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"You're pouting~!"

A red flush immediately raced across pale skin at the statement made, "I-I am not!" The girl cried out in embarrassment and she could only bury her face deeper into the chest of the male whose lap she was sitting in, "I'm not pouting..." She mumbled.

"It's not like you to be so silent about your feelings, Kagome," Yato grinned, stroking her long hair with pure affection, "Be a good Miko and tell your Kami-sama all your worries! Just let it all out!"

The Shikon Miko, otherwise known as Higurashi Kagome, slowly glanced up after a moment of silence and Yato internally swooned at the cute expression she was making, "You've met a girl," Kagome finally said, "A human girl."

"Oh, you mean Hiyori?" Yato certainly enjoyed the feeling of Kagome's closeness, who seemed be unconsciously pressing herself further into his body, "She's a cute kid," He stated, not noticing how Kagome had tensed at the word, "I'm sure you would get along – though who don't you get along with?"

Kagome bit her lip, unsure on how to take Yato's words, 'I...' She sighed, 'I shouldn't feel this way,' She glanced up to the blue-haired Kami, who was now rambling on about the girl Hiyori and how she had managed to see him enough to save him from being hit by a bus, 'He seems... happy.'

She was envious.

'He hasn't been so interested in a human since me,' Kagome slumped against Yato, 'Not since he took me in those hundreds of years ago.'

Humans were never meant to be immortal and if it had not been for Yato, she would have broke from the solitude a long time ago.

It was being purely selfish, but she didn't want to share her Kami with anyone since he was all she had left.


A poke to her cheek snapped said girl out of her thoughts and she quickly looked up only to find Yato practically nose-to-nose with her, "A-ah, yes?" Her previous flush darkened in response.

"I know I'm the only one you really need in the end," Yato grinned wider at her dry look, "But since Tomone left, I thought you could use a girlfriend to talk to and hang out with, so that's why I took on Hiyori's wish even though I don't have a clue how to fix her."

Kagome blinked, suddenly feeling ashamed for having such feelings when it was clear that Yato was only thinking of her well being, "Thank you, Yato."

Yato tilted his head, spotting her red cheeks before his grin turned into a smug smirk, "Oh~?" His face turned downright devious, "Could it be that you were jealous?" He could only hug his Miko tightly in return, not hearing her muffled, but panicked 'I can't breathe!' against his chest, "So, soooo cuuuuute~! But never fear, you are my one and only!"

Hers too.