Sans and Frisk shared a look before he accepted the call, wondering what could possibly prompt Papyrus to contact them at this hour. Honestly, it could have been any number of things. Papyrus might have had more responsibilities and a grander status than Sans, but that didn't mean that he always knew how to handle himself. Frisk couldn't count the number of times that she'd had to untangle his bony fingers from the beaters on the electric mixer, or the occasions that she had rescued him from the hunger-blind Greater Dog.

Though he'd managed to interrupt an intimate moment-again-she was worried. Hopefully nothing serious or dangerous had managed to happen in the few hours they'd left Papyrus alone. Scenarios skipped through her re-emerging brain, fleeting and agitating. Papyrus could take care of himself, but he could just be so absent-minded. Skeletons tended to be hardier than soft, fleshy humans, but still.

Watching Sans as he listened-because that's all you could do in a phone call with Papyrus-Frisk could hear the high, excited tones of her friend's voice. Of course, that could mean anything; it was exceedingly rare to hear Papyrus speak in a tone that wasn't loud. Sans was nodding, expression not really changing. Typical Sans. Even after knowing him for all these years, Frisk was unsure whether something normal or terrible was going on.

"What's he want?" Frisk mouthed, trying not to let on how impatient she was getting. Her heart was still running laps, not quite really aware of their interruption yet.

Sans wasn't answering her, directing all of his attention to the phone instead. Frisk let out a huff and leaned over the edge of the bed to reclaim her shirt, rightfully guessing that any immediate intimacy was not going to happen. The combination of sleep deprivation, hunger, and the denial of the sex that had just been dangling in front of her was making Frisk grumpier than she wanted to be.

While her bony counterpart continued to nod to the phone, Frisk wandered into the kitchen to fix herself something to eat. In contrast to their first trip to the Surface, when the fridge had been nearly empty, now it was stocked to the brim with every kind of meal Frisk could think of. Apparently Toriel had not been the only one to bring food for the newly arrived duo.

Home-baked goods, store-bought groceries, lunch meats, desserts, frozen dinners, and even a faint, wispy outline of what could only be a ghost sandwich on the top shelf. She grinned; Napstablook had snuck in! The sweetheart. As usual, Frisk tried carefully to grab it, but the shape dissipated as soon as she got close. Oh well. When she saw him next, she would say that it had been delicious.

Spirits lifted just a little, she reached for a peach from the bottom drawer and sunk her teeth into the sweet, juicy flesh, looking through the cabinets to gather ingredients for pancakes. Sunlight was pouring in through the window above the kitchen sink, such an unusual, beautiful sight. How could she have been in a bad mood, even for a second? This was the first day of the rest of her life. Nothing could be bad when the skies were this clear and stunning.

Just as Frisk had delightedly located chocolate chips for their first breakfast, Sans lumbered out of the bedroom.

"Sorry about that, sweetheart," he murmured, grasping her from behind to let his words tickle the nape of her neck. "Paps is just a little excited for us to see his apartment."

"Is that all?" Frisk mused, spooning batter onto the griddle she had found. It sizzled instantly, and they both watched the tiny bubbles form on the edges of the chocolate-chip-freckled pancake. "Well, I'm glad it's nothing serious."

"Nah." Sans continued to hold her from behind as she gave the cooking flapjack an expert flip. "But, uh…"

"But what?"

"He's standing on the front step right now."

Frisk stopped in the middle of scooping her next cup of batter, disbelieving. "You're kidding."

"You know I'm not."

She wasn't sure whether she should sigh or laugh, so Frisk did both. "Then stars above, let him in."

Detaching himself with the most chaste of kisses, Sans did as she said, and Papyrus indeed came flooding into the room.

"GOOD MORNING, FRISK!" He shouted, gleefully taking in the little breakfast scene. "GOODNESS, WHAT A NICE LITTLE HOUSE."

"Thanks, Pap. I'm sure yours is wonderful, too!" Frisk had to reach deep within herself to match even half of the skeleton's enthusiasm level, but she smiled and did her best. "I was just making pancakes."

"May I help?" Almost uncertainly, Papyrus inched closer to the griddle.

How could she deny him? Sure, he'd interrupted what would undoubtedly be an amazing session of breaking in their house, but he hadn't meant to. Papyrus was never purposefully malicious; he just didn't have it in him. That made it nearly impossible to ever be cross with the guy. Besides, she was happy to see him, and sex could wait.

At least, it could for a few hours. Frisk wasn't sure how well she would hold up past that.

"Of course," she nodded, scooting over to let Papyrus man the pancakes. Frisk set to work on frying some sausage, occasionally bumping hips with Sans as he searched for plates and forks. With their usual teamwork, breakfast was finished in no time, and the small table was crowded with the trio as they dug into what they'd made together.

Between bites of syrup-slathered pancake and sausage, everyone recounted what the past few hours apart had been like. Papyrus had gotten Undyne to help him with the heavy unloading - Alphys was there to supervise and make sure her fiance didn't accidentally snap any furniture in half - and a small army of monsters had also assisted in the general effort. Asgore had even shown up at one point, apparently, making Frisk suddenly remember the unread voicemail from him sitting on her phone.

Papyrus wasn't all too interested in recounting the moving experience, however. He was practically jumping out of his seat, eager to stop describing what his new home looked like and actually show them - and indeed, he had wolfed down his breakfast the fastest. Seconds after Sans and Frisk had cleaned their own plates, Papyrus had gathered them up and cleaned them, already leading the two to the door so they could continue down the path.

Trading a look between them that could only be translated as Oh, Papyrus, Frisk and Sans followed behind.

The sun had breached fully by then, loitering low in the morning sky. Though it hadn't reached the full brightness Frisk knew it was capable of, she still grabbed her sunglasses; she'd learned the hard way last time that squinting around in the sun could give her a killer migraine.

No other monsters were really out and about at this hour - they preferred the cooler afternoon and evenings. Still, one or two familiar faces could be seen, and Frisk called out a greeting here and there. Lesser Dog trotting in the grass, sniffing everything of interest that he came across. Burgerpants, bleary-eyed, apparently on his way to work.

The apartment building that now housed one gangly, overexcited skeleton was just across the path from the little school that Toriel had helped build herself. Papyrus led them into it proudly, nodding at passerby, down a hallway lined with doors. About halfway down this hallway, he stopped, fumbling for a key. When that key was produced, Papyrus fit it into the lock, turning open the door for Sans and Frisk with a dramatic flourish.

Frisk stepped in first, not sure what to expect. The view that greeted her was one of a humble little dwelling; one bedroom, one bathroom, a cute kitchen, and a cozy living room. The skeleton flag from Papyrus' room hung above the mantel. "Don't you adore it?!" Papyrus gushed, clearly proud of the little space that was all his own.

"Nice, bro," Sans commented, which was about as excited as he got about these kinds of things.

"It's wonderful," Frisk agreed, noting that Papyrus had already been breaking in the kitchen-a spray of what must have been powdered sugar ran up the side of the cabinets next to the mixer. She silently wished his neighbors luck. Hopefully they would understand the way he worked and not be too cross when he rose at 6 AM every day, crashing around loudly to greet the day.

"I knew you'd agree!" Papyrus said cheerily. "It's so exhilarating to be starting over somewhere new. Not nearly as terrifying as I'd originally thought! And now Undyne lives so close! Just past the forest."

"Does she?" Frisk mused. She'd never actually seen the vacation house-and now, permanent home-that Undyne and Alphys shared. But Alphys had mentioned that they'd be much closer than they had been in the Underground.

"SPEAKING of Undyne and her lovely soon-to-be bride…" Papyrus walked around the side of the couch, fishing for a box under the coffee table. "Undyne forgot to give this to you in the confusion, Frisk."

The box was simple-purple with a ribbon. Frisk gave the ribbon a tug, and the box collapsed on itself, going flat to reveal three DVD cases and a note in Alphys's familiar, curling handwriting.

Hey Frisk!

I remembered that you texted me and asked to borrow these, but I completely forgot until I was home. Don't you hate when that happens? Lol! I dropped them off with Papyrus this morning. I knew he'd go bother you first thing. :P

Before you go home and watch them all, though, I have something important to ask you.

You're the only Obi-Wan I'd ask to help me with this-Anakin't do it with any other friend. Frisk, will you be my Maid of Honor? I know Yoda do an awesome job.

Let me know! And feel free to stop over and visit soon!


"There are lots of puns going on here that I don't understand," Sans murmured, reading over her shoulder.

Frisk was grinning so wide that her cheeks ached. "You bet there are. Oh my God, this is amazing! Paps, did you know about this?"

Looking smug, he nodded. "For a week! It's the longest I've ever kept a secret. Well...almost. Undyne asked me to be her best man! I'm not sure what that means, but I'm excited!"

Laughing, Frisk explained the details of what the title would mean for him. She could see it now...Papyrus delivering the most epic, long-winded best man's speech of all time. At the same time, she thought about her own role. She'd taken the time to learn more about how a wedding worked after Undyne and Alphys had announced their engagement, and had a good idea of the things she'd have to do. It would be a lot of responsibility, but she was more than up to the task. It was Alphys. She'd do anything for her.

By the time Frisk and Sans had left Papyrus' apartment, the sun was nearing the top of the sky. Sans checked his phone, informing her that it was 11 AM.

"Has it really been hours? Jeez. Time flies when Papyrus is cock-blocking you." He was glancing at the DVD cases as they walked back down the main road, brow slightly furrowed. "Episode Four? And five and six? Don't we need to watch the first three before watching these?"

Frisk chuckled, patting him on the shoulder. "Honey, no. We don't talk about the first three. Trust me, you won't miss anything."

Sans shrugged. "If ya say so."

It was such a relief to come back home. They hadn't exactly been doing anything particularly tiring while at Papyrus' apartment, but the early hour that they had woken up at was taking its toll. On top of that,Frisk's stomach was growling relentlessly at her, reminding her of all the awesome, pre-made food that awaited them in the fridge.

"You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?" Sans nudged her, waggling his eyebrows.

"Split the whole pan of mac and cheese casserole?"

"Hell yes. You pop in the movie, I'll get it heated up." He parted to the kitchen with a kiss, leaving Frisk to fiddle with the DVD player. It didn't take long to reach the main menu, and from the couch, she watched Sans busy at work in the kitchen. There was something about watching him take care of little mundane tasks like spooning casserole onto plates that made her smile. Maybe other couples went out more often than they did, but Frisk loved nothing more than snuggling up at home with good food and a movie, next to the love of her life.

Joining her after a few minutes of casserole-heating, Sans plopped down next to her on the couch with a happy little sigh. Frisk accepted her plate from him and immediately dug in, mouth watering. Nothing like fattening food and a movie marathon on a lazy day.

"Ready?" she asked, finger hovering over the PLAY button of the remote.

Mouth too full of macaroni for a verbal reply, Sans nodded, cuddling closer to her.

The title screen sure brought back memories. Frisk remembered being thirteen years old, holding the movie's case in her hands for the first time. Alphys had brought it to her to watch, as a reward for getting a perfect score on the science test she'd been given the week before. It had looked ancient, and epic, and intriguing. When they had finished watching it, Frisk's eyes were bulging with wonder. "I knew you'd l-love it!" Alphys giggled. "Next week, I'll bring the sequel." Frisk had been a fan ever since.

That same sense of wonder filled her now. It was all so fantastic and amazing to think about. Space wizards, fighting for justice in galaxies far, far away? An invisible balance of good and bad, and a Force that was so similar to the magic Frisk herself had grown to use? Whimsical little droids who beeped and whistled and acted as a sidekick to the unassuming thought-to-be-orphan hero? She loved all of it. It was weird to see other humans, but she grew used to it.

Frisk peeked over at Sans to read his expression. About to say something along the lines of Isn't C3PO hilarious?, she had to do a double take when she realized that he wasn't even looking at the screen-he had been looking at her. In a rather suggestive way, too...eyelids lowered, expression leering. Frisk blushed unwillingly. Had he watched even a minute of the movie, or had he been too busy watching her this whole time?

"What do you think of the lightsabers?" she attempted, hoping the flush had faded from her face.

"Huh? Oh, the lightsabers. They're awesome. Can you get those on the Surface?"

She laughed. "Actually, that's a good question. Hopefully? I bet Alphys knows. She says that humans throw entire get-togethers dedicated to dressing up as people from the movies."


"What, you don't believe me?"

"No, I believe you. I just can't believe how nerdy that is." He shot her a teasing look. Deliberately trying to get under her skin, as usual.

She scoffed, punching him on the arm. "You're a jerk."

"Maybe. But I've got a pretty nice my pants. How would you like to duel?" Sans winked.

He couldn't be serious.

"Sans, oh my God."

"Is that a no?" His hand was traveling up her arm, fingers delicately tracing the skin of her neck up to her ear. Wriggling closer, Sans' other hand teased little patterns on her sensitive thighs.

Frisk tried to say something, but only a small sigh escaped her lips.

Sans chuckled at the little sound, pleased. "Is that a yes?" He was right up close now, his mouth inches from her own. On the screen, the Millennium Falcon zoomed through space.

"Y-yeah." Frisk managed to stammer out. Why did he still have this effect on her, after all this time? Maybe it was the combination of their newfound alone time and the...interruption they had experienced earlier, but still. Sans was irresistible. Frisk couldn't recall ever wanting to say no to a preposition such as this. Even though he'd only just begun to toy with her, she was already considerably turned on.

"Remember that-" his kisses were peppering her neck, breath hot on her skin "-something new I told you about earlier?"

Frisk made a sound that could have been a moan, or a yes. She had been wondering about it all day. What could it possibly entail? Did it involve magic? Honestly, she had no idea. There was only one thing Frisk knew-she couldn't wait to do it.

"You're excited, aren't you?" His low voice whispered directly in the shell of Frisk's ear, and she shuddered.

With a sigh, she grabbed the front of his pants, desperate to just get started already. She had been waiting for hours and hours.

"Well, there's my answer," Sans mused, grinning. "Strip for me, princess, and then lie flat on your stomach."

Flat on my-? Well, okay.

Doing as he'd requested, Frisk wriggled out of her jeans and t-shirt, then her bra and panties. Fully naked, she laid flat on her stomach on the couch, wondering what could come next. By then, Sans too had stripped down, and Frisk knew without looking that his cock was now there. The thrum of magic it gave out was unmistakable.

He was behind her now, and she felt the magically summoned penis rubbing against the curve of her ass. Frisk's hips were slightly raised, not exactly sure how she was going to take him inside of her in this awkward position. Was he making this up on the spot?

"Help me out a little, babe," Sans murmured from behind her. She reached between her own legs and found his cock, shifting her weight from one knee to the other to try and bring him closer. It took a little time, but eventually it was nestled between her wet folds-tantalizing, ready to be inside of her at long last. Frisk's breathing faltered in anticipation. Just one little push, and he'd finally be-

With one smooth movement, Sans sank into her. Oh, God. Oh hell oh damn oh fuck- This felt different from any position they'd ever tried before. It was hard to explain, but it felt like he was buried deeper inside her than he had ever been before. Jesus, he hadn't even moved yet! Frisk collapsed beneath him, going flat on her stomach. She could hear her lover hum quietly, shifting a little to get comfortable.

"You ready?" he asked, breathing already compromised. Would this new angle feel as good for him as it did for her? If that were the case, then their first fuck as official Surface dwellers would not last long. Hell, maybe that was a good thing. Fast, explosive sex had just as many perks as the slow, torturous kind, in Frisk's opinion. Whichever kind this little romp turned out to be, she knew already that she wouldn't soon forget it.

"Mmhm, please can you just-"

Not needing to hear the last word of Frisk's sentence, Sans obliged her. Bracing one hand on either side of her, he began a shallow, steady movement that quickly forced air from Frisk's surprised lungs. God, what kind of noise was that? The half moan, half whimper she'd just made was a little embarrassing, but frankly, this felt too amazing for her to care too much. Sans, behind her, chuckled.

"You like that, sweetheart?" she heard him purr, obviously into this.

In a nonverbal answer, Frisk thrust backward into him, craving the newfound, delicious reach of his cock inside of her. It was so snug squeezed between her inner walls that she vaguely wondered if he'd magically enhanced the size.

That was a question for another time, though; Frisk's brain had officially checked out. Left the building. Gone offline. There was only Sans and sweat and the anticipation of ever thrust, sinking her teeth into the arm of the couch as tears of pleasure welled up at the corners of her eyes. The weird little sound she'd emitted wasn't on its own; as he continued his thrusting, Frisk found herself keeping up a constant stream of them.

It was official, then - she was such a slut for this. "Deeper," she urged, arching her ass up into him to beg for more of the indescribable sensation. With a huff of excitement, Sans gave her what she wanted, and it simply could not be helped; Frisk cried out in full voice against the material of the couch that her face had gotten so familiar with. FUCK. She was gasping out wildly as his dick probed even further, entering the delicate realm where pain rubbed up against pleasure. There was no damned way she as going to ask for it to stop, though. Her body loved it too far too much to end it now.

"Jesus Christ, Sans, ahh - harder! As deep as you can, please, please, please -" She was utterly senseless. Sans was plowing himself inside her as far as his physical strength could allow, and now the tears in the corners of Frisk's eyes spilled out; this felt mind-blowing. There was a deep pressure point inside of her that was getting rubbed and teased with every motion his cock made, and there was no stopping it now - she was going to come, and hard.

In a flash of impulse, Frisk grabbed one of Sans' hands, squeezing tight as she got closer and closer to her limit. He squeezed back readily, and dipped down to deliver sloppy kisses to the sweat-slicked curve of her back. It was obvious that he wasn't far behind.

"I love you, oh my God, Saaaans," she babbled, feeling dizzy and sweaty and right on the brink of an insane orgasmic experience. Frisk had given just as much as she had been receiving, and now, she pushed herself to the limit one last time - with a deep thrust back just as Sans thrust forward, Frisk's climax tore into her.

"AH! Fuck, fuck, I'm coming, I'm coming -" Noisily, unrestrainedly, she gave in to it. It felt so damn good, Frisk wasn't entirely sure that she would have been able to keep quiet back in their home Underground. Nothing existed but Sans, and the couch, and this incredible orgasm that was still sending aftershocks through her inner thighs. Throb after throb of it ripped through her, and she gripped Sans' hand so tightly that his metacarpals cut into her skin.

She laid there, completely and utterly spent, as Sans thrust into her a handful of times before finally coming himself. His release spilled into her with forceful little pulses, making her sigh with pleasure. It felt wonderful on her over-sensitive snatch right now. Funnily enough, he'd hardly made any noise at all throughout the process, and now Frisk had the presence of mind to feel embarrassed about all the strange racket she'd made.

"So," Sans started, panting a little as he eased out of her. The sound was sloppy, and in the back of her mind Frisk noted that she'd have to vanish away the mess she'd made on the nice new couch. "I'm taking you didn't enjoy that at all?"

"You...absolute douchemonger," Frisk chuckled, having to think for a moment to bring the appropriate words to the front of her mind. "You've been keeping that from me all this time?"

"Nah...I only just found out about it recently. Amazing what you can find on the Surface's internet, really. They call it the Flatiron." He looked at her as she tried to get herself pulled together, grinning at her flushed cheeks and mussed hair.

"I love you, Surface internet," Frisk commented drowsily, leaning against Sans. "I love you, Flatiron."

"Looks like you need to recuperate after that little romp." Sans got up from the couch, to much sleepy protest from Frisk, only to come back with a fluffy blanket and pillow for her. Frisk accepted it gratefully, burrowing up into a nest while Sans stroked her hair slowly.

So exhausted that her eyelids felt like they were being forced down by an unseen power, within minutes, Frisk had surrendered herself to sleep. The vague sounds of the movie's fanfare and the pew pew of laser guns lulled her into dreams - dreams that all had a lot to do with a certain favorite position of hers.

If that wasn't a great introduction to the Surface, then she didn't know what was.

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