skies of black in kingdom gray

When love and laughter, earth and stars were young

Unheard, forsaken on this death-plagued shore

You were my light in lands that knew it not

My flesh and blood, my child forevermore

My divine boon in lands that gods forgot

Yet your spring ended; winter crept in slow

Ice in his wake and fire in his kiss

The doom that trailed his steps you did not know

Nor pain, did not imagine in your bliss

But he ensnared you, caught in loving chains

A fragile bird impaled upon the thorns

Of your sweet rose; my pleads were spent in vain

Forever, yours by right, you cast forlorn

It was my doing, this today I know

(For oft in grief is knowledge to be found)

When swift you fled to danger and to woe

To pain and love upon uncharted ground

Of lands that in your love you did not fear

Where lay your heart, your errand and your fate

Of that songs tell – not of my mourning here

No songs are sung of those who mourn the great

Then winter came upon me as old age

And silence fell upon this land as snow

While you your war of song and love did wage

And triumphed (or, the stories tell us so)

Your touch revived my spirit from its sleep

In memory of leaves that gently fell

And Elven maids who danced and did not weep

And loves that death and doom did not foretell

Twice-born they named you, my precious Luthien

Once from my flesh, and once from deathless love

May sweet be what short spring that yet remains

What stillborn joy, what time you still can have!

Grief gave me wisdom, my child of stars and sun

In all save this, which I will never know:

How your death you loved more than the one

Who loved you well enough to let you go