Chapter 1


The choppy waves of this part of the second largest ocean in the world have seen many campaigns of any wars waged here by the powers of both old and new. The same setting is always there: for power, for glory, for honor and so on and so forth the rulers could imagine coming up with. However, there was one war that changed everything.

The Abyssal War.

Those that are in civilian or military will tell the same thing: the enemy came out nowhere and decimated the conventional navies of the world, killing countless officers of every nation. They do it without remorse, no mercy. They spread out to the entire globe, but the appearance of ship girls or Kanmasu helped check their activities.

But the killing of the Kanmasu Hood saw a gaping hole in the defense of the Atlantic, and every Kanmasu and conventional navy ships are now hunting the Abyssal who killed her. But days had passed and not a single sight of this killer. It's getting the nerves of both, but at the day wherein they would get ballistic, they got some unexpected help….

-Day 10 of Search-

A group of Kanmasu, part of Search Group 3, is searching the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean. The flotilla comprises of 3 cruisers, 4 battleships and 2 destroyers, in which they were a mix of German, British and Russian nationalities. While the harsh weather out here is pounding at their faces, they have only one mindset: to find and kill the bastard who killed Hood.

"Bohze moi, this fiend is hard to find." A Russian Kanmasu destroyer said. She was wearing a tank commander suit, something that could be find weird in naval circles. But, it's her style, nobody says to her what she would wear. She has blonde hair with an accompanying brown eyes.

"Don't worry, lass. I'm sure we could find the enemy, I hope." A British Kanmasu battleship replied. She was wearing a stereotypical British sailor uniform, with dark raven hair and hazel nut eyes.

"Even if we do find zis Abyssal, it would be hard since it strikes hard." The German Kanmasu cruiser Admiral Hipper added. She is wearing a Kriegsmarine suit, with stereotypical German characteristics, i.e blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Oh come on, Hipper. At least have some kind of optimism. We're like, what, 9 here against one." Another British Kanmasu battleship said. Like the other one, she was a stereotypical British sailor uniform, with the same colored hair and eyes. Unlike them, however, she was the one who escorted Hood in WW2.

But before any of the other Kanmasus could retort Wales for her optimism in this dangerous mission, a fog suddenly appeared out of the blue. The ship girls were shocked at first, but they got that out of their system and prepared for a fight that they hope would be with the killer. Their internal radar is chiming in that they are least 7 unidentified objects heading towards them. Their minds filled with vengeance, but when they saw the first silhouette, everything was thrown out of the window.

'Impossible…' They all thought as they examine the ever approaching shadow. It wasn't the fact that it's a conventional warship, it's the fact of the unmistakable shape of the mast gave it away who it belonged to. They thought that all of them were hallucinating, but when the shadow gave way to the shiny hull of the ship, there was no doubt.

HMS Hood had returned, in its conventional form glory. The shadows of the rest also followed the iconic British warship, and all of them stared at Hood's companions. One of them, among all other things, was the Bismarck along with HMS Warspite, the Gremyaschy, and….they don't know if they're hallucinating or not, but four US ships also followed. They were the USS New Mexico, USS Cleveland, USS Des Moines and USS Fletcher.

The ship girls, still staring, watched as the 7 now identified ships sailed alongside each other with visible sailors….real human sailors manning the AA Guns, having binoculars to search for something. A buzzing could be heard above them, and the Kanmasu's look up and saw a PBY Catalina search plane flying with a mixed escort of P-51 Mustangs, Messerschmitt 109s and Spitfires.

Flickering lights caught the attention of the ship girls, and they turned once again to the source. They could see a sailor from Warspite sending out a Morse code to them. While it was a long time since they got a message from this old communication method, they know what it meant:

The search is on.

-Pearl Harbor, Hawaii-

The once mighty US harbor is now in tatters with that nasty surprise attack from Abyssals. While it was years ago, much needed repair on the harbor is still on-going, with both men and woman clearing up the debris and building new facilities. While all the ships assembled here at the time of the attack were in complete tatters, there was one ship that still stands among the chaos.

The battleship USS Missouri, nickname 'Mighty Mo'. Nobody knows why the Abyssals simply ignored the ship, but they were grateful for it since it now stands as a symbol of strength. The workers still do their jobs, but what they didn't know that they were being watched.

The spirit embodying the Iowa-class battleship was on the deck observing what was happening all around him. He was of 5'10" with an attire consisting of a full WW2 Naval Suit and on his shoulders was a standard Army M1 Carbine with a magazine strangely holding 3 rounds only. His brown chocolate eyes staring at the harbor that he now calls home. He sighed.

'It was so peaceful back then…..' Just one simple attack and then everything just went south immediately. At least their spirit isn't broken, which is a good sight for the spirit. He then turned his head to see the sleeping spirits of his comrades, the ship girls. With the Abyssals sealing off most of the 'exit' points, the only thing they could do now is to get to the safety of the museum ships. However, entering a museum ships 'dimension' caused some problems, in this case the ship girls got knocked unconscious. Oh well, at least they're safe.

The spirit then turned his head to the sky. The weather was soothing, calm winds adding to the effect of the clear blue the heavens gave. He closed his eyes to try to savor the moment, but suddenly buzzing noises could be heard. He focused his eyes above (he also had the feeling that the workers also did the same) and sure enough planes could be seen. He squinted his eyes to see the defining characteristics of this planes, and when he does lock on to that, he was mildly surprised to see Mitsubishi Zeroes and P-51 Mustangs circling the harbor.

"Look!" One of the workers shouted as he pointed at something. Missouri looked at what he was pointing at and gasp. An entire fleet of ships, recognizably those of the US and Japan, were in a close circle formation, presumably protecting their aircraft carriers. He blinked to see if he was dreaming, and then pinching themselves to be sure. They didn't go like mirages, so they are real.

But one question remains: what are they doing here?

A/N: Wew…..Glad I finished this on. It was stressful since I need to squeeze in this one when 'stress' week in my school began. Oh well, a life of student…what we would do about it anyways? Anyways, this is my first Kantai Collection/World of Warships fanfic. The Kantai Collection bit was inspired by the mysteriously gone 'The Greatest Generation' fanfic while the World of Warships bit was sprinkled with realism and added ships to there as well. I hope you guys enjoy it!